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Started in 1890 Emile Berliner, this British record label, HMV, for His Masters Voice, used the famous dog and trumpet logo on it's label. As a result of a business agreement with Consolidated Talking Machine Company of America started by Eldridge Reeves Johnson, was a holding company set up over The United States Gramophone Company, which controlled the Berliner patents, patents for the flat disc (platters), and The Berliner Gramophone Company of Philadelphia, which was the manufacturing company for the machines that played them.

Consolidated was started because Mr. Johnson had made an improved spring action for the gramophone and Emile Berliner,on your right, owner and patentholder, ask Mr. Johnson to product the playing machines.

It was not a new enterprise, but a merger of the interests of Mr. Johnson with those of the Consolidated Talking Machine Company of America. The Victor Talking Machine Company, was incorporated on October 3, 1901. It would later become R C A Victor (1927), perhaps THE most important American recording company during the 78 rpm era.

Emile Berliner (United States Gramophone Company) engaged Eldridge R. Johnson, head of the Victor Company, to produce his gram-o-phone. It was to be marketed as the "Victrola." Berliner had to ask the court to have Johnson stop marketing disc with the name Gram-o-phone on them. On March 1, 1901, the courts ordered Johnson not to use the word "Gram-o-phone" on his products. The result was the Improved Record label, which dropped the Consolidated Talking Machine Company's name. The new label now had a notice of intent "This record is leased for the purpose of producing sound directly from the record, and for no other purpose; any attempt at copying or counterfeiting will be construed as a violation of this condition and a basis for legal proceedings."

The short of it is that Berliner started in the UK what was to become a icon under another name in the U.S. and the World.

HMV - had always been primarily a classical label and created its own roster of pop acts which included Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, Manfred Mann and The Swinging Blue Jeans. The label itself followed the same format as other EMI labels Columbia and Parlophone.


We are always working to get YOU a complete list of HMV ALP-1142 Alfred Cortot - Schumann Carnival/Etues Sym

Need Photo CLP 1159 Josh White - Josh White Stories, Volume 1 [Same as 1956 ABC-124 issue] [1958]
Boll Weevil/Watercress/What You Gonna Do/I'm a Mean Mistreater/Frankie and Johnny/House of the Rising Sun/Dupree/
Cotton Eyed Joe/Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out/When I Lay Down/Hard Time Blues/He Never Said a Mumblin' Word
Various Artists - A Jug of Punch CLP 1327 Various Artists - A Jug of Punch [UK] [1960]
Jimmie MacGregor: Nancy Whiskey/Shirley Collins: Higher Germanie/Frank McPeake: Monaghan Fair / Irish Reel/
Steve Benbow: I Don't Mind If I Do/Bob and Ron Copper: Twankydillo/Isabel Sutherland: The Beggar Wench/
Seamus Ennis: Brian O'Linn/Frank Purslow: Ratcliffe Highway/Steve Benbow: Jack Tar on the Shore//
Isabel Sutherland: The Light Bob's Lassie/Seamus Ennis: Football Crazy/Frank Purslow: Bold Robinson/
Steve Benbow: The Sugar Ray Robinson--Randolph Turpin Fight/Shirley Collins: The Horse Named Bill/
Bob Copper: When the Old Dun Cow Caught Fire/Jimmie MacGregor: Grat for Gruel/Frank McPeake: The Jug of Punch/
Steve Benbow: Jack Hall

Various Artists - A Pinch of Salt CLP 1362 Various Artists - A Pinch of Salt [UK] [1960]
Cyril Tawney: On a British Submarine/Bob Roberts: Maggie May/Isabel Sutherland: The Handsome Cabin-Boy/
Seamus Ennis: The Mary Anne McHugh/Steve Benbow: Santy Anno/Shirley Collins: My Bonny, Bonny Boy/
Bob and Ron Copper: The Banks of Claudy/Steve Benbow: Jack Went A-Sailing//
Seamus Ennis: Fine Girl You Are (The Holy Ground)/Jimmie MacGregor: Henry Martin/Shirley Collins: Long Years Ago/
Fred Dallas: The Arbroath Tragedy/Steve Benbow: Paddy and the Whale/Isabel Sutherland: The Bleacher Lassie o' Kelvinhaugh/
Cyril Tawney: Tom's Gone to Hilo/Bob Roberts: Time for Us to Leave Her
Various Artists - Folk Song Today DLP 1143 Various Artists - Folk Song Today [10" LP] [UK] [1955]
Rory and Alex McEwen: Bonnie George Campbell/John Macdonald: The Haughs of Cromdale/Jean Robertson: My Son David/
Davy Stewart: The Barnyards o' Delgaty/Frank McPeake and Son: Will You Go, Lassie Go?//
Fred Lawson: Dance to th' Daddie/Bob Roberts: High Barbaree/Shirley Collins: Dabbling in the Dew/Harry Cox: The Foggy Dew/
Bob and Ron Copper: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Need Photo and Information DLP 1204 Various Artists - Rocket Along [UK] [1960]

Need Photo and Information RLS 599 Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, Vol. 1: Limited edition


Bob Roberts, Bob and Ron Copper, Davy Stewart, Fred Lawson, Frank McPeake and Son, Glenn Miller,
Harry Cox, Jean Robertson, Josh White, Rory and Alex McEwen, Shirley Collins

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