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Posting your items for sale here at YOUR KEY TO COLLECTIBLES© is easy.
Simply register on the Auction/Classifieds site if you have not already.
Our system automatically e-mails your password usually within a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait).
Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to [Change Registration] to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

After you have your password and wish to sell an item.
Click on the 'SELL' buttom on the top tool bar, it's between the 'BUY' and 'REGISTER' buttons.
Once the new page appears - sign in - user name and password.
Click on the 'Enter Selling Area' Button.

The new page will have two (2) Options - these Options are for you to load an image or not - pick the one you need - If you have images - click on the first option (1) it will take you to another page where you may upload your image/s - you may load SIX (6) images for FREE.
Four (4) more images may be posted at .10 cents each.

Pictures sell items!

If no image is to be used - click HERE

It's very simple to upload a photograph using our image upload service.
No HUGE files please. Keep the images under 300 kb.

OKay - you have your images stored on a disc/card - somewhere on your computer - you will see on the page, spaces for your images for an item, A SINGLE IMAGE - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD MORE IMAGES THAN ONE PER SPACE - load up to ten (10) images per item. The first six (6) are FREE the next four (4) are just .10 cents each
In the first area (image 1) you will see a white box, that is where your image code will go, next to that is a little box marked BROWSE - click on browse and another little box (window) will come up listing storage areas, as on your computer, find where you stored your images and click on that first image, that code will now appear in the white box, go to the next image, if you have one and repeat that action and so on till you have all the images for that item loaded.
After you have all that items images loaded - click the UPLOAD bottom.

After you have your images up loaded and they are what you what - click on the Continue button.

Another page will appear:
This is where you post all the information about the item and highlighting of your item will be done.
At the top of this page are our fees - ALL Basic listings (*) are .02 cents each - that's right - just TWO CENTS EACH - with NO SELLING FEES
Other fees are listed and will be added to the listing fee - but if all you do is list items without any 'bells and whistles' - you could list 1,000 items for just $20.00 each thirty (30) day period or until the credit runs out - So once you start your store - if you listed just 1,000 each month (30 days) at $20.00 you could list up to 12,000 items for just $240.00 a year (360 days). Those other 'big guys' charge you for just about everything - OKay, they are big and get out to a lot of folks - we would like to get you out to lots of folks also - so tell everyone about us and we too could be 'one of the big guys' even though we are not so big. Also remember that we 'GIVE' you the first $20.00 to get started, and we 'GIVE' you an additional $10.00 for each sign up referral - so that's $30.00 or 1,500 items that first 30 days, or till you use the credit up. So you could post items - just keep having folks sign up and pay nothing.
(*Basic .02 cent each fee only - no add ons, highlightings, etc.

We have a required minimum balance of $5.00 - we suggest that you mail us a payment of $25.00 (check or money order) or transmit via PayPal a total of $25.00 every so often to keep your balance up. Should you 'drop out' or not list any thing within 365 days from the date of your last transaction, your account may be suspended, if there is any balance to that account, it will become the propery of YOUR KEY TO COLLECTIBLES©


Posting items for sale is accomplished by filling in the form (Post A New Item) located under the fee section, first with a short descriptive title
(make it snazzy to get people's attention but short) - fifty five (55) characters - LETTERS and SPACES ONLY PLEASE


Next, select the category the item should be in (if you don't see an appropriate category on the drop down list, please e-mail us Auction Administrator and ask for that category to be added.
You may still list your item, and once a category is added, the YKTC Auction Administrator can move your item to that category.
PLEASE be patient -- we are still attempting to get this program worked out and doing things is taking us a while to move around inside all the codes.
But we are working on it.

Under that is the URL (address of where your images (pictures) are at - DO NOTHING HERE - you did it already.

Unless you are loading image links from an OUTSIDE STOREAGE AREA (not your computer) to this site. i.e. to site area.
You may have up to four (4) images - however if you use this 'link' and later wish to have your item in the Gallery or Featured area - your image may not appear in those area. It may appear within the item postng, just not in those areas (we do not know why - but we are working on that also.)

Then how long you what to list the item for:
Decide how many days you want to offer your item on auction. Our system supports 1 to 30 days.
Most auctions run for seven days.
Classified or My Store item - list them for (30) thirty days.
Then the 'Auto Relist', this option will allow you (or rather the program) to automatically relist your item up to twelve (12) times if not sold (great for items in your store) - equal to the same number of days you entered above. This auto service is FREE but your will be charged .02 cent for the item. - just the auto service is FREE.

Next is 'Description Title color' - here you may change the title color from black to another color. FREE

Next is 'Description Title Size' - here you may change the title size. FREE

Then the 'Description color' - here you may change the color of the words that will tell folks what it is you are listing. (May we suggest that you keep it black - people read better black on white) FREE

Then the 'Description Size' - change the size of the words telling what you are listing. FREE

Next is the 'Description' - here you tell about your item
NOTE: To enter a description. You can simply type your description into the Description Box: the program will support HTML. Feel free to use your favorite HTML editor (like FrontPage or HTML-Kit, or whatever), then cut or copy and paste your descriptive masterpiece into the Description Box. Be sure to include such facts as who pays for Shipping and how much that is, if known. Also detail the type of payment you will accept, such as personal checks, Visa and MasterCard (and/or other credit cards), will you ship C.O.D., and so forth.
While the system ask you a little later on about Condition/Shipping/Payment, we think you should add that in the Decription Box.

After the description is complete, you will see Special Arrangements Section.
Here is the section for Payment Type, Shipping information, Condition of the item, Optional Counter FREE, then fee options ('bells and whistles') highlights.

Then 'Auction Type Standard or Fixed Price Dutch Auction' - most folks will not be using this section - but we have it.

After you have that filled in the above, we get down to 'Bid' section.
The form is set up for Auction items but Classifieds type items (That's an item you do not wish to have on auction) can be listed with the 'BUY IT NOW' FREE feature (as in NO CHARGE FOR 'BUY IT NOW' or 'RESERVE', like those other guys).
Let say that you want $10.00 for an item.
In 'Starting Bid:' put 9.00
In the 'Buy It Now Price:' put 10.00
In the 'Auction Reserve Price:' put 10.00
In the 'Bid increment:' put 1.00
The program is set so that the buyer may 'BUY IT NOW' at the price you want.
That will end the sale of the item - but should any one wish to see items within the 'BUY IT NOW' Section, before your item is sold - your item will come up.
Also an item maybe listed for the full thirty (30) days at the .02 cent each basic listing fee.
Should you wish to attempt it on auction first, for say, seven days, and find that it did not sell - you may relist it again, at the .02 cent each basic listing fee for up to thirty (30) days. And again, if item is not sold, relist it for the next month or use the auto relist, at the .02 cent each basic listing fee.

Below that is the Your Starting Bid box. The starting bid is very important.
If you put a very low price just remember, you might get it!
The best auction strategy is to start an item at the lowest price you are willing to sell it for, then anything above that is a very pleasant bonus!

One thing on our starting bids you should be aware of: Let's say you want to start an item for $5.
First set the Bid Increment Box (the default value is $1 but you can change it to fifty cents, or whatever).
Your starting bid will be $4! Thus, the first bidder will be asked to bid $5 (or what you entered plus the bid increment of $1).
Please make sure you understand how the above works, or you might start the bidding at too high a level and your item may not sell.

Posting items on this and any internet auction is a legally binding action.
You are irrevocably promising, assuming you get one or more bids, to sell the item and ship it promptly after payment is received.
Mutual trust between buyer and seller are what drives online auctions.

will not tolerate scammers or breakers of promises on this site.

Once the posting form is filled in to your satisfaction, hit the Preview button.
The system shows how the posted item will look. (The 'BUY IT NOW' will not appear at this time - but it is there and will appear on the 'posted' page.
If you like what you see, click on the 'POST' button and the 'item' will go live.

You will then be notified automatically by e-mail about the posting; if the items sells; or if it ends without selling.

At that time, feel free to repost unsold items.

If someone sends you e-mail asking about an item, please respond promptly and courteously.
It's simply good business.

We expect you to be honest and truthful in the descriptions of posted items.
Anyone abusing this site will have his/her, their account cancelled/barred/suspended promptly.
The short of it here is that if you bid and win or buy it now and do not pay for an item you may be barred/suspended for up to twelve (12) months, if not barred/suspended for the full twelve (12) months the first time for the balance of the twelve (12) months the second time and BARRED forever after that.

The same for a seller who refuses to release an item after the posted listing has ended.
YOUR KEY TO COLLECTIBLES© will determine any action here - our site - our game. BUT we are better than some other site/s, in that WE WILL LISTEN TO BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY.
We are attempting to have fun here, and are doing this so that you have a place to buy or sell items without the 'mark up' - 'Fees' and other cost, those 'big guys' charge - but if you do not 'play by the rules' you will not be playing at all.

So, post away and the very best of luck to you from everyone here at YOUR KEY TO COLLECTIBLES© and, PLEASE remember, if you have any questions, drop us an e-mail to Auction Administrator.

Happy Buying and Selling!

If you are a event/show promoter or club - and would like to add your club/show information,
let us know, fill out the forms on CLUB PAGE
Or if your know of clubs or shows not listed - LET US KNOW - PLEASE.


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