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Need Photo APS 907 Mantovani - Musical Moments with Mantovani [Phase 4]

Need Photo 2BP 910/11 Mantovani - All Time Favorite Hits [Phase 4]

Need Photo CS 6472 Vladimir Ashkenazy - Debussy - L'Isle Joyeux/Chopin - Scherzo #4/Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit

Need Photo LL 746 Mantovani - Mantovani & His Orchestra Play The Music Of Victor Herbert

Need Photo LL 768 Mantovani - Mantovani And His Orchestra Play Tangos

Need Photo LL 877 Mantovani - Plays the Immortal Classics

Need Photo LL 1307 Stanley Black and His Orchestra - ...the night was made for love

Ted Heath - Rodgers for Moderns LL 1500 Ted Heath - Rodgers for Moderns [1956] [Mono]

Have You Met MIss Jones/There's A Small Hotel/It's EasyTo Remember/My Heart Stood Still/Down By The River/Thou Swell//
The Lady Is A Tramp/Where Or When/This Can't Be Love/I Married An Angel/The Blue Room/Dancing On The Ceiling

Need Photo LL 1513 Mantovani - Music from the Films

Need Photo LL 3117 Mantovani - Film Encores Vol. 2 (1959)

Need Photo LL 3122 Mantovani - The Music of Victor Herbert and Sigmund Romberg

Need Photo LL 3250 Mantovani - Themes from Broadway

Need Photo LL 3360 Mantovani - Folk Songs around the World

Need Photo MS 1 Mantovani - Monty

Need Photo NPS-5 The Rolling Stones - Get yer Ya-Ya's Out!

Need Photo PAS 71014 Tom Jones - Live!

Need Photo PAS 71028 Tom Jones - This Is Tom Jones

Need Photo PAS 71030 Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert Humperdinck

Need Photo PAS 71067 Engelbert Humperdinck - His Greatest Hits (1974)

Need Photo PS 202 Mantovani - Operatta Memories (1960)

Need Photo PS 224 Mantovani - Great Theme Music

Need Photo PS 232 Mantovani (1961) - Italia Mia

Need Photo PS 248 Mantovani - American Waltzes

Need Photo PS 249 Mantovani - Moon River and Other Great Film themes

Need Photo PS 295 Mantovani - Latin Rendezvous

Need Photo PS 392 Mantovani - Incomparable Mantovani

Need Photo PS 419 Mantovani - The Mantovani Sound

Need Photo PS 448 Mantovani - Mantovani Magic

Need Photo PS 451 The Rolling Stones - December's Children

Need Photo PS 452 Marianne Faithfull - Go Away From My World [1965]

Need Photo PS 474 Mantovani - Mr. Music [1966]

Need Photo PS 483 Mantovani - Golden Hits

Need Photo PS 548 Mantovani - The Mantovani Scene

Need Photo PS 565 Mantovani - World of Mantovani

Need Photo PS 572 Mantovani - Mantovani Today

Need Photo PS 682 John Miles - Stranger in the City

Need Photo PS 9131 Mantovani & His Orchestra - The Greatest Gift Is Love [1975]

Need Photo SP 44004 Stanley Black and his Orchestra - Exotic Percussion

Need Photo SP 44016 Stanley Black and his Orchestra - Spain/phase 4

Need Photo SP 44030 Roland Shaw and his Orchestra - Mexico!

Need Photo SP 44054 Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra - The New Rhythms Of The South

Need Photo SP 44149 Stanley Black and the London Festival Orchestra - Spain Volume 2/Phase 4

Rudi Knabl - Rudi Knabl with Orchestral Accompaniment SW 99382 Rudi Knabl - Rudi Knabl with Orchestral Accompaniment
Tempo der Zeit/An der grülnen Isar/Die Veilchen vom Kochelsee/Ubermut/ Schwanthalerhöher Ländler/Südliches Blut/Drunter und drüber// Der Weg zum Herzen/Traditenfest in Berditesgaden/Bergfrühling/Ferlen in den Alpen/ Die singende Zither/Blumen aus Salzburg/Fidele Sdiutzen

Need Photo TW 91291 Sergio Franchi - The Golden Voice of Italy

Need Photo XPS 585/6 Mantovani - From Monty with Love (2 LP)

Need Photo XPAS 71043 Engelbert Humperdinck - Sweetheart


Edmundo Ros, Engelbert Humperdinck, John Miles, London Festival Orchestra, Mantovani, Marianne Faithfull,
Roland Shaw, The Rolling Stones, Rudi Knabl, Sergio Franchi, Stanley Black, Ted Heath, Vladimir Ashkenazy

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