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The High Fidelity Recording Company was established in 1956 in Hollywood, California. Company president was Richard Vaughn. Five different labels - HiFi, Orbit, Arvee, Life and Tri-Disc.

HiFi, used primarily for jazz and popular with a heavy emphasis on organ records by George Wright and Hawaiian music by Arthur Lyman. By the standards of today (2007), most of the sounds from HiFi would fall under the term lounge or elevator music. Lyman was once a member of the Martin Denny Trio, so if the music sounds similar, there is a good reason. A & R (Artists & Repertoire) for the label was by Dave Axelrod and Chuck Weed.

Orbit, established in 1958 for singles (45s), used for popular, jazz, gospel, sound effects and spoken word, It shared the same numbering system for its line up of artists (single to album).

Arvee formed in 1959. The "Arvee" name was derived from the company president's initials, "R.V." A & R for the Arvee label was by Cliff Goldsmith and Fred Smith, with some production by Marty Cooper and H. B. Barnum. The label was for popular music, rhythm and blues.

The Tri-Disc label was red with black print, with "TRI DISC" in block letters curving around the top of the label, with a record with a triangle in it directly above the center hole between the "TRI" and the "DISC."

The HiFi labels were sold in the mid-1960s to the Everest label (best known for Gloria Lynne's catalog and a raft of grocery-store budget albums), and today remain part of "the Everest Group." Everest continued issuing albums after they acquired HiFi, and did quite well reissuing the Arthur Lyman catalog for several decades.

Label Number - Artist - Album title [Issue Date when known] [Billboard listing when known]
/ Between songs // other side (when known)

(e) behind the number means is was electrically produce to sound like a Hi-Fi or Stereo recording. (S) is Stereo

This list is incomplete:

HiFi 200 Series

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-201 Joe Enos - Joe Enos Plays Two Pianos [1956]

Stan Seltzer Piano R-202 Stan Seltzer - Stan Seltzer Piano [2/57]

Cheek to Cheek/Easy to Love/A Foggy Day/Speak Low/Prelude to a Kiss/Let's Fall in Love/You Don't Know What Love Is/
Autumn in New York/Crissy's Blues/Blue Moon/The Way You Look Tonight/Have You Met Miss Jones

NEED PHOTO R/SR-203 Dave Carlson - Relax With Dave Carlson [1958]

Lady Is A Tramp/Dave's Blues/St.Louis Blues/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Minute Waltz/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Carioca/
Limehouse Blues/Invitation/Entertainer's Rag/Waltz Medley

NEED PHOTO R/SR-204 Dave Carlson - Carlson Plays the Classics [11/59]

Polonaise In A Flat/Fantaisie Impromptu/Dance Of Terror/Jeux D'eau/Blue Danube Waltz/Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2/
Etude In D Flat/Gnomenreigen/Reflets Dans L'eau/Prelude in G Minor

HiFi 300 Series:

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-301 Mitchell Boy's Choir - Mitchell Boy's Choir Sings [1956]

HiFi/Arvee 400 Series:
The 'R' if for Arvee - The SR was a stereo release on Arvee

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R-401 Dick Stewart - Dick Stewart Sings [1956]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R-402 Dorothy Carless - Mixed Emotions [1956]

Dorothy Carless - Carless Torch HIFI R-403 Dorothy Carless - Carless Torch [9/56]

Baby, Baby You're The One/Bidin' My Time/Hello, My Lover, Goodbye/It's Too Late Now/I'll Never Be The Same/
For Every Man There's A Woman/Here Lies Love/Love Letters In The Sand

NEED PHOTO HIFI R-404 Terrea Lea - Folksongs and Ballads [1957]

Mary Hamilton/The Turkish Revery/I'm Sad And I'm Lonely/Gently Johnny My Jingalo/If'n I Was Your True Love/
Kate Kearney/Turtle Dove/Mary And Martha/The Chivalrous Shark/Red Rosy Bush/Aunt Rhody/I Wonder As I Wander/
My Boy Willie/Scarlet Ribbons/Billy Barlowe/All The Pretty Little Horses

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-405 Elsa Lanchester - Songs for a Smoke Filled Room [9/57]

Never Go Walking Out Without Your Hat Pin/If You Peek in My Gazebo/Fiji Fanny/When a Lady Has a Piazza/
The Ratcatcher's Daughter/At the Drive In//If You Can't Get in the Corners/The Husband's Clock/
Please Sell No More Drink to My Father/Linda and Her Londonderry Air/Catalogue Woman/Lola's Saucepan
Remarks by (husband) Charles Laughton - Piano accompaniment by Ray Henderson - made in Canada

Elsa Lanchester - Songs for a Shuttered Parlor HIFI R/SR-406 Elsa Lanchester - Songs for a Shuttered Parlor [1958]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-407 Rod McKuen - Time of Desire [11/58]

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-408 Surfers - On the Rocks [1958]

Maki/Leimomi/Papio/Ke Kale Nei Au/I Got Hooked At A Hukilau/Blue Hawaii/Tamure Tamure/Leihi/O' Makala Pua/Nane Wale/
Pidgin English Hula/I Will Remember You/Hawaiian War Chank/Waikapu

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-409 Three Deacons - Three Deacons [2/59]

Circuit Riding Preacher/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/I'm Following Jesus/Where The Seasons Never Change/Seawalker/
Vacation In Heaven/Open Your Heart/Read The Bible Every Day/It Is No Secret/Kneel At The Cross/I Don't Know Why/
Shake Hands With Mother Again/Praise God Hallelulah/Face To Face/God Be With You/'Til We Meet Again


NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-411 Surfers - High Tide [1959]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-412 Coachmen - Here Come the Coachmen [1959]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-413 Paul Gilbert - Split Personality of Paul Gilbert [1961]


NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-415 Sheldon Allman - Folk Songs for the 21st Century [1960]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-416 Cathi Hayes - It's Alright with Me [1959]

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-417 Surfers - Tahiti [1959]

Drums Of Tahiti/My Sweet Sweet/Ulili E/My Wahine And Me/Song Of Old Hawaii/Tiare/Kou Kino Mambo/South Sea Island Magic/
Beauty Hula//Kuu Lei/Kalua/Nane Waimea

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-418 Town Pipers - Christmas Greetings [1959]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-419 Rod McKuen - Beatsville [11/59]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-420 Coachmen - Subways of Boston [1960]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-421 Jimmy Witherspoon - Jimmy Witherspoon in a Monterey Jazz Festival [10/60]

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-422 Jimmy Witherspoon with Randy Van Horn Singers - Feelin' the Sprit [1959]

Every Time I Feel The Spirit/Deep River/I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/
I Want To Be Ready/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Steal Away To Jesus/Oh, Mary Don't You Weep/Go Down Moses/ Time Has Come

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-423 Olympics - Doin' the Hully Gully [1960]

Baby Hully Gully/What'd I Say/Boo-Dee Green/Big Boy Pete/Stay Away From Joe/The Slop/Private Eye/Dodge City

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-424 Olympics - Dance by the Light of the Moon [1961]

Dance By The Light Of The Moon/Workin' Hard/Big Chief Little Puss/Stay Where You Are/Peanut Butter [Marathons]//
Little Pedro/I'll Never Fall In Love/Dooley/Just Like That [Robins]/Shimmy

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-425 King Pleasure - Golden Days [1960]

Parker's Mood/Moody's Mood for Love/All Of Me/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Tomorrow Is Another Day

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-426 Jimmy Witherspoon with Jerry Mulligan & Ben Webster - Jimmy Witherspoon at the Renaissance [1960]

Every Day/How Long/Outskirts Of Town/Goin' To Kansas City/Trouble In Mind/St. Louis Blues/Time's Gettin' Tougher Than Tough/
C. C. Rider/Roll 'Em Pete/Corrine, Corrina

NEED PHOTO HIFI R/SR-427 Surfers - The Islands Call [1961]

Keep Your Eyes On The Hands/Puamaiole/Million Moods Over Hawaii/Tahiti Nui/J'Etendre/Blue Hawaii/Sophisticated Hula/
Kawohikukapulani/Sand And The Sea/Kaulana/Ha Pua/Pu Pu Hinu Hinu/Far Away Places

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-428 Marathons - Peanut Butter [1961]

Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard/You Bug Me Baby/High Blood Pressure/Oink Jones/Tutti Frutti//
Peanut Butter/Chicken Spaceman/Nothing In The World/Gee/Tight Sweater

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-429 Olympics - Party Time [1961]

Mash Them 'Taters/Stomp/Hoochie Coochie Coo/Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha/Poney Time/Party Pooper/Scotch/
Madison Time/ Save The Last Dance For Me/The Twist


NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION Arvee A/SA-431 Pinky Tomlin - Country Boy [1963]

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-432 Jim Waller & The Delta - Surfin' World [1963]

Surfin' Wild/Exotic/Trippin' At Trestle's/Work Song/Latina/Church Key//
Body Wompin'/Surfin'/Surf Walk/Vesuvius/Wakiki Wipeout/"Bal" Beat

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-433 Various Artists - Golden Echoes [1962]

Baby Hully Gully - Olympics/Mr. Moto - Bel-Airs/Big Boy Pete - Olympics/Freeway - Fugitives/The Slop - Olympics/
Lone Prairie Rock - Dudley/Private Eye - Olympics//Peanut Butter - Marathons/Fugitive - Fugitives/
Workin' Hard - Olympics/Little Brown Jug - Olympics/El Pizza - Dudley/Talkin' Trash - Marathons/Shimmy Like Kate - Olympics

NEED PHOTO Arvee A/SA-434 Sammy Jackson - Ladies Man [1962]

Live Fast/Teen Age Miss/Single And Searchin'/Baby, Come Along With Me/Back To School Blues//
Ladies Man/Playin' The Field/I Know/Are You My Baby/Cigareets And Whiskey






NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION HIFI R/SR-440 Gloria Lynne - Calendar [1966]

HiFi 600 Series:

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-601 Verlye Mills - Magic Harp [1956]

NEED PHOTO R-602 Harry Zimmerman - Band with a Beat [1956]

Sentimental Journey/On Wisconsin/Night Train/Alexander's Ragtime Band/Breeze And I/I Love A Parade/
Washington And Lee Swing/Bugle Boy March/Washington Post March/St. Louis Blues

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-603 Bruce Prince-Joseph - Swingin' Harpsichord [1957]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-604 Richie Kamuca - Jazz Erotica [1957]

NEED PHOTO R-605 Harry Zimmerman - Mr. Z Polkas [1957]

Texas Polka/Pennsylvania Polka/Hoop-Dee-Doo/I Love Louisa/Polka Dot Polka/Spanish Polka/Beer Barrel Polka/
Poppa Won't You Dance With Me/Strip Polka/Too Fat Polka

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-606 Verlye Mills - Harp with a Billy May Beat [1957]

Arthur Lyman  - Leis of Jazz R/SR-607 Arthur Lyman - Leis of Jazz [1958]

Leis Of Jazz/Trigger Fantasy/Lady Is A Tramp/Body And Soul/Gypsy In My Soul/Way You Look Tonight/Lullaby Of The Leaves/
On The Street Where You Live/My Funny Valentine/How High The Moon/Lullaby Of Birdland/Aloha Oe
This is Arthurís first album according to the catalog number but most people regard Taboo as being the first. This outing is more straight type jazz mixed with a tropical flair. The famous sound effects and birdcalls would start with Taboo. Includes Ethel Azama singing on "Lullaby Of The Leaves" - Cover photograph by Werner Stoy

NEED PHOTO R/SR-608 Harry Zimmerman Band - Big Dixie [10/58]

Tin Roof Blues/12th Street Rag/Darktown Strutters' Ball/That's A-Plenty/Chimes Blues/Tiger Rag/Wabash Blues/
Rampart Street Parade/High Society/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Basin Street Blues/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

NEED PHOTO J/SJ-609 Richie Kamuca and Bill Holman - West Coast Jazz in HIFI [1959]

Way Down Under/Blue Jazz/Angel Eyes/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/Stella By Starlight/Star Eyes/Linger Awhile/
Things We Did Last Summer/Fun/Indiana

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION J/SJ-610 Aristocrats - Boogie and Blues [11/59]

NEED PHOTO J/SJ-611 Cappy Lewis - Get Happy with Cappy [1960]

Charmaine/Rosalie/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Undecided/C'est Si Bon/Umbrella Man/I Hear Music/Swanee/
Pagan Love Song/Imagination/Running Wild/Plenty Of Money

NEED PHOTO J/SJ-612 Harold Land Quartet - The Fox [1960]

Fox/MirroR/SR-Mind Rose/One Second Please/Sims A -Plenty/Little Chris/One Down



NEED PHOTO J/SJ-615 Paul Horn Quintet - Something Blue [1960]

Dun-Dunnee/Tall Polynesian/Mr. Bond/Fremptz/Something Blue/Half And Half

NEED PHOTO J/SJ-616 Elmo Hope, Frank Butler and Jimmy Bond - Elmo Hope [1961]

B's A- Plenty/Barfly/Eejah/Boa/Something For Kenny/Like Someone In Love/Minor Berty/Tranquility

NEED PHOTO J/SJ-617 Straw Hatters - Cotton Pickin' [1961]

At The Jazz Band Ball/Tin Roof Blues/South Rampart Street Blues/What's The Use/Nobody's Sweetheart/Tiger Rag/
New Orleans/Clarinet Marmalade/Royal Garden Blues/Washington And Lee Swing/When Your Lover Has Gone/
When The Saints Go Marching In

NEED PHOTO J/SJ-618 Jerry Wiggins, Jackie Mills and Harold Land - Wiggin' Out [1962]

Wiggin' ut/Teach Me Tonight/Night In Tunisia/Yes Dove/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Without a Song

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION J/SJ-619 Sandy Smith - Excitement [1963]

HiFi 700 Series:

NEED PHOTO R-701 George Wright - George Wright Plays the Mighty Wurlitzer [1956]

Jalousie/Dancing Tambourine/Stars And Stripes Forever/Ebb Tide/Caminito/Love For Sale/Boogie/Angelia Mia/
Stella By Starlight/Roller Coaster/Boy Next Door/Brazil

NEED PHOTO R-702 George Wright - George Wright Encores [1956]

Slaughter On Tenth Ave/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Brazilian Sleigh Bells/Petite Waltz/Quiet Village/Silver Moon/Anna/
Sentimental Journey/Chit Chat Polka

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-703 Richard Purvis - A Richard Purvis Organ Recital in Grace Cathedral Volume 1 [1956]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-704 Richard Purvis - A Richard Purvis Organ Recital in Grace Cathedral Volume 2 [1956]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-705 Richard Purvis - Music For Christmas [1956]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-706 George Wright - Merry Christmas [1956]

NEED PHOTO R-707 George Wright - More George Wright [1956]

Waltz In Swingtime/That's All/Nice Work If You Can Get It/Edelma/You'll Never Walk Alone/
Stars Are The Windows Of Heaven/Galloping Comedians/Bullfighter/Reaching For The Moon/Sanctuary/My Romance/
American Bolero

NEED PHOTO R-708 George Wright - Show Time [5/56]

There's No Business Like Show Business/Little Girl Blue/My Funny Valentine/Lady Is A Tramp/Man I Love/
Just One Of Those Things/Show Boat Medley

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-709 Bruce Prince Joseph - A Bruce Prince Joseph's Organ Recital at Columbia University [1956]

NEED PHOTO R/SR-710 George Wright - George Wright Sound [2/57]

Chloe/Mood Indigo/Beyond The Sea/Honky Tonk Train/I Love Paris//
Baubles, Bangles And Beads/The Whistler And His Dog/When You Wish Upon A Star/Dizzy Fingers

NEED PHOTO R/SR-711 George Wright - George Wright Encores 2 [1957]

Granada/Passion Flower/Got The World On A String/Orchids In The Moonlight/Take Me Out To The Ball Game/Vera Dero/
April In Paris/Bahia/Laura/If I Love Again/Pizzicato Polka/Washington Post March

NEED PHOTO R/SR-712 George Wright - George Wright Plays the Conn Electric Organ [1957]

Madeira/How Come You Do Me Like You Do/Aunt Blanche's Boogie/La Borrachita/Cool Tango/She's Funny That Way/
Beer Barrel Polka/Under Paris Skies/That Honky Tonk Melody/Pavanne/Ragging The Scale/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/
Cactus Polka

NEED PHOTO R/SR-713 George Wright - Genius of George Wright [1957]

Espana Cani/If I Had You/Hernando's Hideaway/Around The World/Song Of The Islands/By The Beautiful Sea/
Midnight Bells/Wabash Blues/My Lost Melody/Tea For Two/Song Is Ended/Strike Up the Band

NEED PHOTO R/SR-714 George Wright - Hymns that Live [1957]

Ivory Palaces/Old Rugged Cross/Evening Hymn/Rock Of Ages/Sweet Hour Of Prayer/Nearer My God To Thee/
Mighty Fortress/I Would Be True/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere/I Love To Tell The Story/Abide With Me/
Softly And Tenderly/In The Garden/Onward Christian Soldiers

NEED PHOTO R/SR-715 George Wright - Impressions of My Fair Lady [1/58]

Overture/Exit Music/Why Can't The English/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Rain In Spain/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/
With A Little Bit Of Luck/Ascot Gavotte/Show Me/I Could Have Danced All Night/Get Me To The Church On Time/
On The Street Where You Live

NEED PHOTO R/SR-716 George Wright - George Wright Goes South Pacific [1958]

Overture/Dites Moi/There Is Nothin' Like A Dame/Honey Bun/Some Enchanted Evening/Bloody Mary/Bali Ha'i/
Younger Than Springtime/Happy Talk/This Nearly Was Mine/I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair/
I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy

NEED PHOTO R/SR-717 George Wright - Flight to Tokyo [1958]

Japanese Sandman/It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane/Japanese Sunset/Cherry/Poor Butterfly/Nagasaki/
Rickety Rickshaw Man/China Nights/One Fine Day/Kyoto Beguine/Lady Picking Mulberries/Japansy/Japanese Can-Can

NEED PHOTO R/SR-718 George Wright - Roaring Twenties [2/59]

The Charleston/Song Of The Wanderer/That's A-Plenty/It Happened In Monterey/Toot, Toot, Tootsie/Then I'll Be Happy/
You're The Cream In My Coffee//Mississippi Mud/You Do Something to Me/You Were Meant For Me/Laugh, Clown Laugh/
I Wanna Be Loved By You/Just A Memory/Varsity Drag

NEED PHOTO R/SR-719 - (?)


NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R/SR-721 George Wright - Have Organ, Will Travel [1959]

Granada/Far Away Places/Istanbul/I Love Paris/Foggy Day/April In Paris/Funiculi Funicula/Londonderry Ari/
By The River Sainte Marie/Sabre Dance/Under Paris Skies/Eastern Romance/Veradero/German Medley


HiFi 800 Series:

NEED PHOTO R-801 - Quarterlodeons - Jim Hamilton's Hobby in HiFi [1956]
Ting-A-Ling/Missouri Waltz/I'd Be Lying/Soy Virgencila/Bringing Home The Bacon/Just Can't Be Bothered/
In A Little Rendezvous In Honolulu/Swiss Bells/Ice And Snow March/Old Timer's Medley/Shady Lady/
I'll Get By As Long As I Have You/Jig One Step/Burning Of Rome/On The Beach At Bali-Bali/Maine Stein Song

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-802 Various Artists - Sounds from a Bordello [1957] (Honky Tonk Piano)

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R-803 Jack Burger - Let's Play Bongos! [5/57]

NEED PHOTO R-804 Jack Burger - End on Bongos! [1957]

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams/China Nights Mambo/Miserlou/Jordu/Noche En Descalvado/Mambo Burger/
Yiddishe Momme Mambo/Negre Setin/Conversar En La Noche/Blue Prelude Chiu Chiu

NEED PHOTO R/SR-805 George Wright - Jazz, 'N Razz Ma Tazz [1/58]

Temptation Rag/Black And Blue/Turkish Towel/When My Sugar Walks Down The Street/Diga Diga Do/Old Green River/ Aggravation' Papa/When You're Smiling/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue/ Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now/Dill Pickles/Doin' The New Low Down/Ain't She Sweet

Arthur Lyman - Taboo R/SR-806 Arthur Lyman - Taboo [1958] (5-58, #8)

Taboo (S)/Kalua (S)/Ringo Oiwake (S)/Sea Breeze (S)/Misirlou (S)/China Clipper (S)//
Sim Sim (S)/Katsumi Love Theme (S)/Caravan (S)/Akaka Falls (S)/Dahil Sayo (S)/Hilo March (S)
This album was the BIG one that put Arthur Lyman on the map. Taboo showcases Lymanís distinctive vibe playing while conjuring images of the islands through his use of birdcalls and Harold Changís percussion on congaís boobams, assís jaw and conch shell, among other instruments. Aided by Allen Soares on piano and John Kramer on string bass, Lymanís sound was immensely popular. On the Billboard charts for 62-weeks, Taboo peaked at number four and sold millions of copies - Cover Photograph by Werner Stoy

Arthur Lyman - Hawaiian Sunset R/SR-807 Arthur Lyman - Hawaiian Sunset [1958]

Hawaiian War Chant/Sweet Leilani/King's Serenade/My Tane/Whispering Reef/Song Of The Islands/Hiilawe/ My Isle Of Golden Dreams/Mapuana/Waipio/Kawohikukapulani/Ke Kali Nei Au/Harbor Lights
On this third album, Lyman explores his Hawaiian heritage while weaving in cool-jazz elements. Pacific Rim exotica meets American jazz. This album, while being more relaxing features an array of authentic Hawaiian instruments, including a paíI, puili and uliuli. One track, "Hawaiian War Chant" (in reality a love song and a well-known rhythmic chant) uses these native instruments, while another cut, "Hilawe," features Lyman himself on slack-key guitar. Liner Notes: Hawaiian Sunset is a sound painting of one of the most beautiful spots on earth, the Hawaiian Islands. Sounds of the sea, trade wind breezes through palm trees and the rainbow coloring of flowers are expressed in songs. Here we have programmed listening pleasure as beautifully simple and relaxing as the islands at sunset.

Arthur Lyman - Bwana-â R/SR-808 Arthur Lyman - Bwana-â [1958]

Bwana-â/South Pacific Moonlight/Moon Over A Ruined Castle/Waikiki Serenade/ La Paloma/Otome San/Canton Rose/Blue Sands/Malaguena/Vera Cruz/Pua Carnation/Colonel Bogey's March
Assisting the group for this recording are Japanese vocalist Ethel Azama, pianist Paul Conrad and Chinese Chew Hoon Chang, who plays the rare butterfly, or moon harp, which must be re-tuned for each change of key. Chew Hoon Chang also plays a Chinese bamboo flute. Bird sounds are both real and imitative.

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION R/SR-809 Jack Burger - Let's Play Congas

NEED PHOTO R/SR-810 Los Tres Caballeros - T Town! [1958]

El Curito Celacruz/Mexican Hat Dance/The Continental/Maracaibo//
El Relicario/Espagna Cani/Tico Tico/Cune Enamorada

NEED PHOTO R/SR-811 Bernabe De Moron - Flamenco Espana [1959]

Sevillanas Trianeras/Sequirilla Gitana Moroneria/Soleares Jerezanas/Mosaico Andaluz/Gitaneria Morsica/ Fandango De Alonso/Arualami/Granadina/Alegria Por Fiesta

NEED PHOTO R/SR-812 Alirio Diaz - Guitarra de Venezuela [2/59]

Recuerdos De La Alhambra/Dos Valses Venezolanos/Guasa/Cancion/Quirpo/Asturias (Levenda)/ Dos Canciones Populares Catalanas/Minuet/Pavana Y Folia/Sonata/Gavota/Fuga/Variaciones Sobre Un Tema

Arthur Lyman Group  - Legend of Pele R/SR-813 Arthur Lyman Group - Legend of Pele [1959]

Pele/Fire Down Below/Hana Pele/Cumana/Ye Lai Sian/Hana Maui/Scheherazade/76 Trombones/Cubana Chant/Magic Island/ Tropical/Fascination
Liner Notes: The genius of the Arthur Lyman group recreates in music the legend of the Fire Goddess, PELE. Most of the tune titles are appropriate to sequences of the legend, starting with the title tune, PELE. In this, the opening number, you will hear the thunderous roar of a volcanic eruption, with the shrill cries of birds fleeing in the wake of flowing, molten lava. Also heard at the opening and closing is the chanting voice of Pele herself, actually and old, old, centuries-old woman who happily has the power to restore herself to youth and beauty when a romantic situation arises, and of course when she makes one of her appearances such as on this cover


Bahia R/SR-815 Arthur Lyman - Bahia [1959]

Bahia/Jungle Jalopy/Caribbean Nights/Bamboo/Return To Me/Tropical/Voodoo/Quiet Village/Happy/Busy Port/Maui Chime/
Beyond The Reef/Legend Of The Rain

NEED PHOTO R/SR-816 Caballeros - Viva [1959]

NEED PHOTO R/SR-817 Various Artists - Steel Drums [1959]

Zulu Chant/La Paloma/Jungle Cha Cha Cha/Grass Skirt Cha Cha Cha (I Left Her Behind For You)/Native Mambo/Spur Dance/
Fire Down Below/Mary Ann/Out Of My Dreams/Spear Dance Cha Cha Cha

Arthur Lyman - Arthur Lyman on Broadway R/SR-818 Arthur Lyman - Arthur Lyman on Broadway [11/59]

Selections from My Fair Lady, South Pacific, The King and I, and Porgy and Bess

NEED PHOTO R/SR-819 Rene Bloch Orchestra - Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha [1959]

Gema Luis Cisneron/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/Adios Muchachos/Mi China/Always In My Heart/E' Cha Cha/ Harlem Nocturne/Corrazon/De Melon/Cielito Lindo/Glow Worm/Las Chiquillas/Gillette Cha Cha



Taboo, Volume 2 R/SR-822 Arthur Lyman - Taboo, Volume 2 [1960]

Taboo Tu/Ebb Tide/Bablik Ka Rin/Sakura/Moon of Manakoora/Jungle Fantasy/Love Dance/Return to Paradise/ Hi Lili Hi Lo/Mangwani Mpulele/Beautiful Kahana/Koni Au I Ka Wai

HiFi 900 Series:

NEED PHOTO R/SR-901 Steam Train Sounds - Farewell To Steam [10/58]

Los Angeles to San Bernardino//
San Bernardino to Barstow


NEED PHOTO R-1000 Various Artists - Hifi Variety [5/58] mono only LP stereo on reel-to-reel tape, a sampler
Bolero - George Wright/Strip Polka - Harry Zimmerman/Cumana - Bruce Prince-Joseph/Akaka Falls - Arthur Lyman/
The Things We Did Last Summer - Richie Kamuca/Jesusita En Chihuahua - Joe Enos/The Breeze And I - Harry Zimmerman//
Latin Candy - Verlye Mills/Granada - George Wright/China Nights Mambo - Jack Burger/Dill Pickles - Georgie's Varsity Five/
The Way You Looked Last Night - Stan Seltzer/Fantasie-Impromptu - Verlye Mills/Toccata - Richard Purvis

NEED PHOTO L/SL-1001 Bob Florence Band - Bongos, Reeds, Brass [1960]

Green Eyes/Dream Blues In The Night/It Happened In Monterey/So Rare/Clair De Lune/Button Up Your Overcoat/ Theme From Romeo And Juliet/On The Trail/Poor People Of Paris/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/Moonlight On The Ganges

NEED PHOTO L/SL-1002 Harry Zimmerman Orchestra - Bongos, Reeds, Brass, Volume 2 [1961]

Under Paris Skies/Indian Summer/Carnival Of Venice/Sunday/Vaya Con Dios/Girl That I Marry/ On A Little Street In Singapore/Blue Tango/Orchids In The Moonlight/You're The Cream In My Coffee/ In My Solitude/Oh, Susanna/Swanee River


Percussion Spectacular Arthur Lyman - Yellow Bird
L/SL-1004 Arthur Lyman - Yellow Bird [1961] (7-61, #10) [Original title Percussion Spectacular]

Havah Nagilah (S)/Yellow Bird (S)/Bolero (S)/Autumn Leaves (S)/Arrive Derce [Arrivederci] Roma (S)/
Sweet And Lovely (S)//Bamboo Tamboo (S)/Andalusia (S)/Adventures In Paradise (S)/Granada (S)/
September Song (S)/John Henry (S)

Colorful Percussion's of Arthur Lyman L/SL-1005 Arthur Lyman - Colorful Percussion's of Arthur Lyman [1962]

Theme From Exodus/Carabunta/Never On Sunday/Blue Hawaii/Rhumba Rhapsody/Red Sails In The Sunset/Wreck Of The John B/ Tangi Tika/Geisha Waltz/Moanin'

NEED PHOTO L/SL-1006 George Wright - Command Performance [1962]

Jalousie/Tenderly/Night And Day/No Two People/I Dream Too Much/Wonderful Copenhagen/Bolero/While We're Young/ Eastern Romance/Because You're Mine/Moon Song/Birth Of Passion Waltz

NEED PHOTO L/SL-1007 Arthur Lyman - The Many Moods of Arthur Lyman [1962]

Sicilian Holiday/Jungle Flower/Anna/Love Theme From El Cid/Babalu/Something Wonderful/March Of The Siamese Children/
Pua Moiole/America (from West Side Story)/Ka Anoi/Londonderry Air/Planting Rice

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1008 George Wright - George Wright Original [1963]

I Wish You Love Love For Sale
L/SL-1009 Arthur Lyman - I Wish You Love [1963] [Also issued as Love For Sale!]

Love Song From Mutiny On The Bounty (S)/I Wish You Love (S)/Love For Sale (S)/Pagan Love Song (S)/
Love (S)/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (S)//Love Dance (S)/Secret Love (S)/To You My Love (S)/
Sentimental Journey (S)/When I Fall In Love (S)/It's So Right To Love (S)

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1010 Arthur Lyman - Cotton Fields [1963]

Jungle Drums/Greensleeves/Walk On The Wild Side/Limbo Rock (Bossa Nova)/This Is My Beloved/
Hawaiian War Chant (Bossa Nova)/ Cotton Fields/Singing Bamboo/Brazil (Bossa Nova)/Little Girl Blue/Scarlet Ribbons/
I Ainít Down Yet

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1011 George Wright - Sweet and Low [1963]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1012 Rene Paulo - Heat Wave [1963]


Arthur Lyman  - Blowin' in the Wind L/SL-1014 Arthur Lyman - Blowin' In The Wind [1963]

Railroad/Blowiní In The Wind/Edenís Island/Arri Rang/Heís Gone Away/Arthurís Line/Brazilleros (Bossa Nova)/
My Coloring Book/Watermelon Man/Fantasia Mexicana/Sweet Someone/Suzyís Waltz
Liner Notes: In the recording of this album, something new and startling has been added Ė a new dimension to the monophonic version called 3 D MONO sound. Everyone now knows what stereo is and what it sounds like. Also known is that mono sound, by comparison, lacks perspective and depth. Here for the first time, and exclusively on this label, you will now hear from the monaural recording a "3rd dimension". You will hear placement of the instruments as they were recorded, with piano to the left, vibes to the right, drums to the rear, and bass in the middle, NATURALLY and THRU ONLY ONE SPEAKER! Now, spectacular realism can be heard from conventional mono playback, lacking only the extreme separation popularly desired from the usual stereo playback. Listen and compare Ė itís great!

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1015 George Wright - Tibia and Vox [1965]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1016 Gus Jansen - Happy Hammond [1964]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1017 Folkniks - Sound of Twelve-String Guitar and Banjo [1964]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1018 Arthur Lyman - Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) [1963]

Silent Night/Joy To The World, Mele Kalikimaka/Jingle Bells/Maryís Boy Child/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/
White Christmas/We Three Kings/Winter Wonderland/Silver Bells/O Holy Night/Sleigh Ride/Christmas Song/Little Drummer Boy
Arthur Lyman presents Hawaiian versions of holiday classics in this Exotica Christmas album. With his trademark use of exotic instrumentation, including vibes, marimba, ukelele, silver bells and conch shells, Lyman delivers a festive aural mai-tai sure to evoke surfing santas and ornament laden palms swaying in the tropical December breeze. This album was remixed and remastered from the original three-track master tapes and issued on compact disc Christmas of 1996. The cover art and track listings are different on the CD release but otherwise this long-out-of-print collection never sounded better

Rene Paulo - Whispering Sands L/SL-1019 Rene Paulo - Whispering Sands [1964]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1020 Cherry Hill Singers - Cherry Hill Singers [1964]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1021 Troy Walker - Troy Walker Recorded Live [1964]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1022 Bill Irwin - Seduction [1964]

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1023 Arthur Lyman - Isle of Enchantment [1964]

Isle Of Enchantment/Charade/Orange Tamore/The High And The Mighty/Isa Lei/Swinginí Shepherd Blues/Guadalajara/ The Proposal/
Sho Joji/Koko Ni Sachiari/Lei Aloha Lei Makami/Et Maintenant
An 11-foot Baldwin Concert Grand Piano was used in this recording. Liner Notes: If you wish to escape the pressures and tensions of sophisticated commercialism, daily hypnosis of television, undercurrents of social and political tidal waves, then follow the sun to islands in the Pacific and find your peace in the trade winds of Polynesia and relaxed friendliness in Hawaii. More and more the searching traveler seems to find in the Hawaiian Islands an intangible but real elixer which rejuvenates the mind, body and spirit.

Arthur Lyman - Call of the Midnight Sun L/SL-1024 Arthur Lyman - Call of the Midnight Sun [1964]

Hello Dolly/A Maile Lei For Your Hair/Midnight Sun/Room Without Windows/500 Miles/People/Black Orchid/Hamabe No Uta/
The Girl From Ipanema/Day And Night/Black Is The Color Of My True Loveís Hair/Get Me To The Church On Time
Cover Photograph by Richard Garcia, Camera Hawaii

Arthur Lyman - Hawaiian Sunset, Volume 2 L/SL-1025 Arthur Lyman - Hawaiian Sunset, Volume 2 [1965]

Blue Hawaii/Beyond The Reef/Sea Breeze/Singing Bamboo/Pua Maeole/Red Sails In The Sunset/Kalua/Lei Aloha Makima/
South Pacific Moonlight/Sweet Someone/Beautiful Kahana/Honolulu Nites
Liner Notes: Hawaiian Sunset, as the title says, is dreamier, more reflective music from those famed islands of the Pacific. Complete with the actual sounds of the surf, from the island of Oahu, the music of this album will pleasantly create for you the languorous illusion of gleaming white sand, waving coconut palms, and rolling bluer-than-blue waves Ė all sun drenched through a cloudless sky. With the further help of only one mai-tai you can be THERE!

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1026 Rene Paulo - Presenting Rene Paulo [1965]

Arthur Lyman - Polynesia L/SL-1027 Arthur Lyman - Polynesia [1965]

Afro Blues/One Night In Tokyo/Waltzing Matilda/Malaguena Salerosa/Drifting Sampan/More/Polynesia/Bauna Toshi/
Donít Rain On My Parade/Kamakani Kaili Aloha/Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Hawaii Tattoo
Liner Notes: The Arthur Lyman Group has recorded here authentic Hawaiian and other Polynesian numbers, as well as exotic polynesian arrangements of familiar standards and current popular melodies. While this album was being recorded, the death of Sir Winston Churchill was announced to the world. It is said that the song "Waltzing Matilda", of Australian origin, was a favorite of Sir Winstonís. In humble sincerity, Arthur Lyman has dedicated the playing of "Waltzing Matilda" to the everlasting honored memory of Sir Winston Churchill. Arthurís arrangement starts quietly, builds to a dramatic climax with drum rolls remindful of artillery fire, and then fades into the distance. Cover Photograph by Werner Stoy, Camera Hawaii



Arthur Lyman - Arthur Lyman's Greatest Hits L/SL-1030 Arthur Lyman - Arthur Lyman's Greatest Hits [09/1965]

Taboo (S)/Love For Sale (S)/Jungle Drums (S)/Black Orchid (S)/Afro Blue (S)/Bwana-A (S)//
Yellow Bird (S)/Cotton Fields (S)/Blue Hawaii (S)/Midnight Sun (S)/Hawaii Tatoo (S)/Pele (S)

Arthur Lyman - Lyman '66 L/SL-1031 Arthur Lyman - Lyman '66 [1965]

Lemon Tree/Taste Of Honey/Fiddler On The Roof/Dear Heart/Only Yesterday/Medley From Mary Poppins/Kon Tiki/
The (Jungle) Cat/The Boy From Laupahoehoe/Waimea Cowboy/Ports Of Paradise/Bird Train

Billy Strange - Strange Country L/SL-1032 Billy Strange - Strange Country [1966]

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Guitar Country/Allentown Jail/Tom Cat/If I Were Free/Strange Country//
Daddy Roll 'Em/Sing Hallelujah/Green, Green/Stranger in Your Town/Doesn't Anybody Know My Name/Sangaree

NEED PHOTO and INFORMATION L/SL-1033 Arthur Lyman - Shadow Of Your Smile [1966]

Iíll Remember You/Zorba The Greek/Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes)/E Lei Ka Lei Lei (The Beach Party Song)/
Sound Of Music Medley/Marobi/Imua Kamehameha/Yesterday/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Kamalani O Keaukaha/Hang On Sloopy
Liner Notes: Much of the success of the Arthur Lyman group can be traced to Arthurís father, who literally forced his son to learn to play the vibraharp and marimba by locking him in a room with a phonograph and records with which to play along

Arthur Lyman - Aloha, Amigo L/SL-1034 Arthur Lyman - Aloha, Amigo [1966]

Bim Bam Boom/My Shawl/Malaguena/Carmen Carmella/Tango Of The Roses/Cumana/La Paloma/La Cumparsa/Babalu/Espana/
Cover Design and Photography ó Ed Francis. Models ó Sally Ceder and Mike Dorame - Backgrounds ó The Islander Restaurant 385 N. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, California

Arthur Lyman - Ilikai L/SL-1035 Arthur Lyman - Ilikai [1967]

Ainít No Big Thing/Born Free/Shells/Lahaina Luna/Clair De Lune/Ilikai/The Work Song/Tiny Bubbles/Laraís Theme/
I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Upon A Lonely Beach, La Bomba
Recorded in the Grand Ballroom of the Ilikai Hotel on Hawaiiís Waikiki Beach - Liner Notes: They had recently signed a long term agreement to play several months each year at the new Canoe House. Cover Photo ó Werner Stoy, Camera Hawaii

Arthur Lyman - Arthur Lyman at the Port of Los Angeles L/SL-1036 Arthur Lyman - Arthur Lyman at the Port of Los Angeles [1967]

Busy Point/Red Sails In The Sunset/Sea Breeze/Edd Tide/Theme From Mutiny On The Bounty/One Night In Nogaya/ Harbor Lights/Theme From The Sandpipers/Quiet Village/South Pacific

Arthur Lyman - Latitude 20 L/SL-1037 Arthur Lyman - Latitude 20 [1968]

Latitude 20/Hawaii/The Day The Fish Came Out/Manha de Carnaval/Island In The Sun/Maori Flea/Ode To Billy Joe/Our Song/ Wunderbar/Iíll Take You Home Again Kathleen/Alfie/The Days Of My Youth
This album includes Arthurís first vocal efforts, a dedication to his daughter Kapiolani. Also a special thanks to Hop Luie Woo for the use of the hall, where the recording was made, "Latitude 20", 3901 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, California

Arthur Lyman - Aphrodesia L/SL-1038 Arthur Lyman - Aphrodesia [1968]

Aphrodisia/Billy Boy/Sunny/Old Plantation/Mexico/Mas Que Nada/One PaddleóTwo Paddle/O O/All My Trials/Kyoto/
Kuu Ipo Ika Hee/Goiní Out My Head
Liner Notes: The entry to the Canoe House is refreshingly cool, with thatched canopy, colorful foliage, giant Piiís and Tikiís. There are two raised sections of the Canoe House, and one is a stage for the Exotic Music of Arthur Lyman, with Harold Chang, Clem Low and Archie Grant utilizing an assortment of instruments to weave rhythms that are insistent and hypnotic Ė with a delicate, haunting sound that none can match and stimulates the senses like an aphrodisiac

Arthur Lyman - Winner's Circle L/SL-1039 Arthur Lyman - Winner's Circle [1968] Released June 1969

The Windmills Of Your Mind/Talk To The Animals/Mrs. Robinson/Love Is Blue/Those Were The Days/
With A Little Help From My Friends/Camelot, Sunrise Sunset/The Look Of Love/Honey/The Sound Of Silence

Arthur Lyman - Today's Greatest Hits L/SL-1040 Arthur Lyman - Today's Greatest Hits [1968]

Everybody's Talking/Midnight Cowboy/Hawaii 50/Aquarius/Abergavenny/Spinning Wheel/Good Morning Starshine/
Theme from A Summer Place/Hey Jude/California Summer/Love Theme from "Romeo And Juliet"

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