** Ad Banner **

YOUR KEY TO COLLECTIBLES© will place your banner on our rotating banner postions located just under the site name on any three (3) sites - plus one postion at the bottom of each site page, in one of the now blank postion.

We allow you to chose the three site pages, if available - the bottom postion by us.

The fee is just ten dollars per month per one banner for the three sites

but you must pay for the first six months (sixty dollars) once you sign on for placement,
after that for each six months - if you pay for a full year - one hundred twenty dollars - after that - pay for just each three month placement - thirty dollars - and each three months after that - we can change site placement or banner, any time after the three months, if you wish.

The size of the ad banner is the standard width="468" height="60"

These are lease/rent space banners ads - NOT pay for/per click or exchange banners


Block ads - yours or allow us to design it for you.
You choose the site, if available - very low fee.

These 'Block Ads' are for page sites on YOUR KEY TO COLLECTIBLES©

Each ad is five dollars per month per ad - only one block ad is used on any one site page

We keep the cost low so dealers may advertise up coming shows - but the price of one block ad MUST be paid for, before the block ad is placed.

If you wish to have your ad on for one year (twelve months), the price is discounted by the number of sites you would like to have your ad on.

1 site X 12 = $60.00 ** 2 sites X 12 = $55 each site ($110.00) ** 3 site X 12 = $50.00 per site ($150.00) ** more sites more savings

contact us for details on the total per site cost for the number of ads you would like

Our design fees are based on the designed itself - prices start at $50.00 for the block ad like the one above - used to advertise on the site
meaning we do the ad in color/s - type (fonts), etc - we just need to know what you want.

The size of the block ad is a standard width="300" height="365"
but can be changed to meet the needs of the space.


Depending on your needs - email us - tell us what you would like to do - we will get back to you with rates, etc.
There is a flat fixed rate of five dollars - no matter the count - up to count under 1,000 characters

the basic rate if .05 cents per characters after that, for thirty days on any one page - your contact information: i.e. name, address, telephone and fax or cell phone numbers, web address, email address are added at NO COST

We do discount for more pages per scroll ad - so you may add your ad to any number of pages that will carry it.