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Abbott Records was started in 1951 (with funding from Sid Abbott, founder/ower of Abbott Drugs), by Fabor Robison (1911 - 1986), a somewhat, and at times, controversial and influential independent record owner and talent scout in the 1950s. Robison played a crucial role in developing the early careers of Jim Reeves, Johnny Horton, the Browns, Mitchell Torok, Floyd Cramer, and others. By December 1953, after negotiations with London Records, a deal was cut for international distribution of the labels Country and Western titles.

Abbott Records was started for the express purpose of recording Johnny Horton. The first ten releases on Abbott all featured Johnny Horton. 4-Star had distribution rights to Abbott Records and Robison was unhappy with 4-Star's distribution of the releases, so he considered peddling Horton's contract to a major label and in mid-1952 Horton was signed to Mercury Records.

Robison also began working as a song hunter for American Music, travelling the country to find new talent and songs. Finding a lot of young talent in Shreveport, Louisiana, home of the KWKH (Radio) Louisiana Hayride. Not only finding some of his best singers, but he also used the studios of KWKH and some of its staff musicians to make his records. These regular studio men included a very young Floyd Cramer, steel guitarist Jimmy Day, and fiddlers "Big Red" and "Little Red" Hayes. Abbott released two # 1 country hits in 1953: "Mexican Joe" by Jim Reeves and "Caribbean" by Mitchell Torok.

As money started to coming in and Robison thought another label would be a wise investment. In October 1953, after having purchased full control of Abbott Records, Robison launched the Fabor label, on which he recorded important sides by the Browns and Ginny Wright. By June 1954, Yvonne Frichie, singer in Ann Jones' All-Girl Western Band, signed to a three-year recording contract with Abbott Records. He soon expanded his recording activities to include his own studio in Southern California, where he used West Coast instrumental greats such as Speedy West and Roy Lanham. Like most independent record owners, Robison ultimately saw most of his biggest finds move onto major labels.

The Radio label was started in 1958 to handle the pop and rock & roll that now overshadowed country music. Some of Robison's Abbott and Fabor artists such as Bonnie Guitar, Ned Miller, Billy Barton and Johnny Russell appeared on the label, but mostly it was young unknown hopefuls. While Robison had no hits with these youngsters, it showed his keen eye and ear for talent as Bobby Lee Trammell, Dickie Podolor (as Ritchie Allen), Bonnie Guitar and Robert Luke Harshman, as Bobby Hart, would have long and significant careers in the music industry.

In 1959, Robison sold his music publishing and some masters to Jamie/Guyden Records. Robison restarted Fabor in 1962 and scored a giant hit with Ned Miller's 1957 recording of "From A Jack To A King". Then he sold all of Miller's catalog and his contract to Capitol in 1964. He produced Miller again in the late 1960s and then went to Brazil. ("When everything went sour, Robison would disappear for a while" writes Colin Escott in his Bear Family book on Johnny Horton.) In the 1970s or 1980s, he sold off whatever was left (together with some masters he had previously sold elsewhere) to the Shelby Singleton Corporation, (that same Shelby Singleton of Mercury and Smash labels). He died September 1986, Minden, Louisiana

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Numerical listing

Label Number.....Artist - Song Title
(Composer) - Pressing Ref number/s - Location - Date Competed - Time

100A Johnny Horton - Candy Jones
(John Gale Horton) - Hollywood, CA - 1:52 - Notes
100B Johnny Horton - Devilish Lovelight
(John Gale Horton - Fabor Allen Robison) - Hollywood, CA - June 1951 - 2:17 - Notes

101A Johnny Horton - Happy Millionaire
(John Gale Horton) - Hollywood, CA - 2:41
101B Johnny Horton - Mean Mean Son Of A Gun
(Barry - Bentler - Davis) - Hollywood, CA - July 1951 - 2:12 - Notes

102A Johnny Horton - Plaid and Calico
(John Gale Horton - Fabor Allen Robison) - Also on 135A and Cormac 1193 - Santa Ana, CA - 2:36
102B Johnny Horton - Done Roving
(John Gale Horton - Fabor Allen Robison) - Hollywood, CA - 1951 - 2:17 - Notes

103A Johnny Horton - Birds and Butterflies
(John Gale Horton - Fabor Allen Robison) - 2:31
103B Johnny Horton - Coal Smoke, Valve Oil, And Steam
(John Gale Horton - Fabor Allen Robison) - 1951 - 2:29

104A Johnny Horton - Go And Wash (Those Dirty Feet)
(Johnny Horton - Fred Horton) - Santa Ana, CA - 2:05
104B Johnny Horton - In My Home In Shelby County
(Johnny Horton - Fred Horton) - Hollywood, CA - September 1951 - 2:11

105A Johnny Horton - Shadows On The Old Bayou
(Johnny Gale Horton) - Hollywood, CA - November 1951 - 2:34
105B Johnny Horton - Talk Gobbler Talk (Old Gobbler, The Hound Dog)
(Johnn Gale Horton) - Hollywood, CA - November 1951 -

106A Johnny Horton - Smokey Joe's Barbeque
(Johnny Horton - Fred Horton) - Hollywood, CA - 2:24
106B Johnny Horton - Words
(Johnny Horton) - Hollywood, CA - January 1951 - 2:27

107A Johnny Horton - Long Rocky Road
(Not Given) - 2:09
107B Johnny Horton - On The Banks Of The Beautiful Nile
(Johnny Horton) - December 1951 - 2:24

108A Johnny Horton - Betty Lorraine
(Johnny Horton) - Hollywood, CA - February 13, 1952
108B Johnny Horton and Billy Barton - Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart
(Johnny Horton) - Hollywood, CA - March 1952

109A Johnny Horton - Rhythm In My Baby's Walk
(Johnny Horton) - Hollywood, CA - February 13, 1952 - 1:25
109B Johnny Horton and Billy Barton - Bawlin' Baby
(Johnny Grimes - Allen Robison Fabor) - Hollywood, CA - March 1952 - 2:13

110A Hillbilly Barton - Strange Affection
(Not Given) -
110B Hillbilly Barton - She's A Good Ole Gal
(Not Given) - 1952

111A Hillbilly Barton - No Interest (Nothing But A Girl)
(Not Given) -
111B Hillbilly Barton - Never Satisfied
(Not Given) - 1952

112A Danny Dixon - Funny Book
(Not Given) -
112B Danny Dixon - Sweater Girl
(Not Given) - 1952

113A Billy Barton - My Darlin' Liza Lou
(Not Given) -
113B Billy Barton - You Made Me Love You
(Not Given) - 1953

114A Bob Davis - My Gal Comes From Heaven
(Not Given) -
114B Bob Davis - I'm Lookin' At A Darlin' Angel
(Not Given) -

115A Jim Reeves - Wagon Load Of Love
(Not Given) - January 1953 - 2:40
115B Jim Reeves - What Were You Doing Last Nite
(Not Given) - January 1953 - 3:00

116A Jim Reeves - I Could Cry
(Jim Reeves) - 2:55
116B Jim Reeves and The Circle O Ranch Boys - Mexican Joe
(Mitchell Torok) - March 1953 - 2:37

117A Billy Barton - Blues In Blue Of Night
(Not Given) - 2:29
117B Billy Barton - You Will Always Be In My Heart
(Not Given) -

118A ?
118B ?

119A Wink Lewis - That's Me When I'm With You
(Not Given) -
119B Wink Lewis - Sahw Bessie
(Not Given) -

120A ?
120B ?

121A ?
121B ?

122A ?
122B ?

123A ?
123B ?

124A ?
124B ?

125A Freddie Frank with His Trail 80 Round-up Boys - 12,000 Texas Longhorns
(Jack Rhodes - J. C. Lile) - Shreveport, LA - 1952 - 2:24
125B Freddie Frank with His Trail 80 Round-up Boys - Off To Parts Unknown
(Not Given) -

126A Curtis Kirk with Red Hayes' Fiddlers - The Little Things You Do
(Jack Rhodes) - 1952 - 2:23
126B Curtis Kirk with Red Hayes' Fiddlers - I Can't Take It With Me
(Jack Rhodes) - 1952 - 2:30

127A ?
127B ?

128A ?
128B ?

129A ?
129B ?

130A Ginny Wright - I Could Still Tell You More
(Not Given) -
130B Ginny Wright - Please Leave My Darlin' Alone
(Not Given) -

131A ?
131B ?

132A ?
132B ?

133A ?

133B ?

134A ?

134B ?

135A Johnny Horton - Plaid And Calico
() - 2:36
135B Johnny Horton - Shadows On The Old Bayou
(Not Given) - Also on Dot 15966 - Hollywood, CA -

136A Mitchell Torok - Little Hoo Wee
(Mitchell Torok) - 2:35
136B Mitchell Torok - Judalina
(Not Given) -

137A Jim Reeves - Butterfly Love
(Mitchell Torok) -
137B Jim Reeves - Let Me Love You Just A Little
(Jim Reeves) - June 1953

138A Curtis Kirk - Oh, So Lonesome Blues
(Jack Rhodes - Dick Reynolds) - 2:41
138B Curtis Kirk - Marriage Was Meant For Two
(Jack Rhodes) - 2:49

139A Bob Stegall - Strong Coffee
(Not Given) -
139B Bob Stegall - Restless One
(Not Given) -

140A Mitchell Torok - Caribbean
(Mitchell Torok) - 1953 - 2:20
140B Mitchell Torok - Weep Away
(Mitchell Torok) - 1953 - 2:43 (2:39)

141A Carolyn Bradshaw - Marriage Of Mexican Joe
(Mitchell Torok) - 2:28
141B Carolyn Bradshaw - Baby, Then You're Catching On
(Mitchell Torok) - 2:43

142A Floyd Cramer - Dancin' Diane
(Not Given) -
142B Floyd Cramer - Little Brown Jug
(Not Given) -

143A Jim Reeves - El Rancho Grande
(Rex King - Tom Perryman) - 2:20
143B Jim Reeves - It's Hard To Love Just One
(Slim Willet - Fabor Allen Robison) - August 1953 - 2:25

144A Billie Jo Moore - I Dess I Dotta Do
(Jack Rhodes - Dick Walker Reynolds) - September 1953
144B Billie Jo Moore - Too Old For Toys, Too Young For Boys
(Jack Rhodes - Lucille Dean) -

145A Rudy Grayzell - Looking At The Moon, Wishing On A Star
(Rudy Grayzell) - 2:50
145B Rudy Grayzell - The Heart That Once Was Mine
(Rudy Grayzell - Austin Moody) - September 1953 - 2:35

146A Floyd Cramer - Fancy Pants
(Floyd Cramer) - 2:34
146B Floyd Cramer - Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
(Henderson - Lewis - Young) - 1953

147A Rudy Grayzell - I'm Gone Again
(Jack Rhodes - Lucille Dean) -
147B Rudy Grayzell - Bonita, Chiquita
(Rudy Grayzell) - November 1953 - 2:33

148A Jim Reeves - Bimbo
(Rod Morris) - 2:43 (2:41)
148B Jim Reeves - Gypsy Heart
(Rhodes - Reynolds - Dean) - November 1953 - 2:20

149A Willie Caston and The Eveready Gospel Singers - I Claim Jesus
(Not Given) -
149B Willie Caston and The Eveready Gospel Singers - When The Moon Goes Down
(Not Given) -

150A Mitchell Torok with Louisiana Hayride Band - Hootchie Kootchie Henry From Hawaii
(Mitchell Torok) - 2:37
150B Mitchell Torok with Louisiana Hayride Band - Gigolo
(Mitchell Torok) -

151A Carolyn Bradshaw - It's Still The Same
(Not Given) -
151B Carolyn Bradshaw - Say No No No
(Not Given) - 2:22

152A T. Tommy Cutrer with Louisiana Hayride Band - Mexico Gal
(J. Grimes) - 2:38
152B T. Tommy Cutrer and Ginny Wright - Wonderful World
(T. Tommy Cutrer - B. Amos) - 2:26

153A Carolyn Bradshaw - A Man On The Loose
(Lyle Gaston - Bill McReynolds) - 2:30
153B Carolyn Bradshaw - Flavor Of The Rio
(Not Given) -

154A Smiley Burnette - Chuggin' On Down 66
(Smiley Burnette) - 2:15
154B Smiley Burnette - Mucho Gusto
(Not Given) -

155A Wanda Wayne - I Cried My Eyes Out Over You
(Not Given) -
155B Billy Barton - What's The Matter With Me
(Not Given) - Feburary 1952

156A Mitchell Torok with Louisiana Hayride Band - Edgar The Eager Easter Bunny
(Mitchell Torok) -
156B Mitchell Torok with Louisiana Hayride Band - Living On Love
(Mitchell Torok) -

157A Rudy Grayzell with Louisiana Hayride Band - It Ain't My Baby (And I Ain't Goona Rock It)
(Johnny Hicks - Jim Leisy) - 2:34
157B Rudy Grayzell - Ocean Paradise
(Not Given) - March 1957

158A Willie Caston - One Of These Mornings
158B Willie Caston and The Ever Ready Gospel Singers - Jesus I Love To Call Your Name
(Willie Caston) - 1953

159A Floyd Cramer - Jolly Cholly
(loyd Cramer) - 2:25
159B Floyd Cramer - Oh Suzanna
(Stephen Collins Foster) - 2:00

160A Jim Reeves with Louisiana Hayride Band - Echo Bonita
(Kenny Devine) - 2:47
160B Jim Reeves - Then I'll Stop Loving You
(Jim Reeves) - March 1954 - 2:21

161A Smiley Burnette - Lazy Locomotive
(Kenny Devine) - 2:43
161B Smiley Burnette - That Long White Line
(Johnny Harold) - 2:36

162A Mitchell Torok with Louisiana Hayride Band - The Haunting Waterfall
(Mitchell Torok) -
162B Mitchell Torok with Louisiana Hayride Band - Dancerette
(Mitchell Torok)-

163A Alvadean Coker - Witches Waltz
(Dick Reynolds) - 1954 - 2:24
163B Alvadean Coker - Sugar Doll
(Zack Woods - Thelma Woods) - 2:04

164A Jim Reeves - Beatin' On The Ding Dong
(Bob Shelton - Idell Shelton) - 2:14
164B Jim Reeves - My Rambling Heart
(Don Grashey - Jim Amadeo) - May 1954 - 2:16

165A T. Tommy Cutrer - You're Not The Girl For Me
(Not Given) -
165B T. Tommy Cutrer - Why Should I Cry
(Not Given) -

166A Billy Barton and Wanda Wayne - The World Called Love
(Not Given) -
166B Billy Barton and Wanda Wayne - You're You
(Not Given) -

167A Alvadean Coker - Funny Little Things
(Not Given) -
167B Alvadean Coker - Pinnolo
(Not Given) - 1954

168A Jim Reeves - Padre Of Old San Antone
(Tim Spencer) - 2:33
168B Jim Reeves - Mother Went A-Walkin'
(Tom Beardin) - July 1954

169A Alvadean Coker - Crying Heart
(Ned Cronk) - 2:23
169B Alvadean Coker - I Sold Out My Heart
(Not Given) - 1954

170A Jim Reeves - I'll Follow You
(Scott Johnson - Robert Scott) - 2:36
170B Jim Reeves - Penny Candy
(Cal Yeale) - September 1953 - 2:33

171A Sandy Coker and his Coker Band - Meadowlark Melody
(Sandy Coker) -
171B Sandy Coker and his Coker Band - Toss Over
(Sandy Coker) - 1954

172A Myrna Lorrie and Buddy De Vol - Are You Mine?
(Don Grashey - Jim Amadeo - Myrna Petrunka) - 2:36
172B Myrna Lorrie & DeVal - You Bet I Kissed Him
(Don Grashey - David Petrunka) - 2:23

173A Laurel & Miles - A Roll In Stone
(Not Given) -
173B Laurel & Miles - You Fooled Me
(Not Given) - 1955

174A Jim Reeves - The Wilder Your Heart Beats
(Mary Reeves) - 2:12
174B Jim Reeves - Where Does A Broken Heart Go
(John Meredith) - 2:37

175A Jimmy Day - Rippin' Out
(Not Given) -
175B Jimmy Day - Blue Wind
(Not Given) -

176A Alvadean Coker and The Cokers - We're Gonna Bop
(Alvadean Coker) - 2:11
176B Alvadean Coker and The Cokers - Do Dee Oodle Dee Do I'm In Love
(Geraldine Coker) - February 1955 - 2:04 (2:03)

177A Myrna Lorrie, Buddy De Vol - I'm Your Man
(Don Grashey - Buddy De Val) - BMI - 2:34 (2:38)
177B Myrna Lorrie - Underway
(Don Grashey - David Petrunka) - BMI - 2:08

178A Jim Reeves - Drinking Tequilla
(Bob Center) - 2:40
178B Jim Reeves - Red Eyed and Rowdy
(Jim Reeves - Tom Perryman) - 2:22

179A Herb Henson and Joyce Yours - Out Of Line
(Not Given) -
179B Herb Henson and Joyce Yours - The Birds And The Bees
(Not Given)

180A Jim Reeves - Tahiti
(Jim Reeves)
1955 - 2:27
180B Jim Reeves - Give Me One More Kiss
(Bob Center)

181A Floyd Cramer - Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party
(Not Given) -
181B Floyd Cramer - Rag-A-Tag
(Not Given) -

182A Cousin Herb Henson - Old Jalopy
(Jolonsa - Clara Gaspard) - 2:22
182B Cousin Herb Henson - Man Holds Lightning In His Hands
(Carlton Ellis)

183A Buddy De Vol - Guilty
(Dan Gashey - Buddy De Vol)
183B Buddy De Vol - Mate Of The Wind
(Not Given) -

184A Jim Reeves and Alvadean Coker - Are You The One
(Don Grashey - Buddy De Vol)
184B Jim Reeves and Alvadean Coker - How Many
(Hal Blair - Howard Barnes)

185A Myrna Lorrie - Life's Changing Scene
(Don Grashey - Dave Petrunka)
185B Myrna Lorrie - Listen To My Heartstrings
(Don Grashey - Roy Coran)

186A Jim Reeves - Hillbilly Waltz
(Jim Reeves)
186B Jim Reeves - Let Me Remember
(Jim Reeves)

187A Myrna Lorrie - Tears And Laughter
(Not Given)
187B Myrna Lorrie - Moonshy
(Not Given)

188A Dorsey Burnette - Let's Fall In Love
(Dorsey Burnette)
November 24, 1956 - 2:10
188B Dorsey Burnette - The Devil's Queen
(Robert Hyde, Jr - Lewis T. Smith)
November 24, 1956 - 2:07

189A Joe Montgomery - Cool Cat
(Joe Montgomery)
189B Joe Montgomery - Walking With Memories
(Not Given)

190A Dorsey Burnette - At A Distance
(Lewis T. Smith - Robert Hyde, Jr.)
Hollywood, CA - February 23, 1957
190B Dorsey Burnette - Jungle Magic
(Jack and Mary Gilbert)
February 23, 1957

191A Chuck Mayfield - Four Faces High
(Not Given) -
191B Chuck Mayfield - My Heart Turned Gypsy
(Not Given)

192A Buck Ritchie - Poor Little Me And Big Strong You
(Not Given)
192B Buck Ritchie - Only The Moon Man Knows
(Not Given)

This ends the above series (Horton's contract was sold to RCA,)
Fabor Robison happened to catch the De Castro Sisters (singing, dancing, comic) act,
he was looking for new talent, so after signing them, started a new series, just for them.

3001A The De Castro Sisters with the Skip Martin Orchestra - It's Love
(Chuck Gould)
2:25 (2:23)
3001B The De Castro Sisters with the Skip Martin Orchestra - Teach Me Tonight
(Gene de Paul - Sammy Cahn)
October 1954 - 2:45 (2:44) - Lyrics

3002A The De Castro Sisters - I'm Bewildered
(Herbie Dell - Danny Daniels)
3002B The De Castro Sisters - To Say You're Mine
(Shore - Grover - Solis)

3003A The De Castro Sisters with the Skip Martin Orchestra - Boom, Boom, Boomerang
(Lonnie Coleman)
3003B The De Castro Sisters with the Skip Martin Orchestra - Let Your Love Walk Come In
(Joe Greene)
1955 - 2:24

3004A The De Castro Sisters - If I Ever Fall In Love
(Gene De Paul - Don Raye)
3004B The De Castro Sisters - Cuckoo In The Clock
(Johnny Mercer - Walter Donaldson)

3005A Betty Blake and Thurl Ravenscroft - Out Of Line
(Not Given)
3005B Betty Blake and Thurl Ravenscroft - Are You Mine
(Not Given)

3006A Art and Dotty Todd - Busy Signal
(Not Given)
? -
3006B Art and Dotty Todd - Oh Honey Why Don't Cha
(Not Given)

3007A The De Castro Sisters - Cuban Love Song
(Not Given)
3007B The De Castro Sisters - I Can't Escape From You
(Not Given)

3008A The De Castro Sisters - Wedding Song
(Not Given)
3008B The De Castro Sisters - I'm Bewildered
(Not Given)

3009A Paul Lafawn with The Whipporwills - Learning To Love
(Johnny Harper)
- 2:27
3009B Paul Lafawn - Mon Cher Ami
(Not Given)
- 1955 -

3010A Brad Marro - A Man Can Only Fly So High
(Wayne Shanklin)
3010B Brad Marro - Heart Of Gold
(Not Given)

3011A The De Castro Sisters - Too Late Now
(Jack De Silvia)
- 1956 - 2:34
3011B The De Castro Sisters - Give Me Time
(Leaner - Lane)
- 1956 - 2:33

3012A The De Castro Sisters - Christmas Is A-Comin'
(Gene DePaul - Don Raye)
3012B The De Castro Sisters - Snowbound For Christmas
(Al Chorney - Sid Shrager - Hal Schrager)
- 2:50

3013A Paul Lefawn - Where Does A Broken Heart Go
(Not Given)
3013B Paul Lefawn - Sundown
(Tex Raye)
- BMI - 2:38 - 1955

3014A The De Castro Sisters - Rockin' And Rollin' In Hawaii
(Norman Kaye)
3014B The De Castro Sisters - Cry Baby Blues
(Wayne Shanklin - Al Sherman)

3015A The Creel Sisters - I Do Whatta Do
(Pete McCord)
- 2:01
3015B The Creel Sisters - I Got Somebody To Love
(Not Given)
- January 1956

This is the last known issue on 78, more were issued on the 45 label, as were all of the above.
Some of the "sound" links are from 45 rpm - which was the same 78 pressings.


Alvadean Coker, Art and Dotty Todd, Betty Blake, Billy Barton, Billie Jo More (Spears),
Bob Davis, Bob Stegall, Bill Thompson's Westerners, Brad Marro, Buck Ritchie,
Buddy De Vol, Carolyn Bradshaw, Chuck Mayfield, The Cokers, Cousin Herb Henson, The Creel Sisters,
Danny Dixon, The DeCastro Sisters, Dorsey Burnette, The Eveready Gospel Singers, Freddie Frank,
Floyd Cramer, Ginny Wright, Herb Henson, Hillbilly Barton, Jim Reeves, Jimmy Day, Joe Montgomery, Johnny Horton,
Joyce Yours, Louisiana Hayride Band, Laurel & Miles, Mitchell Torok, Myrna Lorrie, Paul Lefawn,
Red Hayes' Fiddlers, Rudy Grayzell, Sandy Coker, Smiley Burnette, T. Tommy Cutrer, Thurl Ravenscroft,
Wanda Wayne, Willie Caston, Wink Lewis

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