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Blue Amberol Records was the tradmarked name for cylinder recordings manufactured by the Edison company in the USA from 1912 to 1929.

These cylinder records, which were marketed as the Edison Blue Amberol Record, are made of an early variety of plastic patented by the Edison company. The celluloid-based surface was able to withstand hundreds of playings, with only a moderate increase in surface noise if played on well-maintained machines with a stylus in good condition, much as platters and turntables of today.

The cylinders have a maximum playing time of just over 4 minutes at 160 rpm (a maximum of 4'45" is possible). They can not be played successfully on older machines set up to play the earlier standard of 2 minute cylinders, as the Amberols require a smaller stylus to track the groove and the worm-gear which moves the stylus over the surface of the cylinder must turn at a different rate. However, with this in mind The Edison company sold kits with gears and reproducers which could be attached to older varieties of cylinder phonographs by those who wished to be able to play the new Blue Amberol records. The Edison company marketed phonographs capable of playing both the older style 2 minute and the new Blue Amberol records; with these machines the user needed to adjust a lever (which changed gearing) and change the reproducer (which held different sizes of stylus) when going from one type of record to another. Other phonographs were manufactured which could only play the Blue Amberols, these were called "Amberolas".

You have to remember that the term record applied to the cylinder and gramophone to the platter or disc - in todays era the term record means platter or disc. A phonegraph played cylinders, a gramophone played disc. One thing we know is that in all the history of the short life of recorded items, the 78 platter in any size lasted longer than any other 'form' or source, from 1888 to 1968. No other type of recorded source has lasted 80 years, as a common recorded source.

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Numerical listing

Record Number Title "w." Words By; "m." Music By Performer(S)

1502 Trio From Faust - Agnes Kimball Miller & Croxton

1508 Light As a Feather - (Bells) - Daab

1518 Whispering Hope (w.m. Alice Hawthorne) Helen Clark & Harry Anthony

1522 Monkey Musk Melody - Nat'l Prom Band

1529 Row Row Row (w. William Jerome m. James V. Monaco) Collins & Harlan

1532 Dixie Medley (Banjo) - Van Eps

1535 Music Vot's Music Must Come From Berlin - Burkhart

1536 Ma Lady Lu - Van Brunt & Chorus

1547 Silver Threads Among the Gold - Oakland

1561 The Glory Song - Anthony & Harrison & Mixed Quartet

1562 The Land of Golden Dreams - Elsie Baker & Harrison

1568 On a Beautiful Night with a Beautiful Girl (w. Will D. Cobb m. Gus Edwards) Walter Van Brunt

1579 My Song Shall Be, Etc. -Agnes Kimball & Miller

1581 Edelweiss and Almenrausch - Venetian (Inst) Trio

1589 That's How I Need You (w. Joe McCarthy & Joe Goodwin m. Al Piantadosi) Irving Gillette

1614 Bridal Chorus - "Lohengrin" - Metropolitan Quartet

1622 Orpheus Overture - Orchestra

1643 Yiddisha Professor (w.m. Irving Berlin) Maurice Burkhart

1715 I Will Sing of My Redeemer - Edison Mixed Quartet

1737 That Old Girl of Mine (w. Earle C. Jones m. Egbert Van Alstyne) Frederick J. Wheeler

1738 When I Lost You (w.m. Irving Berlin) Irving Gillette

1742 Beautiful Isle of Somewhere - Anthony and Harrison

1743 Trail of the Lonesome Pine (w. Ballard Macdonald m. Harry Carroll) Manuel Romain

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