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Label Number - Artist - Album title [Issue Date when known]
/ Between songs // other side (when known)

(e)(S) behind the number means is was electrically produce to sound like a Hi-Fi or Stereo recording.

This list is incomplete

12-inch Lp series starts with black label, "Lp"

Benny Goodman: Combos GL 500 Benny Goodman Quintet, Sextet, & Septet - Benny Goodman: Combos [9-7-1951][ Also issued on EP set B-350 ]
After You've Gone/Stardust/Benny's Bugle/On The Alamo/Shivers/Slipped Disc//
A Smo-o-o-oth One/AC-DC Current/Liza/As Long As I Live/Breakfast Feud/Gilly

Benny Goodman: Bands GL 501 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Benny Goodman: Bands [9-7-1951]

NEED PHOTO GL 502 John Kirby - John Kirby and His Orchestra [10-19-1951]

NEED PHOTO GL 503 Bessie Smith - The Bessie Smith Story, Volume I [11-16-1951]

NEED PHOTO GL 504 Bessie Smith - The Bessie Smith Story, Volume II [11-16-1951]

NEED PHOTO GL 505 Bessie Smith - The Bessie Smith Story, Volume III [11-16-1951]

NEED PHOTO GL 506 Bessie Smith - The Bessie Smith Story, Volume IV [11-16-1951]

The Bix Biederbecke Story, Volume I: Bix and His Gang GL 507 Bix Biederbecke - The Bix Biederbecke Story, Volume I: Bix and His Gang [3-21-1952]
The Jazz Me Blues/Louisiana/Sorry/Thou Swell/Ol' Man River/Somebody Stole My Gal//
At The Jazz Band Ball/Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down/Wa-Da-Da/Goose Pimples/Rhythm King

NEED PHOTO GL 508 Bix Biederbecke - The Bix Biederbecke Story, Volume II: Bix and Tram [3-21-1952]

NEED PHOTO GL 509 Bix Biederbecke - The Bix Biederbecke Story, Volume III: Whiteman Days [3-21-1952]

NEED PHOTO GL 510 Columbia Salon Orchestra - Quiet Music, Volume I: Serenade [5-9-1952][ Also issued on EP B-1680 ]
Clair De Lune/Blue Danube Waltz/Tuica/La Paloma/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/Minuet In G//
Spring Song/Bright Shines The Moon/La Rayuela/Speak To Me Of Love/No Longer Does The Dawn Caress Me/Schubert's Serenade

NEED PHOTO GL 511 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume II: Romance [5-9-1952] [ Also issued on EP B-1711 ]
Laura - Dell Trio/Sleeping Beauty Waltz - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Pantomime (El Amor Brujo) - Lionel McMorrow/ Serenade - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Sufriendo - Humberto Morales & His Rhythm/ Roses Of Picardy - Columbia Salon Orchestra//Alt Wein - Lionel McMorrow/Toselli's Serenade - Columbia Salon Orchestra/ Charmaine - Don Baker/Neapolitan Nights - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Southern Roses - Columbia Salon Orchestra/ Diane - Don Baker/Sarba Calului - Columbia Salon Orchestra

NEED PHOTO GL 512 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume III [5-9-1952]
Dark Eyes - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Valse Sentimentale - Lionel McMorrow/
Tango Du Reve/Trees/Serenade Espagnole - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
Lover Come Back To Me - Al Goodman & His Orchestra // To A Wild Rose/Artist's Life/Serenade/Glow Worm/
Berceuse/Country Gardens - Columbia Salon Orchestra

NEED PHOTO GL 513 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume IV: Nocturne [5-9-1952]
Nocturne - Lionel McMorrow/Avalon - Al Goodman & His Orchestra/Entr'acte Gavotte - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
Melody In F/Two Hearts In Thre-Quarter Time - Columbia Salon Orchestra/September Song - Dell Trio//
From The Land Of The Sky Blue Water/Oh Those Dark Eyes/Emperor Waltz/A Musical Snuff-Box/Sentimiento Gaucho/
In A Persian Market - Columbia Salon Orchestra

NEED PHOTO GL 514 Marek Weber - Quiet Music, Volume V: A Marek Weber Musicale [5-9-1952]
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Die Fledermaus Medley/Souvenir/The Fireplace/Uchar Kupiec/I Am Sorry/
Caucasian Love Song/L'Amour Toujours L'Amour//Countess Maritza Medley/Two Guitars/Kasbek/Birch Tree In The Meadow/
Songs My Mother Taught Me/Gypsy Baron Medley/The Old Refrain/The Student Prince Medley

NEED PHOTO GL 515 Xavier Cugat - Quiet Music, Volume VI: Relaxing with Cugat [5-9-1952]
Play Fiddle Play/Spanish Dance/Palabras De Mujer/Tell Me Why/On An Island With You/Danse Arabe//
Intermezzo/Francesca/Temptation/Jesusita/Adios Mariquita Linda/Greek Bolero

NEED PHOTO GL 516 Benny Goodman Trio - Benny Goodman Trio Plays for the Fletcher Henderson Fund [7-18-1952]
[ Also issued as EP set B-353 ]
China Boy/Body And Soul/Runnin' Wild/On The Sunny Side Of The Street/After You've Gone/Basin Street Blues//
Rose Room/Honeysuckle Rose/I Found A New Baby/One O'Clock Jump, Parts 1 & 2

NEED PHOTO GL 517 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume VII: Moonlight [11-21-1952]
When I Grow Too Old To Dream - Al Goodman & His Orchestra/Serenade - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
A Perfect Day - Al Goodman/Missouri Waltz - Al Goodman/La Seduccion - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
My Little Grey Home In The West - Al Goodman // The Desert Song - Al Goodman/Tea For Two - Meyer Davis/
I Know What I Want - Oscar Straus & Columbia Concert Orchestra/Count Of Luxembourg Medley - Al Goodman/
Procession Of The Sardar - Columbia Salon Orchestra/That Naughty Waltz - Al Goodman

NEED PHOTO GL 518 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume VIII: Dream [11-21-1952]
One Alone - Al Goodman/Time On My Hands - Meyer Davis/When A Girl Becomes A Woman - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
Entr'acte And Letter Intermezzo - Oscar Straus & Columbia Concert Orchestra/Estudiantina;/Deep In My Heart Dear - Al Goodman //
Minuet No. 2 In G - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Funeral March Of A Marionette - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Waltz Dream - Al Goodman/
Nocturnal Piece - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Merry Widow Medley - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Will You Remember - Al Goodman

NEED PHOTO GL 519 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume IX [11-21-52]
Roses Of Picardy - Al Goodman/Beautiful Ohio - Al Goodman/Salut D'Amour - Marek Weber/
There Are Things One Must Forget - Oscar Straus & Columbia Concert Orchestra/One Kiss - Al Goodman/
Funiculi Funicula - Columbia Salon Orchestra // Humoresque - Marek Weber & His Orchestra/
Cavatina/Celebrated Minuet - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Till We Meet Again - Al Goodman & His Orchestra/
In A Monastery Garden - Columbia Salon Orchestra/My Hero - Oscar Strauss & Columbia Concert Orchestra

NEED PHOTO GL 520 Bunk Johnson & His Band - The Last testament of a Great New Orleans Jazzman [12-5-52]

The Entertainer/Chloe/The Minstrel Man/You're Driving Me Crazy/Someday/Till We Meet Again/That Teasin' Rag/
Out Of Nowhere/Kinklets/Some Of These Days/Hilarity Rag/Marie Elena

NEED PHOTO GL 521/CL 521 Various Artists - Arthur Godfrey's TV Calendar Show [2-23-53] [ Also issued on EP set B-355 ]
Look Ahead - Mariners/I'm In Love Again - Marion Marlowe/It's The Irish In Me - Frank Parker/
Easter In Waikiki - Haleloke & Arthur Godfrey/If It Wasn't For Your Father - Arthur Godfrey & Chordettes/
Everything That's Yours Is Mine - Janette Davis & Julius LaRosa // Rockaway Beach - Lu Ann Simms/
Summer's Symphony - Julius LaRosa/It's Autumn Again - Marion Marlowe & Frank Parker/Give A Cheer - Janette Davis/
Appreciation/The First Snow Of Winter/Look Ahead - Arthur Godfrey

NEED PHOTO GL 522/CL 522 Harry James and His Orchestra - One Night Stand [4-3-53] [ Also issued on EP sets B-385 and B-390 ]

Ultra/Blues From "An American In Paris"/Mam Bongo/Memphis Blues/The Flight Of The Bumble Bee/There They Go//
Jackpot Blues/You Go To My Head/Don't Stop/Feet Draggin' Blues/Back Beat Boogie

NEED PHOTO GL 523/CL 523 Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman Presents Eddie Sauter Arrangements [5-1-1953]
[ Also issued on EP set B-356 ]

Moonlight on the Ganges/More Than You Know/Love Walked In/Tangerine/That's The Way It Goes/La Rosita//
Ramona/Not A Care In The World/Intermezzo/'Tis Autumn/Warm As Spring/Superman

NEED PHOTO GL 524/CL 524 Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman Presents Fletcher Henderson Arrangements [5-1-1953]
[Also issued on EP set B-357 ]
Honeysuckle Rose/I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again [vocal by Helen Ward] (hi-fi)/Somebody Stole My Gal/Frenesi/
Just You Just Me/Stealin' Apples // What A Little Moonlight Can Do [vocal by Helen Ward] (hi-fi)/Night and Day/
Crazy Rhythm/You're A Heavenly Thing [vocal by Helen Ward] (hi-fi)/Can't You Tell?/Henderson Stomp

Series switches to a red label and the CL prefix

Percy Faith Plays Continental Music CL 525 Percy Faith - Percy Faith Plays Continental Music [8-31-53]
[ Also issued on EP set B-371 and EPs B-1781 and B-1805 ]

Mademoiselle De Paree/Symphony/Vola Colomba/In Love/Suddenly/Petite Bolero//
La Ronde/Many Times/If You Said Goodbye/April In Portugal/Under The Bridges Of Paris/Sympatico

Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music CL 526 Percy Faith - Percy Faith Plays Romantic Music [8-31-53] [ Also issued on EP sets B-255 and B-379 ]

While We're Young/I'll Take Romance/Invitation/The Girl That I Marry/Valse Huguette/If I Loved You//
Carousel Waltz/Easy To Love/One Night Of Love/When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love/Caress/Beautiful Love

Mood Music By Paul Weston CL 527 Paul Weston - Mood Music By Paul Weston [11-2-53] [ Also issued on EP set B-389 ]

When Your Lover Has Gone/My Silent Love/I'll Follow My Secret heart/Moon Song/Yesterdays/One Night Of Love/
Under A Blanket Of Blue/Stardust/All Alone/Then I'll Be Tired Of You/What'll I Do/Among My Souvenirs

Dream Time Music By Paul Weston CL 528 Paul Weston - Dream Time Music By Paul Weston [11-2-53][ Also issued on EP set B-380 ]

S'Posin'/Over The Rainbow/I'll See You Again/Embraceable You/This Can't Be Love/Together/How High The Moon/
You Were Meant For Me/Wonderful One/Why Shouldn't I/Sweethearts/Pennies From Heaven

Pop Concert CL 529 Ray Martin - Pop Concert [8-31-53]

Blue Tango/Saluting Johann Strauss/Marching Strings/Dream Of Yesterday/The Waltzing Cat/Hora Staccato/
Moonfleet/Belle Of The Ball/Baia The Whistling Gypsy/Blue Violins/Piccadilly Hoe-Down

NEED PHOTO CL 530 Alexander Schneider - Viennese Memories [11-2-53] [ Also issued as EP set B-375 ]

Beautiful May/Emperor Waltz/Artist's Life/First And Last/New Vienna Solon/The Inseparables'/
My Life Is Love And Pleasure/Court Ball Dancers/Night Waltz/Pulse Of Life/Viennese Waltz/Coronation Waltz/
The Mozartian Waltzes

Frankie Carle's Piano Party CL 531 Frankie Carle - Frankie Carle's Piano Party [8-31-53] [ Also issued on EP set B-387 ]

Sunrise Serenade-A Lover's Lullaby/Charmaine/After You've Gone/The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else/I'll Get By/
Swingig' Down The Lane//I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Runnin' Wild/Sweet And Lovely/Rose Room/Hindustan/
Penthouse Serenade

NEED PHOTO CL 532 Various Artists - Quiet Music, Volume X [8-31-53]
Stardust - Sonny Kendis & His Orchestra/Three O'Clock In The Morning - Al Goodman & His Orchestra/
Serenade - Wladimir Selinsky & His String Ensemble/The Skaters - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
Pale Moon - Columbia Salon Orchestra/Sari - Al Goodman & His Orchestra // Without A Song - Meyer Davis & His Orchestra/
Carmen Sylva - Al Goodman & His Orchestra/By The Waters Of The Minnetonka - Columbia Salon Orchestra/
Estrellita - Columbia Salon Orchestra/You And You (Du Und Du) - Al Goodman/Traumerei - Columbia Salon Orchestra

Dance the Fox Trot CL 533 Various Orchestras - Dance the Fox Trot [8-31-53] [ Also issued as EPs B-1745 and B-1746 ]
Harlem Nocturne - Dick Jurgens/I'm Beginning To See The Light - Harry James [vocal by Kitty Kallen]/
On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Tony Pastor/You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me - Tony Pastor/
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Les Brown/Coquette - George Siravo // Deep Purple - Hal McIntyre/
Goosey Gander - Woody Herman/Time On My Hands - Tony Pastor/You're Driving Me Crazy - Tony Pastor/
Linda - Ray Noble [vocal by Buddy Clark]/Girl Of My Dreams - Sammy Kaye

Benny Goodman CL 534 Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman & His Orchestra [8-31-53]
[ Also issued on EP set B-531 ]

Six Flats Unfurnished/Idaho/How High The Moon/The Earl/Scatterbrain/Mission To Moscow//
Clarinade/The Hour Of Parting/The Man I Love/At The Darktown Strutters' Ball/Cocoanut Grove/Jumpin' At The Woodside

Erroll Garner CL 535 Erroll Garner - Erroll Garner [11-2-53]
[ Also issued on EPs B-1656 and B-1678 ]

Caravan/No Greater Love/Avalon//
Lullaby Of Birdland/Memories Of You/Will You Still Be Mine?

Sophisticated Swing CL 536 Les Elgart - Sophisticated Swing [11-2-53]
[ Also issued on EP set B-382 and EP B-1820 ]

Sophisticated Swing/The Gang That Sang "Heart of My Heart"/Bendix Bounce/Soon/The Weasel Pops Off/Geronimo//
I Never Knew/Why Don't You Fall in Love With Me?/Comin' Through The Scotch/Sophisticated Lady/The Turtle Walk/Time To Go

Dance with Cugat CL 537 Xavier Cugat - Dance with Cugat [11-2-53]
[ Also issued on EP set B-384 ]

Oye Negra/El Choclo/Cuba Lire/Begin The Beguine/El Marijuano/Touradas En Madrid//
Babalu/Bim Bam Bum/Nightengale/Good, Good, Good/I'll Never Love Again/Jarabe Tapitio

Hawaiian Holiday CL 538 Hal Aloma & His Hawaiians - Hawaiian Holiday [11-2-53]
[ Also issued on EP set B-374 and EP B-1848 ]

Song Of The Islands/Wei O Minnehaha/King's Serenade/Mauna Kea/Liliu E/Ke Kali Nei Au/My Little Grass Shack/Tahiti/
Sweet Leilani/Blue Hawaii/Hawaiian War Chant/Lokelani/Maui Chimes/Aloha Oe

Dance with Les Brown CL 539 Les Brown & His Orchestra - Dance with Les Brown [1-25-54] [ Also issued on EP set B-383 and EP B-1816 ]

People Will Say We're In Love/The Deevil Devil Divil/Star Dust/Where's Pres/Rock Me To Sleep/Lollybop//
Runnin' Around/Down On Fifty-Second Street/Ever So Lightly/I'd Rather Be With You/Coastin' Along/On The Beach At Waikiki

Christmas with Arthur Godfrey and All the Little Godfreys CL 540 Various Artists - Christmas with Arthur Godfrey and All the Little Godfreys [10-26-53]
[ Also issued on EP set B-348 and 78-rpm set C-348, and EPs B-1909, B-1910 and B-1911, and 78rpm set C-348 ]
White Christmas/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/The Christmas Song - Julius LaRosa/Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Mariners/
Mele Kalikimaka - Haleloke/Winter Wonderland - Jeanette Davis/Frosty, The Snowman - McGuire Sisters/
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Mariners/Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly - Mariners/
Here Comes Santa Claus - Lu Ann Simms/Jingle Bells/Adeste Fideles/Silent Night, Holy Night - Marion Marlowe/
The First Nowell/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear - Marion Marlowe & Frank Parker/Away In A Manger/O Holy Night - Frank Parker/
O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Marion Marlowe & Frank Parker/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

NEED PHOTO CL 541 Various Artists - Late Music, Volume I [1-25-54] [ Also issued on EP set B-363 ]
Beautiful Music To Love By - Doris Day/Gigi - Paul Weston/Moonlight In Vermont - Jerri Adams/Poor Butterfly - Benny Goodman/
Autumn Leaves - Martha Lou Harp/I Talk To The Trees - Percy Faith//Moonlight Sonata - Liberace/
Remember Me In Your Dreams - Frank Sinatra/No Other Love - Ferrante & Teicher/My Melancholy Baby - Harry James/
Strangers In The Dark - Xavier Cugat/Close Your Eyes - Rosemary Clooney

NEED PHOTO CL 542 Various Artists - Late Music, Volume II [1-25-54] Also issued on EP set B-364
Indian Summer - Dolf Van Der Linden/Vienna Charms - Wally Berking/Luna Rossa - Henri Leca/
Three O'Clock In The Morning - Boris Sarbek/En Si Bemol - Bernard Joss/These Foolish Things - Geraldo/
Deep Purple - Wally Stott/Beloved Be Faithful - Henri Leca/Dream Of Autumn - Dolf Van Der Linden/
Is It Yes Or No - Raymond Bernard/Tennessee Waltz - Barney Ross/Have Pity - Boris Sarbek

NEED PHOTO CL 543 Various Artists - Late Music, Volume III [1-25-54] [ Also issued on EP set B-365]
Deep Night - Art Van Damme Quintet/Soon - Les Elgart/The Moon Of Manakoora - Dell Trio/Why Can't You Behave - Eadie & Rack/
Lover Man - Claude Thornhill/Without My Lover - Mitch Miller/Moonlight Whispers - Frankie Carle/Galway Bay - Ken Griffin/
Blue Prelude - Sammy Kaye/For Heaven's Sake - Erroll Garner/Falling In Love With Love - Norman Paris Trio/
Enchantment - Otto Cesana

NEED PHOTO CL 544 Art Van Damme Quintet - The Van Damme Sound [4-19-54]
[ Also issued on EP set B-349 ]
Carioca/I'll Remember April/Lullaby Of Broadway/Early Autumn/Ol' Man River/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue//
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart/Thou Swell/Deep Night/Let's Fall In Love/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Tea For Two

NEED PHOTO CL 545 Norman Luboff Choir - Easy to Remember [3-1-54]
[ Also issued as EP set B-373 ]
Love is Here to Stay/Tenderly/It's Easy to Remember/You Go To My Head/Dream/The Way You Look Tonight/
Laura/September in the Rain/Dream a Little Dream of Me/Deep Purple/Penthouse Serenade/Soon

NEED PHOTO CL 546 Turk Murphy & His Jazz Band - When the Saints Go Marching In [3-15-1954]
St. Louis Blues/I Wished I Was In Peoria/TishomingoBlues/Down In Jungle Town/How Come You Do Me Like You Do/
Roll, Jordan, Roll/Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/
Santa Claus Blues/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?/Evolution Mama/When The Saints Go Marching In

Jam Session Coast-to-Coast CL 547 Eddie Condon with His All Stars & Rampart St. Paraders - Jam Session Coast-to-Coast [3-15-1954]
[Also issued on EP set B-396 ]
Eddie Condon: Beale Street Blues/Medley: Emaline-Don't Worry 'Bout Me-I Can't Give You Anything But Love/
Riverboat Shuffle/Medley: Jam Session Blues-Ole Miss//
Rampart Street Paraders: Black And Blue/I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None Of This Jelly Roll/Ja-Da/The Shiek Of Araby/
Squeeze Me/South Rampart Street Parade

NEED PHOTO CL 548 Buck Clayton - The Huckle-Buck and Robbins' Nest: A Buck Clayton Jam Session [3-15-1954]
[Also issued on EP set B-397 and EP B-1836]

Need Information

Chet Baker and Strings CL 549 Chet Baker - Chet Baker and Strings [4-14-1954]
[ Also issued as EP set B-398 ]
You Don't Know What Love Is/I'm Through With Love/Love Walked In/You Better Go Now/I Married An Angel/
Love/I Love You/What A Diff'rence A Day Made/Why Shouldn't I/A Little Duet/The Wind/Tickleydidlier

Kismet CL 550 Percy Faith - Kismet [2-15-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-399 [
Sands Of Time/Stranger In Paradise/Zubbediya, Samari's Dance/He's In Love/Baubles Bangles And Beads/Rhymes Have I//
Rahadlakum/And This Is My Beloved/Fate/Night Of My Nights/Not Since Nineveh/Bazaar Of Caravans

Music Until Midnight CL 551 Mitch Miller with Percy Faith & His Orchestra - Music Until Midnight [1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-372 ]
Nocturne/Duet/Ellen/Elaine/Rosa/The River//
Music Until Midnight/A Waltz For Cynthia/Piece For English Horn/Lina/Edelma/Contrasts

The New Benny Goodman Sextet CL 552 Benny Goodman - The New Benny Goodman Sextet [4-19-1954]
[ Also issued on EPs B-1561, B-1633, and B-1895. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea/East Of The Sun/
Under A Blanket Of Blue/Undecided/I'll Never Be The Same/I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling/How Am I To Know?/
Four Or Five Times/Bye Bye Blues

Trumpet After Midnight CL 553 Harry James & His Orchestra - Trumpet After Midnight [5-3-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-410 '
Autumn Leaves/Judy/The Moon Of Mankoora/How Deep Is The Ocean/Symphony/Moanin' Low/If I Loved You/
I Had The Craziest Dream/Theme For Cynthia/Lush Life/Bess You Is My Woman/I Never Knew

Comedy in Music CL 554 Victor Borge - Comedy in Music [1954]
[ Also issued on EP sets B-420 and B-421 ]
Comedy In Music (Beginning)//
Medley Of Popular Songs-Warsaw Concerto/Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart

I Love Paris CL 555 Michel Legrand - I Love Paris [6-7-1954] [French]
[ Also issued on EP sets B-441 and B-442 ]
I Love Paris/Mademoiselle De Paris/Paris/Autumn Leaves/Under The Bridges Of Paris/La Seine/Paris In The Spring/Paris Canaille/
April In Paris/A Paris/La Vie En Rose/Under Paris Skies/Paris Je T'aime/The Song From Moulin Rouge/The Last Time I Saw Paris/
I Love Paris (Reprise)

Holiday in Vienna CL 556 Alexander Schneider - Holiday in Vienna [6-7-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-417 ]
Enjoy Your Life/Schonbrunner Waltz/The Triflers/Oracles/The Romantics/Secret Magnetic Forces/Nostalgia//
Sperl Polka/Fortuna Polka/Ladies Souvenir/The Sylphs/Piefke And Pottle Polka/Country Dances/Evening Star Waltz

Jam Session at Carnegie Hall CL 557 Mel Powell & His All-Stars featuring Gene Krupa & Buck Clayton - Jam Session at Carnegie Hall [7-5-74]
[ Also issued on EP set B-412 ]
I Found A New Baby/When Day Is Done/Lighthouse Blues/After You've Gone

The Music of Duke Ellington Played By Duke Ellington CL 558 Duke Ellington - The Music of Duke Ellington Played By Duke Ellington [7-19-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-424 and EP B-1819 ]
The New St. Louis Toodle-O/The New Black And Tan Fantasy/The Creole Love Call/The Mooche/Mood Indigo/Sophisticated Lady//
Solitude/In A Sentimental Mood/Caravan/I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart/Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me/Don't Get Around Much Anymore

The Music of Jelly Roll Morton Played By Turk Murphy and Wally Rose CL 559 Turk Murphy & Wally Rose - The Music of Jelly Roll Morton Played By Turk Murphy and Wally Rose [7-19-1954]
[ Also issued on EP sets B-437 and B-438 ]
London Blues/Shreveport Stomp/Sidewalk Blues/Wild Man Blues/Kansas City Stomps/Sweet Substitute/Frog-I.More Rag/
Tom Cat Blues/Mr. Jelly-Lord/Big Fat Ham/Jelly Roll Blues/Stratford Hunch/Milenberg Joys/35th Street Blues/
New Orleans Blues/The Pearls

NEED PHOTO CL 560 Morton Gould conducting the Rochester "Pops" Orchestra - Symphonic Serenade [8-16-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-425 ]
Suite Of Serenades: Spanish-Chinese-Cuban-Oriental/Badinage/Yesterthoughts/In A Monastery Garden/
In A Persian Market/In A Chinese Temple Garden

NEED PHOTO CL 561 Sammy Kaye - Columbia Dance Party Series: Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye [8-2-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-427 ]
It Isn't Fair/Yes Sir That's My Baby/I'll String Along With You/If You Knew Susie/Gimme A Little Kiss/Daddy//
The Midnight Ride/Guilty/Dixie/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/Sweet Sue-Just You/I Can't Give You Anything But Love

NEED PHOTO CL 562 Harry James - Columbia Dance Party Series: Dancing in Person with Harry James at the Hollywood Palladium [8-2-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-428 ]
Palladium Party/Bye Bye Blues/Please Take A Letter Miss Brown/Ain't She Sweet/Sugar Foot Stomp//
How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me/Moonlight Bay/Midnight Sun/Moanin' Low/Flash

Columbia Dance Party Series: Dancing in Person with Dick Jurgens at the Aragon Ballroom CL 563 Dick Jurgens - Columbia Dance Party Series: Dancing in Person with Dick Jurgens at the Aragon Ballroom [8-2-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-429 ]
Sweet Georgia Brown/Tenderly/Ballin' The Jack/Two Loves Have I/Rhythm Medley: When I Take My Sugar To Tea-All Of Me-Birth Of The Blues/You're My Thrill//
But Not For Me/Perfidia/Alexander's Ragtime Band/September Song/Cumana/Medley: My Melancholy Baby-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams-I'll See You In My Dreams

Columbia Dance Party Series: Square Dancing CL 564 Manning Smith with the Rhythm Outlaws of Texas - Columbia Dance Party Series: Square Dancing [8-2-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-430 ] This was a unique record in that sides 1 with calls and 2 no call
Steel Guitar Rag/Red River Valley/Johnson Rag/Southern Medley/When It's Round-Up Time In Texas/Leather Breeches/
Bitter Creek/Oklahoma Redbird//
Steel Guitar Rag/Red River Valley/Johnson Rag/Southern Medley/When It's Round-Up Time In Texas/Leather Breeches/
Bitter Creek/Oklahoma Redbird

Hula CL 565 Waikiki Hula Boys - Hula [7-5-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-422 ]
King Kamehameha/Makalapua/Hula Oni Oni E/Ua Like No A-Like/The Hukilau Song/Beyond The Reef//
Hawaiian Gourd Chant/Mapuana/Hawaiian Love Chant/Ualani/Lovely Hula Girl/Hawaiian Moon

Jazz Goes to College CL 566 Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Paul Desmond - Jazz Goes to College [6-7-1954]
[ Also issued on EP sets B-435 and B-436 ]
Balcony Rock/Out Of Nowhere/Le Souk//
Take The "A" Train/The Song Is You/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/I Want To Be Happy

NEED PHOTO CL 567 Buck Clayton - How Hi the Fi: A Buck Clayton Jam Session featuring Woody Herman [7-19-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-440 ]
How Hi The Fi [with Woody Herman]/Blue Moon [with Woody Herman]/Sentimental Journey/Moten Swing

NEED PHOTO CL 568 Maurice Chevalier avec Orchestra - Paris Je T'aime [6-21-1954] [French]
[ Also issued on EP set B-443 ] Paris Je T'aime/Paris A Ses 2000 Ans/La Chasse/J'ai Fixe Mon Coeur/Trinque...Trinque/A La Francaise//
Mais Qui Est-ce?/Moi...J'ai Garde/Ah Si Vous Saviez/Peutetre/Peintre En Batiment/Une Canne Et Une Casquette

NEED PHOTO CL 569 Juliette Greco avec Orchestra - St. Germain-des-Pres [6-21-1954] [French]
[ Also issued on EP set B-444 ]
La Belle Vie/A La Belle Etoile/Les Enfants Qui S'aiment/Les Fueilles Mortes/Amours Perdues/Je Hais Les Dimanches//
Barbara Song/Pirate Jenny/Embrasse-Moi/Sous Le Ciel De Paris/Je Suis Comme Je Suis/Je Mens

NEED PHOTO CL 570 Jacqueline Francois avec Orchestra - Mademoiselle de Paris [6-21-1954][French]
[ Also issued on EP set B-445 ]
Mademoiselle De Paris/Tant Tant De Femmes/C'est Pour Moi/Moi Je Dors Pres De La Seine/Utrillo/Paris La Nuit//
Ma Rue Et Moi/Pluie D'etoiles/Jamais Toi Sans Moi/Musique A Personne/La Complainte Des Infideles/La Province Et Mon Coeur

NEED PHOTO CL 571 Patachon avec Orchestra - Montmartre [6-21-1954] [French]
[ Also issued on EP set B-446 ]
La Barbe A Tonton/Le Mal De Paris/Le Gamin De Paris/La Fete Continue/St. Lazare/Rue Lepic//
Le Fiacre/Celui Que J'attends/Va Danser/Les Mandrins De Grenoble/Y A Tant D'amour/La Mariee

NEED PHOTO CL 572 Paul Weston - Carribean Cruise [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-341 ]
Summer Night/Magic Is The Moonlight/Long Ago/When You Wish Upon A Star/Cuban Love Song/Whispers In The Dark//
You Do Something To Me/Let's Fall In Love/Perfidia/The Nearness Of You/What Is There To Say/Adios

NEED PHOTO CL 573 Art Ferrante & Lou Teicher - Hi-Fire Works [9-6-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-416 ]
Oye Negro/Falling In Love With Love/Susanna's Last Stand/Caravan/Blue Moon/Semper Fidelis//
Chopsticks/Tabu/That Old Black Magic/I've Got You Under My Skin/Malagueña/Flight Of The Bumble Bee

NEED PHOTO CL 574 Paul Weston - Music for a Rainy Night [9-6-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-431 ]
I'll Remember April/I See Your Face Before Me/Little Girl Blue/A Garden In The Rain/Dearly Beloved/Soon//
Isn't It Romantic/Fools Rush In/I Can't Get Started/You're Nearer/Day By Day/Why Was I Born

NEED PHOTO CL 575 Liberace - Liberace at the Piano [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued as EP set B-308 and 78rpm set C-308 ]
Stardust/Liebstraum/Carioca/Polish National Dance In E-Flat Minor Op. 47/Easter Parade/Maiden's Wish Samba//
Moonlight Sonata/Warsaw Concerto/As Time Goes By/The Story Of Three Loves/The Rosary/Maleguena

NEED PHOTO CL 576 Marion Marlowe & Frank Parker - Arthur Godfrey's TV Sweethearts [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP sets B-331 and B-344 ]
Take Me In Your Arms/Tenderly/Moonlight And Roses/Hello, Young Lovers/I've Told Ey'ry Little Star/Blue Moon//
I Love You Truly/We Kiss In A Shadow/The Sweetest Story Ever Told/For You/The Man I Love/Make Believe

NEED PHOTO CL 577 Percy Faith - Music from Hollywood [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued as EP set B-376 and EPs B-1692 and B-1693 ]
The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)/Genevieve/Theme From "The Bad And The Beautiful"/Caribbean Night//
Return To Paradise/Invitation/Ruby/The Loveliest Night Of The Year

NEED PHOTO CL 578 Jo Stafford & Frankie Laine - A Musical Portrait of New Orleans [8-9-1954]
Also issued on EP set B-342 ]
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Raminay!/New Orleans/Jambalaya/Lullaby In Rhythm/When It's Sleepy Time Down South//
Floatin' Down To Cotton Town/Make Love To Me/Shrimp Boats/Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans/
The Dixieland Band/Basin Street Blues

NEED PHOTO CL 579 Xavier Cugat - Cugat's Favorite Rhumbas [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP sets B-110 and B-1954 ]
Begin the Beguine/Estrellita/Green Eyes/La Paloma/Yo Ta Namora/Duerme/Say Si Si/La Golondrina/Besame Mucho/
Acercate Mas/Negra Leone/Cielito Lindo

NEED PHOTO CL 580 Morton Gould - Famous Operettas [12-6-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-456 and EP B-1875 ]
The Merry Widow/The Vagabond King/The Cat And The Fiddle/A Watlz Dream/Sari

NEED PHOTO CL 581 Harry James - Soft Lights, Sweet Trumpet [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-296 ]
Serenade In Blue/Manhattan/September In The rain/You Go To My Head/Autumn Serenade/Lovelight//
That Old Feeling/If I'm Lucky/Just A Gigolo/Embraceable You/Moonglow/When The Sun Comes Out

NEED PHOTO CL 582 Harry James with Doris Day - Young Man with a Horn [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-198 ]
I May Be Wrong/The Man I Love/The Very Thought Of You/Pretty Baby/ Melancholy Rhapsody/Would I Love You//
Too Marvelous For Words/Get Happy/I Only Have Eyes For You/Limehouse Blues/With A Song In My Heart/Lullaby Of Broadway

NEED PHOTO CL 583 Erroll Garner - Erroll Garner Gems [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-244 ]
Laura/Indiana/I'm In The Mood For Love/The way You Look Tonight/Penthouse Serenade/Frenesi//
Play Piano Play/Body And Soul/I Cover The Waterfront/Oh Lady Be Good/Mean To Me/Easy To Love

NEED PHOTO CL 584 Jo Stafford - Jo Stafford Sings Broadway's Best [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-328 and EP B-1660 ] Come Rain Or Come Shine/They Say It's Wonderful/My Romance/Dancing In The Dark/Spring Is Here/I'm Your Girl//
Embraceable You/September Song/Something To Remember You By/All The Things You Are/Make The Man Love Me/Night And Day

Hollywood's Best CL 585 Rosemary Clooney & Harry James - Hollywood's Best [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-319 and EPs B-1659 and B-1687 ]
You'll Never Know/On The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe/Ruby/It Might As Well Be Spring/Come On-A My House/
Over The Rainbow/Sweet Leilani/The Continental/Stella By Starlight/When You Wish Upon A Star/
Red Garters/ In The Cool Cool Cool Of The Evening

NEED PHOTO NEED PHOTO CL 586 Ken Griffin - Anniversary Songs [8-9-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-254 ]
The Anniversary Waltz/When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Together/My Happiness/Remember//
Anniversary Song/Because/Wonderful One/It Had To Be You/Always/I Love You Truly

NEED PHOTO CL 587 Liberace - A Musical Journey with George Liberace [9-6-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-492 and EP B-1893 ]
Farandole/Emperor Waltz/Helena Polka/Two Shepherds/Guadalajara/Slavonic Dance//
Madalena/Santa Lucia/The Old Clock Shop/Alouette/May Night/The Stars And Stripes Forever

NEED PHOTO CL 588 Percy Faith - Music of Christmas [9-20-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-453 and EPs B-1903, B-1904, and B-1905 ]
Joy To The World/Silent Night Holy Night/Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear/
Good King Wenceslas/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing//
The First Noel/Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming-O Little Town Of Bethlehem/O Holy Night/
The Holly And The Ivy-Here We Go A-Caroling/God Red Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)

NEED PHOTO CL 589 Liberace - Christmas at Liberace's [11-8-1954]
[ Also issued on EP set B-454 and EPs B-1906, B-1907, and B-1908, and 78rpm set C-454 ]
Santa Claus Medley: Here Comes Santa Claus [Down Santa Claus Lane]-Santa Claus Is Coming to Town-Jingle Bells/
'Twas The Night Before Christmas/The Spirit Of Christmas/Christmas Medley: White Christmas-Jingle Bells-
O Come All Ye Faithful-Silent Night Holy Night/O Holy Night/The Toy Piano//
Sleigh Ride/The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)/Star Bright/The Beauty Of Holiness/Ave Maria/
Gesu Bambino (The Infant Jesus)


Jerri Adams, Hal Aloma & His Hawaiians, Chet Baker, Don Baker, Wally Berking, Victor Borge, Les Brown,
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