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A New York City-based record label founded by Michael Stillman and Rose Rubin in 1956. Stillman and Rubin founded the label to fill a gap they perceived in hte music available to the American public, such as music from the then-Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc, and other parts of Europe.

Monitor has more than 250 folk and classical music recordings in its catalogue. Which is now operated by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, includes the original master tapes, graphics, and business records of the company.

We have no association with Monitor Records or any one in the recording industry.
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Label Number - Artist - Album title [Issue Date when known][Billboard listing when known]
/ Between songs // Other side [when known]

This list is incomplete

MF-303 Need photo MF-303 The Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Monitor presents Armenian Folk Songs

Need Information

MF-307 Need photo MF-307 The Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Armenian Festival

Need Information

MF-321 Need photo MF-321 The Armenian Song & Dance Ensemble & Armenian Radio Folk Orchestra
Armenian - Monitor presents Armenian Folk Dances

Need Information

MF-331 Need photo MF-331 The Georgian State Song and Dance Company - Monitor presents the Georgian

Need Information

MonitorMF-352 olks Songs From The Caucasus MF-352 Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Folks Songs From The Caucasus
Kapama (Stewing Pot)/Sari Sirun Yar (Mountain Beauty)/Anun Arratutchian (Prosperity)/Gutani Yerg (Song of the Harvester)/
Sirerg (Love Song)/Lusnak Anush (Moonlit Night)/Asa Inch Anem (Tell Me What to Do)/
Inch Kamenas Ingerid (What Do You Want from a Friend)/Tkha Zaven (A Guy Named Zaven)/Khekhch Marti (Poor Man)/
Yaman Yar (Oh, Darling Mine/Kapel Es Gisoved (She Tied Her Braids)/Es Gisher, Lusnak Gisher (This Night, Moonlit Night)/
Ervum Em (My Heart Is Aflame) (medley)

MF-400 Need photo MF-400/MFS-400 Hovaness Badeian and Ophelia Ambartsumian - Armenian Songs And Dances

Need Information

MF-429 Need photo MF-429/MFS-429 Jacques Duvalian - Evenings in Erevan

Need Information

Monitor MFS 452 Hachig Kazarian and His Ensemble - Armenia, Armenia MF-452/MFS-452 Hachig Kazarian and His Ensemble - Armenia, Armenia [Stereo shown]

Govand/Hars Yem Pe'room/Tomzarm/Parov Yegat Siroon Yar/Daldala - Satchmé/Aghcheegon Teridasart//
Sonon Yelov/Oud Fantasy/Siretzee Yarus Dar-on/Medley: Naz Bar/Aree Balas/Yar Vor Jan Eem/Kalamatiano/Misirlou

Yukya sings Midnight In Moscow MP-597/MFS-597 Yukya - Yukya sings Midnight In Moscow [1962]
My Heart (Serdtse)/The Little Blue Kerchief (Sinii Platochek)/Midnight In Moscow (Moscow Nights) (Podmoskovnye Vechera)/
The Light (Ogonyok)/The Slender Mountain Ash (Tonkaya Ryabina)/Silently (Tishina)//
Katiusha/Should The Volga´s Banks Be Flooded (Yesli Volga Razolyetsa)/Lonely Accordion (Odinokaya Gark)/
Oh You Dear Little Night (Akh Ty Nochen´Ka)/Dark Is The Night (Tyomnaya Nocn´)/Wait For Me (Zhdi Menya)

Monitor MFS 740 NEED PHOTO MP-740/MFS-740 Anestos Athounasiou and His Ensemble - Music For Belly Dancing
Stavrodromi (Crossroads of Life)/Otan Klene Thio Karthies (When Two Hearts Cry)/O Horos Tis Tavernas (Dance of the Taverna)/
Mia Nihta Mayemeni (One Magic Night)/Smyneiko (Dance of Smyrna)/To Parapono Ton Erotevmenon (A Lover's Lament)//
Arapines (Arabian Girl)/Tsiganiko Klama (Gypsy Tears)/Tsiganiki Agapi (Gypsy Love)/Asimenio Fengari (The Silver Moon)/
Milao Me Ta Asteria (I Talk to the Stars)/Horo Tis Nifis (Bridal Dance)

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