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Label Number - Artist - Album title [Issue Date when known]
/ between songs // other side (E) Electronic Stereo Reproduction (S) Stereo (M) Monaural

This list is incomplete:

Need Photo 5536 Dory Previn - Reflections In A Mud Puddle

Need Photo 91105 Ferrante and Teicher - Moonlight Melodies [2 LP set]

Need Photo LOO 979 Kenny Rogers - Kenny

Need Photo SQBO 91105 Ferrante and Teicher - Moonlight Melodies [2 LP set]

Carlos Montoya - Suite Flamenca UAC 6644 Carlos Montoya - Suite Flamenca [Reel to Reel Tape]

Need Photo UAL 3069 Diahann Carroll - The Andre Previn Trio [1960]

The Party's Over/Spring Is Here/But Not For Me/Glad To Be Unhappy/Change Of Heart/It's All Right With Me//
I Should Care/Nobody's Heart/Why Can't You Behave/Where Are You/In Love In Vain/Gingerbread Joy

Need Photo UAL 3158 Great Motion Picture Themes [1961]

Need Photo UAL 3366 Beatles - A Hard Day's Night [1964]

Need Photo UAL 3374 Jan Peerce - The World's Greatest Love Songs

Need Photo UALA 089 2 records Vikki Carr - The Golden Songbook

Need Photo UALA 108 Dory Previn - In concert April 18th, 1973 [2 lp set]

Need Photo UALA 188-F Electric Light Orchestra - On the Third Day [1973]

Need Photo UALA 214 Shirley Bassey - Nobody Does it Like Me

Need Photo UALA 421G Traffic - Heavy Traffic

Need Photo UALA 653 G Paul Anka - The Painter

Liza Minelli and Robert De Niro - New York New York UALA 750 Liza Minelli and Robert De Niro - New York New York [Original Motion Picture Score] [1977]
Main Title/You Brought A New Kink of Love To Me-Liza Minnelli/Flip The Dip-Georgie Auld/ V.J. Stomp/Opus Number One/Once In A While-Liza Minnelli//You Are My Lucky Star-Liza Minnelli Game Over-Georgie Auld/It's A Wonderful World/The Man I Love-Liza Minnelli/ Hazoy Just You, Just Me-LIza Minnelli//There Goes The Ball Game-Liza Minnelli/ Blue Moon-Robert De Niro & Mary Kay Place/Don't Be That Way/ Happy Endings-Liza Minnelli & Larry Kert//But The World Goes Round-Liza Minnelli/ Theme From New York New York-Georgie Auld/Honeysuckle Rose-Diahnne Abbott/ Once Again Right Away-Georgie Auld/Bobby's Dream Theme From
XXXXXXXXXXX New York, New York-Liza Minnelli/Theme From New York, New York-Orchestral Reprise

Need Photo UALA 835H Kenny Rogers - Ten Years of Gold

Need Photo UALA 908 Ferrante and Teicher - You Light Up My Life

Need Photo UALA 933 Cindy Bullens - Desire Wine

Need Photo UALA 958-1 Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl

Need Photo UAJ 14014 Billie Holiday - Billie's Blues

Need Photo UAJ 14017 Duke Ellington - Money Jungle

Thunderball UAS-5132 Soundtack - Thunderball

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly UAS-5172 Soundtack - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Alice's Restaurant UAS-5195 Soundtack - Alice's Restaurant

Diamonds Are Forever UAS-5220 Soundtack - Diamonds Are Forever

Need Photo UAS 5501 Ferrante and Teicher - Getting Together

Need Photo UAS 5510 Gordon Lightfood - Classic Lightfoot * The best of Gordon Lightfoot Volume 2

Need Photo UAS 5651 Don McLean - Don McLean

Need Photo UAS 6207 Jimmy Palmer - Everyone's Dancing at Roseland

Need Photo UAS 6247 Ferrante and Teicher - The Keys To Her Apartment

Need Photo UAS 6282 Ferrante and Teicher - Love Themes

Need Photo UAS 6315 Ferrante and Teicher - Concert For Lovers

Need Photo UAS 6365 Ferrante and Teicher - The Enchanted World of Ferrante and Teicher

Need Photo UAS 6382 Frankie Avalon - Frankie Avalon's 15 Greatest Hits [1964]

Venus/Why/Bobby Sox To Stockings/Dede Dinah/Ginger Bread/With All My Heart/Too Young To Love/Don't Let Love Pass Me By/
Don't Make Fun Of Me/Where Are You/Who Else But You/A Perfect Love/You Are Mine/I'll Wait For You/Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops

Need Photo UAS 6398 Banjo Rhythm Band - 50 Fabulous Banjo Favorites

Need Photo UAS 6416 Ferrante and Teicher - By Popular Demand

Need Photo UAS 6556 Ferrante and Teicher - Our Golden Favorites

Need Photo UAS 6572 Ferrante and Teicher - A Man And A Woman

Need Photo UAS 66592 Ferrante and Teicher - A Bouquet Of Hits

Need Photo UAS 6771 Ferrante and Teicher - Love Is A Soft Touch

Need Photo WW 7501 Don Costa - Echoing Voices and Trombones

Need Photo WW 7518 Steve Lawrence / Eydie Gorme - Two on the Aisle

Need Photo WWS 8505 Ferrante and Teicher - Golden Piano Hits

Need Photo WWS 8511 Ed Sauter & Bill Finegan - The Return Of The Doodletown Fifer

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