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Found in 1945 by the brothers Eddie, Leo, and Ira Mesner, in Los Angeles, California. The label was originally named Philco Records, short for their 'Philharmonic Music Shop'. But in February of 1946, do to legal problems with radio manufacturer Philco, they were being to change their label's name.

As you can see by their Philo logo, they had an Aladdin style lamp with the smoke spelling out Philo).

The Mesners were going to change the name to Medlee Records, which was a play on words. Pronounced "Medley," it is made up of M, the first letter of their last names, followed by ED and LEE, their first names. Announcements were made in the trade papers, but then, they just changed it to Aladdin. I have not been able to discover why.

Known for its wealth of recordings of rhythm & blues, early rock & roll music, and jazz. Recordings made in Los Angeles, California; New Orleans, Louisiana.

The label was sold To Lew Chudd's Imperial Records in 1960 (SEE Aladdin 33 1/3 LPS for more) - And today owned by EMI.

Above label print from 1953

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Numerical listing

Label Number.....Artist - Song Title (Composer) (if Known) - Chart Rating (If Known) - Pressing Ref number/s = Take/s (if Known) - Take Location (if Known) - Date Competed (if Known) - Time (if Known)

NOTE: if the composer is (Not Given) on label and a name is there, we supplied the name

Before the listing below everything was on Philo label
All are ten (10") inch records unless noted

127A Lester Young - It's Only A Paper Moon
127B Lester Young - After You've Gone

128A Lester Young - Lover Come Back To Me (Mandel/Hammerstein II/Romberg) M128-A
128B Lester Young - Jammin With Lester (Lester Young) M-128B

129A Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers - Race Track Blues 1945
129B Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers - You Are My First Love 1945

130A Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers - Til The Real Thing Come Along 1945
130B Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers - Rocks In My Bed 1945

131A Jimmy Mundy - Bumble Boogie
131B Jimmy Mundy - One O'Clock Boogie

132A Jimmy Mundy - I Gotta Put You Down Part 1
132B Jimmy Mundy - I Gotta Put You Down Part 2

133 Unissued

134A Jack LaRue's Quartet - Oh Baby Blues (vocal by Stymie Beard)
134B Jack LaRue's Quartet - Baby I'm Gone (vocal by Stymie Beard) (Red Callender)

135A Jack LaRue's Quartet - Especially When I'm In A Loving Mood
135B Jack LaRue's Quartet - Dark Eyes (vocal by Jimmy Young)

136A Jack LaRue's Quartet - Jamming The Boogie
136B Jack LaRue's Quartet - Ringside Boogie (vocal by Stymie Beard)

137A Lester Young - New Lester Leaps In
137B Lester Young - You're Driving Me Crazy

138A Lester Young's Band - She's Funny That Way
138B Lester Young's Band - Lester's Be Bop Boogie

139A Velma Nelson
139B Velma Nelson with Will Rowland Band - If I Were An Itty Bitty Girl

140A Velma Nelson with Will Rowland Band - Love Poisoned
140B Velma Nelson with Will Rowland Band - Pop Fly

141A Velma Nelson with Will Rowland Band - Something's Gone Wrong
141B Velma Nelson with Will Rowland Band - Early Morning Blues

142A Jo Jo Adams with Mazwell Davis - Disgusted Blues B1 6/11/46
142B Jo Jo Adams with Mazwell Davis - Thursday Evening Blues A1 6/11/46

143A Jo Jo Adams with Mazwell Davis - Jo Jo's Troubles A1 6/11/46
143B Jo Jo Adams with Mazwell Davis - Upstairs B1 6/11/46

144A Jo Jo Adams with Mazwell Davis - When I'm In My Tea A2 6/11/46
144B Jo Jo Adams with Mazwell Davis - Hard Headed Woman Blues B2 6/11/46

145A Mercer Ellington Orchestra - The Willies LGF1002 1947
145B Mercer Ellington Orchestra - Ditty A La Dizzy LGF1000 1947

146A Mercer Ellington Orchestra - She's Got The Blues For Sale LGF1001 1946
146B Jacques Butler with M. Ellington - Messy Bessie LGF1003 1946

147A Monte Easter - I Love My Man 1947
147B Monte Easter - Boogie Woogie Man 1947

148A Monte Easter - Oooh Lawdy Lawdy 1947
148B Monte Easter - It's Heaven 1947

149 Unissued

145A Mercer Ellington Orchestra - The Willies LGF1002 1947
145B Mercer Ellington Orchestra - Ditty A La Dizzy LGF1000 1947

146A Mercer Ellington Orchestra - She's Got The Blues For Sale LGF1001 1946
146B Jacques Butler with M. Ellington - Messy Bessie LGF1003 1946

147A Monte Easter - I Love My Man 1947
147B Monte Easter - Boogie Woogie Man 1947

148A Monte Easter - Oooh Lawdy Lawdy 1947
148B Monte Easter - It's Heaven 1947

149 Unissued

150A Conn Fight - Knockout Round (NYC) 1946
150B Conn Fight - Fight Highlights (NYC) 1946

151A Effie Smith with Buddy Harper - Effie's Boogie 1947
151B Effie Smith with Buddy Harper - Nothin' You Can Do 1947

152A Effie Smith with Buddy Harper - Haunted By The Blues 1947
152B Effie Smith with Buddy Harper - What You Puttin' 1947

153A Effie Smith with Buddy Harper - Go Ahead With Your Lucky Self 1947
153B Effie Smith with Buddy Harper - Sugar Daddy 1947

154A Al Hibbler with Harry Carney Band - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good RR-2701 (LA) 1945
154B Al Hibbler with Harry Carney Band - How Long Blues (LA) 1945

155A Al Hibbler with Harry Carney Band - S'posin' (LA) 1946
155B Al Hibbler with Harry Carney Band - Don't Take Your Love From Me RR-2700 (LA) 1945

156A Al Hibbler with Harry Carney Band - I Surrender, Dear 1945
156B Al Hibbler with Harry Carney Band - Fat And Forty 1945

157A Henry Hayes' Four Kings - Hayes Boogie 6-2 1946
157B Henry Hayes' Four Kings - All Alone Blues 5-2 1946

158A T Williams Allstars - Angel Child Blues 1947
158B T Williams Allstars - Kickin' Love ARound 1947

159A Amos Milburn - Amos' Blues (ALaddin) 1946
159B Amos Milburn - After Midnight (ALaddin) 1946

160A Amos Milburn - Darling, How Long 17,161-A
160B Amos Milburn - My Baby's Booging

161A Amos Milburn - Amos' Boogie - Don't Beg Me RR79=3 (LA) 12/13/46
161B Amos Milburn - Down The Road A Piece 18,161-B

162A Lester Young Sextet - S. M Blues 47
162B Lester Young Sextet - Sunday 46

163A Lester Young Sextet - Jumpin' With Symohony Sid 48 1947
163B Lester Young Sextet - No Eyes Blues 49 1947

164A Lester Young Sextet - On The Sunny Side Of The Street 51 1947
164B Lester Young Sextet - Sax-O-Be-Bop 50 1947

165A Sam Hopkins & Thunder Smith - Can't You Do Like You Used To Do IM5208 (LA) 11/9/46
165B Sam Hopkins & Thunder Smith - West Coast Blues IM5209 (LA) 11/9/46

166A Sam Hopkins & Thunder Smith - L. A. Blues IM5210 (LA) 11/9/46
166B Sam Hopkins & Thunder Smith - Little Mama Blues IM5211 IM3616 11/9/46

167A Lighnin' Hopkins - That Mean Old Twister IM5212 (LA) 11/9/46
167B Lighnin' Hopkins - Katie Mae IM3612 (LA) 11/9/46

168A Lighnin' Hopkins - Rocky Mountain Blues (I Can't stay Here) IM5213 (LA) 11/9/46
168B Lighnin' Hopkins - I Feel So Bad IM3613 (LA) 11/9/46

169A Binson & His Tympanl Six - Pack Your Duds, Baby 61 (LA) 11/11/46
169B Binson & His Tympanl Six - Goodbye, Mr Kilroy 63 (LA) 11/11/46

170A Binson & His Tympanl Six - Disagreeable Woman Blues 62 (LA) 11/11/46
170B Binson & His Tympanl Six - Meat Situation Blues 60 (LA) 11/11/46

171A Wynonie Harris & His Allstars - Whiskey And Jelly Roll Blues A78=4 (NYC) 11/30/46
171B Wynonie Harris & His Allstars - Mr Blues Jumper A Rabbit 75=2 (NYC) 11/30/46

172A Wynonie Harris & His Allstars - Come Back, Baby A77=1 (NYC) 11/30/46
172B Wynonie Harris & His Allstars - Rugged Road A76=1 (ALaddin) (NYC) 11/30/46

173A Amos Milburn - Everything I Do Everything Is Wrong RR83=1 ALa3146 (LA) 12/13/46
173B Amos Milburn - Amos' Boogie 20 ALa3146

174A Amos Milburn - Cinch Blues RR81=3 (LA) 12/13/46
174B Amos Milburn - Operation Blues RR80=1 (LA) 12/13/46

175A Ernie Andrews - Be Nice RR84=3 IM3712 12/23/46
175B Ernie Andrews - How Good It Feels To Be Glad RR85=2 IM3713 12/23/46

176A Ernie Andrews - You Chased The Goody Goody Out Of My Eyes RR86=5 IM3714 12/23/46
176B Ernie Andrews - So Easy To Say Forgive Me RR87=2 IM3715 12/23/46

177A George Vann - Howling Blues RR88=1 IM5104 12/23/46
177B George Vann - Jail House Blues RR90=2 IM5106 12/23/46

178A George Vann - Down And Out Blues RR89=3 IM5105 12/23/46
178B George Vann - Milk Cow Blues RR91=2 IM5107 12/23/46

179A Illinois Jacquet - You Left Me All Alone RR96=4 IM3632 1/7/47
179B Illinois Jacquet - Jivin' With Jack The Bellboy RR97=2 (ALaddin) IM3631 1/7/47

180A Illinois Jacquet & His Orch - Big Dog RR95=3 IM3633 1/7/47
180B Illinois Jacquet & His Orch - For Europeans Only RR94=4 IM3634 1/7/47

181A Mary Osbourne - What Will I Tell My Heart
181B Mary Osbourne - Honey

182A Mary Osbourne - I Cover The Waterfront
182B Mary Osbourne - You've Changed

183A Johnny Moore's 3 BLazers - Drifting Blues IM3539 IMP5905 (LA) 9/14/45
183B Johnny Moore's 3 BLazers - Til The Real Thing Come ALong 130 1945

184A Johnny Moore's 3 BLazers - You Are My First Love 129A-4 1945
184B Johnny Moore's 3 BLazers - Baby Don't You Cry 111A-1 (LA) 9/14/45

185A Ernie Andrews & Heverything Quintet - Don't Blame Me RR110=1 (LA) 2/10/47
185B Ernie Andrews & Heverything Quintet - Two Kinds Of Women RR111=2 (LA) 2/10/47

186A Ernie Andrews - True RR109=2 (LA) 2/10/47
186B Ernie Andrews - Rest Yourself RR108=2 (LA) 2/10/47

187A The Four Sepias - Truly I Do 125
187B The Four Sepias - You Brought A New Kind Of Love 126

188A The Four Sepias - Only Forever 127
188B The Four Sepias - For All You've Done 128

189A Crown Prince Waterford - Wheverythingtler's Blues RR131=1 ALa534 IM5045 3/13/47
189B Crown Prince Waterford - The Prince Strikes Back RR129=2 ALa534 IM5043 3/13/47

190A Crown Prince Waterford - Washboard Blues 130
190B Crown Prince Waterford - Undercover Blues 132

191A Amos Milburn - Money Hustlin' Woman (A. Milburn/A. Cullum) RR159=1 IM5097 4/26/47
191B Amos Milburn - Real Gone RR166=1 IM5096 4/26/47

192A Ernie Andrews - Trust In Me RR185=2 (LA) 5/31/47
192B Ernie Andrews - I Can't Get Your Lips RR186=1 (LA) 5/31/47

193A Ernie Andrews - Summertime RR182=2 (LA) 5/31/47
193B Ernie Andrews - S'Wonderful RR187=2 (LA) 5/31/47

194A Dirty Red - Mother Fuyer 4017=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47
194B Dirty Red - Home Last Night 4019=2 (Chicago) 6/2/47

195A Ernie Andrews - Don't Hesitate Too Long RR188=1 (LA) 5/31/47
195B Ernie Andrews - Hurry Home - RR183=3 (LA) 5/31/47

196A Wynonie Harris & His Allstars - Big City Blues 4027=1 (NYC) Jul-47
196B Wynonie Harris & His Allstars - Ghost Of A Chance 4028=1 (NYC) Jul-47

197A Lonnie Johnson - Love Everything The Answer 4006=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47
197B Lonnie Johnson - How Could You? 4005A=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47

198A Clarence Brown - Gatemouth Boogie RR230 (LA) 8/21/47
198B Clarence Brown - After Sunset RR232=2 (LA) 8/21/47

199A Clarence Brown - Without Me Baby RR233=1 (LA) 8/21/47
199B Clarence Brown - Guitar In My Hand RR231=2 (LA) 8/21/47

200A Lester Young & Heverything Sextet - One O'Clock Jump RR123=5 IM3576 2/18/47
200B Lester Young & Heverything Sextet - Jumpin' At The Woodside RR124=3 IM3575 2/18/47

201A Amos Milburn - Blues At Sundown RR158=2 IM5094 4/26/47
201B Amos Milburn - My Love Everything Limited RR157 IM5099 4/26/47

202A Amos Milburn - Sad And Blue RR160=1 IM5098 4/26/47
202B Amos Milburn - That's My Chick RR161=1 (LA) 4/26/47

204A Lighnin' Hopkins - Fast Mail Rambler (Lightnin Hopkins) RR223=1 IM3758 8/15/47
204B Lighnin' Hopkins - Thinkin' And Worryin' RR224=1 IM3759 8/15/47

205A Tina Dixon & Lady Blue Allstar - Don't You Know I Want To Love You RR455 (IM5181) (Houston) Nov-47
205B Tina Dixon & Lady Blue Allstar - Hello Baby RR456 IM5182 Nov-47

206A Amos Milburn - Bye Bye Boogie RR405=2 (LA) 10/27/47
206B Amos Milburn - Train Time Blues RR403=1 (LA) 10/27/47

207A Dirty Red - You Done Me Wrong 4018=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47
207B Dirty Red - Hotel Boogie 4016=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47

208A Wynonie Harris - Hard Ridin' Mama 4026=1 (NYC) Jul-47
208B Wynonie Harris - You Got To Get Yourself A Job 4025=1 (NYC) Jul-47

209A Lighnin' Hopkins - Play With Your Poodle RR222=1 IM3760 8/15/47
209B Lighnin' Hopkins - Down Home Baby RR221=1 (LA) 8/15/47

210A Edward Redding with Red Saunders - My Gal Lil RR476=1 (Chicago) Nov-47
210B Edward Bunky Redding - Bunk's Blues RR465=2 (Chicago) Nov-47

211A Amos Milburn - Pool Playing Blues 259=2 (LA) 12/11/47
211B Amos Milburn - I Still Love You 275=3 (LA) 12/18/47

212A Lester Young Sextet - Easy Does It RR121=1 IM3577 2/18/47
212B Lester Young Sextet - Confessin' RR141=1 ALa802 IM3578 4/2/47

Change in the serial numbers

501A Bobby Ramos - Dormillion
501B Bobby Ramos - Bongo Bongocero

502A Bobby Ramos - Walter Winchell Rhumba
502B Bobby Ramos - Carioca

503A Bobby Ramos - Maxie-Lundu
503B Bobby Ramos - Sin Timbal

504A Bobby Ramos - The Arthur Murray Way
504B Bobby Ramos - Noche De Amor

505A Bobby Ramos - Tres PaLabras[Unissued]
505B Bobby Ramos - La Rueda[Unissued]

506A Tex Russell & His Hollywood Cowboys - Moon Over Montana
506B Tex Russell & His Hollywood Cowboys - You Can't Beat The Chains Of Love

507A Tex Russell & His Hollywood Cowboys - You Waited A Little Too Long
507B Tex Russell & His Hollywood Cowboys - Put Your Little Foot Right Out

508A Tex Russell & His Hollywood Cowboys - Texas Tornado
508B Tex Russell & His Hollywood Cowboys - What It Means To Be Blue

509A Joe Maverick & His Hot Doggies - My Chickashay Gal (Tk. 3)
509B Joe Maverick & His Hot Doggies - I Won't Be Here To Welcome You ( Tk. 1)

510A Joe Maverick & His Hot Doggies - When Love Can't Find A Way (Tk. 2)
510B Joe Maverick & His Hot Doggies - Shut That Gate (Tk. 4)

511A Slim Newman with Smokey Rogers - Honey Bee (Tk. 2)
511B Slim Newman with Smokey Rogers - I'm A Married Man (Tk. 2)

512A Nick Nelson - The Brave Little Tailor Part. 1 15-2
512B Nick Nelson - The Brave Little Tailor Part. 2 16-2

513A Nick Nelson - Tom Thumb Part. 1 17.1
513B Nick Nelson - Tom Thumb Part. 2 18.1

514A Nick Nelson - The Vegetable Song 25-1
514B Nick Nelson - Care Of Toys-Teeth 26-1

515A Nick Nelson - Everythingle Of Bim Bam Boo 27-4
515B Nick Nelson - Safety 28-2

516A George Vann (Buddy Harper Band) - Snowfall 92-1
516B George Vann (Buddy Harper Band) - Humoresque 93-2

517-529 [Unissued]

530A Mary Osbourne - What Will I Tell My Heart 99-3
530B Mary Osbourne - Honey 100-2

531A Mary Osbourne - You've Changed 98-3
531B Mary Osbourne - I Cover The Waterfront 101-2

532A The Four Sepias - Truly I Do 125-2
532B The Four Sepias - You Brought A New Kind Of Love 126-3

533A The Four Sepias - Only Forever 127-1
533B The Four Sepias - For All You’ve Done 128-3

534A "Crown Prince" Waterford - The "Prince" Strikes Back 129-2
534B "Crown Prince" Waterford - Wheverythingtler's Blues 131-1

535A "Crown Prince" Waterford - Washboard Blues 130-2
535B "Crown Prince" Waterford - Undercover Blues 132-1

536A Al Gayle - Honey 168-1 1947
536B Al Gayle - Mam-selle 169-1 1947

537A Al Gayle - Remember 170-5 1947
537B Al Gayle - Peg O' My Heart 167-4 1947

Another change in the serial numbers

Aladdin 2000 Gospel Series:

2001A Soul Stirrers - The Lord Will Make A Way A-1 1946
2001B Soul Stirrers - Steal Away B-2 1946

2002A Soul Stirrers - Remember Me A-2 1946
2002B Soul Stirrers - Golden Bells B-2 1946

2003A Soul Stirrers - Lord I've Tried B-2 1947
2003B Soul Stirrers - Elijah 40-2 1946

2004A Soul Stirrers - I Want To Rest, Lord, Rest 44-2 1947
2004B Soul Stirrers - His Eye Is On The Sparrow 41-1 1947

2005A Soul Stirrers - One Day 42-3 1947
2005B Soul Stirrers - They'll Be No More Sorrow 45-2 1947

2006A Al Hibbler - I Surrender, Dear
2006B Al Hibbler - Fat And Forty

2007A Soul Stirrers - He Knows How Much We Can Bear RR114=3 (Chicago) 2/13/47
2007B Soul Stirrers - Some Day RR115=2 (Chicago) 2/13/47

2008A Soul Stirrers - What Could I Do RR116=2 (Chicago) 2/13/47
2008B Soul Stirrers - I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord RR117=B1 (Chicago) 2/14/47

2009A Soul Stirrers - You Got To Move RR120C=1 2/14/47
2009B Soul Stirrers - I Thank You Lord RR119=2 (Chicago) 2/14/47

2010A Soul Stirrers - Ride On, King Jesus RR112=1 (Chicago) 2/13/47
2010B Soul Stirrers - Canaan Land RR113=2 (Chicago) 2/13/47

2011A Reverend L. C. Mickels Gospel 3 - A Friend Above All Others RR105=1 1/31/47
2011B Reverend L. C. Mickels Gospel 3 - Oh Lord, I'm In Your Care RR107=2 1/31/47

2012A Reverend L. C. Mickels Gospel 3 - I Shall Never Forget What He's Done For Me RR104=3 1/31/47
2012B Reverend L. C. Mickels Gospel 3 - If I Could Only Hear My Mother Pray Again RR106=1 1/31/47

2013A Reverend L. C. Mickels Gospel 3 - He Knows How Much We Can Bear RR103=2 1/31/47
2013B Reverend L. C. Mickels Gospel 3 - Master Savior, Don't Pass Me Up RR102=2 1/31/47

2014A Sally Martin & Singers of Joy - Four And Twenty Elders RR150=2 (LA) 4/21/47
2014B Sally Martin & Singers of Joy - Jesus Steps Right In RR151=1 (LA) 4/21/47

2015A Sally Martin & Singers of Joy - You Know, Lord RR152=1 (LA) 4/21/47
2015B Sally Martin & Singers of Joy - He's A Friens Of Mine RR153=1 (LA) 4/21/47

2016A Sally Martin & Singers of Joy - Even Me, Even Me RR155=2 (LA) 4/21/47
2016B Sally Martin & Singers of Joy - Just A Few Days To Labor RR154=1 (LA) 4/21/47

2017A Sister Dorothy Mae Willett - I Believe RR192 (LA) 6/20/47
2017B Sister Dorothy Mae Willett - Jonah RR190 (LA) 6/20/47

2018A Soul Stirrers - Why I Like Roosevelt Part I 4021=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47
2018B Soul Stirrers - Why I Like Roosevelt Part II 4022=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47

2019A Soul Stirrers - Blessed Quietness 205=2 (Chicago) Nov-47
2019B Soul Stirrers - Go Ahead 202=1 (Chicago) Nov-47

2020A Soul Stirrers - Working On The Building 200=1 (Chicago) Nov-47
2020B Soul Stirrers - All Alone 203 (Chicago) Nov-47

2021A Soul Stirrers - I'm Willing To Run All The Way 201=2 (Chicago) Nov-47
2021B Soul Stirrers - Never Turn Back 204=1 (Chicago) Nov-47

2022A Soul Stirrers - A Little Talk With Jesus RR118=1 (Chicago) 2/14/47
2022B Soul Stirrers - I Have A Friend Above All Others 206=2 (Chicago) Nov-47

2023A Sister Dorothy Mae Willett - I'm Going To Live A Life I Sing About RR193 (LA) 6/20/47
2023B Sister Dorothy Mae Willett - Stand Still RR194=2 (LA) 6/20/47

2024A Soul Stirrers - This Is My Prayer X2 (Chicago) 5/8/48
2024B Soul Stirrers - Dig A Little Deeper X5=1 (Chicago) 5/8/48

2025A Soul Stirrers - Pearl Harbor, Part I 4023=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47
2025B Soul Stirrers - Pearl Harbor, Part II 4024=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47

2026A Soul Stirrers - Jesus Traveled This Road Before X4=1 (Chicago) 5/8/48
2026B Soul Stirrers - Lift Him Up X6=2 IM5635 5/8/48

2027A Soul Stirrers - Glory Glory, Hallelujah LA4 (IM5634) (Chicago) 12/21/48
2027B Soul Stirrers - Lord Jesus LA3 (IM3024) (Chicago) 12/21/48

2028A Soul Stirrers - My Life Is In His Hands LA9 (Chicago) 12/21/48
2028B Soul Stirrers - Silent Night LA5 2028B (Chicago) 12/21/48

2029A Soul Stirrers - Seek And Ye Shall Find La6 (Chicago) 12/21/48
2029B Soul Stirrers - One Of These Days LA1 (Chicago) 12/21/48

2030 Unissued

2031A Soul Stirrers - Goin' On With The Spirit In Jesus LA7 (Chicago) 12/21/48
2031B Soul Stirrers - End Of My Journey La2 (Chicago) 12/21/48

2032 Unissued [released as Aladdin 2037]

2033 Unissued

2034 Unissued

2035A Soul Stirrers - Well, Well RR120=A IM3023 2/14/47
2035B Soul Stirrers - John Saw The Holy Number RR120D=1 2/14/47

No issues in this series from 1949 - 1952

2036A The Zion Travelers - Charge To Keep I Have RR-2067-1 1953
2036B The Zion Travelers - Stand By Me RR-2069-7 1953

2037A Soul Stirrers - Does Jesus Care? (LA)8 (Chicago) 12/21/48
2037B Soul Stirrers - My Journey To The Sky (LA) 12 (Chicago) 12/21/48

2038A The Zion Travelers - Last Days RR-2070-2 1953
2038B The Zion Travelers - Your Wicked Ways RR-2068-1 1953

2039A The Jewel Gospel Singers - At The Cross RR-JG 1-6
2039B The Jewel Gospel Singers - Rest RR-JG 3-5

2040A The Jewel Gospel Singers - I Shall Know Him RR-JG 3-5
2040B The Jewel Gospel Singers - Over There RR-JG 4-3

Another change in the serial numbers

3000A Lester Young Quintet - East Of The Sun 25-1021 (IM3579) (NYC) 12/29/47
3000B Lester Young Quintet - Sheik Of Araby 25-1022 (IM3580) (NYC) 12/29/47

3001A Illinois Jacquet - Blow Illinois RR138A IM3636 4/1/47
3001B Illinois Jacquet - The Blues RR137A (NYC) 4/1/47

3002A Bob Merrill - Blues Without Booze RR146 (NYC) Apr-47
3002B Bob Merrill - You Took My Woman RR145 (NYC) Apr-47

3003A Jimmy Lewis - Riding With Jimmy RR134=3 (Chicago) 3/19/47
3003B Jimmy Lewis - Lonesome Road RR135=1 (Chicago) 3/19/47

3004A Jimmy Lewis - Josephine RR133=1 (Chicago) 3/19/47
3004B Jimmy Lewis - Gettin' Old RR136=2 (Chicago) 3/19/47

3005A Lighnin' Hopkins - Big Mama Jump RR220=1 (LA) 8/15/47
3005B Lighnin' Hopkins - Short Haired Woman RR219=1 IM3684 8/15/47

3006A Coleman Hawkins Allstars - The Way You Look Tonight RR217=2 IM3819 Jun-47
3006B Coleman Hawkins Allstars - Bean-A-Re-Bop RR215=3 (NYC) Jun-47

3007A The Four Rockets - Travelin' Light 5-1033=1 25-1033-1 (NYC) 12/30/47
3007B The Four Rockets - Little Red Wagon 251032-1 (NYC) 12/30/47

3008A Balladiers - Please Don't Deceive My Heart 4084=2 (NYC) Jul-47
3008B Balladiers - Keep Me With You 4082=2 (NYC) Jul-47

3009A Crown Prince Waterford - Washboard Blues 130
3009B Crown Prince Waterford - Undercover Blues 132

3010A Mary Osborne - You've Changed RR98=3 ALA531 1/14/47
3010B Mary Osborne - I Cover The Waterfront RR101=2 ALA531 1/14/47

3011A Illinois Jacquet - Goofin' Off WOR260
3011B Illinois Jacquet - It's Wild WOR264

3012A Gene Ammons Quintet - Concentration RR301 (CHIC) 9/23/47
3012B Gene Ammons Quintet - Blowin' Red's Top RR303 (CHIC) 9/23/47

3013A Joe Turner - Low Down Dog IM4781 (SF) 11/6/47
3013B Joe Turner - Morning Glory 1000=2 (SF) 11/6/47

3014A Amos Milburn - Chicken Shack Boogie (Amos Milburn) [11/48, #1] IM3403 254=1 11/19/47
3014B Amos Milburn - It Took A Long, Long Time (Jesse Cryor) [12/48, #6] 273=1 (IM5092) (LA) 12/18/47

3015A Lightnin' Hopkins - Sugar Mama HTN502=1 (IM5193) (Houston) 2/25/48

3015B Lightnin' Hopkins - Picture On The Wall RR452 (IM3761) (Houston) Nov-47

3016A Lester Young Quintet - East Of Suez IM3579 (NYC) 12/29/47
3016B Lester Young Quintet - Sheik Of Araby IM3580 (NYC) 12/29/47

3017A The Four Rockets - Little Brown Jug
3017B The Four Rockets - Loch Lomond

3018A Amos Milburn - Bewildered [12/48, #1] XXX3 IM3485 10/15/48
3018B Amos Milburn - A and M Blues (Amos Milburn) [1/49, #9] XXX4 (CHIC) 10/15/48

3019A Sarah Vaughan/Dickey Wells' Big Seven - We're Through (Ted Dameron/Anne Greer) 1033
3019B Dickey Wells' Big Seven - Bed Rock 1034

3020A Charles Brown Trio - Ooh! Ooh! Sugar RR608=2 (IM5145) (LA) 11/11/48
3020B Charles Brown Trio - Get Yourself Another Fool [2/49, #4] RR609=2 (IM3555) (LA) 11/11/48

3021A Charles Brown Trio - It's Nothing [4/49, #13] RR612=1 (IM5153) (LA) 1/14/49
3021B Charles Brown Trio - A Long Time [3/49, #9] RR617=3 (LA) 1/21/49

3022A Maxwell Davis - Red Hot RR632 (LA) 2/12/49
3022B Juanita Brown with Maxwell Davis - Key To My Door RR630=4 (LA) 2/12/49

3023A Amos Milburn - Hold Me Baby [4/49, #2] RR253=1 (LA) 11/19/47
3023B Amos Milburn QT - Jitterbug Fashion Parade RR662=3 IM5119 2/28/49

3024A Charles Brown Trio - Honey, Keep Your Mind On Me RR600 IM5137 (LA) 11/10/48
3024B Charles Brown Trio - Trouble Blues [4/49, #1] RR613=5 ALa3342 (LA) 1/14/49

3025A Jay McShann Sextet - Cover Up RR643=1 IM5041 2/18/49
3025B Jay McShann Sextet - Scotty Can Blow Kicks RR644=2 IM5050 2/18/49

3026A Amos Milburn - Pot Luck Boogie (Eddie Mesner) RR406=2 (LA) 10/27/47
3026B Amos Milburn Qt - In The Middle Of The Night (Jessie M. Robinson)[6/49, #3] RR660 IM5117 2/28/49

3027A Saunders King - St James Infirmary Blues RR680=2 (SF) 4/4/49
3027B Saunders King - Little Girl RR681=2 (SF) 4/4/49 3028A Lightnin' Hopkins - Woman, Woman RR451 IM3763 Nov-47
3028B Lightnin' Hopkins - Nightmare Blues HTN503=1 (IM5196) (Houston) 2/25/48

3029A Lonnie Johnson - Don't Blame Her 4007A=1 (CHIC) 6/2/47
3029B Lonnie Johnson - Blues For Lonnie 4012=1 (CHIC) 6/2/47

3030A Charles Brown Trio - In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down [8/49, #4] RR611=1 (IM5147) (LA) 11/11/48
3030B Charles Brown Trio - Please Be Kind RR616=2 (IM5157) (LA) 1/14/49

3031A The Robins - Don't Like The Way You're Doing RR700=6 IM5089 5/27/49
3031B The Robins - Come Back, Baby RR702=2 IM5088 5/27/49

3032A Amos Milburn - Roomin' House Boogie (Jessie M. Robinson) [9/49, #1] Vinyl 10" RR900=1 IM5102 18092 7/13/49
3032B Amos Milburn - Empty Arms Blues (John Erby) [9/49, #4] Vinyl 10" 277=2 (IM5093) (LA) 17519 12/18/47

3033A Sony Parker & His Allstars - Pretty Baby RR801=3 (LA) 9/7/49
3033B Sony Parker & His Allstars - Hamp's Gumbo RR800=4 (LA) 9/7/49

3034A Little Miss Cornshucks - You Turned Your Back On Me RR927=1 (LA) 8/12/49
3034B Little Miss Cornshucks - Keep Your Hand On Your Heart 165=A (LA) Aug-49

3035A Lightnin' Hopkins - Have To Let You Go HTN511=2 IM3627 2/25/48
3035B Lightnin' Hopkins - Morning Blues HTN511=1 IM3625 2/25/48

3036A Wynonie Harris & Joe Turner - Battle Of The Blues 4077=3 ALa3184 IM5046 Jul-47
3036B Wynonie Harris & Joe Turner - Battle Of The Blues 4078=1 ALa3184 (NYC) Jul-47

3037A Amos Milburn & Chickenshakers - Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby (F.Heywood/Monroe Tucker) [11/49, #3] RR912=2 (LA) 10/1/49
3037B Amos Milburn & Chickenshakers - Bow Wow (voical by Amos Milburn) (Amos Milburn) RR910=2 (LA) 10/1/49

3038A Amos Milburn - Drifting Blues RR912=3 (IM5150) (LA) 10/1/49
3038B Amos Milburn - Real Pretty Mama [12/49, #9] RR913=1 (IM5151) (LA) 10/1/49

3039A Charles Brown Trio - Homesick Blues [12/49, #5] RR603=1 (IM5140) (LA) 11/10/48
3039B Charles Brown Trio - Let's Have A Ball RR677=1 (IM5174) (LA) 3/9/49

3040A Saunders King - Unfaithful Blues A-1 (SF) 9/28/49
3040B Saunders King - Stormy Night Blues A-3 (SF) 9/28/49

3041A Jimmy Mundy Orch - I Gotta Put You Down Part 1 (vocal by Jimmy Young) 132-A
3041B Jimmy Mundy Orch - I Gotta Put You Down Part 2 (vocal by Jimmy Young) 132-B

3042A Lil Green - My Be Bop Daddy RR010=2 (CHIC) 11/14/49
3042B Lil Green - Running Around In Circles RR009=3 (CHIC) 11/14/49

3043A Amos Milburn Chicken Shackers - Tell Me How Long The Train's Been Gone (Hamilton/Richards) RR1504=3 (LA) 1/4/50
3043B Amos Milburn Chicken Shackers - I'm Just A Fool In Love (Margaret West/Frank M. Smith) RR1503=2 (LA) 1/4/50

3044A Charles Brown Trio - Tormented RR673=4 (IM5170) (LA) 3/9/49
3044B Charles Brown Trio - Did You Ever Love A Woman RR679=1 (IM5176) (LA) 3/9/49

3045A Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Waiting And Drinking RR932 8/15/49
3045B Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - If You Ever Had The Blues RR931 8/15/49

3046A Saunders King - Blues About Midnight B-1 (SF) 9/28/49
3046B Saunders King - Misery Blues RR682=3 (SF) 4/4/49

3047A Lonnie Johnson - You Know I Do 4010A=1 (CHIC) 6/2/47
3047B Lonnie Johnson - Your Last Time Out 4009=1 (CHIC) 6/2/47

3048A Herb Kenny & His Trio - Key To My Heart WOR2005=4 (NYC) 2/5/50
3048B Herb Kenny & His Trio - Why Do I Love You WOR2006=6 (NYC) 2/5/50

3049A Amos Milburn And His Chicken Shakers - Johnson Rag RR920A=2 (LA) 12/19/49
3049B Amos Milburn And His Chicken Shakers - Walkin' Blues [5/50, #8] RR921A=1 (IM5103) (LA) 12/19/49

3050A Big Jay McNeeley & His Orch - Jay's Frantic RRU2000=2 (CHIC) JAn-50
3050B Big Jay McNeeley & His Orch - Deacon's Blowout RRU2003=1 (CHIC) JAn-50

3051A Charles Brown Trio - I Wonder When My Baby's Coming Home RR604=2 (IM5141) (LA) 11/10/48
3051B Charles Brown Trio - My Baby's Gone (Again) [4/50, #6] RR1521=1 (IM5162) (LA) 1/17/50

3052A Lightnin' Hopkins - Baby Child HTN512A=1 IM5197 2/25/48
3052B Lightnin' Hopkins - Changing Weather Blues HTN6 IM5185 2/25/48

3053A Mr T And His Band - I'm Just A Lucky So And So RR940A=3 (LA) 12/28/49
3053B Mr T And His Band - Where Are You? RR941A=2 (LA) 12/28/49

3054A Robert Kelton & His Trio - Muddy Shoes SF1601=3 (SF) 2/21/50
3054B Robert Kelton & His Trio - Try Me One More Time SF1603=8 (SF) 2/21/50

3055A Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Safronia (Calvin Boze) [6/50, #9] RR1512 IMP5844 IM4169 1/13/50
3055B Calvin Boze - Angel City Blues (Calvin Boze/H. E. Archia) RR1511 (LA) 1/13/50

3056A Amos Milburn Chicken Shakers - Square Dance Boogie RR924A=1 (LA) 12/19/49
3056B Amos Milburn - Anybody's Blues 272=2 (IM5091) (LA) 12/18/47

3057A Lester Young Sextet - Just Coolin' RR143=1 IM3582 4/2/47
3057B Lester Young Quintet - Something To Remember You By IM3581 (NYC) 12/29/47

3058A Amos Milburn Chicken Shackers - Birmingham Bounce IM5218 (FLa) 1950
3058B Amos Milburn - I Love Her 258=1 (LA) 12/11/47

3059A Amos Milburn Qt - Hard Luck Blues RR1547=3 (LA) 5/18/50
3059B Amos Milburn Qt - Two Years Of Torture RR1548=1 (IM5191) (LA) 5/18/50

3060A Charles Brown & His Band - I've Got That Old Feeling RR1529=1 IM5134 1/18/50
3060B Charles Brown Trio - I've Learned A Lesson RR1522=1 (IM5163) (LA) 1/17/50

3061A Homer Crain - You're My Darling D30 (IM4983) (DalLas) May-50
3061B Homer Crain - Come Out Of Your Hidey HO D31 (IM4984) (DalLas) May-50

3062A Sony Parker & His Allstars - I Want A Little Girl RR804=2 (LA) 9/7/49
3062B Sony Parker & His Allstars - Sad Feeling RR803=3 (LA) 9/7/49

3063A Lightnin' Hopkins - Rollin' Blues HTN9B IM3620 2/25/48
3063B Lightnin' Hopkins - Shotgun Blues [9/50, #5] HTN9A IMP5834 IM3619 2/25/48

3064A Amos Milburn Qt - Remember RR1549=4 (IM5190) (LA) 5/18/50
3064B Amos Milburn Chicken Shackers - Sax Shack Boogie [9/50, #9] RR1506=1 (LA) 1/4/50

3065A Calvin Boze w Maxwell Davis - Lizzy Lou Part I RR1555 (LA) 7/24/50
3065B Calvin Boze w Maxwell Davis - Lizzy Lou Part II RR1556 (LA) 7/24/50

3066A Charles Brown Trio - Again RR1520=3 (IM5161) (LA) 1/17/50
3066B Charles Brown & His Band - I've Made Up My Mind RR1528=2 (IM5179) 1/18/50

3067A La Melle Prince - Get High RR1560=2 (LA) 8/8/50
3067B La Melle Prince - Phone Me Blues RR1562=2 (LA) 8/8/50

3068A Amos Milburn - Bad, Bad Whiskey RR1579=6 (IM3457) (LA) 9/21/50
3068B Amos Milburn - I'm Going To Tell My Mama RR1578=2 (IM5130) (LA) 9/21/50

3069A Johnny Moore's Three BLazers - Girl Fifteen (Vocal by Floyd Dixon) RR 1574
3069B Johnny Moore's Three BLazers - Walkin' And Talkin' Blues (Vocal by Floyd Dixon) RR 1573

3070A Joe Turner - Back Breaking Baby IM4782 1003=1 11/6/47
3070B Joe Turner - Empty Pocket Blues IM4778 1004=1 11/6/47

3071A Charles Brown Trio - How High The Moon RR607 (IM5144) (LA) 11/11/48
3071B Charles Brown Trio - Texas Blues RR1525=2 (IM5166) (LA) 1/17/50

3072A Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Stinkin' From Drinkin' RR1557 (LA) 7/24/50
3072B Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Look Out For Tomorrow Today RR1558=1 (LA) 7/24/50

3073A Floyd Dixon - She's Understanding DR1593 (Houston) Nov-50
3073B Floyd Dixon - Sad Journey Blues DR1594 (Houston) Nov-50

3074A Floyd Dixon - San Francisco Blues RR1577=1 (LA) Sep-50
3074B Floyd Dixon - Empty Stocking Blues RR1572=2 (LA) Sep-50

3075A Floyd Dixon & Johnny Moore - Telephone Blues (Floyd Dixon) [1/51, #4] RR1591=1 (LA) 10/26/50
3075B Floyd Dixon & Johnny Moore - Real Lovin' Mama RR1587=3 (LA) 10/26/50

3076A Charles Brown & His Band - Black Night (Jessie Mae Robinson) [2/51, #1] RR1619 IMP5905 IM3549 12/21/50
3076B Charles Brown & His Band - Once There Lived A Fool RR1623 IM3553 12/21/50

3077A Lightnin' Hopkins - Honey, Honey Blues HTN3 IM3683 2/25/48
3077B Lightnin' Hopkins - Moonrise Blues HTN509A 2/25/48

3078A Floyd Dixon - Let's Dance DR1595 (Houston) Nov-50
3078B Floyd Dixon - We'll Be Together DR1597 (Houston) Nov-50

3079A Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Beale Street On A Saturday Night RR1629=6 (LA) 1/15/51
3079B Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Choo Choo's Bringing My Baby Home RR1514=3 (LA) 1/13/50

3080A Amos Milburn - Let's Rock A While [4/51, #3] RR1546=4 (LA) 5/18/50
3080B Amos Milburn - Tears, Tears, Tears [4/51, #5] RR1581 (LA) 9/21/50

3081A Charles "Chuck'" Morris - Rockin' After Hours RR1646=1 (LA) Feb-51
3081B Charles "Chuck'" Morris - I Know The Blues RR1645=2 (LA) Feb-51

3082A Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Four Years RR1590=2 (LA) 10/26/50
3082B Johnny Moore's Three Blazers - Unlucky Girl (vocial by Mari Jones) (Floyd Dixon) RR1588=1 (LA) 10/26/50

3083A Floyd Dixon - Rockin' At Home DR1596 (ACA1358) (Houston) Nov-50
3083B Floyd Dixon - Pleasure Days DR1592 (Houston) Nov-50

3084A Floyd Dixon - Don't Cry Now, Baby DR1598 (Houston) Nov-50
3084B Floyd Dixon - I'm So Worried DR1599 (Houston) Nov-50

3085A Five Keys - With A Broken Heart RC1639=D (LA) 3/22/51
3085B Five Keys - Too Late RC1642=B (LA) 3/22/51

3086A Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Baby, You're The Tops With Me RR1513=1 (LA) 1/13/50
3086B Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - Slippin' And Slidin' RR1630=1 (LA) 1/15/51

3087A Jimmy Wilson - Please Believe Me CAV107 SF1660 1947
3087B Jimmy Wilson - Honey Bee CAV105 SF1659 1947

3088A Lowell Fulson - Good Woman Blues CAV126 SF1662 1948
3088B Lowell Fulson - Double Trouble Blues CAV101 SF1661 1948

3089A Jimmy McCracklin - Railroad Blues CAV130 SF1664 1947
3089B Jimmy McCracklin - Bad Luck And Trouble CAV128 SF1663 1947

3090A Amos Milburn - Everybody Clap Hands RR1580 (LA) 9/21/50
3090B Amos Milburn - That Was Your Last Mistake RR1674=2 (LA) 4/18/51

3091A Charles Brown & His Band - The Message RR1648 IM5158 2/16/51
3091B Charles Brown - I'll Always Be In Love With You RR1621 IM3551 12/21/50

3092A Charles Brown & His Band - Seven Long Days RR1620 Aladdin IM3550 12/21/50
3092B Charles Brown - Don't Fool With My Heart RR1527=1 Aladdin 1/18/50

3093A Amos Milburn - Ain't Nothing Shaking RR1672=3 (LA) 4/18/51
3093B Amos Milburn - Just One More Drink RR1676=1 (LA) 4/18/51

3094A Billie Holiday - Be Fair To Me WOR1681=4 (Aladdin) IM3694 4/29/51
3094B Billie Holiday with Tiny Grimes - Detour Ahead WOR1684 (Aladdin) 4/29/51

3095A Lynn Hope & His Orch - Blue Moon (Richard Rodgers) UN1692=2 Aladdin (CHI) 5/1/51
3095B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Blow, Lynn, Blow (Lynn Hope) UN1691=2 (IM3474) (CHI) 5/1/51

3096A Lightnin' Hopkins - Miss Me Blues HTN501=1 (IM5194) (Houston) 2/25/48
3096B Lightnin' Hopkins - Abilene HTN8B IM3628 2/25/48

3097A "Peppermint" Harris - It's You RR1697=4 (LA) 6/16/51
3097B "Peppermint" Harris - I Got Loaded RR1698=3 Aladdin 6/16/51

3098A Frank Haywood - Baby, Baby, Baby RR1702=1 IM5082 6/19/51
3098B Frank Haywood - If You Don't Love Me Anymore RR1701=2 IM5081 6/19/51

3099A Five Keys - The Glory Of Love (Billy Hill) RC1643=B RCA1643 3/22/51 3:05
3099B Five Keys - Hucklebuck With Jimmy RC1641=B (LA) 3/22/51

3100A Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - I've Got News For You RR1554 (LA) 7/24/50
3100B Calvin Boze with Maxwell Davis - I Can't STop Crying RR1631=1 (LA) 1/15/51

3101A Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers - Time And Place RR1609=2 (LA) 12/15/50
3101B Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers - Do I Love You RR1612=1 (LA) 12/15/50

3102A Billie Holiday - Rocky Mountain Blues WOR1682=1 (Aladdin) 4/29/51
3102B Billie Holiday - Blue Turning Grey Over You WOR1683 (Aladdin) IM3693 4/29/51

3103A Lynn Hope & His Orch - Too Young (Sylvia Dee/Sid Lippmann) NY1736A Aladdin IM3473 8/20/51
3103B Lynn Hope & His Orch - Free And Easy (Tiny Grimes) UN1689=2 IM3476 5/1/51

3104A Lowell Folsom - Night And Day SF1746 CAV100 1948
3104B Lowell Folsom - Stormin' And Rainin' SF1745 CAV125 1948

3105A Amos Milburn Chicken Shakers - She's Gone Again (Frank Haywood/Monroe Tucker) RR1502=3 (LA) 1/4/50
3105B Amos Milburn Chicken Shakers - Boogie Woogie RR927A=2 (LA) 12/19/49

3106A Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers - You Don't Have To Treat Me Like a Stranger (vocal by Nelson Alexander) (Alexander/Davenport) RR1759 (LA) 10/3/51
3106B Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers - Cloudy Skies (vocal by Nelson Alexander) (Hurley/Carpenter/3 BLazers) RR1757 10/3/51

3107A "Peppermint" Harris with Maxwell Davis & His All-Stars - Middle Of Winter RR1763=2 Aladdin (LA) 10/5/51
3107B "Peppermint" Harris with Maxwell Davis & His All-Stars - Have Another Drink And Talk With Me (Al Dudley/Howard Biggs)RR1762=3 (LA) 10/5/51 2:35

3108A "Peppermint" Harris with M. Dave - Let The Back Of The Door Hit You ("Peppermint" Harris) RR1765=1 (LA) 10/5/51
3108B "Peppermint" Harris with M. Dave - P H Blues RR1764=5 (LA) 10/5/51

3109A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - She's Funny That Way (Neil Moret) NY1735=B IM3472 8/20/51
3109B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Eleven Till Two(Lynn Hope) NY1734A IM3471 8/20/51

3110A Calvin Boze - I'm Gonna Steam Off The Stamp (Arthur Altman/Dick Manning) RR1774 (LA) 10/23/51
3110B Calvin Boze - Fish Tail RR1776=2 (LA) 10/23/51

3111A Floyd Dixon - Baby, Let's Go Down To The Woods RR1749 (LA) July 1951
3111B Floyd Dixon - Too Much Jelly Roll RR1748 July 51

3112A Pee Wee Crayton - When it Rains it Pours RR1793=2 (LA) 11/5/51
3112B Pee Wee Crayton - Daybreak RR1794=1 (LA) 11/5/51

3113A Five Keys - It's Christmas Time IM3650=1 Aladdin 10/9/51
3113B Five Keys - Old McDonald Had A Farm WOR1748=3 Aladdin 8/6/51

3114A Maxwell Davis - Hey Good Lookin' (Hank Williams) RR1797=2 IM3870 11/9/51
3114B Maxwell Davis - Charmaine RR1796=3 Aladdin (LA) 11/9/51

3115A Maxwell Davis - I'm Waiting Just For You RR1798=3 Aladdin 11/9/51
3115B Maxwell Davis - I'll Always Be In Love With You (Green/RuBy/Stept) RR1799=2 11/9/51

3116A Charles Brown - Hard Times RR1752=3 Ala3422 IM5128 9/24/51
3116B Charles Brown - Tender Heart RR1750 Aladdin 9/24/51

3117A Lightnin' Hopkins - Daddy Will Be Home Some Day HTN509=1 IM3687 2/25/48
3117B Lightnin' Hopkins - Worried Life Blues - You're Not Going To Worry RR453 IM5183 Nov-47

3118A Five Keys - Old McDonald Had A Farm WOR1748=3 Aladdin 8/6/51
3118B Five Keys - Yes Sir, That's My Baby X53=1 10/9/51

3119A Five Keys - Darling X50=2 Aladdin IM3662 10/9/51
3119B Five Keys - Going Downtown WOR1747=1 8/6/51

3120A Charles Brown Trio - My Last Affair RR602=3 (IM5139) (LA) 11/10/48
3120B Charles Brown - Still Water RR1751=3 IM5127 9/24/51

3121A Floyd Dixon - Bad Neighborhood (Floyd Dixon) RR1585=1 (LA) 10/26/50
3121B Floyd Dixon with Johnny Moore - Blues For Cuba (Williams/Hurley) RR1608=2 (LA) 12/15/50

3122A Calvin Boze - My Friend Told Me RR1775 10/23/51
3122B Calvin Boze - Hey, Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Mable Hayes) RR1777=1 10/23/51

3123A Balladiers - What Will I Tell My Heart - 4083=4 (NYC) Jul-47
3123B Balladiers - Forget Me Not 4081=2 (NYC) Jul-47

3124A Amos Milburn - Thinkin' And Drinkin' RR1832 Aladdin 1/29/52 [3/52, #8]
3124B Amos Milburn - Trouble In Mind RR1834=2 Aladdin IM3416 1/29/52

3125A Amos Milburn - Flying Home RR1839 IM3432 1/30/52
3125B Amos Milburn - Put Something In My Hand RR1833 IM3415 1/29/52

3126A Little Miss Cornshucks - Waiting In Vain RR926=3 (LA) 8/12/49
3126B Little Miss Cornshucks - Time After Time RR928=1 (LA) 8/12/49

3128A Lynn Hope - Hope Skip And Jump (Lynn Hope) NY1886 1952
3128B Lynn Hope - Please, Mr Sun (R. Getzov/S. FrAnk) NY1887 1952

3129A Jesse Allen - Gonna Move Away From Town No1874=1 (IM4912) 10/13/51
3129B Jesse Allen - Rock This Morning No1873=1 (No) 10/13/51

3130A "Peppermint" Harris - Maggie's Boogie RR 1915
3130B "Peppermint" Harris - Right Back On It RR 1914

3132A Calvin Boze - Good Time Sue RR1779=2 (LA) 10/23/51
3132B Calvin Boze - Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business RR1920 4/23/52

3133A Amos Milburn - Roll Mr Jelly RR1840=2 IM3433 1/30/52
3133B Amos Milburn - I Won't Be A Fool Any More RR1841=1 IM3434 1/30/52

3134A Lynn Hope - Sentimental Journey NY1889 1952
3134B Lynn Hope - Driftin' NY1888 1952

3135A Floyd Dixon - Call Operator 210 RR 1930
3135B Floyd Dixon - Wine, Wine, Wine RR 1931

3136A The Five Keys - I Hadn't Anyone Till You RR 1904
3136B The Five Keys - Hold Me RR 1906

3137A Mickey Champion - Two Faced Daddy RR1818=2 IM3699 12/18/51
3137B Mickey Champion - Don't Say You Love Me RR1817=2 (LA) 12/18/51

3138A Charles Brown - Without Your Love RR1531=2 IM5136 1/18/50
3138B Charles Brown Trio - See RR1523=2 (IM5164) (LA) 1/17/50

3138alt Charles Brown Trio - Baby, Do You Know The Game RR610=2 (IM5146) (LA) 11/11/48

3139A Maru Jones & Three Blazers - How Could You Be So Mean RR1616=1 (LA) 12/15/50
3139B Maru Jones & Three Blazers - Mean Papa Blues RR1617=1 (LA) 12/15/50

3140A Jimmy Wilson - Mistake In Life CAV108 (SF) 1947
3140B Jimmy Wilson - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie CAV106 (SF) 1947

3141A "Peppermint" Harris - There's A Dead Cat On The Line RR 1913
3141B "Peppermint" Harris - I Cry For My Baby RR 1910

3142A Calvin Boze - The Blue Tango RR 1943
3142B Calvin Boze - The Glory Of Love (Billy Hill) RR 1946

3143A Calvin Boze - Blue Shuffle RR 1945
3143B Calvin Boze - Popsicle RR 1944

3144A Floyd Dixon - Red Cherries
3144B Floyd Dixon - The River (Martin) RR1959

3146A Amos Milburn - Button Your Lip RR1505=2 (LA) 1/4/50
3146B Amos Milburn - Everything I Do Is Wrong

3147A Calvin Boze - Blow Man, Blow RR1969 8/15/52
3147B Calvin Boze - Looped RR1968 8/15/52

3148A CLayton Love - Chained To Your Love UN 1997
3148B CLayton Love - Where I Want To Be UN 1994

3149A Freddie Strong - Gaines Boogie SF 2001
3149B Freddie Strong - Blue Mood SF 2002

3150A Amos Milburn - Greyhound CAP1983
3150B Amos Milburn - Kiss Me Again CAP1986

3151A Floyd Dixon - Tired, Broke, And Busted RR 1928
3151B Floyd Dixon - Come Back Baby RR 1929

3152A Mickey Champion - What Have You Got RR1816=3 (LA) 12/18/51
3152B Mickey Champion - I'm Not Crying Anymore RR1819=4 (LA) 12/18/51

3153A Shirley And Lee - I'm Gone (Leonard Lee/Dave Bartholomew) No2015 6/24/52
3153B Shirley And Lee - Sweethearts No2013 6/24/52

3154A "Peppermint" Harris - I Sure Do Miss My Baby RR1742=2 (IM5087) (LA) 8/29/51
3154B "Peppermint" Harris - Hey Little Schoolgirl RR 1911

3155A Lynn Hope - Move It (Lynn Hope) RCA5008 1952
3155B Lynn Hope - Don't Worry About Me (Bloom/Koehler) RCA5007 1952

3156A The Flasher Brothers - Love Gave Me You RR 2021
3156B The Flasher Brothers - To Live The Life Of A Lie RR 2022

3157A Charles Brown Trio - Alley Batting RR674=1 (IM5171) (LA) 3/9/49
3157B Charles Brown - Rollin' Like A Pebble In The Sand RR2018 9/23/52

3158A The Five Keys - I Cried For You RR 1905
3158B The Five Keys - Serve Another Round WOR2028

3159A Amos Milburn - Boo Hoo CAP1981
3159B Amos Milburn - Rock, Rock, Rock CAP1987

3160A Calvin Boze - Shamrock RR1922 IMP5844 IM3880 4/23/52
3160B Calvin Boze - Having A Time RR1921=3 4/23/52

3161A Ray Agee - Deep Trouble RR2030 (LA) 11/12/52
3161B Ray Agee - The One I Love RR2031 (LA) 11/12/52

3162A Patty Anne - Midnight RR 2039
3162B Patty Anne - My Heart Everything Free Again RR 2040

3163A Charles Brown - Moonrise RR1650=5 IM5160 2/16/51
3163B Charles Brown - Evening Shadows RR2017=3 9/23/52

3164A Amos Milburn - Let Me Go Home Whiskey RR 2043 1952 [2/53, #3]
3164B Amos Milburn - Three Times A Fool RR 2041 1952

3165A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Bues For Anna Bocoa (Lynn Hope) NY1733=A IM3470 8/20/51
3165B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - September Song (Kurt Weill) RCA5010 1952

3166A Floyd Dixon - You Played Me For A Fool RR1586=2 (LA) 10/26/50
3166B Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers - Broken Hearted Traveler RR1611=2 (LA) 12/15/50

3167A Five Keys - Come Go My Bail, Louise NY1957 7/11/52
3167B Five Keys - I Can't Keep From Crying NY 1955

3168A Amos Milburn - Long, Long Day RR 1972
3168B Amos Milburn - Please Mr. Johnson RR 2044

3169A Jimmy Wilson - Every Dog Has His Day SF 2052
3169B Jimmy Wilson - Lemon Squeezer SF 2053

3170A The Sha-Weez - No One To Love Me No 2064
3170B The Sha-Weez - Early Sunday Morning No 2066

3171A Papa Lightfoot - P. L. Blues No2059=1 11/19/52
3171B Papa Lightfoot - After Awhile No2056 11/19/52

3172A Ike Carpenter - Sandu RR 2075 Feb-53
3172B Ike Carpenter - Pachuko Hop RR 2072 Feb-53

3173A Shirley & Lee - Baby (Shirley & Lee) No 2061 2:22
3173B Shirley & Lee - Shirley Come Back To Me No 2002

3174A Maxwell Davis - Real Nervous (vocal by Juanita Brown) RR633=2 (LA) 2/12/49
3174B Maxwell Davis - Hot Point RR 2081

3175A Five Keys - Mama, Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me RCA2097 3/11/53
3175B Five Keys - There Ought To Be A Law RCA2098 3/11/53

3176A Charles Brown & His Band - Rising Sun RR2019 9/23/52
3176B Charles Brown Trio - Take Me RR676 (IM5173) (LA) 3/9/49

3177A "Peppermint" Harris - Wasted Love RR1741=3 (IM5203) (LA) 8/29/51
3177B "Peppermint" Harris - Goodbye Blues RR 1937

3178A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Morocco (Lynn Hope) RCA2105 1953
3178B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Broken Hearted (DeSylva/Brown/Henderson) RCA2107 1953

3179A Clarence Garlow with Bartholomew - New Bon Ton Roulay No2094 1954
3179B Clarence Garlow with Bartholomew - Dreaming No2096 1954

3180A Illinois Jacquet & His Orch - For Trudy RR481=4 ALa803 IM3639 11/7/47
3180B Illinois Jacquet & His Orch - Destination Moon RR480=4 ALa708 IM3640 11/7/47

3181A Calvin Boze & His Allstars - That Other Woman RR1778=1 10/23/51
3181B Calvin Boze & His Allstars - Shoot De Pistol RR1923=3 4/23/52

3182A The Five Keys - I'll Always Be In Love With You RR 1903
3182B The Five Keys - Rocking And Crying Blues RCA2113

3183A "Peppermint" Harris - Don't Leave Me Alone RR 1938
3183B "Peppermint" Harris - Wet Rat RR 1936

3184A Wynonie Harris & Big Joe Turner - Battle Of The Blues Part 1 4077
3184B Wynonie Harris & Big Joe Turner - Battle Of The Blues Part 2 4078

3185A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Tenderly (W. Gross/J.Lawrence) RCA5009 1952
3185B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Jet (Harry Rezel) NY1690 1951
3185 ? Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - The Way You Look Tonight NY1690B 1951

3186A The Flasher Brothers - Lowdown Dirty RR 2024

3186B The Flasher Brothers - It's The Last Thing I Do RR 2023
3187A Robert Kelton & His Trio - No, No, Baby (Not Given) SF1604-1 (SF)2/21/50
3187B Robert Kelton & His Trio - Don't CAre What You Say (Not Given) SF1602 (SF) 2/21/50

3188A Ike Carpenter - It Simply Can't Be Done (Not Given) RR 2074 Feb 1953
3188B Ike Carpenter - My Baby Berryl's Blues (Not Given) RR 2073 Feb 1953

3189A Bobby Marchan - Just A Little Walk (Not Given) No 2023
3189B Bobby Marchan - Have Mercy (Not Given) No 2025

3190A Five Keys - Lonesome Old Story (NY) 1956 - 7/11/52
3190B Five Keys - These Foolish Things RCA 1883

3191A Charles Brown & His Band - Lonesome Feeling (Not Given) UN2127=3 IMP5830 IM3521 4/29/53
3191B Charles Brown & His Band - I Lost Everything (Not Given) UN2125 IMP5902 (Chicago) 4/29/53

3192A Shirley And Lee - So In Love (Not Given) No-2143 5/1/53
3192B Shirley And Lee - Shirley's Back (Not Given) No-2141 5/1/53

3193A Jimmy Binkley Orchestra - Hot Smoke (Not Given) CH1952 (CHI) 3/26/51
3193B Jimmy Binkley Orchestra - Night Life (Not Given) CH1951 (IM5057) (CHI) 3/26/51

3194A Jimmy Binkley Orchestra - Sweet Brown Gal (Not Given) CH1954 (IM4919) (CHI) 3/26/51
3194B Jimmy Binkley Orchestra - Way Down Boogie (Not Given) CH1953 (CHI) 3/26/51

3195A Sonny Knight - But Officer (Not Given) RR 2176
3195B Sonny Knight - Lonesome Shadows (Not Given) RR 2174

3196A Floyd Dixon - Married Woman Blues (Not Given) RR1570=4 (LA) Sept 1950
3196B Floyd Dixon & Three BLazers - Lovin' Brought Me Into This World (Not Given) RR1614=1 (LA) 12/15/50

3197A Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (Rudolph (Rudy) Toombs) 10" AV 52 (LA) (2:50)
3197B Amos Milburn And His Aladdin Chickenshackers - What Can I Do? (Not Given - Amos Milburn) 10" 44Q RR404=2 (LA) 10/27/47 (3:05)

3198A Patty Anne - Sorrowful Heart (Not Given) RR 2086
3198B Patty Anne - Beginning To Miss You (Not Given) RR 2085

3199A Harry The Hipster - Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Not Given) SF 2191
3199B Harry The Hipster - Jack And The Beanstalk (Not Given) RR 2190

3200A Charles Brown & His Band - Don't Leave Me (Not Given) UN2126 (Chicago) 4/29/53
3200B Charles Brown & His Band - All My Life (Not Given) RR1649=3 IM5159 2/16/51

3201A Maxwell Davis - Strange Fascination (Not Given) RR 1970
3201B Clarence Garlow - No Other Love (Not Given) RR 2188

3202A Effie Smith - Standing In The Doorway (Not Given) La 2195
3202B Effie Smith - Tropical Seas (Not Given) La 2197

3203A Effie Smith - Don't Cha Leave Me (Not Given) La2196
3203B Effie Smith - Dial The Telephone (Not Given) La2198

3204A Five Keys - Teardrops In My Eyes (Not Given) RC1640=C (LA) 3/22/51
3204B Five Keys - I'm So High (Not Given) WOR2029

3205A Shirley & Lee - The Proposal (Not Given) RR 2203 Lee
3205B Shirley & Lee - Two Happy People (Not Given) RR 2204

3206A "Peppermint" Harris - I Never Get Enough Of You (Not Given) RR1744=1 (IM5202)(LA) 8/29/51
3206B "Peppermint" Harris - Three Sheets In The Wind (Not Given) RR 2211

3207A Sonny Knight - Baby Come Back (Not Given) RR 2210
3207B Sonny Knight - Dear Wonderful God (Not Given) RR 2175

3208A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Rose Room (Hickman/Williams) RCA2108 1953 3208B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Swing Train (Lynn Hope) RCA2106 1953

3209A Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - Cryin' And Driftin' Blues (Not Given) RR2212=2 (LA) 8/26/53
3209B Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - P.S. I Love You (Not Given) RR2215=3 (LA) 8/26/53

3210A Bachelors - Pretty Baby (Not Given) AV11 19548 - 7/8/53
3210B Bachelors - Can't Help Loving You (Not Given) AV10 19548 - 7/8/53

3211A The Ebonaires - Baby, You're The One (Not Given) RR 2224
3211B The Ebonaires - Three O' Clock In The Morning (Not Given) RR 2225

3212A The Ebonaires - Lawd, Lawd, Lawd (Not Given) RR 2227
3212B The Ebonaires - You're Nobody (Not Given) RR 2226

3213A Norman Dunlap - It's Easy To Remember (Not Given) RR 2220
3213B Norman Dunlap - Dream And A Prayer (Not Given) RR 2221

3214A Five Keys - Oh Babe (Not Given) AV 4
3214B Five Keys - My Saddest Hour (Not Given) AV 3

3215A Chuck Higgins - Yak-A-Duck (Not Given) RR 2181
3215B Chuck Higgins - Chuck A Buck (Not Given) RR 2182

3216A Maxwell Davis - Hey Boy (Not Given) RR 2245
3216B Maxwell Davis - Joe Louis Story Theme (Not Given) RR 2244

3217A Lowell Fulson - Don't Leave Me Baby (Not Given) No 2232
3217B Lowell Fulson - Chuck With The Boys (Not Given) No 2234

3218A Amos Milburn - Let's Have A Party (Not Given) AV 50
3218B Amos Milburn - Good, Good Whiskey (Not Given) RR 2209

3219A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - South Of The Border (Not Given) RCA2243 1953
3219B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Girl Of My Dreams (Not Given) RCA2241 1953

3220A Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - Everybody's Got Problems (Not Given) RR2254 (LA) 19711 12/18/53
3220B Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - I Want To Fool Around With You (Not Given) RR2257 (LA) 12/18/53

3221A Monte Easter - After Dark (Not Given) RR 2229
3221B Monte Easter - Just A-Rockin' (Not Given) RR 2230

3222A Shirley And Lee - Lee Goofed (Not Given) RR 2205
3222B Shirley And Lee - Why Did I (Not Given) No 2142

3223A Jordan Louis - Dad Gum Yo' Hide Boy (Not Given) AV 2258
3223B Jordan Louis - Whiskey Do Your Stuff (Not Given) AV 2259

3224A Gene Forrest - Wiggle (Not Given) RR 2199
3224B Gene Forrest - Dubio (Not Given) RR 2200

3225A Clarence Garlow with Bartholomew - I'm Hurt (Not Given) RR2181 1954
3225B Clarence Garlow with Bartholomew - You Got Me Crying (Not Given) No2095 1954

3226A Amos Milburn - How Could You Hurt Me So (Adella Davis) RR 2208
3226B Amos Milburn - Rocky Mountain (Not Given) CAP1982

3227A Louis Jordan - I'll Die Happy (Jon Hendricks/Connie Moore) AV 18
3227B Louis Jordan - Ooo Wee (Biggs/Thomas) AV 7

3228A The Five Keys - Someday Sweetheart (Not Given) RCA2114
3228B The Five Keys - Love My Loving (Not Given) RCA1885

3229A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - C Jam Blues (Ellington) RCA2242 1953
3229B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Brazil (A. Barros/S.K.Russell) RCA2240 1953

3230A Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers - You Need Me Now (Not Given) RR1610=2 (LA) 12/15/50
3230B Floyd Dixon & Three Blazers - A Long Time Ago (Not Given) RR1613=2 (LA) 12/15/50

3231A James Wayne - All The Drinks Are Gone (Not Given) RR 2261
3231B James Wayne - My Greatest Love (Not Given) RR 2263

3232A Dirty Red - Let's Have A Nice Time (Not Given) 4014=2 (Chicago) 6/2/47
3232B Dirty Red - End Of 1946 (Not Given) 4015=1 (Chicago) 6/2/47

3233A Lowell Fulson - You've Gotta Reap (Not Given) No 2235
3233B Lowell Fulson - Blues Never Fail (Not Given) No 2233

3234A James Wayne - Crying In Vain (Not Given) RR2260 March 1954
3234B James Wayne - Lonely Room (Not Given) RR2262 March 1954

3235A Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - Crying Mercy (Not Given) RR2214 (LA) 8/26/53
3235B Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - Let's Walk (Not Given) RR2253 (LA) 12/18/53

3236A Lloyd Glenn - Chocolat (sic) Drop (Not Given) RR 2269
3236B Lloyd Glenn - Wild Fire (Not Given) RR 2270

3237A Lloyd Glenn - Shadow Land (Not Given) RR 2268
3237B Lloyd Glenn - Tipsy (Not Given) RR 2271

3238A Richard Lewis - Hey Little Girl (Not Given) RR 2278
3238B Richard Lewis - Richard's Bounce (Not Given) RR 2281

3239A Richard Lewis & Delores Gibson - I Wish You Love (Not Given) RR 2279
3239B Richard Lewis & Delores Gibson - Let's Love Tonight (Not Given) RR 2277

3240A Amos Milburn - Milk And Water (Not Given) RR 2274
3240B Amos Milburn - I'm Still A Fool For You (Not Given) CAP1980

3241A Jimmy Wilson - Any Man's A Fool (Not Given) SF 2055
3241B Jimmy Wilson - It's Time To ChAnge (Not Given) SF 2054

3242A Big Jay McNeeley & His Orch - Let's Split (Not Given) RRU2001=2 (Chicago) JAn-50
3242B Big Jay McNeeley & His Orch - Real Crazy Cool (Not Given) RRU2002=1 (Chicago) JAn-50

3243A Louis Jordan - Hurry Home AV 21
3243B Louis Jordan - A DolLar Down (Not Given) AV 22

3244A Shirley & Lee - Keep On (Not Given) No 2275
3244B Shirley & Lee - Confessing (Not Given) No 2276

3245A The Five Keys - Deep In My Heart (Not Given) AV 1
3245B The Five Keys - How Do You Expect Me To Get It (Not Given) AV 2

3246A Louis Jordan - I Seen Watcha Done (Not Given) AV 8
3246B Louis Jordan - Messie Bessy (Not Given) AV 16

3247A The Jets - I'll Hide My Tears (Not Given) RR 2088
3247B The Jets - Got A Little Shadow (Not Given) RR 2085

3248A Amos Milburn - Baby, Baby All The Time (Not Given) RR 2273
3248B Amos Milburn - Glory Of Love (Not Given) RR1582=3 (LA) 9/21/50

3249A Louis Jordan - Louis' Blues (Not Given) B 17
3249B Louis Jordan - If I Had Any Sense (Not Given) LJ 20

3250A Jimmy Liggins - I Ain't Drunk (Not Given) RR 2295
3250B Jimmy Liggins - Talkin' That Talk (Not Given) RR 2298

3251A Jimmy Liggins - No More Alcohol (Not Given) RR 2296
3251B Jimmy Liggins - Boogie Woogie King (Not Given) RR 2297

3252A Norman Dunlap With Maxwell Davis Orch - Look Sharp-Be Sharp (Not Given) RR 2223
3252B Norman Dunlap With Maxwell Davis Orch - Oooh ! (Not Given) RR 2222

3253A Amos Milburn - Vicious Vodka (Not Given) RR 2289
3253B Amos Milburn - I Done Done It (Not Given) RR 2290

3254A Charles Brown Trio - Foolish (Not Given) RR601=1 (IM5138) (LA) 11/10/48
3254B Charles Brown with Johnny Moore - My Silent Love (Not Given) RR2255=1 (LA) 12/18/53

3255A Richard Lewis And Dolores Gibson - Call Me, Call Me, Call Me (Not Given) RR 2275
3255B Richard Lewis And Dolores Gibson - Hey, Little Boy (Not Given) RR2276

3256A Monte Easter - New Orleans Hop (Not Given) RR2228
3256B Monte Easter - Blues In The Evening (Not Given) RR2231

3257A Lester Young & His Sextet - Movin' With Lester (Not Given) RR122=1 (LA) 2/18/47
3257B Lester Young Sextet - Lester Smooths It Out (Not Given) RR142=1 4/2/47

3258A Shirley & Lee - It Takes Money (Not Given) No 2304
3258B Shirley & Lee - Comin' Over (Not Given) No 2303

3259A The Dodgers - Let's Make A Whole Lotta Love (Not Given) FUL2306
3259B The Dodgers - You Make Me Happy (Not Given) FUL2305

3260A Illinois Jacquet - Sahara Heat (Not Given) WOL263
3260B Illinois Jacquet - Don't Push Daddy (Not Given) WOL262

3261A Richard Lewis - Still Drifting (Not Given) RR2299
3261B Richard Lewis - Sweet Dreams (Not Given) RR2301

3262A Lightnin' Hopkins - So Long (Not Given) HTN4 IM3621 2/25/48
3262B Lightnin' Hopkins - My California (Not Given) HTN2 IM3682 2/25/48

3263A Five Keys - My Love (Not Given) WOR1746=2 Aladdin 8/6/51
3263B Five Keys - Why Oh Why (Not Given)

3264A Louis Jordan - Put Some Money In The Pot Boy 'Cause The Juice is Running Low (Adelia Davis) AV 10
3264B Louis Jordan - Yeah, Yeah Baby (Rudolph (Rudy) Toombs) LJ 23

3265A Five Pearls - Please Let Me Know (Not Given) FUL2313
3265B Five Pearls - A Real Humdinger (Not Given) FUL2314

3266A Regals - May The Good Lord Bless You (Not Given) FUL2316
3266B Regals - Run Pretty Baby (Not Given) FUL2315

3267A Feathers - Johnny Darling (Not Given) Mr 2322
3267B Feathers - Shake 'Em Up (Not Given) Mr 2320

3268A Lloyd Glenn - Nite-Flite (Not Given) Mr 2324
3268B Lloyd Glenn - Still Waters (Lloyd Glenn) Mr 2323

3269A Amos Milburn - One, Two, Three Everybody (Not Given) RR2287
3269B Amos Milburn - That's It (Charles Calhoun) RR2288

3270A Louis Jordan - Fat Back And Corn Liquor (Not Given) AV 9
3270B Louis Jordan - Dripper (Not Given) AV 5

3271A The Dodgers - Drip Drop (Not Given) FUL2328
3271B The Dodgers - Cat Hop (Not Given) FUL2329

3272A Charles Brown & His Band - Honey Sipper (Not Given) RR2328 (LA) 12/16/54
3272B Charles Brown & His Band - By The Bend Of The River (Not Given) RR2329 (LA) 12/16/54

3273A Vice-Boys - Please, Baby Please (Not Given) RR2335
3273B Vice-Boys - I'm Yours As Long As I Live (Not Given) RR2337

3274A Mal Burney And The Four Jacks - This Is My Last Affair (Not Given) SF 2339
3274B Mal Burney And The Four Jacks - Tired Of Your Sexy Ways (Not Given) SF 2338

3275A Aladdins - Cry, Cry, Baby (Not Given) RR2341 ALaddin 1/4/1955
3275B Aladdins - Remember (Not Given) CAP2467 ALaddin 3/24/1955

3276A Gene And Eunice - You And Me (F. Wilson/J. Porter/E. Levy) RR2345 1/12/1955
3276B Gene And Eunice - Ko Ko Mo (F. Wilson/J. Porter/E. Levy) RR2344 1/12/1955

3280A Patti Anne - Baby, Baby, I'm In Love With You (Not Given) RR2351 1/29/1955
3280B Patti Anne - Shtiggy Boom (Not Given) RR2350 1/29/1955

3281A Amos Milburn - Why Don't You Do Right (LA) 4/18/51
3281B Amos Milburn - I Love You Anyway (Not Given) RR1671=2 (LA) 4/18/51

3282A Gene And Eunice - This Is My Story (G. Forrest/E. Levy) CAP2356
3282B Gene And Eunice - Move It Over Baby (Not Given) CAP2355

3283A Chuck Higgins - Come On Over And Blow Your Horn (Not Given) RR2202
3283B Chuck Higgins - Pancho (Not Given) RR2201

3284A Charles Brown & His Band - I Want To Walk With You (Not Given) RR2332 (LA) 12/16/54
3284B Charles Brown & His Band - Night After Night (Not Given) RR2331 (LA) 12/16/54

3285A The Spencer Sisters - Do-Bop-Sha-Bam (Not Given) CAP2465
3285B The Spencer Sisters - Why Did You Lie (Not Given) CAP2464

3286A Johnny Fuller - Cruel, Cruel World (Not Given) CAP2360
3286B Johnny Fuller - My Heart Beats For You (Not Given) CAP2362

3287A Bip And Bop - Du Wada Du (Not Given) CAP2358
3287B Bip And Bop - Ding Dong Ding (Not Given) CAP2357

3288A Lloyd Glenn - Footloose (Not Given) Mr2326
3288B Lloyd Glenn - Glenn's Glide (Not Given) Mr2325

3289A Shirley & Lee - You'd Be Thinking Of Me (Leonard Lee) NO 2478
3289B Shirley & Lee - I Feel So Good (Not Given) NO 2480

3290A Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - Fool's Paradise (Not Given) CAP2486 IMP5830 (LA) 5/20/1955
3290B Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - Hot Lips And Seven Kisses (Not Given) CAP2484 (LA) 5/20/1955

3291A The Lollypoppers - A Bottle Of Pop And A Lollypop (Not Given) CAP2482
3291B The Lollypoppers - Miss Belma's Boogie (Not Given) CAP2481

3292A Gene And Eunice - Flim Flam (G. Forrest/E. Levy) CAP2353
3292B Gene And Eunice - Can We Forget It? (Not Given) CAP2354

3293A Amos Milburn - All Is Well (Not Given) CAP2495
3293B Amos Milburn - My Happiness Depends On You (Not Given) CAP2493

3294A Val Eddy - Banjo Rock (Not Given) UN 4
3294B Val Eddy - Take My Heart (Not Given) UN 1

3295A Louis Jordan - I Gotta Go (Not Given) AV 4
3295B Louis Jordan - It's Hard To Be Good Without You (Not Given) AV 13

3296A Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - Trees, Trees (Not Given) CAP2487 (LA) 5/20/1955
3296B Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - My Heart IS Mended (Not Given) RR2483 (LA) 5/20/1955

3297A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Summertime (Not Given) AV2501 - 1953
3297B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - All Of Me (Not Given) AV2500 - 1953

3298A Aladdins - I Had A Dream Last Night (Not Given) CAP2466 3/24/1955
3298B Aladdins - Get Off My Feet (Not Given) CAP2468 3/24/1955

3299A The Royal Travelers - Drinkin' My Tears For Water (Not Given) NY 2508
3299B The Royal Travelers - It's Me Lord That Came To Thee (Not Given) NY 2509

3300A Jeannine Barnes - My Love Song (Not Given) JO2512
3300B Jeannine Barnes - Can't Get You Off My Mind JO 2513

3301A The Rolling Crew - Crying Emma JO 2515
3301B The Rolling Crew - Home On Alcatraz JO 2514

3302A Shirley & Lee - Lee's Dream (Not Given) NO 2504
3302B Shirley & Lee - I'll Do It (Not Given) NO 2506

3303A Eloise Brooks & The Dreamers - Charles My Darling (Not Given) AL 2523
3303B Eloise Brooks & The Dreamers - My Plea (Not Given) AL 2522

3304A Papa Lightfoot - Jumpin' With Jarvis (Not Given) - NO2057=1 11/19/52
3304B Papa Lightfoot - After Awhile (Not Given) - NO2056 11/19/52

3306A Amos Milburn - House Party (E. Freeman/L. Collier) CAP2496
3306B Amos Milburn - I Guess I'll Go (Not Given) - CAP2497

3307A Lloyd Glenn - Sunrise (Not Given) - MR 2558
3307B Lloyd Glenn - Tiddly-Winks (Not Given) - MR 2556

3308A Ray Williams - Jeanette (Not Given) - CAP2520
3308B Ray Williams - I Do Do (Not Given) - V2521

3309A The Monitors - Candy Coated Blues (Not Given) - NO 2616
3309B The Monitors - Tonight's The Night (Not Given) - NO 2617

3310A The Great Gates - Darling (Not Given) - CAP2600
3310B The Great Gates - Jump, Jump, Jump (Not Given) - CAP2601

3311A Pat Patrick - Hot Springs (Not Given) - JO 2621
3311B Pat Patrick - I Ain't Done Nothing To You (Not Given) - JO 2620

3312A Five Keys Story Of Love (Not Given) - NY1958 7/11/52
3312B (?)

3313A Shirley & Lee - That's What I'll Do (Not Given) - NO 2634
3313B Shirley & Lee - A Little Word (Not Given) - NO 2635

3314A The Aladdins - All My Life (Not Given) - MR 2650
3314B The Aladdins - So Long, Farewell, Bye Bye (Not Given) - MR 2651

3315A Gene And Eunice - Hootchy Koo (Not Given) - CAP2642
3315B Gene And Eunice - I'll Never Believe In You (Not Given) - CAP2644

3316A Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - One Minute To One (Not Given) - CAP2488 (LA) 5/20/1955
3316B Charles Brown - Please Don't Drive Me Away (Not Given) - CAP2489 IMP5961 (LA) 5/20/1955

3317A Harmonica Slim - Lonely Hours (Not Given) - MR 2653
3317B Harmonica Slim - Mary Helen (Not Given) - MR 2652

3318A Cledus Harrison - How Much I Love You (Not Given) - RR 2654
3318B Cledus Harrison - I'll Wait For You (Not Given) - RR 2655

3319A The Blockbusters - Why, Baby Why (Not Given) - MR 2663
3319B The Blockbusters - In A Little Spanish Town (inst) (Not Given) - MR 2662

3320A Amos Milburn - French Fried Potatoes & Ketchup (C. Watts/B. Trace/J. Fascinato) - RR 2669
3320B Amos Milburn - I Need Someone (Junior Everett) - RR 2666

3321A Gene And Eunice - Let's Get Together (Not Given) - RR2670 4/9/1956
3321B Gene And Eunice - I'm So In Love With You (Not Given) - RR2643 4/9/1956

3322A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Blues In F (Not Given) - AV2498 - 1953
3322B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Cherry (Not Given) - AV2499 - 1953

3323A Bill Heyman - I Want My Baby (Not Given) - HOU 2671 - 1956
3323B Bill Heyman - Easy (Not Given) - HOU 2672 - 1956

3324A Fatso Theus & The Flairs - Be Cool My Heart (Not Given) - LA 2673
3324B Fatso Theus & The Flairs - Rock And Roll Drive In (Not Given) - LA 2674

3325A Shirley & Lee - Let Good Times Roll (Leonard Lee) - NO 2688
3325B Shirley & Lee - Do You Mean To Hurt Me So (Not Given) - NO 2689

3326A Ed Townsend - Give Me One More Chance (Not Given) - MR 2686
3326B Ed Townsend - Come On, Walk With Me (Not Given) - MR 2687

3327A Lloyd Glenn - Southbound Special (Not Given) - MR 2694
3327B Lloyd Glenn - Blue Ivories (Not Given) - MR 2695

3328A Al Hibbler - Don't Take Your Love From Me (Not Given) - RR 2700
3328B Al Hibbler - I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (Not Given) - RR 2701

3329A The Jivers - Cherie (Not Given) - CAP2699
3329B The Jivers - Little Mama (Not Given) - CAP2697

3330 Not Issued

3331A Sid Noel & His Outer Spacemen - Flying Saucer Part 1 (Not Given) - (NO) 2704 - rel. 8/1956
3331B Sid Noel & His Outer Spacemen - Flying Saucer Part 2 (Not Given) - (NO) 2705 - rel. 8/1956

3332A Amos Milburn - Juice, Juice, Juice (Not Given) - RR 2667
3332B Amos Milburn - Chicken Shack (Not Given) - (NO) 2706

3333A Alvin Johnson - Old Time Talkin' (Not Given) - (NO) 2714
3333B Alvin Johnson - If I've Done Wrong (Not Given) - (NO) 2715

3334A Lee Allen & His Band - Rockin' At Cosmo's (Not Given) - (NO) 2716 6/14/54
3334B Lee Allen & His Band - Shimmy (Not Given) - NO2717 (NO)- 6/14/54

3335A Marvin & Johnny - My Dear, My Darling (Not Given) - (LA) 2718
3335B Marvin & Johnny - Hey Chicken (Not Given) - (LA) 2719

3336 Not Issued

3337A The Charmers - Johnny My Dear (Not Given) - CAP2722
3337B The Charmers - All Alone (Not Given) - CAP2723

3338A Shirley & Lee - Now That It's Over (Not Given) - (NO) 2738
3338B Shirley & Lee - I Feel Good (Leonard Lee) - (NO) 2736

3339A Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - Soothe Me (Not Given) - NO2726 -(NO)- 9/4/1956
3339B Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - I'll Always Be In Love With You (Not Given) - NO2725 -(NO)- 9/4/1956

3340A Amos Milburn - Every Day Of The Week (Not Given) - (NO) 2740
3340B Amos Milburn - Girl Of My Dreams(Not Given) - (NO) 2741

3341A The Charmers - He's Gone (Not Given) - (NO) 2732
3341B The Charmers - Oh Yes (Not Given) - (NO) 2733

3342A Charles Brown & His Band - Confidential (Not Given) - RR2754 - IM3526 - 10/5/1956
3342B Charles Brown & His Band - Trouble Blues (Not Given) - RR 613

3343A King Pleasure - Blues I Like To Hear (Not Given) - CAP2754
3343B King Pleasure - D. B. Blues (Not Given) - CAP2756

3344A Two Queens & A King - Ooh! Wee Baby (Not Given) - MR 2751
3344B Two Queens & A King - Set Me A-Fire (Not Given) - MR 2750

3345 Not Issued

3346A Lloyd Glenn - After Hours (Not Given) - MR 2748
3346B Lloyd Glenn - After Hours Part 2 (Not Given) - MR 2749

3347A Jivers - Dear Little One (Not Given) - CAP2696 - 6/22/1956
3347B Jivers - Ray Pearl (Not Given) - CAP2697 - 6/22/1956

3348A Charles Brown & His Band - Black Night (Not Given) - RR1619 - IM3549 - 12/21/50
3348B Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - Merry Christmas, Baby (Not Given) - NO2730 - IMP5902 -(NO)- 9/4/1956

3349A The Flames - So Alone (Not Given) - (NO) 2705
3349B The Flames - Flame Mambo (Not Given) - (NO) 2764

3350A Skinny Dynamo - No One Can Love Like I Do (Not Given) - (LA) 2762
3350B Skinny Dynamo - For Me And My Gal (Not Given) - (LA) 2763

3351A Gene & Eunice - Bom Bom Lulu (Not Given) - CAP2766
3351B Gene & Eunice - Hi Diddle Diddle (Not Given) - CAP2641

3352A King Pleasure - At Your Beck And Call (Not Given) - CAP2755
3352B King Pleasure - I'm In The Mood For Love (Not Given) - CAP2757

3353A Lloyd Glenn - Old Time Shuffle (Not Given) - MR2746
3353B Lloyd Glenn - Chica-Boo (Not Given) - MR2747

3354A David Hill - Jelly Bean (Not Given) - CAP2769
3354B David Hill - Sylvia (Not Given) - CAP2768

3355A Crystals - I Love My Baby (Not Given) - CAP2773 - 11/14/1956
3355B Crystals - I Do Believe (Not Given) - CAP2774 - 11/14/1956

3356A Levi Mann Quartet - Georgie Porgie (Not Given) - DET2774
3356B Levi Mann Quartet - Behind The Cotton Curtain (Not Given) - DET2777

3357A Sonny Knight - Dear Wonderful God (Not Given) - RR 2175
3357B Sonny Knight - But Officer (Not Given) - RR 2176

3358A Aladdins - Help Me (Not Given) - RR2342 - 1/4/1955 (released November 1956) their rarest side
3358B Aladdins - Lord Show Me (Not Given) - RR 2778 (released November 1956) their rarest side

3359A David Hill - I'm All Shook Up (Not Given) - CAP-2767
3359B David Hill - Melody For Lovers (Not Given) - CAP-2770

3360A Squires - Dangling With My Heart (Not Given) - RR2788 - 1/2/1957
3360B Squires - Dreamy Eyes (Not Given) - R2787 - 1/2/1957

3361A The Carols - My Search Is Over (Not Given) - RR 2787 - unreleased
3361B The Carols - Keko (Not Given) - RR 2788 - unreleased

3362A Shirley & Lee - That's What I Wanna Do (Not Given) - (NO) 2737 - 1957
3362B Shirley & Lee - When I Saw You (Leonard Lee) - (NO) 2739 - 1957

3363A Amos Milburn - Soft Pillow (Johnny Taylor) - RR 2813
3363B Amos Milburn - Rum And Coca Cola (Amsterdam/Sullavan/Baron) - RR 2812

3364A Aggie Dukes - Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac Part 1 (Not Given) - MR2780 - IM3779 - 12/19/1956
3364B Aggie Dukes - Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac Part 2 (Not Given) - MR2780 - 12/19/1956

3365A Aggie Dukes - Come Back Baby (Not Given) - MR2780 - 12/19/1956
3365B Aggie Dukes - John John (Not Given) - MR2779 - 12/19/1956

3366A Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - Please Believe Me (Not Given) - NO2728 - (NO) 9/4/1956
3366B Charles Brown with Ernie Freeman - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (Not Given) - NO2727 - (NO) - 9/4/1956

3367A Ray Johnson - If You Don't Want Me Baby (Not Given) - RR 2829
3367B Ray Johnson - Calypso Joe (Not Given) - RR 2828

3368A Joe Liggins - Justina (Not Given) - CAP2816
3368B Joe Liggins - Go Ahead (Not Given) - CAP2819

3369A Shirley & Lee - Marry Me (Lee/Palmer) - (NO) 2837
3369B Shirley & Lee - I Want To Dance (Lee/Palmer/Goodman) - (NO) 2836

3370A Amos Milburn - Greyhound (Not Given) - CAP1983
3370B Amos Milburn - Dear Angel (Not Given) - 2840

3371A Marvin and Johnny - Pretty Eyes (Not Given) - RR2845 3/14/1957
3371A Marvin and Johnny - Yak-Yak (Not Given) - RR2844 3/14/1957

3372A Velvetones - I Love Her So (Not Given) - RR2811 1/24/1957
3372B Velvetones - Glory Of Love (Not Given) - RR2810 1/24/1957

3373A Ed Townsend - Every Night (Not Given) - (LA) 2859
3373B Ed Townsend - Love Never Dies (Not Given) - (LA) 2858

3374A Gene and Eunice - The Vow (Not Given) - CAP2849 3/11/1957
3374B Gene and Eunice - Strange World (Not Given) - CAP2848 3/11/1957

3375A The Crawford Brothers - Midnight Happening (Not Given) - CAP2855
3375B The Crawford Brothers - Midnight Mover Groover (Not Given) - CAP2854

3376A Gene and Eunice - Doodle Doodle Doo (Not Given) - CAP2853 3/13/1957
3376B Gene and Eunice - Don't Treat Me This Way (Not Given) - CAP2852

3377A Bob Ehret - Stop The Clock (Not Given) - AA 2887 X
3377B Bob Ehret - So Lonely (Not Given) - AA 2886 Q

3378A Lloyd Glenn - The Vamp (Not Given) - MR 2693
3378B Lloyd Glenn - Ballroom Shuffle (Not Given) - MR 2692

3379A Earl Palmer & The Jayhawks - Johnny’s House Party Part 1 (Not Given) - RR 2900
3379B Earl Palmer & The Jayhawks - Johnny’s House Party Part 2 (Not Given) - RR 2901

3380A Shirley & Lee - Rock All Night (Not Given) - NO 2907
3380B Shirley & Lee - Don't You Know I Love You? (Not Given) - NO 2839

3381A Little Wilbur Whitfield - P. S. Baby (Not Given) - RR 2915
3381B Little Wilbur Whitfield - The One I Love (Not Given) - RR 2918

3382A Three Beaus & A Peep - For Love (Not Given) - NY 2920
3382B Three Beaus & A Peep - Kent Song (Not Given) - NY 2919

3383A Amos Milburn - Thinking Of You Baby (Not Given) - RR 2814
3383B Amos Milburn - If I Could Be With You (Not Given) - NO 2921

3384A Big 'T' Tyler - Sadie Green (Not Given) - MR 2909
3384B Big 'T' Tyler - King Kong (Not Given) - MR 2908

3385A Johnny Flamingo - Little Teenage Girl (Not Given) - MR 2912
3385B Johnny Flamingo - When I Lost You (Not Given) - MR 2913

3386A Jimmy Wright - Make Her Mine (Not Given) - RR 2929
3386B Jimmy Wright - Teen Age (Not Given) - RR 2928

3387A The Gents - My Unfaithful Love (Not Given) - MR 2910
3387B The Gents - Happenin’ After School (Not Given) - MR 2911

3388A Aggie Dukes - Well Of Loneliness (Not Given) - MR2923 - IM4510 - 5/16/1957
3388B Aggie Dukes - John John (Not Given) - MR2922 - IM4509 - 5/16/1957

3390A Shirley & Lee - Rockin’ With The Clock (Not Given) - NO 2930
3390B Shirley & Lee - The Flirt (Not Given) - NO 2931

3391A The Velvetones - I Found My love (Not Given) - RR 2935
3391B The Velvetones - Why Do I Love You (Not Given) - RR 2935

3392A Ray Johnson - Are You There (Not Given) - CAP2809
3392B Ray Johnson - Calypso Blues (Not Given) - CAP2808

3393A The Jayhawks - The Creature (Not Given) - RR2902 - 4/20/57
3393B The Jayhawks - Everyone Should Know (Not Given) - RR2903 - 4/20/57

3394A The Heart Throbs - So Glad (Not Given) - NY 2940
3394B The Heart Throbs - All The Way Home (Not Given) - NY 2941

3395A Levi Mann Quartet - Serenade In Blue (Not Given) - DET2939
3395B Levi Mann Quartet - Golden Arm (Not Given) - DET2938

3396A Little Wilbur and The Pleasers - Plaything (Not Given) - RR 2942
3396B Little Wilbur and The Pleasers - I Don't Care (Not Given) - RR 2943

3397A The Crawford Brothers - I Ain't Guilty (Not Given) - CAP2856
3397B The Crawford Brothers - It Feels Good (Not Given) - FS 2947

3398A Thurston Harris - I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me (Not Given) - MR 2953

3398B Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One (Not Given) - MR 2953

3399A Thurston Harris - Do What You Do (Not Given) - MR 2954
3399B Thurston Harris - I'm Asking For Forgiveness (Not Given) - MR 2955

3400A Lloyd Glenn - Hyde Park (Not Given) - MR 2948
3400B Lloyd Glenn - Love for Sale (Not Given) - MR 2949

3401A The Sharps - Shufflin' (Not Given) - MR 2956
3401B The Sharps - What Will I Gain (Not Given) - MR 2957

3402A Little Wilbur Whitfield - Alone In The Night (Not Given) - RR 2944
3402B Little Wilbur Whitfield - Heart to Heart (Not Given) - RR 2916

3403A Tony Allen - Time Won't Wait On You (Not Given) - MR2962
3403B Tony Allen - Holy Smoke, Baby (Not Given) - MR 2960

3404A The Cupids - Lillie Mae (Not Given) - MR 2961
3404B The Cupids - Now You Tell Me (Not Given) - MR 2959

3405A Shirley and Lee - I'll Thrill You (Not Given) - NO 2479
3405B Shirley and Lee - Love No One But You (Not Given) - NO 2963

3406A Johnny Flamingo - So Long (Not Given) - MR-2914
3406B Johnny Flamingo - Make Me A Present Of You (Not Given) - MR-2915

3407A Lloyd Glenn - Black Fantasy (Not Given) - MR 2950
3407B Lloyd Glenn - Cute-Tee (Not Given) - MR 2951

3408A Marvin and Johnny - You're In My Heart (Not Given) - RR2967 - 12/11/57
3408B Marvin and Johnny - Smack Smack (Not Given) - RR2968 - 12/11/57

3409A Johnny Raphael - Lonely Road To Nowhere (Not Given) - MR 2976
3409B Johnny Raphael - We're Only Young Once (Not Given) - MR 2975

3410A Harold Jackson and The Tornadoes - Move It On Down The Line Part 1 (Not Given) - RR 2969
3410B Harold Jackson and The Tornadoes - Move It On Down The Line Part 2 (Not Given) - RR 2970

3411A The Four Palms - Consideration (Not Given) - RR3017
3411B The Four Palms - Jeanie, Joanie, Shirley, Toni (Not Given) - RR 3016

3412A Donald Woods - Alone (Not Given) - MR 2974
3412B Donald Woods - That Much Of Your Love (Not Given) - MR 2974

3413A Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - Temptation (Not Given) - NY 2977 - 1954
3413B Lynn Hope & His Orchestra - The Scrunch (Not Given) - NY 2978 - 1954

3414A Gene and Eunice - I Mean Love (Not Given) - RR2988 - Aladdin - 12/23/57
3414B Gene and Eunice - The Angels Gave You To Me (Not Given) - RR2987 - Aladdin - 12/23/57

3415A Thurston Harris - Be Baba Leba (Not Given) - CAP2989
3415B Thurston Harris - I'm Out to Getcha' (Not Given) - CAP2991

3416A Sugar Pie and Pee Wee - One, Two, Let's Rock (Not Given) - SF 2994
3416B Sugar Pie and Pee Wee - Just A Few Little Words (Not Given) - SF 2995

3417A The Strollers - Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (Not Given) - MR 2996
3417B The Strollers - Swinging Yellow Rose Of Texas (Not Given) - MR 2996

3418A Shirley & Lee - Everybody's Rocking (Not Given) - NO 3011
3418B Shirley & Lee - Don't Leave Me Here To Cry (Not Given) - NO 3012

3419A The Lovers - Love Bug Bit Me (Not Given) - CAP2993
3419B The Lovers - Tell Me (Not Given) - NY 3015

3420A John & Judy - Bother Me Baby (Not Given) - MR3005
3420B John & Judy - Who's to Say (Not Given) - MR3004

3421A The Strollers - Little Bitty Pretty One (Not Given) - MR2998
3421B The Strollers - Flute Cha-lypso (Not Given) - MR2999

3422A Charles Brown Trio - Ooh! Ooh! Sugar (Not Given) - RR608=2 (IM5145)(LA) 11/11/1948
3422B Charles Brown Trio - Hard Times (Not Given) - RR 1752

3423A The De-Villes - Do Wop (Not Given) - MR3013
3423B The De-Villes - Kiss Again And Again (Not Given) - MR3014

3424A The Gay Notes - Strange As It May Seem (Not Given) - NY 2980
3424B The Gay Notes - Once He Loved Me (Not Given) - NY 2979

3425A John and Jackie - Little Girl (Not Given) - MR3021 X
3425B John and Jackie - The Raging Sea (Not Given) - MR3022 Q

3426A Johnny Inman and The Impollos - You Never Realized (Not Given) - TEN3024
3426B Johnny Inman and The Impollos - I'm So Sorry (Not Given) - TEN3023

3427A Duke Mitchell - I Love You Much Too Much (Not Given) - GS 3028
3427B Duke Mitchell - Cholo Joe (Not Given) - GS 3027

3428A Thurston Harris - Only One Love Is Blessed (Not Given) - CAP2990
3428B Thurston Harris - I Got Loaded At Smokey Joes Joint (Not Given) - MR 2958

3429 Not Issued

3430A Thurston Harris - You're Gonna Need Me (Not Given) - CAP2992
3430B Thurston Harris - Over And Over (Not Given) - RR 3037

3431A Jesse Belvin - Let Me Dream (Not Given) - RR3020 - Aladdin - 4/21/1958
3431B Jesse Belvin - Sugar Doll (Not Given) - RR3019 - Aladdin - 4/21/1958

3432A Shirley and Lee - Come On And Have Your Fun (Not Given) - RR 3042
3432B Shirley and Lee - All I Want To Do Is Cry (Not Given) - RR 3043

3433A Bobby Wall - Baby, It's Too Much (Not Given) - MR3044 X - rel. 8/1958
3433B Bobby Wall - Tennessee Tom Cat (Not Given) - MR3045 Q - rel. 8/1958

3434A The Daybreakers - I Wonder Why (Not Given) - MR2971
3434B The Daybreakers - Up, Up And Away (Not Given) - MR2972

3435A Thurston Harris - Over Somebody Else's Shoulder (Not Given) - RR 3031
3435B Thurston Harris - Tears From My Heart (Not Given) - RR 3035

3436A The Spotlighters - Whisper (Not Given) - MR3047
3436B The Spotlighters - Please Be My Girl Fiend (Not Given) - MR3046

3437A The Brown Brothers - Let The Good Times Roll (Not Given) - MR3050 X
3437B The Brown Brothers - You're Right, I'm Left (Not Given) - MR3051 Q

3438A George Walsh - Don't Let Me Down (Not Given) - MR3041
3438B George Walsh - Alone, Lost And Lonely (Not Given) - RR3041

3439A Marvin and Johnny - The Valley Of Love (Not Given) - 3053
3439B Marvin and Johnny - It's Christmas Time (Not Given) - 3052

3440A Thurston Harris and The Masters - Purple Stew (Not Given) - NY 3054
3440B Thurston Harris and The Masters - I Heard A Rhapsody (Not Given) - NY 3055

3441A The Spotlighters - Preaching (Not Given) - MR 3048
3441B The Spotlighters - This Is My Story (Not Given) - MR3049

3442A The Fideletones - Pretty Girl (Not Given)
3442B The Fideletones - Game Of Love (Not Given)

3443A Jeanette and Decky - Everything Reminds Me Of You (Not Given) - MR 3063
3443B Jeanette and Decky - Crazy With You (Not Given) - MR 3064

3444A The Chestnuts - This Is My Love (Not Given) - MR3066
3444B The Chestnuts - Wiggle Wiggle (Not Given) - MR3065

3445A The Brown Brothers - Am I To Be The One (Not Given) - MR3067 Q
3445B The Brown Brothers - I'm In Love With You (Not Given) - MR3068 X

3446A Lloyd Glenn - Honky Tonk Train (Not Given) - MR3072
3446B Lloyd Glenn - Petite Fleur (Not Given) - MR3069

3447 Not Issued

3448A Thurston Harris - In The Bottom Of My Heart (Not Given) - NY 3058
3448B Thurston Harris - You Don't Know How Much (Not Given) - RR 3033

3449A The Blenders - Soda Shop (Not Given) - CHI3073
3449B The Blenders - Two Loves (Not Given) - CHI3074

3450A Thurston Harris - Hey Little Girl (Not Given) - NY 3056
3450B Thurston Harris - My Love Will Last (Not Given) - NY 3057

3451A Sonny and The Rabbit - Funny Bunny Hop Part 1 (Not Given) - RR 3074
3451B Sonny and The Rabbit - Funny Bunny Hop Part 2 (Not Given) - RR 3075

3452A Thurston Harris - Runk Bunk (Not Given) - RR 3078
3452B Thurston Harris - Bless Your Heart (Not Given) - RR 3077

3453A The Shades - Dear Lori (Not Given) - WA3083
3453B The Shades - One Touch Of Heaven (Not Given) - WA3084

3454 Not Issued

3455A Shirley and Lee - When Day Is Done (Not Given) - NO 3081
3455B Shirley and Lee - True Love Never Dies (Not Given) - NO 3080

3456A Thurston Harris - Paradise Hill (Not Given) - RR 3076
3456B Thurston Harris - Slip Slop (Not Given) - RR 3079

3457A The Strollers - Hi Falutin' (Not Given) - MR3010
3457B The Strollers - C. C. Rider (Not Given) - MR3007

3458A The Cute Teens - From This Day Forward (Not Given) - DT 3087
3458B The Cute Teens - When My Teenage Days Are Over (Not Given) - DT 3088

3459A Lloyd Glenn - Long Gone Part 1 (Not Given) - UN 3091
3459B Lloyd Glenn - Long Gone Part 2 (Not Given) - UN 3092

3460A The Royal Halos - Nobody But Me And My Girl (Not Given) - RCA3093
3460B The Royal Halos - My Love Is True (Not Given) - RCA3094

3461A Flip Sloan - Little Girl In The Cabin (Not Given) - RCA3095
3461B Flip Sloan - All I Want Is Lovin' (Not Given) - RCA3096

3462A Thurston Harris - Moonlight Cocktail (Not Given) - RR 3032
3462B Thurston Harris - Recess In Heaven (Not Given) - RR 3036

3463A The Velvetones - My Every Thought (Not Given) - RR 3099
3463B The Velvetones - Little Girl I Love You So (Not Given) - RR 3098

3464 Not Issued

3465A The Lemon Drops - Marcheta (Not Given) - RR 3101
3465B The Lemon Drops - Mescall Moon (Not Given) - RR 3100

3466A Charles Sims - You're Gonna Need Me (Not Given) - GS 3102
3466B Charles Sims - Take A Bath (Not Given) - GS 3103

3467A Teddy Phillips - Quick (Not Given) - GS 3104
3467B Teddy Phillips - Don't Do Anything (Not Given) - GS 3105

3468A Thurston Harris - One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer (Rudolph (Rudy) Toombs) - RR 3109
3468B Thurston Harris - Send Me Some Loving (Not Given) - RR 3110

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