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A Division of the Starr Paino Company, Richmond, IN., under the Gennett Record Division from 1917 to 1932.
It produce some 2,142 master discs. Gennett is a record company and label. The company was owned by the Starr Piano Company of Richmond, Indiana, and was named after the latter's three most important managers, Harry, Fred, and Clarence Gennett. Issue began in 1917, with the first discs being vertically cut; these included three items by the pianist Earl Fuller. Laterally cut discs were released from mid-1919, among them a recording by the New Orleans Jazz Band. The company made its first forays into the race-record market with material by white bands, and issued a long series of discs recorded in 1921 by the Original Memphis Five (under the pseudonym Ladd's Black Aces) and a more important sequence made in 19223 by the New Orleans Rhythm Kings (as the Friars Society Orchestra). Sessions by a few vaudeville blues singers were organized, but extensive recording of race material did not begin until 1923, when King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton both recorded for the label. These tracks formed the start of a series of recordings now held to be classics. Gennett never had a designated race series: instead, from 1924, it printed the relevant labels with the legend "race record," and was the only company to adopt this policy. The discs were generally issued in batches as part of the general sequence, especially after December 1926, when the catalogue reached 6000; at this point the company started to produce electrically made recordings, the Electrobeams.

As well as exchanging masters with other small labels, Gennett provided recording facilities for Black Patti in 1926 and Paramount in 1929. The company also undertook much custom recording, offering its services to individuals and ensembles who were prepared to pay to make their own discs. Important jazz from this scheme, notably items by Jesse Crump, appears on unnumbered records with either Gennett or special labels. The label Gennett itself was discontinued in 1930, but the company continued to release discs on its subsidiary labels Champion and Superior before discontinuing its music labels at the end of 1934. The Champion trademark and the rights to some of Gennett's recordings were sold to Decca; as a consequence some of the company's more famous material was reissued on English Brunswick in the mid-1930s, but often with very poor sound quality. Gennett remained in the recording business (for sound effects and other purposes) throughout the 1930s, and as a result the company was given an allocation of shellac during World War II. Harry Gennett entered into an arrangement whereby this was made available to the promoter and producer Joe Davis, who put out a short race series, the Gennett 5000s; this included reissues and new material. Davis soon discontinued the name Gennett in favor of his own labels, Beacon and Joe Davis, though records were occasionally issued on Gennett in other series for a short period thereafter.

Numerical listing

Label Number.....Artist - Song Title (Composer) - Pressing Ref number/s - Date Competed - Time

5132A King Oliver Creole Jazz Band - Dippermouth Blues (Joe Oliver/Louis Armstrong) - G11389=B - April 6, 1023 -
5132B King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Weatherbird Rag (Louis Armstrong) - G11388 - April 6, 1023 -

5133A King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Just Gone (Joe Oliver/Johnson) - G11383=B - Richmond, IN - April 5, 1923 -
5133B King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Canal Street Blues (Joe Oliver/Louis Armstrong) - G11384=B - Richmond, IN - April 5, 1923 -

5134 King Oliver Creole Jazz Band - I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind (W.Smith/L.Smith/C.Johnson) - G11386=C - Richmond, IN - April 5, 1923 -
5134 King Oliver Creole Jazz Band - Mandy Lee Blues (Bloom/Melrose) - G11385=C - Richmond, IN - April 5, 1923 -

5135 King Oliver Creole Jazz Band - Chimes Blues (Joe Oliver) - G11387=A - Richmond, IN - April 5, 1923 -
5135 King Oliver Creole Jazz Band - Froggie Moore (Spikes/Morton) - G11390=B - Richmond, IN - April 5, 1923 -

2500A Green Brothers Novelty Orchestra - My Cairo Love (Zamecnik) - () - G06500 - May ??, 1919 -
2500B Green Brothers Novelty Orchestra - Mammy Of Mine () - G06502 - May ??, 1919 -

2501 Vincent Band - In The Clock Store (Orth) - (12 inch) -
2501 Vincent Band - The Forge In The Forest (Michaelis) - (12 inch) -

3291A Duke Ellington and his Orchestra - (You've Got Those)"Wanna Go Back Again" Blue Fox Trot vocal: Sonny Greer (Turk/Handman) - New York, NY - June ??, 1926 - 3:09

3403A Alberta Jones with the Ellington Twins - Lucky Number Blues (?) - (Fox Trot Race Record) - X323-A - New York City - October ??, 1926
3403B Alberta Jones with the Ellington Twins - I'm Gonna Put You Right In Jail Fox Trot (?) - X324-A - New York, NY - October ??, 1926

3342A Duke Ellington and his Washingtonians - (I'm Just Wild About) Animal Chackers Fox Trot (Rich/Coslow/Link) - X190-A - New York, NY - September ??, 1926 - 3:01

10068A Scipone Guidi, violin (Thos. Griselle, piano) - Spring Song (Mendelsohn) - 8043=B -
10068B Scipone Guidi, violin (Thos. Griselle, piano) - Moment Musical (Schubert) - 8044=B -

10069 Henry Moeller - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Westendorf) - 8122=B -
10069 Henry Moeller - Sing Me To Sleep (Not Given) - 8123 -

10070 Guido Sciapone - Humoreske (Dvorak) -
10070 Guido Sciapone - The Rosary (Nevins/Rogers) -

10072 Mr & Mrs Charels Hart - Halden (Roselein) -
10072 Mr & Mrs Charels Hart - Grusse Aus Die Heimat (Kromer) -

10073A Henry Moeller - I Hear You Calling Me (Hartford) -
10073B Henry Moeller - Mother O' Mine (Kipling) -

10074 Henry Moeller - Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (Johnson) -
10074 Henry Moeller - Believe Me, Of All Those Endearing Young Charms (Moore) -

10075 Henry Moeller (tenor) - The Last Hour (Brown) -
10075 Henry Moeller (tenor) - At Night (Engel) -

10076 Henry Moeller (tenor) - Kashmiri Song (Not Given) -
10076 Henry Moeller (tenor) - Old Refrain (Mattullath) -

10077A Scipone Guidi - Orientale (Cui) -
10077B Scipone Guidi - A Song Of India (Rimsky-Korsakov) -

10078A Scipone Guidi - Serenade (Maszkowsky) -
10078B Scipone Guidi - Spanish Dance (Granados) -


10080A Fausto Cavallini - La Danza (Rossinni) -
10080B Fausto Cavallini - The Last Song (Tosti) -

10082 Henry Moeller (tenor) - I Hear A Thrush At Eve (Not Given) -
10082 Henry Moeller (tenor) - From The Land Of Sky Blue Waters (Cadman) -

10083A Henry Moeller (tenor) - All Through The Night (Maynard) -
10083B Henry Moeller (tenor) - Silver Threads Among The Gold (Hart Pease Danks/Eben E. Rexford - 1873)

10084A Gennett Military Band - Men Of Iowa (O. E. Van Doren) -
10084B Gennett Military Band - On Iowa (W. R. Law) -

10085A Henry Moeller - My Irish Rosary (Carlo) -
10085B Henry Moeller - The Bells of St. Mary (Adams) -


10087A Viola Ellis - O Promise Me (Reginald De Koven/Clement Scott) -
10087B Viola Ellis - Ben Bolt (Nelson Kneass) -

10088 Henry Moeller - Somewhere In The World (Ayer) - 10088 Henry Moeller - Kiss In The Dark (De Sylva Herbert) -

10089 Criterion Quartet - I'm A Jayhawk (George "Dumpy" Bowles) -
10089 Criterion Quartet - Crimson And The Blue (George "Dumpy" Bowles) -

10090 Henry Moeller (tenor) - Garden Of Tomorrow (Not Given) -
10090 Henry Moeller (tenor) - Song Of Songs (Not Given) -

10091 Gennett Symphony Orchestra - Praeludium (Not Given) -
10091 Gennett Symphony Orchestra - Journeying Homeward (Not Given) -


10093A Henry Moeller (tenor) - House Of A Friend (Penn) -
10093B Henry Moeller (tenor) - Give Me One Rose To Remember (Callahan) -

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