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Around The World In 80 Days
The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra
Jack Hansen, Conductor


The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra - Around The World in 80 Days The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra - Around The World in 80 Days


Masterseal Records...33-1875...33 1/3 LP...Hi Fi...1957

1) Around The World - Part I - Victor Young - 3:17
ASCAP: 18009184 - ISWC: T0714201112
2) Passepartout - Victor Young - 3:43
ASCAP: 160002519 - ISWC: T0714298777
3) Paris Arrival - Victor Young - 2:54
ASCAP: 160001896 - ISWC: T0714298700
4) Sky Symphony - Victor Young - 3:20
ASCAP:490075960 - ISWC: T0701358873
5) (a) Invitation To A Bull Fight - Victor Young - 1:05
ASCAP: 390141256 - ISWC: T0709068029
(b) Entrance Of The Bull March - Victor Young - 1:45
ASCAP: 350020121 - ISWC: T0700494990
6) India Country Side - Victor Young - 4:10
ASCAP: 390132864 - ISWC: T0709065542
7) Around The World - Part II - Victor Young - 1:46
ASCAP310065766 - ISWC: T0700018774

1) The Pagoda Of Pillagi - Victor Young - 3:38
ASCAP: 460002255 - ISWC: T0701647746
2) Temple Of Dawn - Victor Young - 1:53
ASCAP: 500024333 - ISWC: T0701783610
3) Prairie Sail Car - Victor Young - 2:10
ASCAP: 460066544 - ISWC: T0701664698
4) Land Ho - Victor Young - 6:28
ASCAP: 120000837 - ISWC: T0714275338
5) Epilogue - Victor Young - 8:30
ASCAP: 350020827 - ISWC: T0700495153

The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra - Around The World in 80 Days The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra - Around The World in 80 Days






Thrilling music of many moods - romantic, adventurous, charming - was composed by the great Victor Young for the sound track of Michael Todd's epic "Around The World In Eighty Days". This is the musical backround that sets the lilting pace for the motion picture that so many have called filmdom's greatest achievement. This hi-fi performace will bring home to you the unforgettable experience of witnessing the fabulous Michael Todd spectacle.

Follow this music of many moods as it unfolds the background for the adventures of Phileas Fogg (played by David Niven), who, in the year 1872, has made a 20,000 pound wager that he can go "Around The World In Eighty Days". This he does, to win the bet. But there is many a close call. His Balloon is veered off course by angry winds. He travels by Chinese junk to Yokohama.

Romance arrives in the person of a beautiful Indian Maharanee (played by Shirley MacLaine). There are moods of love, action, suspense, thrills - all captured in this brilliant musical score. Like the motion picture it was created for, this score has everything.

When Michael Todd conceived the idea of presenting this Jules Verne classic in motion picture form, he spared no expense in gathereing the world's formost talent for his production. More than fifty top film stars - (Frank Sinatra, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Boyer and other of the greatest names) - appear in what Michael Todd refers to as "camero" roles. Almost 8,000 animals were filmed. Filming took place in 140 locations in thirteen countries as well as six major Hollywood studios. Crews of the world's greatest camera artists photographed the largest number of people ever "shot" for one film - 68,894 persons in thirteen different countries were photographed. Four million air passenger miles were flown for the various locations. This famed Jules Verne novel was sparked for comtemporary taste be the noted writer S. J. Perelman.

It it only fitting that the musical score should be the greatest for this greatest of movies. You will agree, as you listen to Victor Young's "Around The World In Eighty Days".

PRICE $3.00

The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra - Around The World in 80 Days
The Hollywood Transcription Orchestra - Around The World in 80 Days

END of The Album

Around the World in 80 Days (sometimes spelled as Around the World in Eighty Days) is a 1956 Technicolor adventure comedy film starring David Niven and Cantinflas, produced by the Michael Todd Company and released by United Artists.

The epic picture was directed by Michael Anderson and produced by Mike Todd, with Kevin McClory and William Cameron Menzies as associate producers. The screenplay was written by James Poe, John Farrow, and S. J. Perelman based on the classic novel of the same name by Jules Verne. The music score was composed by Victor Young, and the Todd-AO 70 mm cinematography was by Lionel Lindon. The film's seven-minute-long animated title sequence, shown at the end of the film, was created by award-winning designer Saul Bass.

The film won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.


Broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow presents an onscreen prologue, featuring footage from A Trip to the Moon (1902) by Georges Méliès, explaining that it is based loosely on the book From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. Also included is the launching of an unmanned rocket and footage of the earth receding.

Around 1872, an English gentleman Phileas Fogg (David Niven) claims he can circumnavigate the world in eighty days. He makes a £20,000 wager (around to £1.6 million today (1956)) with four sceptical fellow members of the Reform Club (each contributing £5,000 to the bet), that he can arrive back within 80 days before exactly 8:45 pm.

Together with his resourceful valet, Passepartout (Cantinflas), Fogg sets out on his journey from Paris by hot air balloon. Meanwhile, suspicion grows that Fogg has stolen £55,000 (around £4.3 million today (1956)) from the Bank of England so Police Inspector Fix (Robert Newton) is sent out by Scotland Yard to trail and arrest Fogg. Hopscotching around the globe, Fogg pauses in Spain, where Passepartout engages in a comic bullfight. In India, Fogg and Passepartout rescue young widow Princess Aouda (Shirley MacLaine) from being forced into a funeral pyre with her late husband. The threesome visit Hong Kong, Japan, San Francisco, and the Wild West. Only hours short of winning his wager, Fogg is arrested upon arrival at Liverpool, by the diligent yet misguided Inspector Fix.

At the jail, the humiliated Fix informs Fogg that the real culprit was caught in Brighton. Though eventually exonerated of the charges, he has no time to get to London and has thus lost everything — except the love of the winsome Aouda. Salvation is at hand when Passepartout buys a newspaper and sees it is still Saturday. Fogg remembers that, by crossing the International Date Line, they have gained a day. There is still time to reach the Reform Club and win the bet. Fogg unexpectedly arrives at the club just before the clock's chime at 8:45 pm. Aouda and Passepartout then arrive, surprising everyone as no woman has entered the Reform Club before.


The film boasts a huge cast, with David Niven and Cantinflas in the lead roles of Fogg and Passepartout. Fogg is the classic Victorian gentleman, well-dressed, well-spoken, and extremely punctual, whereas his servant Passepartout (who has an eye for the ladies) provides much of the comic relief as a "jack of all trades" for the film in contrast to his master's strict formality. Joining them are Shirley MacLaine as Princess Aouda and Robert Newton as the detective Fix, in his last role.

The role of Passepartout was greatly expanded from the novel to accommodate Cantinflas, the most famous Latin-American comedian at the time, and winds up the focus of the film. While Passepartout describes himself as a Parisian in the novel, this is unclear in the film—he has a French name, but speaks Spanish when he and his master arrive in Spain by balloon. In the Spanish version the name of his character was changed from the French Passepartout to the Spanish "Juan Picaporte". There is also a comic bullfighting sequence especially created for Cantinflas that is not in the novel. Indeed, when the film was released in non-English speaking nations, Cantinflas was billed as the lead. According to the guidebook, this was done because of an obstacle Todd faced in casting Cantinflas, who had never before appeared in an American movie and had turned down countless offers to do so. Todd allowed Cantinflas to appear in the film as a Latin, "so," the actor said himself, " my audience in Latin America, I'll still be Cantinflas."

Over 40 famous performers make cameo appearances, including Marlene Dietrich, George Raft, and Frank Sinatra. The film was significant as the first of the so-called Hollywood "make work" films, employing dozens of faded film personalities. John Wayne turned down Todd's offer for the role of the Colonel leading the Cavalry charge, a role filled by Colonel Tim McCoy. Promotional material released at the time quoted a Screen Actors Guild representative looking at the shooting call sheet and crying: "Good heavens Todd, you've made extras out of all the stars in Hollywood!"

David Niven as Phileas Fogg

Cantinflas as Passepartout

Shirley MacLaine as Princess Aouda

Robert Newton as Inspector Fix

Cameo Appearances

Ronald Adam as a club steward Charles Boyer as Monsieur Gasse, balloonist
Joe E. Brown as the Fort Kearney stationmaster Robert Cabal as an elephant driver-guide
Martine Carol as a girl in the Paris railway station John Carradine as Col. Stamp Proctor of San Francisco
Charles Coburn as a Hong Kong steamship company clerk Ronald Colman as a Great Indian Peninsular Railway official
Melville Cooper as Mr. Talley, steward on the RMS Mongolia Noël Coward as Roland Hesketh-Baggott, London employment agency manager
Finlay Currie as Andrew Stuart, Reform Club member Reginald Denny as a Bombay police inspector
Andy Devine as the first mate of the SS Henrietta Marlene Dietrich as the saloon hostess
Felix Felton as Reform Club member (uncredited) Fernandel as a Paris coachman
Walter Fitzgerald as a Reform Club Hermione Gingold as a Sporting Lady
José Greco as a flamenco dancer Sir John Gielgud as Foster, Fogg's former valet
Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Sir Francis Cromarty Trevor Howard as Denis Fallentin, Reform Club member
Glynis Johns as a Sporting Lady Buster Keaton as a train conductor (San Francisco to Fort Kearney)
Evelyn Keyes as a Paris flirt Beatrice Lillie as a London revivalist leader
Peter Lorre as a steward on the SS Carnatic Edmund Lowe as the engineer of the Henrietta
Keye Luke as an old man at Yokohama travel office (uncredited) A. E. Matthews as a Reform Club member
Mike Mazurki as a Hong Kong drunk (uncredited) Col. Tim McCoy as a US Cavalry Colonel
Victor McLaglen as the helmsman of the Henrietta Luis Miguel Dominguín as a bullfighter
John Mills as a London cabby Robert Morley as Gauthier Ralph, Reform Club member and Bank of England Governor
Alan Mowbray as the British Consul at Suez Edward R. Murrow as the prologue narrator
Jack Oakie as the captain of the Henrietta George Raft as the bouncer of the Barbary Coast Saloon
Gilbert Roland as Achmed Abdullah Cesar Romero as Abdullah's henchman
Frank Royde as a clergyman Frank Sinatra as the saloon pianist
Red Skelton as a drunk at the saloon Ronald Squire as a Reform Club member
Basil Sydney as a Reform Club member Richard Wattis as Inspector Hunter of Scotland Yard (uncredited)
Harcourt Williams as Hinshaw, a Reform Club steward

As of November 2014, Shirley MacLaine - Born: April 24, 1934 (age 80), and Glynis Johns - Born: October 5, 1923 (age 91), are the last surviving members of the entire cast.

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Michael Todd's Around The World In 80 Days - Music From The Sound Track (LP) Decca DL 9046 US 1957

Michael Todd's Around The World In 80 Days - Music From The Sound Track (LP, Album) Festival Records Pty. Ltd. FST-1003 Australia 1957

Around The World In 80 Days (LP, Album, Mono) Masterseal MS-12 Canada 1957

Around The World In 80 Days (LP, Album, Mono) Somerset S-28 Canada Unknown

Michael Todd's Around The World In 80 Days - Music From The Sound Track (LP, Album, RE) Decca, Decca DL7-9046, DL 79046 US Unknown


Joe's Private Collection - Masterseal Records...33-1875 Around the World in 80 Days
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