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Atlantic Records was founded in September, 1947 and incorporated in October, 1947, by Herb Abramson, (President) a former A & R man for National Records, and Ahmet Ertegun, the son of a Turkish ambassador (Vice President), in New York City, Dr. Vahdi Sabit, a Turkish Dentist and family friend of Ahmet, provided the financial backing.

From the beginning Atlantic was different than the other independent record companies. They gained a reputation for being honest. They paid their performers their royalties. When it was the industry practice to pay royalties below 2 percent or in the case of many black artists, no royalties at all. Atlantic was paying 3 to 5 percent to all its artists.

Second, the artists on the label varied greatly - in that the label carried Stan Kenton, Art Pepper, Shelly Manne, Pete Rugolo, guitarist Tiny Grimes, groups such as The Cardinals, The Clovers, The Delta Rhythm Boys, singers Ruth Brown, Stick McGhee, Joe Turner, pianists Erroll Garner, Waldron, progressive jazz artists Howard McGhee, James Moody, Dizzy Gillespie, jazz singers Jackie & Roy, and Sarah Vaughan, blues singers Leadbelly and Sonny Terry, and café society singers Mabel Mercer, Bobby Short and Sylvia Syms. But in spite of this impressive roster, Atlantic was getting most of its revenue from the race recordings of 'Big' Joe Turner and Ruth Brown.

March, 1949, Atlantic issued it's first album in 33 1/3 rpm LP (Long Playing) format, a 10-inch poetry album; Walter Benton's 'This Is My Beloved'. John Dall provided the narration and Vernon Duke provided the background music. First label A 10" album, ALS-110, A for Atlantic, L for Long Playing, S for single, the album carried the number 110, which stood for "one 10 inch disc." The matrix numbers on this platter were TLP 11213/11214. Having a grey label with red print, the Atlantic name was in white bordered in red trim, with "FULL RANGE RECORDING" in white under the name. Around the top and bottom edge of the label were "LONG PLAYING" and "MICRO-GROOVE RECORD". We had to use ALP-108 here because we could not find a copy of ALS-110, but you get the idea.

The same material was released simultaneously as three 12 inch 78 rpm discs with the catalog number 312-S. The 312 stood for "three 12 inch discs" and "S" stood for standard speed which at that time was 78 rpm. The individual 78 rpm records were numbered 1201, 1202, and 1203. Atlantic quickly dropped this numbering system and issued their second and third LPs in May, 1950, as ALS-108 by Joe Bushkin and ALS-109 by Erroll Garner. The first 12 inch LP issued by Atlantic (January, 1951) was ALS-401 which was a recording of scenes from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet performed by Eva LaGallienne and Richard Waring.

First label During the early 1950s the label on most of the Atlantic 10 inch albums and the first few 12 inch albums was yellow with black printing. "ATLANTIC" was over the center hole in black with a thin black line under it, there was a black ring around the perimeter of the label except in the area the Atlantic name was located. At the bottom of the label was "LONG PLAYING" on one side and "UNBREAKABLE" on the other, between the words was a circle with 33 1/3 RPM. This label was used on all 10 inch albums and the 12 inch albums to LP-1211.

Herb Abramson was drafted into the Army in 1953, and Jerry Wexler came into the company. Wexler, was writing for Billboard Magazine, a trade publication, he introduced the term 'Rhythm and Blues', as a replacement term for 'Race Music', referring to black music used at the time, and would become a producing legend in his own right for the company.

Between 1953 and 1955, a new musical trend developed that had a major impact for the label. Pop singers began to crossover from the pop chart to other charts. Trying to copy the R & B singers, but they sang songs in a smoother and less soulful manner than the original, but the new style was eventually to be called Rock and Roll. Jerry Wexler, along with Ahmet Ertegun, would be see that Atlantic was on the cutting edge of giving the public this sound that was to be.

In 1955, Herb Abramson had gotten out of the service and a new subsidiary named ATCO (ATlantic COmpany) was established for him to run.

Nesuhi Ertegun joined Atlantic in 1956, initially developed Atlantic's album department and headed the jazz division, built up the label's extensive catalog of jazz long-players, such as Charles Mingus and John Coltrane.

In 1967, Warner Brothers-Seven Arts offered $17,000,000 for Atlantic and was sold. Each of the senior Atlantic executives, agreed to the sale - and Atlantic/Atco Records, along with Warner Brothers/Reprise Records, were to be operated as separate record companies under the ownership umbrella of the Warner-Seven Arts Corporation.

For, perhaps the best short history of Atlantic - see: The Atlantic Records Story by David Edwards and Mike Callahan.


Atlantic Records

We have no association with Atlantic Records or any one in the recording industry. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed here (all of which are out of print), we suggest you go back to our Label page and see what we have now, (remember we up date all the time so the list will change.)

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Label Number - Artist - Album title [Issue Date when known][Billboard listing when known]
/ Between songs // Other side [when known]

This list is incomplete:

10 Inch 100 Series

101 to 107 Numbers Were Unused

Need Photo
Need Photo ALS-108 Joe Bushkin - I Love a Piano [5/1950]

But Not For Me/One For The Road/Dancing On The Ceiling/Four Hand Boogie/If I Knew You Were There//
So In Love/Oh Look At Me Now/It Never Entered My Mind/I Can't Get Started/I Love A Piano

Erroll Garner - Rhapsody ALS-109 Erroll Garner - Rhapsody [5/1950]

Flamingo/The Way You Look Tonight/Reverie/Twilight/Skylark/
I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Pavanne/Impressions/Blue And Sentimental/Turquoise

Need Photo ALS-110 John Dall narration, Vernon Duke music - This Is My Beloved [3/1949] [Also on 78 discs 312-S]

Parts 1 - 6

Need Photo ALS-111 Marie Powers - Heart Songs [1952]

Sing Me To Sleep/At Dawning/Still As The Night/Tenderness/The Rosary/Homing/Danny Boy/Mighty Lak A Rose

Need Photo ALS-112 Erroll Garner - Erroll Garner at the Piano [1952]

Margie/I'll Be Seeing You/No Greater Love/The Sheik Of Araby/I May Be Wrong/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Serenade In Blue/ Trees

Need Photo ALS-113 Billy Taylor - Piano Panorama, Volume 1 [1952]

Willow Weep For Me/The Very Thought Of You/Somebody Loves Me/Good Groove/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/
What Is There To Say/If I Had You/Thou Swell

Need Photo ALS-114 Mary Lou Williams - Piano Panorama, Volume 2 [1952]

Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Pagliacci/Opus Z/From This Moment On/S'Wonderful/Mary's Waltz/You're The Cream In My Coffee

Need Photo ALS-115 Ruth Brown - Ruth Brown Sings Rhythm and Blues Favorites [Unreleased?]
Listed on several of the early Atlantic 10 and 12 inch albums but no known copy of this record has ever been found so it may not had been released.

So Long/Teardrops From My Eyes/Shrine Of Saint Cecilia/Where Can I Go/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/
I'll Get Along Somehow, Parts 1 & 2/I Can Dream Can't I/I Don't Want Anybody

Need Photo ALS-116 Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan Sings [1953]

Need Photo ALS-117 Don Byas - Tenor Sax Solos [1952]

Flamingo/Stardust/The Man I Love/Georgia/Night And Day/Over The Rainbow/Where Or When/Easy To Love

Need Photo ALS-118 Don Byas - Soprano Sax Solos [1952]

It Had To Be You/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Ooh, Boogie!/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone//
Baby Won't You Please Come Home/I'm Going Way Down Home/Margie/After You've Gone

Need Photo ALS-119 Django Reinhardt - Jazz Guitar [1953]

Need Photo ALS-120 Earl Hines - Famous QRS Solos [1952]

A Monday Date/Off Time Blues/Blues In Thirds/Chimes In Blues/Panther Rag/Just Too Soon/Stowaway/Chicago High Life

Need Photo ALS-121 Barney Bigard - Fantasy for Clarinet and Strings [1953]

Need Photo ALS-122 Burt Hilber - Square Dance Party [1953]

Need Photo ALS-123 Various Artists - Drums of Haiti [1953]

Need Photo ALS-124 Art Hodes - Jazz Sax [Unreleased?]

(While listed in the Atlantic master files - we are unable to find any other listing of it, so it may not have been issued)

Need Photo ALS-124 Various Artists - Waltzes of Vienna [1953]

Need Photo ALS-125 Art Hodes - Goldie Plays By the Sea [1952]

Need Photo ALS-126 Pee Wee Russell - All Stars [1952]

Need Photo ALS-127 Jimmy Jones - Piano Solos [1953]

Need Photo ALS-128 Erroll Garner - Passport to Fame [1952]

Perdido/Everything Happens To Me/Soft And Warm/Blues I Can't Forget/I Get A Kick Out Of You/I'm In The Mood For Love/ Boogie Woogie Boogie/All The Thing You Are

Need Photo ALS-129 Howard McGhee - Be-Bop [9/51]

Need Photo ALS-130 Jimmy And Mama Yancey - Yancey Special [1952]

How Long Blues/Make Me A Pallet On The Floor/Monkey Woman Blues/Four O'Clock Blues/Santa Fe Blues/Yancey Special

Need Photo ALS-131 Al Hibbler - Al Hibbler [Unreleased?]

This album is listed in the Atlantic mastering files but may be unissued.

Need Photo ALS-132 Barbara Carroll - Piano Panorama, Volume 3 [1952]

Taking A Chance On Love/'Tis Autumn/Love Of My Life/They Can't Take That Away From Me/ The Lady's In Love With You/You Took Advantage of Me/Autumn In New York/My Funny Valentine

Need Photo ALS-133 Meade Lux Lewis - Boogie-Woogie Interpretations [1952]

Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Cow Cow Blues/Yancey Special/Mr. Freddie Blues/Albert's Blues/ Jumpin' With Pete/Suitcase Blues/Honky Tonk Train Blues

Need Photo ALS-134 Jimmy Yancey - Piano Solos [1952]

Yancey's Bugle Call/How Long Blues/Yancey's Special/Mournful Blues/35th And Dearborn/ Salute To Pinetop/Shave 'Em Dry/Blues For Albert

Need Photo ALS-135 Erroll Garner - Piano Solos, Volume 2 [1952]

Poinciana/Perpetual Emotion/Summertime/Ramona Futuramic/Reminiscing In Blue

Need Photo ALS-136 Ellis Larkins - Piano Panorama, Volume 4 [1953]

Need Photo ALS-137 Sylvia Syms - Songs [10/52]

There's Something About An Old Love/Down In The Depths/Mountain Greenery/What Is There To Say/ Imagination/Lonely Woman/Can't You Just See Yourself/Love Walked In

Need Photo ALS-138 Dizzy Gillespie - Dizzy Gillespie, Volume 1 [1953]

Need Photo ALS-139 Various Artists - Dixieland at Jazz, Ltd. [1953]

Need Photo ALS-140 Various Artists - Dixieland at Jazz, Ltd. Volume 2 [5/53]

New Orleans Jazz By Wilbur DeParis and His Rampart Street Ramblers ALS-141 Wilbur DeParis and His Rampart Street Ramblers - New Orleans Jazz By Wilbur DeParis and His Rampart Street Ramblers [1953]

Tres Moutarde/The Pearls/Hindustan//
Prelude In C# Minor/The Martinique/When The Saints Go Marching In

Need Photo ALS-142 Dizzy Gillespie - Dizzy Gillespie, Volume 2 [1953]

Need Photo ALS-143 Wilbur DeParis - Rampart Street Ramblers, Volume 2 [1953]

Under The Double Eagle/Shreveport Stomp/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Sensation/Marchin' And Swingin'

Need Photo ALS-144 Johnny Hodges - Johnny Hodges [8/53]
Believed to be the last 10 inch record issued by Atlantic Records.

Atlantic 400 Series (10-inch and 12-inch LPs):

Need Photo ALS-401 Eva LaGallienne and Richard Waring with King Webster - Romeo and Juliet Scenes [1/51]
Two record set. 12 inch records.

Need Photo ALS-402 Mabel Mercer - Songs, Volume 1 [1953]
10 inch record. Remind Me/Little Girl Blue/You Are Not My First Love/Hello Young Lovers/ Just One Of Those Things/The End Of A Love Affair/Ivory Tower/The First Warm Day In May/ Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)/Sunday In Savannah

Need Photo ALS-403 Mabel Mercer - Songs, Volume 2 [2/53]
10 inch record.

Need Photo ALS-404 Mae Barnes - Fun with Mae Barnes [1953]
10 inch record. You Turned The Tables On Me/I Ain't Got Nobody/Rinka Tinka Man/ I Ain't Gonna Be No Topsy/On The Sunny Side Of The Street//
Old Man Mose/What Will The Neighbors Say/Laziest Gal in Town/Sweet Georgia Brown/ Here Comes The Captain

Need Photo ALS-405 Greta Keller - Greta Keller Sings Kurt Weill [1953]

10 inch record.

Need Photo ALS-406 Hugh Shannon - Hugh Shannon Sings [1953]
10 inch record.

Need Photo ALS-407 Vernon Duke - Vernon Duke Plays Vernon Duke [1953]
10 inch record.

Need Photo ALS-408 Mabel Mercer - Songs By Mabel Mercer [1953] 10 inch record.

Need Photo ALS-409 George Byron - George Byron Sings Jerome Kern [1/54] 10 inch record.

Need Photo ALS-410 George Byron - George Byron Sings George Gershwin [1/54] [12"]

1200 series were 78 rpm discs which were part of a three-record set. All issues in the 1200 series up to 1211 used the early yellow Atlantic label.

Need Photo 1201 John Dall narration, Vernon Duke music - This Is My Beloved, Parts 1 & 2 [3/49]
This number was used for the first 78 RPM disc in the 3 record set, 312 S.

Need Photo 1202 John Dall narration, Vernon Duke music - This Is My Beloved, Parts 3 & 4 [3/49]
This number was used for the second 78 RPM disc in the 3 record set, 312 S.

Need Photo 1203 John Dall narration, Vernon Duke music - This Is My Beloved, Parts 5 & 6 - [3/49]
This number was used for the third 78 RPM disc in the 3 record set, 312 S.

Need Photo 1204 Eva LaGallienne and Richard Waring with King Webster - Romeo and Juliet Scenes, Disc 1 [1/51]

Record one of ALS-401 two 12 inch record set.

Need Photo 1205 Eva LaGallienne and Richard Waring with King Webster - Romeo and Juliet Scenes, Disc 2 [1/51]

Record two of ALS-401 two 12 inch record set.

Need Photo ALS-1206 Sidney Bechet & Mugsy Spanier - Duets [1952]
That's A'Plenty/If I Could Be With You/Squeeze Me/Sweet Sue, Just You//
Sweet Lorraine/Lazy River/China Boy/Four Or Five Times

Need Photo ALS-1207 Marie Powers - Marie Powers Concert [1952]

Need Photo ALS-1208 Wilbur DeParis - Rampart Street Ramblers [1953]
This was the first and last record Atlantic issued in "binaural," an early stereo process.
Sensation/Shreveport Stomp/Tres Moutarde//
Hindustan/When The Saints Go Marching In

Need Photo ALS-1209 Jack Teagarden & Rex Stewart - Big Jazz [8/53]

Need Photo ALS-1210 Sherril - Jerome Kern's "Roberta" and "Showboat" [1/54]

Need Photo ALS-1211 Sherril - Rogers and Hart's "Connecticut Yankee" and "Pal Joey" [1/54]

At this point earlier 10 and 12 inch releases were phased out, and the Atlantic LPs started using the black label.

Need Photo 1212 Shorty Rogers - The Swinging Mr. Rogers [1955]
Isn't It Romantic/Oh Play That Thing/Martians Go Home/My Heart Stood Still/Not Really The Blues/That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout/Trickledidlier/Michelle's Mediation

Need Photo 1213 Mabel Mercer - Mabel Mercer Sings Cole Porter [1955]
It's Delovely/After You/Where Oh Where/Use Your Imagination/Ace In The Hole/It's All Right With Me/So In Love/I'm Ashamed That Women Are So Simple/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye/Experiment/ king At You/When Love Comes Your Way

Need Photo 1214 Bobby Short - Songs By Bobby Short [7/55]
I Like The Likes Of You/Island In The West Indies/From This Moment On/Dinah/You're Not My First Love/You Make Me Feel So Young/Manhattan/Gimme A Pigfoot/Now/Suddenly/Sweet Bye And Bye/I Can't Get Started/Autumn In New York

Need Photo 1215/SD 1215 Paul Barbarin and His New Orleans Jazz - Paul Barbarin and His New Orleans Jazz [1955]/[1958]
Initially issued in mono only. The stereo version was released in 1958 or later. Bourbon Street Parade/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Eh La Bas/Bugle Boy March/Sing On/ Just A Little While to Stay Here/Someday Sweetheart/Walking Thru The Streets Of The City/ Crescent Blues

Need Photo 1216 Dave Pell Octet - Jazz and Romantic Places [1955]
Memphis In June/Paris In Spring/Isle Of Capri/White Cliffs Of Dover/How Are Things In Glocca Morra/London In July/Sunday In Savannah/Shuffle Off To Buffalo/On A Slow Boat To China/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/New Orleans/Flying Down To Rio

Need Photo 1217 Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh - Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh [1955]
Topsy/Donna Lee/I Can't Get Started/Two Not One/Bonnie's Line/There Will Never Be Another You/Don't Squawk/Background Music

Need Photo 1218 Ted Straeter - Ted Straeter's New York [1955]
From This Moment On/It's A Big Wide Wonderful World/You're The Top/You Came A Long Way From St. Louis/Money Isn't Everything/This Is It/All Of You/Something's Gotta Give/Autumn In New York/What's New/Love Me Tomorrow/All In Fun

Need Photo 1219/SD 1219 Wilbur DeParis and His New Orleans Jazz - Wilbur DeParis and His New Orleans Jazz [1955]/[1958]
Madagascar/Are You From Dixie/Mardi Gras Rag/Hot Lips/March Of The Charcoal Grays/Yama Yama Man/Flow Gently Sweet Afton/Milenberg Joys

Need Photo 1220 Tony Fruscella - Tony Fruscella [1955]
Muy/Metropolitan Blues/I'll Be Seeing You/His Master's Voice/Old Hat/Raintree County/Salt/ Let's Play The Blues/Blue Serenade

Need Photo 1221 George Wein - Wein, Women and Song [1955]
All Too Soon/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down/Once In Awhile/Please/You Ought Be In Pictures/ Back In Your Own Backyard/You're Lucky To Me/Who Cares/Pennies From Heaven/ I'm Through With Love/Did I Remember/Why Try To Change Me Now/I Married An Angel

Need Photo 1222 Alec Templeton - The Magic Piano [1956]

Dark Eyes/Vocalise/Ridin' Thru The Rye/Waltz Antique/Ida/Tiger Rag/China Boy/Big Ben Bounce/ Bolero/Apres-Midi D'un Faune

Need Photo 1223 Jack Montrose and Bob Gordon - Jack Montrose and Bob Gordon [1956]
Little Duet/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/Dot's Groovy/Have You Met Miss Jones/ Weather/When You Wish Upon A Star/Paradox

Need Photo 1224 Lennie Tristano - Lennie Tristano [1956]
You Go To My Head/All The Things You Are/East 32nd/Requiem/These Foolish Things/Turkish Mambo/Line Up/If I Had You/Ghost Of A Chance

Need Photo 1225 Jess Stacy & Famous Goodman Sideman - Tribute to Benny Goodman [3/56]
King Porter Stomp/Where Or When/Buddha Smiles/Roll 'Em/Don't Be That Way/Sometimes I'm Happy/Sing Sing Sing/Down South Camp Meeting/Let's Dance/Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You/I Must Have That Man/Blues For Otis Ferguson/You Turned The Tables On Me/Goodbye

NEED PHOTO 1226 Betty Bennett - Nobody Else But Me [1956]
Nobody Else But Me/Next Time I Care/This Is the Moment/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/Treat Me Rough/
You're Driving Me Crazy/Island in the West Indies/Sidewalks of Cuba/My Man's Gone/Tomorrow Mountain/Mountain Greenery/
You Took Advantage of Me

Need Photo 1227 Erroll Garner - The Greatest Garner [1956]
Turquoise/Summertime/Impressions/The Way You Look Tonight/Pavanne/I May Be Wrong/Skylark/Flamingo/Reverie/Blue and Sentimental/I Can't Give You anything But Love

Need Photo 1228/SD 1228 Chris Connor - Chris Connor Songs [1956]/[1958]
I Get a Kick Out of You/Something to Live For/Get Out of Town/Where Are You/Anything Goes/When the Wind Was Green/He Was Too Good to Me/You Make Me Feel So Young/Ev'rytime Way Out There/My April Heart/Almost Like Being in Love

Need Photo 1229 Teddy Charles - Teddy Charles Tentet [1956]
Vibrations/Quiet Time/Emperor/Nature Boy/Green Blues/You Go to My Head/Lydian M-1

Need Photo 1230 Bobby Short - Bobby Short [1956]
At the Moving Picture Ball/I've Got Five Dollars/Sand In My Shoes/Down With Love/Most Beautiful Girl in the World/Bye Bye Blackbird/I've Got the World on a String/Carioca/Hottentot Potentate/Anyplace I Hang My Hat is Home/Bedelia/Fun to Be Fooled

Need Photo 1231/SD 1231 Modern Jazz Quartet - Fontessa [1956]/[1958]
Fontessa, Parts 1 & 2/Versailles/Angel Eyes/Over the Rainbow/Bluesology/Willow Weep For Me/Woodyn You

Need Photo 1232/SD 1232 Shorty Rogers - Martians Come Back [1955]/[1958]
Martians Come Back/Astral Alley/Lotus Bud/Dickie's Dream/Papouche/Serenade in Sweets/Planetarium/Chant of the Cosmos/Moten Swing/Baklava Bridge

Need Photo 1233/SD 1233 Wilbur DeParis and New Orleans Jazz - Marchin' and Swingin' [1956]/[1958]
Martinique/Tres Moutarde/Under the Double Eagle/Shreveport Stomp/When the Saints Go Marching In/Hindustan/Pearls/Prelude in C Sharp Minor/Battle Hymn of the Republic/Marchin' and Swinging

Need Photo 1234/SD 1234 Joe Turner - Boss of the Blues [1956]/[1958]
Cherry Red/Roll 'Em Pete/I Want a Little Girl/Low Down Dog/Wee Baby Blues//
You're Driving Me Crazy/How Long Blues/Morning Glories/St. Louis Blues/Piney Brown Blues

Need Photo 1235/SD 1235 Phineas Newborn - Here Is Phineas [1956]/[1958]
Barbados/Celia/All the Things You Are/I'm Beginning to see the Light/More I See You/Daahoud/Newport Blues/Afternoon in Paris

Need Photo 1236 Cy Walter - Rodgers Revisited [1956]

Slaughter on 10th Avenue/Getting to Know You/Lover/This Can't Be Love/Susie is a Good Thing/Soliloquy/
March of the Siamese Children/Wait Till You See Her/Sing for Your Supper/I Have Dreamed/Gentleman Is a Dope/
Hello Young Lovers/Carousel Waltz

Need Photo 1237 Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop - Pithecanthropus Erectus [1956]

Pithecanthropus Erectus/Foggy Day/Love Chant/Profile of Jackie

Need Photo 1238 Jimmy Giuffre - Jimmy Giuffre's Clarinet [1956]

So Low/Deep Purple/Side Pipers/My Funny Valentine/Quiet Cook/Sheepherder/Fascinatin' Rhythm/Down Home

Need Photo 1239 Various Artists - Rock and Roll Forever [1956] (11-56, #20)
Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle and Roll/La Vern Baker - Tweedlee Dee/Clovers - One Mint Julep/
Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters - Money Honey/ Ray Charles - It Should've been Me/Ruth Brown - 5-10-15 Hours/
T-Bone Walker - T Bone Shuffle//
Ruth Brown - Mama, He treats Your Daughter Mean/Ray Charles - I've Got a Woman/Clovers - Good Lovin'/
Joe Turner - Hide and Seek/La Vern Baker - Bop-Ting-A-Ling/Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters - Honey Love/
Joe Turner - Flip, Flop and Fly

Need Photo 1240 Chris Connor - Loves Me, Loves Me Not [1956]
High on a Windy Hill/Round About/Angel Eyes/You Stepped Out of a Dream/Why Can't I/Suddenly It's Spring/
About the Blues/Oh! You Crazy Moon/But Not For Me/I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry/I Wonder What Became of Me/
Thursday's Child

Need Photo 1241 Bill Russo Orchestra - The World of Alcina [1955]
World of Alcina (Ballet in 5 Parts)/First Saturday in May/Under the Greenwood Tree/Speculum/Bill's Blues/
L' Affaire Bugs/For My Sister

Need Photo 1242 Milt Jackson - Ballads and Blues [1956]
So In Love/Solitude/They Didn't Believe Me/These Foolish Things/Song is Ended/How High the Moon/Gerry's Blues/
Hello Bright Blues

Need Photo 1243 Sylvia Syms - Sylvia Syms Sings [1956]
Down in the Depths/Mountain Greenery/Love walked In/Paradise/Imagination/Can't You Just See Yourself/
There's Something About an Old Love/Comes Love/What is There to Say/I Want a Little Boy/Tea For Two/Lonely Woman

Need Photo 1244 Mabel Mercer - Midnight at Mabel Mercer's [1956]
Just Once Around the Clock/Poor Pierrot/Young and Foolish/It's a Lie, It's a Fake/Walk-Up/Is It Always Like This/
Blame It on My Youth/Wait 'Til You See Her/He Was Too Good To Me/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Lazy Afternoon/Mandy/
Make Up Your Mind/Lonely Little Boy/Sonnet/Lucky to Be Me/Some Other Time

Need Photo 1245 Patty McGovern and Thomas Talbert - Wednesday's Child [1956]
Wednesday's Child/Alone Together/I Like Snow/Crazy He Calls Me/You Don't Know What Love Is/All In Fun/
Hooray for Love/Lonely Town/Love Isn't Everything/Get Out of Town/Winter Song/By Myself

Need Photo 1246 Lars Gullin - Baritone Sax [1956]
Summertime/Fedja/Foggy Day/Perntz/All of Me/Mean to Me/So What

Need Photo 1247 Modern Jazz Quartet With Jimmy Giuffre - Modern Jazz Quartet at Music Inn [1956]

Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess/Fugue for Music Inn/Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West/Serenade/Fun Sun Dance/
Man That Got Away/Morning in Paris/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

Need Photo 1248 Clovers - Rock and Roll [1956]
Love Love Love/Lovey Dovey/Yes It's You/Ting-A- Ling/I Played the Fool/Hey Miss Fanny/Don't You Know I Love You//
Middle of the Night/Blue Velvet/Little Mama/Crawlin'/Here Goes a Fool/I Got My Eyes on You/Devil or Angel

Need Photo 1249 Dave Pell Octet - Love Story [1956]
Can't We Be Friends/I've Got a Crush on You/I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling/Love is the Sweetest Thing/ If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight/Let's Do It/You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes/ Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered/Just One More chance/Who Walks In When I Walk Out/I've Found a New Baby/Solitude

Need Photo 1250/SD-1250 Thomas Talbert - Bix-Duke-Fats [1956]/[1958]
In the Mist/Black and Blue/Prelude to a Kiss/Bond Street/Green Night and Orange Bright/Clothes Line Ballet/ Candlelights/In the Dark/Keepin' Out of Mischief Now/Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me/Koko

Need Photo 1251 Al Hibbler - After the Lights Go Down Low [1956]
After the Lights Go Down Low/You Will Be Mine/Dedicated to You/Song of the Wanderer/Tell Me/I'm Travelin' Light/ If I Knew Your Were There/Autumn Winds/This Is Always/Now I Lay Me Down to Dream/I Won't Tell a Soul/I Love You/ Blues Came Falling Down

Various Artists - This Is My Beloved 1252 Various Artists - This Is My Beloved [1956]
Narration by Alfred Ryder, Musical Score by Vernon Duke

Need Photo 1253/SD-1253 Wilbur DeParis - Wilbur DeParis At Symphony Hall [2/57]/[1958]
Intro by Wilbur DeParis/Majorca/Juba Dance/Banjoker/Cielito Lindo/Toll Gate Blues/Wrought Iron Rag/Sister Kate/Piano Blues/Farewell Blues

Need Photo 1254 Jimmy Giuffre - Three [1957]
Gotta Dance/Crazy She Calls Me/Train and the River/Two Kinds of Blues/Song Is You/Voodoo/My All/That's the Way It Is/Crawdad Suite

Need Photo 1255 Joe Mooney - Lush Life [1957]
Polka Dots and Moonbeams/Nina Never Knew/Crazy She Calls Me/Lush Life/Love is Here to Stay/That's All/The Kid's a Dreamer/Nowhere/My One and Only You/Have You Met Miss Jones

Need Photo 1256 Carol Stevens and Phil Moore - That Satin Doll [1957]
In a Mellotone/Satin Doll/Romance in the Dark/Tender as a Rose/Saved It All For You/Everywhere/Mood For You/Lying in the Hay/I'm Playing With Fire/Keep on Doin' What You're Doin'/At Last/Lurelei

Need Photo 1257 Dizzy Gillespie - Dizzy At Home and Abroad [1957]
Love is Here to Stay/Ain't Misbehavin'/Cognac Blues/Blue and Sentimental/Blues Chante/When It's Sleepy Time Down South/Just Blues/Lullaby in Rhythm/Groovin' the Nursery Rhymes/Mrs. Diz/Cocktails For Two/This is Happiness

Need Photo 1258/SD-1258 Lee Konitz - Inside Hi-Fi [1957]/[1958]
Kary's Trace/Everything Happens to Me/Sweet and Lovely/Cork 'n' Bib/All of Me/Star Eyes/Nesuhi's Instant/Indiana

Need Photo 1259/SD-1259 Ray Charles - The Great Ray Charles [1957]/[1959]
The Ray (E)/My Melancholy Baby (S)/Ain't Misbehavin' (S)/There's No You (S)//
Doodlin' (S)/Sweet Sixteen Bars (S)/I Surrender Dear (S)/Undecided

Need Photo 1260 Charles Mingus - The Clown - [1957]
Clown Parts, 1 and 2/Haitian Fight Song/Blue Cee/Reincarnation of Lovebird

Need Photo 1261 Various Artists - Dixieland At Jazz, Ltd. [1957]
Washington and Lee Swing/Good Man is Hard to Find/Maryland My Maryland/Egyptian Fantasy/It's a Long Long Way to Tipperary/Jazz Me Blues/Wolverine Blues/Tin Roof Blues/Maple Leaf Rag/High Society/Careless Love/Charleston

Need Photo 1262/SD-1262 Bobby Short - Speaking of Love [1957]/[1958]

Need Photo 1263 Frances Wayne - The Warm Sound of Frances Wayne [1957]
Early Autumn/'Round Midnight/Prelude to a Kiss/Blue and Sentimental/My One and Only Love/Fly Me to the Moon/Two For Blues/Speak Low/Oh What a Night For Love/You Go to My Head/Caravan/Soft Winds

Need Photo 1264/SD-1264 Joe Castro - Mood Jazz [1957]/[1959]
J. C. Blues/If You Could See Me Now/You Stepped Out of a Dream/Without You/Everything I Love/It's You or No One/Doodlin'/Angel Eyes/Caravan

Need Photo 1265 Modern Jazz Quartet - Modern Jazz Quartet [1957]
Night in Tunisia/Bags' Groove/Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/La Ronde/Yesterdays/Baden-Baden/Medley: They Say It's Wonderful, How Deep is the Ocean, I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You/My Old Flame/Body and Soul

Need Photo 1266 Wilbur DeParis and Jimmy Witherspoon - New Orleans Blues [1957]
Lotus Blossom/Trouble In Mind/Big Fine Girl/How Long Blues/Good Rollin' Blues/Careless Love/Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do/When the Sun Goes Down/St. Louis Blues/See See Rider

Need Photo 1267 John Lewis and Sacha Distel - Afternoon In Paris [1956]
I Cover the Waterfront/All the Things Your Are/Dear Old Stockholm/Afternoon In Paris/Bags' Groove/Willow Weep For Me

Need Photo 1268 Conte Candoli and Lou Levy - West Coast Wailers [1957]
Lover Come Back To Me/Comes Love/Lover Man/Pete's Alibi/Cheremoya/Jordu/Flamingo/Marcia Lee

Need Photo 1269/SD 1269 Milt Jackson - Plenty, Plenty Soul [1957]/[1959]
Plenty, Plenty Soul/Boogity Boogity/Heartstrings/Sermonette/Spirit-Feel/Ignunt Oil/Blues at Twilight

Need Photo 1270 Shorty Rogers - Way Up There [1957]
Blues Way Up There/Moten Swing/Blues Way Down There/Solarization/Pixieland/Wail of Two Cities/Baklava Bridge/March of the Martians

Need Photo 1271 Mary Lou Williams and Barbara Carroll - Ladies of Jazz [1958]
Barbara Carroll - My Funny Valentine/Barbara Carroll - You Took Advantage of Me/Barbara Carroll - 'Tis Autumn/Barbara Carroll - Lady's in Love With You/Barbara Carroll - Love of My Life/Barbara Carroll - Autumn in New York/Barbara Carroll - Taking a Chance on Love/Mary Lou Williams - You're the Cream in My Coffee/Mary Lou Williams - Surrey With the Fringe on Top/Mary Lou Williams - Pagliacci/Mary Lou Williams - Opus 2/Mary Lou Williams - From This Moment on/Mary Lou Williams - In the Purple Grotto/Mary Lou Williams - S' Wonderful

Need Photo 1272 John Lewis - John Lewis Piano [1957]
Harlequin/Little Girl Blue/Bad and the Beautiful/It Never Entered My Mind/Warmland/Two Lyric Pieces/Pierrot/Columbine

Need Photo 1273 Lee Konitz - The Real Lee Konitz [1957]
Straight-away/Foolin' Myself/You Go to My Head/My Melancholy Baby/Pennies in Minor/Sweet and Lovely/Easy Livin'/Midway

Need Photo 1274 Teddy Charles - Word From Bird [1957]
Word From Bird/Laura/Show Time/When Your Lover Has Gone/Just One of Those Things/Blue Greens

Need Photo 1275/SD-1275 George Wallington - Knight Music [1957]/[1959]
Godchild/Serendipity/Billie's Tune/Up Jumped the Devil/Ghostly Lover/It's All Right With Me/End of a Love Affair/Will You Still Be Mine/In a Sentimental Mood/World Weary/One Night of Love

Need Photo 1276/SD-1276 Jimmy Giuffre - Jimmy Giuffre Plays "The Music Man" [1/58]/[1959]
Goodnight My Someone/Seventy-Six Trombones/Marian the Librarian/Gary, Indiana/Iowa Stubborn/My White Knight/Wells Fargo Wagon/It's You/Shipoopi/Lida Rose/Till There Was You

Need Photo 1277 Billy Taylor - Billy Taylor Touch [1957]
Good Groove/Thou Swell/What is There to Say/Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams/Somebody Loves Me/Very Thought of You/Willow Weep For Me/You Make Me Feel So Young/Earl May/Can You Tell By Looking at Me/I Get a Kick Out of You

Need Photo 1278/SD-1278 Art Blakey with Thelonious Monk - Art Blakey With Thelonious Monk [1958]/[1959] (2-LP set)
Evidence/In Walked Bud/Blue Monk/I Mean You/Rhythm-A-Ning/Purple Shades

Need Photo 1279/SD 1279 Milt Jackson and Ray Charles - Soul Brothers [1957]/[1958]
Blue Funk/Cosmic Ray/Soul Brothers/How Long Blues/Deed I Do

Need Photo 1280 Jazz Modes - The Most Happy Fella [1957]
Standing on the Corner/Joey, Joey, Joey/Warm All Over/Happy to Make Your Acquaintance/My Heart is So Full of You/Most Happy Fella/Don't Cry/Like a Woman/Somebody Somewhere

Need Photo 1281/SD 1281 La Vern Baker - La Vern Baker Sings Bessie Smith [1958]/[1958]
Gimme a Pigfoot/Baby Doll/On Revival Day/Money Blues/I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle/Back Water Blues//
Empty Bed Blues/There'll Be a Hot time in the Old Town Tonight/Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out/After You've Gone/Young Woman's Blues/Preaching the Blues

Need Photo 1282 Jimmy Giuffre - Trav'lin' Light [1958]
Trav'lin' Light/Swamp People/Green Country/Forty-Second Street/Pickin' 'Em Up and Layin' 'Em Down/Lonely Time/Show Me the Way to Go Home/California Here I Come

Need Photo 1283 Jimmy and Mama Yancey - Pure Blues [1958]
Mournful Blues/Yancey Special/How Long Blues/Yancey's Bugle Call/38th and Dearborn/Shave 'Em Dry/Salute to Pinetop//
Make Me a Pallet on the Floor/Four O'clock Blues/Monkey Woman Blues/Sante Fe Blues/How Long Blues

Need Photo 1284/SD 1284 Modern Jazz Quartet - One Never Knows [1958]/[1958]
Golden Striker/Three Windows/One Never Knows/Rose Truc/Cortege/Venice

Need Photo 1285 Bobby Short - Sing Me a Swing Song [1959]
It's Bad For Me/How Can You Forget/From Now On/Some Fine Day/I'm Checkin' Out, Goodbye/I Got What It Takes/For No Rhyme or Reason/Ebony Rhapsody/Ace in the Hole/Lydia/Don't Let It Get You Down/Rocks in My Bed/Montevideo/Wake Up, Chillun, Wake Up

Need Photo 1286 Chris Connor - A Jazz Date With Chris Connor [1956]
Moon Ray/Poor Little Rich Girl/Just Squeeze Me/fancy Free/It's a Most Unusual Day/All I Need Is You/It Only Happens When I Dance With You/Lonely Town/Everything I've Got/Driftwood/I'm Shooting High/My Shining Hour

Need Photo 1287 John Lewis - John Lewis Presents Jazz Piano International [1957]
Jeff And Jamie/There Will Never Be Another You/Don't Explain/Foggy Day/Thirty-Six Days/Gone With The Wind/Chelsea Bridge/Fontaineblow/Monsieeur De /What's New/Jumpin' At The Woodside

Need Photo 1288 Wilbur DeParis - Wilbur DeParis Plays Cole Porter [1958]
Wunderbar/It's All Right With Me/I've Got You Under My Skin/Anything Goes/Begin the Beguine/Love For Sale/You Do Something to Me/I Get a Kick Out of You/Easy to Love/It's All Right With Me

Atlantic began issuing LPs in both mono and stereo. The usual black label was still used for the mono issues, but a new, yellow-green version of the label was used for the stereo issues.

Need Photo 1289/SD 1289 Ray Charles - Ray Charles At Newport [1958]/[1958]
The Right Time/In a Little Spanish Town/I Got a Woman/Blues Waltz//
Hot Rod/Talkin' 'Bout You/Sherry/A Fool For You

Need Photo 1290 Chris Craft - Chris Connor [1958]
Moonlight in Vermont/Blow, Gabriel, Blow/Here Lies Love/Be a Clown/Good For Nothin' (But Love)/On the First Warm Day/Chinatown My Chinatown/One Love Affair/The Night We Called It a Day/Johnny One Note/Lover Man/Be My All

Need Photo 1291/SD 1291 Warne Marsh - Warne Marsh [1958]/[1958]
Too Close For Comfort/Yardbird Suite/It's All Right With Me/My Melancholy Baby/Just Squeeze Me/Excerpt

Need Photo 1292 Chris Barber - Here Is Chris Barber [1959]
Hush-A-Bye/Everybody Loves My Baby/Doin' the Crazy Walk/You Don't Understand/Bill Bailey/Tishomingo Blues/Trombone Cholly/Magnolia's Wedding Day/Diga Diga Doo/Papa D-Da-Da/Willie the Weeper/Tuxedo Rag

Need Photo 1293/SD 1293 George Byron - George Byron Sings New and Rediscovered Jerome Kern Songs [1959]/[1959]
Nice to Be Near You/Siren's Song/How'd You Like to Spoon With Me/Poor Pierrot/Two Hearts Together/Touch of Your Hand/Introduce Me/Long Ago and Far Away/Let's Begin/Folks Who Live on the Hill/You Couldn't Be Cuter/April Fooled Me

Need Photo 1294/SD 1294 Milt Jackson - Bags and Flutes [1959]/[1959]
Bags' New Groove/Sandy/Midget God/I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over/Ghana/Sweet and Lovely/Connie's Blues

Need Photo 1295/SD 1295 Jimmy Giuffre - The Four Brothers Sound [1959]/[1959]
Four Brothers/Ode to Switzerland/Blues in the Barn/Space/I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/Come Rain or Come Shine/Ol' Folks/Cabin in the Sky

Need Photo 1296 Various Artists - Voodoo Drums In Hi-Fi [1959]
Contradanse: Avant Simple with Flute/Ti-Roro Drum Solo 1/Ti-Joe Carabien/Meringue with Flute/Nan Point la Vie Encore Oh/Laissez Yo Di/Rara Riffs/Contradanse: Avant Simple with Accordion/Annonce Oh Zange Nan Dio/Contradanse: Avant Simple and Meringue with Flute/Misere Pa Douce!/Ti-Roro Drum Solo 2

Need Photo 1297/SD 1297 Young Tuxedo Brass Band - Jazz Begins [1/59]
Lead Me Savior/Eternal Peace/Free as a Bird/Nearer My God to Thee/Pleyel's Hymn/Just a Closer Walk With Thee/Bourbon Street Parade/Lord Lord Lord/Just a Little While to Stay Here/Panama/It Feels So Good/Joe Avery's Piece/John Casimir's Whoopin' Blues

Need Photo 1298 Various Artists - Historic Jazz Concert At Music Inn [1959]
Blues in E-Flat/In a Mellotone/Quiet Time/Body and Soul

Need Photo 1299/SD 1299 Modern Jazz Quartet With Sonny Rollins - Modern Jazz Quartet at the Music Inn Volume 2 [1959] Stereo

Medley:Stardust-I Can't Get Started-Lover Man/Yardbird Suite/Midsömmer// Festival Sketch/Bag's Groove/Night in Tunisia

Need Photo 1300/SD 1300 Wilbur DeParis - Wilbur DeParis Plays Something Old, New, Gay, Blue [1958]
Panama Rag/Beale Street Blues/Madeira/Bouquets/Banjolie/Muskrat Ramble/High Society/Colonel Bogey's March

Need Photo 1301/SD 1301 Mabel Mercer - Once In a Blue Moon [1958]
In the Spring of the Year/Whenever Winds Blow/Twelve Days of Christmas/Isn't He Adorable/Once in a Blue Moon/Look at 'Im/Guess I'll Go Back Home/I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore/My Shining Hour/Isn't It a Pity/If You Leave Paris/Sunday in New York/If Love were all/Sail Away

Need Photo 1302/SD 1302 Bobby Short - The Mad Twenties [1958]
Nagasaki/That's My Weakness Now/That Society Bear/Don't Bring Lulu/Changes/Tiger Rag/Sweet So and So/Heebie Jeebies/At the Animal's Ball/I'm Bringing a Red, Red Rose/Laugh, Clown, Laugh/I'm Cert'ny Gonna See 'Bout That

Need Photo 1303/SD 1303 Vic Dickenson and Joe Thomas - Mainstream [1959]
Sweethearts on Parade/I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me/Undecided/Crazy Rhythm/The Lamp is Low/Blues for Baby

Need Photo 1304/SD 1304 David "Fathead" Newman - Ray Charles Presents David "Fathead" Newman [1958]
Hard Times/Weird Beard/Willow Weep For Me/Bill For Bennie/Sweet eyes/Fathead/Mean to Me/Tin Tin Deo

Need Photo 1305/SD 1305 Charlie Mingus - Blues and Roots [1960]
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting/Cryin' Blues/Moanin'/Tensions/My Jelly Roll Soul/E's Flat Ah's Flat Too

Need Photo 1306/SD 1306 Jazz Modes - Les Jazz Modes [1960]
Oblong/1-2-3-4-0 in Syncopation/Blue Flame/Mood in Motion/Knittin'/This and That/Glad That I Found You/Princess

Need Photo 1307/SD 1307 Chris Connor - Ballads of the Sad Cafe [1959]
These Foolish Things/Bargain Day/The End of a Love Affair/Glad to be Unhappy/Ballad of the Sad Caf‚/Good Morning Heartache/Something I Dreamed Last Night/Lilac Wine/One For My Baby

Ruth Brown - Late Date with Ruth Brown 1308/SD 1308 Ruth Brown - Late Date with Ruth Brown [1959]
It Could Happen to You/Why Don't You Do Right/Bewitched/I'm Just a Lucky So and So/I Can Dream, Can't I/ You and the Night and the Music//
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To/We'll Be Together Again/I'm Beginning to See the Light/ I Loves You Porgy/No One Ever Tells You/Let's Face the Music and Dance

Need Photo 1309/SD 1309 Chris Connor - Chris Connor Sings the George Gershwin Almanac of Songs, Volume 1 [1960]
Reissue of one record of Atlantic 2-602.

Need Photo 1310/SD 1310 Chris Connor - Chris Connor Sings the George Gershwin Almanac of Songs, Volume 2 [1960]
Reissue of one record of Atlantic 2-602.

Need Photo 1311/SD 1311 John Coltrane - Giant Steps [1960]
Giant Steps/Cousin Mary/Countdown/Mr. P.C./Spiral/Syeeda's Song Flute/Naima

Need Photo 1312/SD 1312 Ray Charles - The Genius of Ray Charles [1960] (2-60, #17)
Let the Good Times Roll/It Had to Be You/Alexander's Ragtime Band/Two Years of Torture/When Your Lover Has Gone/Deed I Do//
Just For a Thrill/You Won't Let Me Go/Tell Me You'll Wait For Me/Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'/Am I Blue/Come Rain or Come Shine

Need Photo 1313/SD 1313 John Lewis - Improvised Meditations and Excursions [1959]
Now's the Time/Smoke Gets in Your Eyes/Delaunay's Dilemma/Love Me/Yesterdays/How Long Has This Been Going On/September Song

Need Photo 1314/SD 1314 Dick Katz - Piano and Pen [1959]
Yimonium/Auroro/Duologue No. 1/Glad to Be Unhappy/Round Trip/Afternoon in Paris/Ain't Misbehavin'/Scrapple From the Apple

Need Photo 1315 Erroll Garner - Perpetual Emotion [1959]

From here till 1968 when monaural albums were discontinued, but for the ones listed below, albums were issued in monaural with no prefix and stereo with the SD prefix.

Need Photo SD 1316 Milt Jackson and Coleman Hawkins - Bean Bags [1960]
Close Your Eyes/Stuffy/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Get Happy/Sandra's Blues/Indian Blues

Need Photo SD 1317 Ornette Coleman - Shape of Jazz To Come [1959]
Lonely Woman/Eventually/Peace/Focus on Sanity/Congeniality/Chronology

Need Photo SD 1318 Wilbur DeParis - That's a Plenty [11/59]
That's a Plenty/Mack the Knife/Waiting for the Robert E. Lee/Malta/Hesitation Blues/Frankie and Johnny/In a Persian Market/Somebody Stole My Gal/Change O' Key Boogie

Need Photo SD 1319 Harry Lookofsky - Stringsville [1960]
'Round Midnight/Moose the Mooche/I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart/Little Willie Leaps/Move/Champagne Blues/Give Me the Simple Life/Dancing on the Grave

Need Photo SD 1320 Bob Brookmeyer - Portrait of the Artist [1960]
Blues Suite/Introduction and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Movements/It Don't Mean a Thing/Mellow Drama/Out of Nowhere/Darn that Dream

Need Photo SD 1321 Bobby Short - Bobby Short on the East Side [1960]
Slumming on Park Avenue/Looking at You/You Fascinate Me So/Flying Down to Rio/Moanin' in the Mornin'/I Left My Hat in Haiti/I Like the Likes of You/Let There Be Love/It Never Entered My Mind/Truckin'/Pretty Girl/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter/Delia's Gone

Need Photo SD 1322 Mabel Mercer - Merely Marvelous Mabel Mercer [1960]
Merely Marvelous/Let's Begin/All in Fun/Fifth of July/Don't Dream of Anybody But Me/Round House Nellie/Sell Me/Lovewise/Nobody Else But Me/You're Nearer/I Walk a Little Faster/You Fascinate Me So

Need Photo SD 1323 Buster Smith - Legendary Buster Smith [1960]
Buster's Tune/E Flat Boogie/September Song/King Alcohol/Kansas City Riffs/Late Late/Organ Grinder's Swing

Need Photo SD 1324 Joe Castro - Groove Funk Soul [1960]
Groove Funk Soul/Yesterdays/Day Dream/It Could Happen to You/Play Me the Blues/That's All

Need Photo SD 1325 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET - Pyramid [1960]
Vendome/Pyramid/It Don't Mean a Thing/Django/How High the Moon/Romaine

Need Photo SD 1326 Prof. Irwin Corey - Win with Irwin [1960]

Need Photo SD 1327 Ornette Coleman - Change of the Century [1960]
Ramblin'/Free/Face of the Bass/Fore-Runner/Bird Food/Una Muy Bonita/Change of the Century

Need Photo SD 1328 Woody Herman - Woody Herman's Big New Herd At Monterey Jazz Festival [1960]
Skylark/Four Brothers/Like Some Blues Man/Skoobeedoobee/Monterey Apple Tree/The Magpie

Need Photo SD 1329 Billy Taylor - One For Fun [1960]
Summertime/One For Fun/That's For Sure/Little Southside Soul/Blue Moon/Makin' Whoopee/Poinciana/At Long Last Love/When Lights Are Low

Need Photo SD 1330 Jimmy Giuffre - Western Suite [1960]
Western Suite: Pony Express, Apaches, Saturday Night Dance, Big Pow Wow/Topsy/Blue Monk

Need Photo SD 1331 Various Artists - Newport Jazz Festival All Stars [1960]
Royal Garden Blues/Sunday/Dinah/Deed I Do/Pee Wee Russell's Unique Sound/You Took Advantage of Me/Rose Room

Need Photo SD 1332 Joe Turner - Big Joe Rides Again [8/60]
Switchin' in the Kitchen/Nobody in Mind/Until the Real Thing Comes Along/I Get the Blues When It Rains/Rebecca//
When I Was Young/Don't You Make Me High/Time After Time/Pennies From Heaven/Here Comes Your Iceman

New "white fan" label design starts about here

Need Photo SD 1333 Ronnie Ross and Allan Ganley - Jazz Makers [1960]
Country Squire/Moonbather/Real Funky Blues/It's a Big Wide Wonderful World/Blues For the Five of Us/I Won't Fret If I Don't Get the Blues Anymore/Pitiful Pearl/How Long Has This Been Going On

Need Photo SD 1334 John Lewis - The Golden Striker [1960]
Fanfare Parts 1 and 2/Piazza Navona/Odds Against Tomorrow/Golden Striker/Piazza Di Spagna/La Cantatrice

Need Photo SD 1335 Fred Katz - Eastern Exposure [1960]
Sand/Ameer/Alms/Beneath the Sun/Fez/Salaam/One White Whale/Turkish Blues/Muezzin/Tassel

Need Photo SD 1336 Wilbur DeParis - The Wild Jazz Age [1960]
Runnin' Wild/That Thing Called Love/Blues Ingee/Shimme-Sha-Wabble/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/Twelfth Street Rag/When My Sugar Walks Down the Street/Railroad Man/Minorca/Tell 'Em About Me/Charleston/Creole Love Call

Need Photo 1337 Various Artists - The Blues In Modern Jazz [1960] Monaural only
Dizzy Gillespie - Just Blues/Art Blakey and Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk/Lennie Tristano - Requiem/Charles Mingus - Haitian Fight Song/Milt Jackson - Blues at Twilight/Ray Charles - Sweet Sixteen Bars/Jimmy Giuffre - Two Kinds of Blues Jimmy Giuffre/Modern Jazz Quartet - Bluesology

Need Photo 1338 Various Artists - Jazz At Jazz, Ltd. [1961] Monaural only
Sensation/Savoy Blues/I've Found a New Baby/Just a Closer Walk With Thee/Farewell Blues/Panama/Bluein'/The Blues/Battle Hymn of the Republic/When the Saints Go Marching In

Need Photo SD 1339 Slide Hampton Octet - Sister Salvation [1960]
Sister Salvation/Just Squeeze Me/Hi-Fi/Asseveration/Conversation Piece/A Little Night Music

Need Photo SD 1340 Philly Joe Jones - Philly Joe's Beat [1960]
Salt Peanuts/Muse Rapture/Two Bass Hit/Dear Old Stockholm/Got to Take Another Chance/That's Earl Brother/Lori

Need Photo SD 1341 Bobby Scott - The Complete Musician [1961]
You're the Top/How Are Things in Glocca Morra/Trolley Song/Roses in the Rain/Way Down Yonder in New Orleans/It Happens Every Spring/Prison Yard/Baby Won't You Please come Home/Lush Life/Ironsided Train/Without a Song/Every Day

Need Photo SD 1342 Milt Jackson - Ballad Artistry of Milt Jackson [1961]
The Cylinder/Makin' Whoopee/Alone Together/Tenderly/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Nuages/Deep in a Dream/I'm a Fool To Want You/Midnight Sun Will Never Set/Tomorrow

Need Photo SD 1343 Herbie Mann - The Common Ground [1960]
Baghdad/Asia Minor/Walkin'/Sawa Sawa De/St. Thomas/High Life/Uhuru/Night in Tunisia/Common Ground

Need Photo SD 1344 Lurlean Hunter - Blue and Sentimental [1961]
Blue Turning Gray Over You/If You Could See Me Now/My Kinda Love/Crazy He Calls Me/Just Imagine/Blue and Sentimental/Song is You/Then I'll Be Tired of You/Fool That I Am/We'll Be Together Again/As Long As I Live

Need Photo SD 1345 Modern Jazz Quartet and Quests - Third Stream Music [1960]
Da Capo/Fine/Exposure/Sketch/Conversation

Need Photo SD 1346 Various Artists - Sounds of the South [1961]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax. Bands of the Arkansas/Wave the Ocean/Hen Duck/Farmer's First Wife/Boll Weevil Holler/Jesse James/Kenny Wagner/Trouble So Hard/Baptizing Scene/Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus/Windham/Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning/Come on Boys, Let's Go to the Ball/Paddy on the Turnpike/Join the Band/Lucky Holler/I Be So Glad When the Sun Goes Down

Need Photo SD 1347 Various Artists - Blue Ridge Mountain Music [1960]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax. Cotton Eyed Joe - Mountain Ramblers/Big Tilda - Mountain Ramblers/Jennie Jenkins - Estil C. Ball/Jimmy Sutton - Spence Moore/John Henry - Mountain Ramblers/Rosewood Casket - Mountain Ramblers/Silly Bill - Mountain Ramblers//
Big Ball in Boston - Mountain Ramblers/Chilly Winds - Wade Ward/Old Hickory Cane - Mountain Ramblers/John Brown - Hobart Smith/Poor Ellen Smith - Hobart Smith/Liza Jane - Mountain Ramblers/Shady Grove - Mountain Ramblers

Need Photo SD 1348 Various Artists - Roots of the Blues [1960]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax. Jim and John - Lonnie Young/The Wild Ox Moan - Vera Hall/Been Drinkin' Water Out of a Hollow Log - Fred McDowell/All Night Long - Miles Pratcher/Shake 'Em on Down - Fred McDowell/Levee Camp Reminiscence - Forest City Joe/Chevrolet - Lonnie Young//
Oree - Lonnie Young/Levee Camp Holler - Johnny Lee Moore/Eighteen Hammers - Johnny Lee Moore/Train Time - Forest City Joe/Freight Train Blues - Fred McDowell/Drink on Little Girl - Forest City Joe

Need Photo SD 1349 Various Artists - White Spirituals [1960]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
Estil C. Ball - Tribulations/Estil C. Ball and Blair Reedy - When I Get Home/Estil C. Ball - The Poor Wayfaring Stranger/Mountain Ramblers - Baptizing Down By the Creek/Rev. I.D. Back - Sermon and Lining Hymn/Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Antioch/Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Calvary//
Estil C. Ball and Lacey Richardson - Please Let Me Stay a Little Longer/Estil C. Ball - Father, Jesus Loves You/Estil C. Ball - Lonesome Valley/Estil C. Ball - Father Adieu/Mountain Ramblers - The Old Country Church/Neil Morris - Little Moses/Estil C. Ball - The Cabin on the Hill

Need Photo SD 1350 Various Artists - American Folk Songs For Children [1960]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
Johnson's Old Gray Mule/My Little Rooster/Whoa Mule/Frog Went A-Courtin'/Glen's Chimes/Chick-A-Li-Lee-Lo/Old Joe Clark/Go Tell Aunt Nancy/Train 111/Johnny Cuckoo/Mama Buy Me a Chiney Doll/Soldier Soldier/Mary Mack/Hambone/Banging Breakdown/Green Sally, Up/Sometimes/Arkansas Traveler/Paper of Pins/Little Dappled Cow/Go To Sleep Little Baby

Need Photo SD 1351 Various Artists - Negro Church Music [1960]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
Death, Have Mercy/I Want Jesus to Walk With Me/Jesus is Real to Me/I Love the Lord/Sermon Fragment/I'm Goin' Home on the Mornin' Train/Power/On That Rock/Jesus on the Main Line/This Little Light of Mine/I'm Gonna Sail Like a Ship on the Ocean/Blow Gabriel/Motherless Children/What Do You Think About Jesus

Need Photo SD 1352 Various Artists - The Blues Roll On [1960]
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
Boy Blue - Boogie Children/Forest City Joe - She Lived Her Life Too Fast/Fred McDowell - Drop Down Mama/Lonnie Young - Sittin' on Top of the World/John Dudley - Cool Water Blues/Forest City Joe - She Don't Love Me That Way//
Forest City Joe - Stop Breaking Down/Boy Blue - Joe Lee's Rock/Rosalie Hill - Bullyin' Well/Fred McDowell - When You Get Home, Write Me a Few Little Lines/Forest City Joe - Red Cross Store/Forest City Joe - Forest City Jump

Need Photo SD 1353 Ornette Coleman Quartet - This Is Our Music [1961]
Blues Connotation/Beauty is a Rare Thing/Kaleidoscope/Embraceable You/Poise/Folk Tale/Humpty Dumpty

Need Photo SD 1354 John Coltrane - Coltrane Jazz [1961]
Little Old Lady/Village blues/My Shining Hour/Fifth House/Harmonique/I'll Wait and Pray/Like Sonny/Some Other Blues

Need Photo SD 1355 Bobby Scott - A Taste of Honey- [1961]
Original Music for the Broadway Play. Act 1 Overture/Helen's Theme/Peter's Theme/Rain Music/Bridge Scene/Taste of Honey - First Act Theme/Refrain/Closing Theme/Peter's Vamp/Act 2 Overture/Carnival Theme and Geoffrey/Heat Music

Need Photo SD 1356 Hank Crawford - More Soul [1961]
Boo's Tune/Angel Eyes/Four Five Six/The Story/Dat Dere/Misty/Sister Sadie

Need Photo 1357 Lennie Tristano - The New Tristano [1962] Monaural only
Becoming/C Minor Complex/You Don't Know What Love Is/Deliberation/Scene and Variations/Love Lines/G Minor Complex

Need Photo SD 1358 Leo Wright - Blues Shout [1961]
Gigi/Angel Eyes/Autumn Leaves/Indian Summer/Blues Shout/Night in Tunisia/The Wind/Two Moods

Need Photo SD 1359 - Modern Jazz Quartet and Orchestra - Modern Jazz Quartet and Orchestra [1961]
Around the Blues/Divertimento/England's Carol/Concertino For Jazz Quartet and Orchestra

Need Photo SD 1360 Ray Charles and Milt Jackson - Soul Meeting [1962]
Hallelujah I Love Her So/Blue Genius/Soul Meeting/X-Ray Blues/Love on My Mind

Need Photo SD 1361 John Coltrane - My Favorite Things [1961]
My Favorite Things/Everytime We Say Goodbye/Summertime/But Not For Me

Need Photo SD 1362 Slide Hampton Octet - Somethin' Sanctified [1961]
On the Street Where You Live/The Thrill is Gone/Ow/Milestones/El Sino/Somethin' Sanctified

Need Photo SD 1363 Wilbur DeParis - Wilbur DeParis on the Riviera [1961]
South Rampart Street Parade/Tres Moutarde/Fidgety Feet/Battle Hymn of the Republic/Clarinet Marmalade/St. Louis Blues/Sensation/Muskrat Ramble

Need Photo SD 1364 Ornette Coleman Double Quartet - Free Jazz a Collective Improvisation [1961]
Free Jazz Parts 1 and 2

Need Photo SD 1365 Gunther Schuller and John Lewis - Jazz Abstractions [1961]
Abstraction/Piece for Guitar and Strings/Variants on a Theme of John Lewis in 3 Parts (Django)/Variant of a Theme of Thelonious Monk in 4 Parts (Criss-Cross)

Need Photo SD 1366 David "Fathead" Newman - Straight Ahead [1961]
Batista's Groove/Skylark/Night of Nisan/Cousin Slim/Summertime/Congo Chant

Need Photo SD 1367 Laurence Harvey - This Is My Beloved [1962]

Need Photo SD 1368 Milt Jackson and John Coltrane - Bags and Trane [1961]
Bags and Trane/Three Little Words/Night We Called It a Day/Be-Bop/Late Late Blues

Need Photo 1369 Ray Charles - The Genius After Hours [1961] (8-61, #49) mono
The Genius After Hours/Ain't Misbehavin'/Ray/Dawn/Joy Ride/Hornful Soul/Man I Love/Charlesville/Music, Music, Music

Need Photo SD 1370 John Lewis - Original Sin [1961]
Jazz Ballet Based on the Creation of the World and of Adam and Eve. Creation of the World and Creation Of Adam/Recognition of Animals - Intro, Zebra, Lion, Camel, Walrus, Ape, Lamb, Leopard, Rabbit, Skunk, Fox, Mountain Sheep, Deer/Birth of Eve/Adam and Eve Pas de Deux/Teaching and Temptation/Expulsion From the Garden of Eden

Need Photo SD 1371 Herbie Mann - The Family of Mann [1961]
Why Don't You Do Right/Guinean/The Puppet/Shein Vi Di Levone/Moanin'/This Little Girl of Mine/Song of Delilah/Au Privave

Need Photo SD 1372 Hank Crawford - Soul Clinic [1961]
Please Send Me Someone to Love/Easy Living/Playmates/What a Difference a Day Made/Me and My Baby/Lorelei's Lament/Blue Stone

Need Photo SD 1373 John Coltrane - Ole' Coltrane [1961]
Ole/Dahomey Dance/Aisha

Need Photo SD 1374 Mitchell Ruff Trio - The Catbird Seat [1962]
Catbird Seat/Street of Dreams/So in Love/Con Alma/Gypsy in My Soul/I'll Remember April

Need Photo SD 1375 John Lewis - The Wonderful World of Jazz [1961]
ody and Soul/I Should Care/Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West/Afternoon in Paris/I Remember Clifford

Need Photo SD 1376 Red Mitchell/Harold Land Quintet - Hear Ye! [1962]
Triplin' Awhile/Rosie's Spirit/Hear Ye/Somara/Catacomb/Pari Passu

Need Photo SD 1377 Charlie Mingus - Oh Yeah [1962]
Hog Callin' Blues/Devil Woman/Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am/Ecclesiastics/Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me/Eat That Chicken/Passions of a Man

SD 1378 Ornette Coleman Quartet - Ornette! [1962]
W.R.U./T. and T./C. and D./R.P.D.D.

Need Photo SD 1379 Slide Hampton and His Orchestra - Jazz With a Twist [1962]
Jazz Twist/Mack the Knife/Gorgeous George/Strollin'//
Barbarians/Work Song/Slide Slid/Day in Day Out/Red Top

Need Photo SD 1380 Herbie Mann - Herbie Mann At the Village Gate [1962] (7-62, #30)
Comin' Home Baby/Summertime/It Ain't Necessarily So

Need Photo SD 1381 Modern Jazz Quartet - Lonely Woman [1962]
Lonely Woman/Animal Dance/New Your 19/Belkis//
Why Are You Blue/Fugato/Lamb, Leopard (If I Were Eve)/Trieste

Need Photo SD 1382 John Coltrane - John Coltrane Plays the Blues [1962]
Blues to Elvin/Blues to Bechet/Blues to You/Mr. Day/Mr. Si Si/Mr. Knight

Need Photo SD 1383 Various Artists - No Strings [1962]
Chris Connor - Sweetest Sounds/Chris Connor - Look No Further/Chris Connor - Nobody Told Me/Chris Connor - No Strings/Bobby Short - Be My Host/Bobby Short - Man Who Has Everything/Bobby Short - Orthodox Fool/Bobby Short - Love Makes the World Go/La Vern Baker - You Don't Tell Me/La Vern Baker - Eager Beaver/La Vern Baker - Loads of Love/Herbie Mann - La La La

Need Photo SD 1384 Herbie Mann - Right Now [1962]
Right Now/Desafinado/Challil/Jumpin' With Symphony Sid/Borquinho/Cool Heat/Free For All/Carnival/Meditation

Need Photo SD 1385 Modern Jazz Quartet - European Concert Volume 1 [1962]
Django/Bluesology/I Should Care/Ronde/I Remember Clifford/Festival Sketch/Odds Against Tomorrow/Vendome

Need Photo SD 1386 Modern Jazz Quartet - European Concert Volume 2 [1962]
Pyramid (Blues For Junior)/It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)/Skating in Central Park/The Cylinder/'Round Midnight/Bags' Groove/I'll Remember April

Need Photo SD 1387 Hank Crawford - From the Heart [1962]
Don't Cry Baby/Sweet Cakes/You've Changed/Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand/Sherri/Peeper/But on the Other Hand/Stoney Lonesome/What Will I Tell My Heart

Need Photo SD 1388 John Lewis - A Milanese Story [1962]
In a Crowd/Valeria/Winter Tale/Monday In Milan/Finale/Danielle in the Lion's Den

Need Photo SD 1389 Mose Allison - I Don't Worry About a Thing [1962]
I Don't Worry About a Thing/It Didn't Turn Out That Way/Your Mind is on Vacation/Let Me See/Everything I Have is Yours/Stand By/Idyll/The Well/Meet Me At No Special Place/Song is Ended

Need Photo SD 1390 Modern Jazz Quartet - The Comedy [1962]
Spanish Steps/Columbine/Pulcinella/Pierrot/Cantatrice/Harlequin/Piazza/Navona

Need Photo SD 1391 Stephane Grappelli - Finesse + Feeling = Jazz [1962]
Django/Nuages/Alabamy Bound/You Better Go Now/Daphine/Tien/Minor Swing/Makin' Whoopee/How About You/Soft Winds

Need Photo SD 1392 John Lewis & Svend Asmussen - European Encounter [1962]
If I Were Eve/Winter Tale/Slater's Theme/Valeria/Lonely Woman/Django/New York 19

Need Photo SD 1393 Leo Wright - Suddenly the Blues [1962]
A Felicidad/Greensleeves/Gensel's Message/Wiggler/Tali/Dionysos/Sassy Lady/Willow Weep For Me/Suddenly the Blues

Need Photo SD 1394 Ornette Coleman - Ornette on Tenor [1962]
Cross Breeding/Mapa/Enfant/Eos/Ecars

Need Photo SD 1395 Sonny Stitt - Sonny Stitt and the Top Brass [1962]
Souls Valley/Coquette/On a Misty Night/Stittsie/Poinciana/Boom-Boom/See See Rider/Four Ninety/Hey Pam

Need Photo SD 1396 Slide Hampton - Explosion! [1962]
Revival/Maria/Delilah/Begin the Beguine/Your Cheatin' Heart/Spanish Flier/Bye Bye Love/Love Letters/Slide's Blues

Need Photo SD 1397 Herbie Mann - Do the Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann [1963] (3-63, #86)
Amor Em Paz (Love In Peace)/Blues Walk/Bossa Velha (Old Bossa)/Consolation/Deve Ser Amor (It Must Be Love)/Menina Feia (Ugly Girl)/One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota)/Voce E Eu (You And I)

Need Photo SD 1398 Mose Allison - Swingin' Machine [1963]
Do It/This World/Promenade/If You're Goin' To the City/Saritha/I Ain't Got Nothing So Rare

Need Photo SD 1399 David "Fathead" Newman - Fathead Comes On [1963]
Unchain My Heart/Cellar Groove/Alto Sauce/Hello There/Scufflin'/Esther's Melody/Lady Day

Need Photo SD 1400 Charles Bell - Another Dimension [1963]
Theme/Bass Line/Django/Oleo/Satan Said/Portrait of Aunt Mary/My Favorite Things

Need Photo SD 1401 Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland - Jazz Is Universal [1963]
Box 703/Washington, D.C./Styx/Gloria/Bravos/Charon's Ferry/Volutes/Last Train From Overbrook

Need Photo SD 1402 John Lewis & Mangelsdortt/Zagreb Jazz Orchestra - Animal Dance [1964]
John Lewis and Mangelsdorff - Animal Dance/John Lewis and Mangelsdorff - Autumn Leaves/John Lewis and Mangelsdorff - Set 'Em Up/John Lewis and Mangelsdorff - Monday in Milan/John Lewis and Mangelsdorff - Sheriff/John Lewis and Mangelsdorff - Why Are You Blue/Zagreb Jazz Orchestra - Ornaments

Need Photo SD 1403 Dudley Moore - Theme From "Beyond the Fringe" [1963]
I Love Paris/Theme Beyond the Fringe/What's New/I Get a Kick Out Of You/Just In Time/Chicago/I Didn't Know/Just One Of Those Things

Need Photo SD 1404 (Kenny)Clarke - (Francy)Boland Big Band - Clarke * Boland Big Band [1963]
Long Note Blues (Here Is Cecco Beppe)/Get Out of Town/Sonor/Speedy Reeds/Old Stuff/Om Mani Padme Hum

Need Photo SD 1405 Hank Crawford - Soul of the Ballad [1963]
Blueberry Hill/In San Francisco/Stormy Weather/Sweet Slumber/If I Didn't Care/Stardust/Any Time/Whispering Grass/Time Out For Tears/I'm Gettin' Sentimental/There Goes My Heart/Have a Good Time

Need Photo SD 1406 Jack Wilson Quartet - Jack Wilson Quartet [1963]
Jackleg/Blues We Us/Harbor Freeway/De Critifeux/Nirvana and Dana

Need Photo SD 1407 Herbie Mann - Herbie Mann Returns to the Village Gate [1963]
Bags' Groove/N.Y. Is a Jungle Festival/Candle Dance/Bedouin/Ekunda

Need Photo SD 1408 Eureka Brass Band - Jazz at Preservation Hall [1963]
Just a Little While/Bye and Bye/Whoopin' Blues/Down In Honky Tonk Town/Take Your Burden To the Lord/Joe Avery's Blues/Panama

Need Photo SD 1409 Jim Robinson & Billie and De De Pierce - Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 2 [1963]

Need Photo SD 1410 Paul Barbarin & Punch Miller - Jazz at Preservation Hall, Volume 3 [1963]

Need Photo SD 1411 George Lewis Band - Jazz At Preservation Hall [1963]
Salutation/Salty Dog/Winin' Boy Blues/Pork Chops/Down By the Riverside/Linger Awhile/In the Sweet By & By/Burgundy Street Blues/Indian Sagua/Careless Love/Listen To the Mockingbird/St. Louis Blues

Art Farmer with Jim Hall - Interaction SD 1412 Art Farmer with Jim Hall - Interaction [1963] Stereo

Days of Wine and Roses/By Myself/My Little Suede Shoes//
Embraceable You/Loads of Love/Sometime Ago

Need Photo SD 1413 Herbie Mann - Live at Newport [1963] (12-63, #104)
Soft Winds/Desafinado/Samba De Orfeu/Don't You Know/Garota De Ipanema

Need Photo SD 1414 Modern Jazz Quartet - The Sheriff [1964]
In a Crowd/Bachianas Brasileiras/Mean To Me/Natural Affection/Donnie's Theme/Carnival

Need Photo SD 1415 Erroll Garner [Unissued]

Need Photo SD 1416 Charles Mingus - Tonight At Noon [1964]
Invisible Lady/Old Blues For Walt's Torin/Peggy's Blue Skylight/Passions of a Woman Loved

Need Photo SD 1417 Milt Jackson - Vibrations [1964]
Darbin and the Redd Fox/Algo Bueno/Mallets Towerd None/Blue Jubilee/Let Me Hear/Melancholy Blues/Sweet Georgia Brown

Need Photo SD 1418 Sonny Stitt - Stitt Plays Bird [1964]
Ornithology/Scrapple From the Apple/My Little Suede Shoes/Parker's Mood/Au Privave/Ko-Ko/Confirmation/Hootie Blues/Constellation

Need Photo SD 1419 John Coltrane - Sound - [1964]
The Night Has 1000 Eyes/Central Park West/Liberia/Body and Soul/Equinox/Satellite

Need Photo SD 1420 Various Artists - A Quartet Is a Quartet [4/64]
Modern Jazz Quartet - Reunion Blues/Modern Jazz Quartet - Winter Tale/Modern Jazz Quartet - Concorde/Modern Jazz Quartet - Yesterdays/ Quartet Di Milano - Webern: Funf Satze/Hung and Gypsy Quartet - Concert Medley

SD 1421 Art Farmer - Live at the Half-Note [1964]
Stompin' At the Savoy/Swing Spring/What's New/I Want to Be Happy/I'm Gettin' Sentimental

Need Photo SD 1422 Herbie Mann - Latin Fever [1964]
Harlem Nocturne/Fever/Not Now/Golden Striker/Insenatez/You Came a Long Way/Batida Differente/Nana/Groovy Samba/Influenza de Jazz

Need Photo SD 1423 Hank Crawford - True Blue [1964] (8-64, #143)
Blues In Bloom/Got You On My Mind/Mellow Down/Merry Christmas Baby/Read 'Em And Weep/Save Your Love For Me/Shake-A- Plenty/Shooby/Skunky Green/Two Years Of Torture

Need Photo SD 1424 Mose Allison - Word From Mose [1964]
Foolkiller/One Of These Days/Look Here/Days Like This/Your Red Wagon/Wild Man/Rollin' Stone/New Parchman/Don't Forget to Smile/I'm Not Talking/Lost Mind

Need Photo SD 1425 John Lewis - Essence [1965]

Need Photo SD 1426 Herbie Mann and Bill Evans - Nirvana [1964]

Need Photo SD 1427 Jack Wilson - Two Sides [1964]

Need Photo SD 1428 Elvin Jones and Philly Joe Jones - Together [1964]

Need Photo SD 1429 Modern Jazz Quartet/Almeida - Collaboration [1964]

Need Photo SD 1430 Art Farmer - To Sweden With Love [1965]

Need Photo SD 1431 Johnny Griffin/Matthew Gee - Soul Groove [1965]

Need Photo SD 1432 Hubert Laws - The Laws of Jazz [1965]

Need Photo SD 1433 Herbie Mann - My Kinda Groove [1965]

Blues In the Closet/Morning After Carnival/Vikki/Mushi Mushi/Soul Guajira/Spanish Grits/Saudade De Bahia

Need Photo SD 1434 Sergio Mendes - The Swinger from Rio [1965]
Maria Moita/Sambinha Bossa Nova/Batida Diferente/So Danco Samba/Pau Brazil/The Girl From Ipanema/Useless Panorama/The Dreamer/Primavera/Consolacao/Favela

Need Photo SD 1435 Max Roach Trio - Max Roach Trio Featuring the Legendary Hasaan [1965]

Need Photo SD 1436 Hank Crawford - Dig These Blues [1965]

Need Photo SD 1437 Herbie Mann - Herbie Mann Plays the Roar of the Greasepaint [1965]

Need Photo SD 1438 Grassella Oliphant Quartet - The Grass Roots [1965]

Need Photo SD 1439 Nat Adderley - Autobiography [1965]

Need Photo SD 1440 Modern Jazz Quartet - Modern Jazz Quartet Plays Porgy and Bess [1965]

Need Photo SD 1441 Ted Curson - The New Thing and the Blue Thing [1965]

Need Photo SD 1442 Art Farmer - Sing Me Softly of Blues [1965]

Need Photo SD 1443 Elvin Jones- And Then Again [1965]

Need Photo SD 1444 Clifford Jordan - These Are My Roots [1965]

Need Photo SD 1445 Herbie Mann - Standing Ovation At Newport [1965] (11-65, #143)
Patato/Stolen Moments/Mushi Mushi/Comin' Home Baby

Need Photo SD 1446 Eddie Higgins - Soulero [1965]

Need Photo SD 1447 Dorothy Ashby - Fantastic Harp [1965]

Need Photo SD 1448 Eddie Harris - In Sound [1965]

Need Photo SD 1449 Modern Jazz Quartet - Jazz Dialogue [1966]

Need Photo SD 1450 Mose Allison - Mose Alive! [1966]

Need Photo SD 1451 John Coltrane and Don Cherry - Avant-Garde [1966]

Need Photo SD 1452 Herbert Laws - Flute By-Laws [1966]

Need Photo SD 1453 Eddie Harris - Mean Greens [1966]

Need Photo SD 1454 Herbie Mann - Today [1966]

Need Photo SD 1455 Hank Crawford - After Hours [1966]

Need Photo SD 1456 Mose Allison - Wild Man on the Loose [1966]

Need Photo SD 1457 Dave Pike - Jazz For the Jet Set [1966]

Need Photo SD 1458 Mitchell Ruff Trio - After This Message [1966]

Need Photo SD 1459 Charles Lloyd - Dream Weaver [1966]

Need Photo SD 1460 Nat Adderley - Sayin' Somethin' [1966]

Need Photo SD 1461 Quartette Tres Bien - Bully! [1966]

Need Photo SD 1462 Herbie Mann - Monday Night At the Village Gate [1966]

Need Photo SD 1463 Jack McDuff - A Change Is Gonna Come Brother [1966]

Need Photo SD 1464 Herbie Mann - Our Mann Flute [1966] (10-66, #139)
Down By The Riverside/Fiddler On The Roof/Frere Jacques/Good Lovin'/Happy Brass/Monday Monday/Our Man Flint/Philly Dog/Scratch/Skip To My Lou/Theme From Malamondo (Funny World)/Theme From This Is My Beloved

Need Photo SD 1465 Joe Harriott - Indo-Jazz Suite [1966]
Overture/Contrasts/Raga Megha/Raga Gaud-saranga

Need Photo SD 1466 Sergio Mendes - The Great Arrival [1966]

The Great Arrival (Cheganca)/Monday, Monday/Carnaval/Cancao Do Amanhecer/Here's That Rainy Day/Boranda//
Nana/Bonita/Morning/Don't Go Breaking My Heart/Tristeza De Amar/Girl Talk

Need Photo SD 1467 Max Roach - Drums Unlimited [1966]

Need Photo SD 1468 Modern Jazz Quartet - Blues At Carnegie Hall [1966]

Need Photo SD 1469 Shelley Manne - Boss Sounds! [1966]
Wandering/Breeze & I/Frank's Tune/You Name It/Margie/Idle One

Need Photo SD 1470 Hank Crawford - Mr. Blues [1967]

Need Photo SD 1471 Herbie Mann - New Mann At Newport [1966]

Need Photo SD 1472 Jack McDuff - Tobacco Road [1967]

Need Photo SD 1473 Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower Charles Lloyd At Monterey [1967] (7-67, #188)
Forest Flower: Sunrise/Forest Flower: Sunset/Sorcery/Song of Her/East of the Sun

Need Photo SD 1474 Nat Adderley - Nat Adderley At Memory Lane [1967]

Need Photo SD 1475 Herbie Mann - Impressions of the Middle East [1967]

Need Photo SD 1476 Ira Sullivan - Horizons [1967]

Need Photo SD 1477 Freddie Hubbard - Backlash [1967]

Need Photo SD 1478 Eddie Harris - Tender Storm [1967]

Need Photo SD 1479 Junior Mance - Harlem Lullaby [1967]

Need Photo SD 1480 Sergio Mendes - Beat of Brazil [1967]

Need Photo SD 1481 Charles Lloyd - Love-In [1967] (8-67, #171)

Here There And Everywhere/Is It Really The Same?/Island Blues/Love-In/Memphis Dues Again/Sunday Morning/Temple Bells/ Tribal Dance

Need Photo SD 1482 Joe Harriott and John Mayer Double Quintet - Indo-Jazz Fusion [1967]

Need Photo SD 1483 Herbie Mann - The Beat Goes On [1967]

Need Photo SD 1484 Brother Jack McDuff - Do It Now [1967]

Need Photo SD 1485 Elvin Jones - Midnight Walk [1967]

Need Photo SD 1486 Modern Jazz Quartet - Live At the Lighthouse [1967]
The Spiritual/Baseball/The Shadow of Your Smile/Intima/Novamo/For Someone I Love/What's New

Need Photo SD 1487 Shelly Manne and His Men - Jazz Gunn [1967]
A Bluish Bag/Silver Tears/Sweet//
Theme For Sam/A Quiet Happening/Night Owl/Peter Gunn

Need Photo SD 1488 Roy Ayers - Virgo Vibes [1967]

Need Photo SD 1489 David Newman - House of David [1968]
I Wish You Love/One Room Paradise/Little Sister/Miss Minnie/Just Like a Woman/House of David/Blue New/The Holy Land

Need Photo SD 1490 Herbie Mann - String Album [1967]

Need Photo SD 1491 Jimmy Owens and Kenny Barron Quintet - Better Listen [1967]

Need Photo SD 1492 Freedom Sounds - People Get Ready [1967]

Need Photo SD 1493 Charles Lloyd Quartet - Journey Within [1967]

Need Photo SD 1494 Grassella Olipant - The Grass Is Greener [1967]

Need Photo SD 1495 Eddie Harris - The Electrifying Eddie Harris [1968] (4-68, #36)
I Don't want No One But You/Judie's Theme/Listen Here/Sham Time/Spanish Bull/Theme In Search Of A Movie

Need Photo SD 1496 Junior Mance and Bobby Timmons - I Believe To My Soul [1968]

Need Photo SD 1497 Herbie Mann - The Wailing Dervishes [1968]
The Wailing Dervishes/Norwegian Wood/Flute Bag/In The Medina/Armenian Lullaby

Need Photo SD 1498 Jack McDuff and David Lloyd - Double Barreled Soul Brother [1968]

Need Photo SD 1499 Yusef Lateef - The Complete Yusef Lateef [1968]

Need Photo SD 1500 Charles Lloyd - Charles Lloyd In Europe [1968]

Need Photo SD 1501 Freddie Hubbard - High Blues Pressure [1968]

Need Photo SD 1502 Roland Kirk - Inflated Tear [1968]

Need Photo SD 1503 Hank Crawford - Double Cross [1968]

SD 1504 Rufus Harley - Tribute To Courage [1968]

SD 1505 David Newman - Bigger and Better [1968]

Need Photo SD 1506 Eddie Harris - Plug Me In [1968] (8-68, #120)

For My Love/It's Crazy/Live Right Now/Lovely Is Today/Theme In Search Of A T.V. Commercial/Winter Meeting

Need Photo SD 1507 Herbie Mann - Windows Opened [1968]

Need Photo SD 1508 Yusef Lateef - Blue [1968]

Need Photo SD 1509 Hubert Laws - Laws' Cause [1969]

Need Photo SD 1510 Max Roach - Members, Don't Git Weary [1968]

Need Photo SD 1511 Mose Allison - I Been Doin' Some Thinkin' [1968]

Need Photo SD 1512 Freedom Sounds - Soul Sound System [1969]

Need Photo SD 1513 Herbie Mann - The Inspiration I Feel [1968]

Need Photo SD 1514 Roy Ayers - Stoned Soul Picnic [1968]

Need Photo SD 1515 Shirley Scott - Soul Song [1968]

Need Photo SD 1516 Les McCann - Much Les - [1968] (3-69, #169)

Benjamin/Burnin' Coal/Doin' That Thing/Love For Sale/Roberta/With These Hands

Need Photo SD 1517 Eddie Harris - Silver Cycles [1968] (2-69, #199)

Coltrane's View/Electric Ballad/Free At Last/I'm Gonna Leave You By Yourself/Infrapolations/Little Bit/1974 Blues/Silver Cycles/Smoke Signals

Need Photo SD 1518 Roland Kirk - Left and Right [1968]

Need Photo SD 1519 Charles Lloyd - Soundtrack [1969]

Need Photo SD 1520 Claire Fischer - Thesaurus [1968]

Need Photo SD 1521 Junior Mance and Bobby Timmons - Live At the Top [1968]

Need Photo SD 1522 Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground [1968] (5-69, #20)

Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Chain Of Fools/Hold On, I'm Comin'/Memphis Underground/New Orleans

Need Photo SD 1523 Hank Crawford - Mr. Blues Plays Lady Soul [1969]

Need Photo SD 1524 David Newman - The Many Faces of David Newman [1968]

Need Photo SD 1525 Yusef Lateef - Yuself Lateef's Detroit [1969] (8-69, #183)
Belle Isle/Bishop School/Eastern market/Livingston Playground/Raymond Winchester/Russell And Eliot/That Lucky Old Sun/Woodward Avenue

Need Photo SD 1526 Freddie Hubbard - Soul Experiment [1968]

Need Photo SD 1527 Luis Gasca - Little Giant [1968]

Need Photo SD 1528 Various Artists - Jazz Super Hits [1969]

Need Photo SD 1529 Eddie Harris - High Voltage - [1969] (8-69, #122)

Ballad (For My Love)/Children's Song/Funky Doo/Is There A Place For Us/Listen Here/Movin' On Out

Need Photo SD 1530 Phil Moore Jr. - Right On [1969]

Need Photo SD 1531 Gary Burton - Throb [1969]

Need Photo SD 1532 - Shirley Scott and The Soul Saxes - Shirley Scott & Soul Saxes [1969]
It's Your Thing/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman/I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free//
You/Stand By Me/Get Back/More Today Than Yesterday

Need Photo SD 1533 George Wein - George Wein's Newport All Stars [1969]

Need Photo SD 1534 Roland Kirk - Volunteered Slavery [1970]

Need Photo SD 1535 Bobby Scott - Jump for Joy [1969]

Need Photo SD 1536 Herbie Mann - Live At the Whisky A Go Go [1969] (11-69, #139)
Ooh Baby/Philly Dog

Need Photo SD 1537 Les McCann and Eddie Harris - Swiss Movement [1969] (12-69, #29)
Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Cold Duck Time/Compared To What/Generation Gap/Kathleen's Theme/You Got It In Your Soulness

Need Photo SD 1538 Roy Ayers - Daddy's Back [1970]

Need Photo SD 1539 Rufus Harley - Kings and Queens [1970]

Need Photo SD 1540 Herbie Mann - Concerto Grosso in D Blues

Need Photo SD 1541 John Coltrane - Best of John Coltrane [1969]

Need Photo SD 1542 Mose Allison - Best of Mose Allison [1969]

Need Photo SD 1543 Ray Charles - Best of Ray Charles [1970]

Need Photo SD 1544 Herbie Mann - The Best of Herbie Mann [1970] (3-70, #189)
Comin' Home Baby/Man And A Woman/Memphis Underground/This Little Girl Of Mine

Need Photo SD 1545 Eddie Harris - The Best of Eddie Harris [1970] (4-70, #191)
Freedom Jazz Dance/Listen Here/Live Right Now/Love Theme From The Sandpiper/Movin' On Out/Theme In Search Of A Movie

Need Photo SD 1546 Modern Jazz Quartet - Best of the Modern Jazz Quartet [1970]

Need Photo SD 1547 Les McCann - Comment [1970]

Need Photo SD 1548 Yusef Lateef - Diverse [1969]

Need Photo SD 1549 Freddie Hubbard - Black Angel [1969]

Need Photo SD 1550 Mose Allison - Hello There, Universe [1969]
No Exit/Hymn To Everything/Wild Man on the Loose/Monsters of the Id/I Don't Want Much/Somebody Gotta Move/On the Run/Blues In the Night/Hello There, Universe/I'm Smashed

Need Photo SD 1551 Clarence Wheeler and Tthe Enforcers - Doin' What We Wanna [1970]

Need Photo SD 1552 Wilbur De Paris & His New Orleans Jazz - Over & Over Again [1970]

Need Photo SD 1553 John Coltrane - The Coltrane Legacy [1970]

Need Photo SD 1554 Eddie Harris - Come on Down! [1970]

Need Photo SD 1555 Charlie Mingus - Best of Charlie Mingus [1970]

Need Photo SD 1556 Charles Lloyd - Best of Charles Lloyd [1970]

Need Photo SD 1557 Hank Crawford - Best of Hank Crawford [1970]
The Peeper/Ain't No Way/Angel Eyes/Boo's Tune/Whispering Grass/Dig These Blues/Lorelei's Lament/Stoney Lonesome

Need Photo SD 1558 Ornette Coleman - Best of Ornette Coleman [1970]

Need Photo SD 1559 Various Artists - Jazz Super Hits Volume 2 [1970]

Need Photo SD 1560 Gary Burton - Good Vibes [1969]
Boston Marathon/Vibrafinger/I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)//
Pain In My Heart/Leroy The Magician/Las Vegas Tango

Need Photo SD 1561 Shirley Scott - Sure Thing [1970]

Need Photo SD 1562 Junior Mance - With a Lotta Help [1970]

Need Photo SD 1563 Yusef Lateef - Suite 16 [1970]

Need Photo SD 1564 Ray Bryant - Ray Bryant MCMLXX [1971]

Need Photo SD 1565 Esther Phillips - Burnin' [1970] (1-71, #115)
Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/And I Love Him/Cry Me a River Blues/I'm Gettin' 'Long Alright//
Release Me/Makin' Whoopee/If It's the Last Thing I Do/Shangri-La/Please Send Me someone to Love

Need Photo SD 1566 Edward Strauss - The Me Nobody Knows (Original Cast) [1970]

Need Photo SD 1567 Mongo Santamaria - Mongo '70 [1970] (10-70, #195)
Adobo Criollo/Dedicated To Love/Grass Roots/Look Away/March Of The Panther/Mo' Do'/Night Crawler/The Whistler/Windjammer/Yesterday's Tomorrow

Need Photo SD 1568 Carmen McRae - Just a Little Lovin' [1970]
Just A Little Lovin'/Something/I Thought I Knew You Well/I Want You/More Today Than Yesterday/Here There And Everywhere//
Carry That Weight/Breakfast In Bed/I Love The Life I Live/What'cha Gonna Do/Didn't We/Goodbye Joe

Need Photo SD 1569 Roberta Flack - Chapter Two [8/70] (8-70, #33)
Reverend Lee/Do What You Gotta Do/Just Like A Woman/Let It Be Me//
Gone Away/Until It's Time For You To Go/The Impossible Dream/Business Goes On As Usual

Need Photo SD 1570 Yank Lawson and Bob Haggart - Live At the Roosevelt Grill [1970]

Need Photo SD 1571 Charles Lloyd - In the Soviet Union [1970]

Need Photo SD 1572 Ornette Coleman - The Art of the Improvisers [1970]

Need Photo SD 1573 Eddie Harris - Free Spirit [1970]

Need Photo SD 1574 Bobby Short - Nobody Else But Me [1970]

Need Photo SD 1575 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Rahsaan Rahsaan [1970]

Need Photo SD 1576 Freddie Hubbard - Sing Me a Song [1970]
Threnody For Sharon Tate/This Is Combat, I Know/The Crowd/What a Good Time For a Kent State/ Monodrama/Black Soldier/Interlude 1/Interlude 2/And Yet, There Could Be Love/Postlude

Need Photo SD 1577 Gary Burton and Keith Jarrett - Gary Burton and Keith Jarrett [1971]

Need Photo SD 1578 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Natural Black Inventions [1971]

Need Photo SD 1579 Joe Zawinul - Zawinul [1971]

Need Photo SD 1580 Duke Ellington - New Orleans Suite [1970]

Need Photo SD 1581 Mongo Santamaria - Mongo's Way [1970]

Need Photo SD 1582 Lawson/Haggart Band - What's New [1970]

Need Photo SD 1583 Eddie Harris and Les McCann - Second Movement [1971] (5-71, #41)
Carry On Brother/Samia/Set Us Free/Shorty Rides Again/Universal Prisoner

Need Photo SD 1584 Mose Allison - Western Man [1971]

Need Photo SD 1585 Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - The Love I've Been Looking For [1971]

Need Photo SD 1586 Charles Lloyd - Flowering of the Original [1971]

Need Photo SD 1587 Max Roach - Lift Every Voice and Sing [1971]

Need Photo SD 1588 Ornette Coleman - Twins [1971]

Need Photo SD 1589 Modern Jazz Quartet - Plastic Dreams [1971]

Need Photo SD 1590 David "Fathead" Newman - Best of David "Fathead" Newman [1970]

Need Photo SD 1591 Yusef Lateef - Best of Yusef Lateef [1971]

Need Photo SD 1592 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1971]

Need Photo SD 1593 Mongo Santamaria - Mongo Santamaria At Montreux [1971]
Come Candela/Climax/Disappear/Marty's Tune/Soleil/Conversation In Drums/I Wanna Know/ Watermelon Man/Standing Ovation/Cloud Nine/Watermelon Man

Need Photo SD 1594 Roberta Flack - Quiet Fire [1971] (12-71, #18)
Go Up Moses/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Sunday and Sister Jones/See You Then//
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/To Love Somebody/Let Them Talk/Sweet Bitter Love

Need Photo SD 1595 Eddie Harris - Live At Newport [1971] (11-71, #164)
Carry On Brother/Children's Song/Don't You Know The Future's In Space/Silent Majority/ South Side/Walk Soft

Need Photo SD 1596 Keith Jarrett - Mourning of a Star [1971]

Need Photo SD 1597 Gary Burton and Stephane Grappelli - Paris Encounter [1971]
Daphne/Blue In Green/Falling Grace/Here's That Rainy Day/Coquette/Sweet Rain/ The Night Has a Thousand Eyes/Arpege/Eiderdown

Need Photo SD 1598 Gary Burton - Alone At Last [1971]

Need Photo SD 1599 Isaac Hayes - In the Beginning [1972]
Reissue of Enterprise SD 13-101 Original label is red and green with a white stripe side to side. Precious Precious/When I Fall In Love/Medley: I Just Want To Make Love To You-Rock Me Baby//
Medley: Going To Chicago Blues- Misty/You Don't Know Like I Know

Need Photo SD 1600 David "Fathead" Newman - Lonely Avenue [1972]
Fuzz/Precious Lord/Symphonette//
Lonely Avenue/3/4 of the Time/Fire Weaver

Need Photo SD 1601 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Blacknuss [1971]
Ain't No Sunshine/What's Goin' On/I Love You Yes I Do/Take Me Girl, I'm Ready/My Girl/ Which Way is It Going/One Nation//
Never Can Say Goodbye/Old Rugged Cross/Make It With You/Blacknuss

Need Photo SD 1602 Yusef Lateef - Gentle Giant [1972]
Nubian Lady/Lowland Lullaby/Hey Jude//
Jungle Plum/The Poor Fishermen/African Song/Queen of the Night/Below Yellow Bell

Need Photo SD 1603 Les McCann - Invitation To Openness [1972] (4-72, #141)
The Lovers//
Beaux J. Poo Poo/Poo Bye McGoochie (And His Friends)

Need Photo SD 1604 Richard Evans - Dealing With Hard Times [1972]
Patutu/Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)/The Wedding Song/Angela, My Sister//
Dealing With Hard Times/Ellie's Love theme/Wado City/Close to You/Pie Daddy's Dream

Need Photo SD 1605 Don Shirley - The Don Shirley Point of View [1971]

Need Photo SD 1606 Dave Brubeck - Truth Is Fallen [1971]
Prelude/Merciful Men Are Taken Away/Oh, That My Head Were Waters/Speak Out/ I Called and No One Answered/Yea Truth Faileth/Truth/Is the Lord's Hand Shortened?/Arise!

Dave Brubeck - Last Set At Newport SD 1607 Dave Brubeck - Last Set At Newport [Stereo][1971]

Need Photo SD 1608 Charlie Mariano - Mirror [1971]

Need Photo SD 1609 Randy Weston - African Cookbook [1971]

Need Photo SD 1610 Herbie Mann - Mississippi Gambler [1972]

Need Photo SD 1611 Eddie Harris - Instant Death [1971] (7-72, #185)
Instant Death/Little Wes/Nightcap/Summer's On Its Way/Superfluous/Tampion/Zambezi Dance

Need Photo SD 1612 Keith Jarrett - Birth [1971]

Need Photo SD 1613 Turk Murphy - Many Faces of Ragtime [1971]

Need Photo SD 1614 Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit [1971]

Note: The next four LPs were to be issued as part of the Commodore Series. However, these were unissued as single discs and replaced by the double disc sets in the 300 series.

Need Photo SD 1615 - Jelly Roll Morton [Unissued]

Need Photo SD 1616 - Coleman Hawkins [Unissued]

Need Photo SD 1617 - Chu Berry and Ben Webster [Unissued]

Need Photo SD 1618 - Lester Young [Unissued]

Need Photo SD 1619 Les McCann - Talk To the People [1972] (10-72, #181)
What's Going On/Shamading/Seems So Long/She's Here/North Carolina/Let It Lay/Talk To the People

Need Photo SD 1620 Bobby Short - Very Best of Bobby Short [1972]

Need Photo SD 1621 Mongo Santamaria - Up From the Roots [1972]

Need Photo SD 1622 Miroslav Vitous - Mountain In the Clouds [1972]

Need Photo SD 1623 Modern Jazz Quartet - Legendary Profile [1972]

Need Photo SD 1624 Hubert Laws - Wild Flower [1972]

Need Photo SD 1625 Eddie Harris - Sings the Blues [1972]

Need Photo SD 1626 Ray Bryant - Alone At Montreux [1972]

Need Photo SD 1627 Mose Allison - Mose In Your Ear [1972]

Need Photo SD 1628 Von Freeman - Doin' It Right Now [1972]
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/White Sand/Lost In a Fog/Portrait of John Young/Doin' It Right Now/Catnap/Sweet and Lovely/Brother George

Need Photo SD 1629 Oscar Brown Jr. - Movin' On [1972]

Need Photo SD 1630 Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Al Hibbler - Meeting of the Times [1972]

Need Photo SD 1631 Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Loves Cole [1972]

Need Photo SD 1632 Herbie Mann - Hold on, I'm Comin' [1972] (6-73, #163)
(Gimme Some Of That Good Old) Soul Beat Momma/Memphis Underground/Never Can Say Goodbye/ Recsect Yourself

Need Photo SD 1633 Robin Kenyatta - Gypsy Man [1973]

Need Photo SD 1634 Young-Holt Unlimited - Oh, Girl [1973]

Need Photo SD 1635 Yusef Lateef - Hush 'N' Thunder [1973]

Need Photo SD 1636 Clarence Wheeler and Enforcers - New Chicago Blues [1972]

Need Photo SD 1637 King Curtis & Champion Jack Dupree - Blues At Montreux [1973]
Junker's Blues/Sneaky Pete/Everything's Gonna Be Alright//
Get With It/Poor Boy Blues/I'm Having Fun

Need Photo SD 1638 David "Fathead" Newman- The Weapon [1972]

Need Photo SD 1639 Art Ensemble of Chicago - Bap-Tizum [1972]

Need Photo SD 1640 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Prepare Thyself To Deal With a Miracle [1972]

Need Photo SD 1641 Dave Brubeck - We're All Together Again [1972]

Need Photo SD 1642 Herbie Mann - Turtle Bay [1973] (9-73, #146)
Do It Again/Family Affair/Happier Than The Morning Sun/In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed/ (Just An Old) Balalaika Love Song/Never Ending Song Of Love/Now I've Found A Lady (Soul Rachanga)/Rainy Night In Georgia/Reverend Lee/Theme From Cries And Whispers/ Turtle Bay

Need Photo SD 1643 Gil Evans - Svengali [1973]
Thoroughbred/Blues In Orbit/Eleven/Cry of Hunger/Summertime/Zee Zee

Need Photo SD 1644 Robin Kenyatta - Tera Nova [1973]

Need Photo SD 1645 Dave Brubeck - Two Generations of Brubeck [1973]
Dysrhythmia/Three to Get Ready/Blue Rondo A La Turk/Unsquare Dance/The Holy One/Call of the Wild/Knives/Tin Sink/Thank You

Need Photo SD 1646 Les McCann - Layers [2/74]
Sometimes I Cry/Let's Gather/Anticipation/Dunbar High School Marching Band/Soaring/Harlem Buck Dance Strut/Interlude/Before I Rest/Let's Play/It Never Stopped in My Hometown/Soaring Part 2

Need Photo SD 1647 Eddie Harris - E.H. In the U.K.-London Sessions [1974] (2-74, #150)
Baby/Conversations Of Everything And Nothing/He's Island Man/I Waited For You/I've Tried Everything/Wait A Little Longer

Need Photo SD 1648 Herbie Mann - London Underground [1974] (3-74, #109)
Bitch/Layla/Mellow Yellow/Memphis Spoon Bread And Dover Sole/Paper Sun/Something In The Air/Spin Ball/Whiter Shade Of Pale/You Never Give Me Your Money

Need Photo SD 1649 Oscar Brown Jr. - Brother, Where are You? [5/74]
Lone Ranger/Under the Sun/The Joneses/If You Come Back/Separate Ways/Brother Where Are You?/I Love San Francisco/Who Knows What Goes When the Door Closes?/Memory Lane/From My Window Like a Flower

Need Photo SD 1650 Yusef Lateef - Part of the Search [6/74]
KC Shuffle/Oatsy Doatsy/Soul's Bakery/Lunceford Prance/Rockhouse/In the Still of the Night/ Superfine/Strange Lullaby/Big Bass Drum/Gettin' Sentimental

Need Photo SD 1651 Art Ensemble of Chicago - Jazzlore: Fanfare For Warriors [6/74]

Need Photo SD 1652 Modern Jazz Quartet - Blues on Bach [6/74]
Blues in B/Rise Up In the Morning/Blues in a Minor/Precious Joy/Blues in C Minor/ Don't Stop This Train/Tears From the Children/Blues in H

Need Photo SD 1653 Charlie Mingus - Mingus Moves [6/74]
Canon/Opus 4/Moves/Wee/Flowers for a Lady/Newcomer/Opus 3

Need Photo SD 1654 Andy Bey - Experience and Judgment [1973]

Need Photo SD 1655 Herbie Mann - Reggae - [1974] (8-74, #141)
My Girl/b-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Rivers Of Babylon/Swingin' Shepherd Blues

Need Photo SD 1656 Robin Kenyatta - Stompin' At the Savoy [1974]

Need Photo SD 1657 Harold Alexander - Raw Root [1974]

Need Photo SD 1658 The Family of Mann - First Light [1974]
Daffodil/Davey Blue/Lullaby For Mary Elizabeth/Mexicali/Muh Hoss Knows The Way/Music Is A Game We Play/Sunrise Highs/Thank You Mr. Rushing/The Turtle And The Frog/Toot Sick

Need Photo SD 1659 Eddie Harris - Is It In [1974] (10-74, #100)
Funkaroma/Happy Gemini/House Party Blues/Is It In/It's War/Look Ahere/Space Commercial/ These Lonely Nights/Tranquility And Antagonistic

Need Photo SD 1660 Dave Brubeck - Brother, the Great Spirit Made Us [1974]
Christopher Columbus/Forty Days/It's A Raggy Waltz/Mr. Broadway/Ragaroni/Sky Scape/ Temptation Boogie/The Duke

Need Photo SD 1661 Arif Mardin - Journey [1974]

Need Photo SD 1662 David Newman - Newmanism [1974]

Need Photo SD 1663 Pat Rebillot - Free Fall [1974]

Need Photo SD 1664 Bobby Short - Mad Twenties [1974]

Need Photo SD 1665 Duke Ellington - Recollections of the Big Band Era [1974]

Need Photo SD 1666 Les McCann - Another Beginning [1974] (1-75, #166)
Go On And Cry/Maybe You'll Come Back/Morning Song/My Soul Lies Deep/ Somebody's Been Lying 'Bout Me/Someday We'll Meet Again/When It's Over

Need Photo SD 1667 Charles Mingus - Mingus At Carnegie Hall [1974]

Need Photo SD 1668 John Coltrane - Alternate Takes [3/75]
Giant Steps/Naime/Like Sonny/Cousin Mary/I'll Wait and Pray/Countdown/Body and Soul/ Syeeda's Song Flute

Need Photo SD 1669 Eddie Harris - I Need Some Money [1975] (4-75, #125)
Bumpin/Carnival/Get On Down/I Don't Want Nobody/I Need Some Money/That's It/Time To Do Your Thing

Need Photo SD 1670 Herbie Mann - Discotheque [1975] (4-75, #27)
Bird Of Beauty/Guava Jelly/High Above The Andes/Hijack/I Can't Turn You Loose/I Won't Last A Day Without You/Lady Marmalade/Mediterranean/Pick Up The Pieces

Need Photo SD 1671 Dick Hyman - Satchmo Remembered [1975]
St. Louis Tickle/Creole Belles/Funeral March/Free as a Bird/Oh Didn't He Ramble/Chimes Blues/Cake Walking Babies From Home/Potato Head Blues/Weather Bird Rag/Willie the Weaper/Big Butter and Egg Man/Someday/Rosetta/St. Louis Blues/You've Been a Good Old Wagon/S.O.L. Blues

Need Photo SD 1672 Phineas Newborn - Phineas Newborn [8/75]
Together Again/Serenade in Blue/Where is the Love/Lorraine's Walk/Willow Weep For Me/Nica's Dream/Goodbye/Flamingo/Live and Love/One For Horace/Bouncing With Bud/Memphis Blues/Midnight Sun Will Never set/Out of This World/Giant Steps/Everything I Have Is Yours

Need Photo SD 1673 Keith Jarrett - El Juicio (The Judgement) [1975]
El Juicio/Gypsy Moth/Pardon My Rags/Piece For Omette/Piece For Omette/Pre-Judgement Atmosphere/Toll Road

Need Photo SD 1674 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color [1975]
Bye Bye Blackbird/Horses/High Heel Sneakers/Echoes of Primitive Ohio and Chili Dogs/The Enternainer/Freaks for the Festival/Portrail of Those Beautiful Ladies

Need Photo SD 1675 Eddie Harris - Bad Luck Is All I Have [1975] (9-75, #133)
Abstractions/Bad Luck Is All I Have/Get On Up And Dance/It Feels So Good/Obnoxious/Why Must We Part

Need Photo SD 1676 Herbie Mann - Waterbed [1975] (9-75, #75)
Bang! Bang!/Body Oil/Comin' Home Baby/Deus Xango/I Got A Woman/Paradise Music/Violet Don't Be Blue/Waterbed

Need Photo SD 1677 Charles Mingus - Changes One [1975]
Devil Blues/Remember Rockefeller At Attica/Sues Changes/Duke Ellington's Sound of Love

Need Photo SD 1678 Charles Mingus - Changes Two [1975]

Need Photo SD 1679 Les McCann - Hustle To Survive [1975] (11-75, #161)
Butterflies/Changing Seasons/Everytime I See A Butterfly/Got To Hustle To Survive/ Let Your Learning Be Your Eyes/Says Who Says What?/Us/Well, Cuss My Daddy/Why Is Now/ Will We Ever Find Our Fathers

Need Photo SD 1680 Esther Phillips - Confessin' the Blues [1975] (1-76, #170)
Blow Top Blues/Bye Bye Blackbird/C.C. Rider/Cherry Red/Confessin' The Blues/I Love Paris/ I Wonder/I'm Gettin' 'Long Alright/In The Evenin'/It Could Happen To You/Jelly Jelly Blues/ Long John Blues/Romance In The Dark

Need Photo SD 1681 Herb Geller - Rhyme and Reason [1/76]
Rhyme and Reason Time/Sudden Senility/Power of a Smile/Space a la Mode

Need Photo SD 1682 Herbie Mann - Surprises [1976] (5-76, #178)
Anata (I Wish You Were Here With Me)/Asa Branca/Cajun Moon/Creepin'/Cricket Dance/ Draw Your Breaks/Easter Rising/Sound Of Windwood

Need Photo SD 1683 Eddie Harris - That Is Why You're Overweight [1976]
It's All Right Now/Why Do You Hurt Me/Flowers/That Is Why You're Overweight/ Tryin' Ain't Dyin'/Live Again/Ooh/Exempt

Need Photo SD 1684 Dave Brubeck - All the Things We Are [1976]
Like Someone In Love/In Your Own Sweet Way/All the Things You Are/ Medley: Deep in a Dream, Like Someone in Love/ Here's That Rainy Day, Polka Dots and Moonbeams/It Could Happen to You/ Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Need Photo SD 1685 Yusef Lateef - The Doctor Is In and Out [8/76]
Mississippi Mud/Mushmouth/Technological Homosapien/Street Musicians/ In a Little Spanish Town

Need Photo SD 1686 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Other Folks' Music [8/76]
Water for Robeson and Williams/Simone/Donna Lee/Anysha/Samba Kwa Mwanamke Mweusi/Arrival/ That's All

Need Photo SD 1687 Freddie Hubbard - Echoes of Blue [8/76]
Roman Dog Broadus on a Bientot/Latina/For B.P./Backlash/Echoes of Blue/On the Que-Tee

Need Photo SD 1688 Duke Ellington - Jazz Violin Session [1977]
Take the A Train/In a Sentimental Mood/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Day Dream/Cotton Tail/ Pretty Little One/Tricky's Licks/Blues In C/String Along With Strings/Limbo Jazz/ The Feeling of Jazz

Need Photo SD 1689 Bobby Short - Personal [1977]

Need Photo SD 1690 Les McCann - River High, River Low [10/76]
You Little Cheat/I'm Back Home/Loved You Full in Every Way/A Hand From the Crowd/ I'm a Liberated Woman/River High, River Low/I've Been Thinking About My Problems/ Baby Just So Much Faith/I Go/People Ask Me a Question/Woman Come Home/ What Is It That we Have To Do To Let Our Children Grow

Need Photo SD 1691 Mose Allison - Your Mind Is on Vacation [1976]
Your Mind is On Vacation/No Matter/One of These Days/I Feel So Good/Fires of Spring/ If You Only Knew/What Do You Do After You Ruin Your Life/Swingin' Machine/Perfect Moment/ Your Molecular Structure/Foolin' Myself/I Can't See For Lookin'

Need Photo SD 1692 Roy Ayers - Daddy Bug And Friends [1976]
Bonita/Daddy Bug/I Love You Michelle/In The Limelight/Native Dancer/Slow Motion/ Virgo Vibes (Outside Blues)

Need Photo SD 1693 Various Artists - Jazz Gala Concert [1976]
Blues in My Shoes - Gerry Mulligan/Song For Strayhorn - Gerry Mulligan/ Festive Minor - Chick Corea/Moondance - Chick Corea/Times Lie - Chick Corea/Gentle Mood - Nat Atterley/Up and Down Man - Nat Atterley/Jive Samba - Nat Atterley/Work Song - Nat Atterley

Need Photo SD 1694 Joe Zawinul - Concerto Retitled [11/76]
A Concerto Retitled/From Vienna With Love/His Last Journey/In a Silent Way/ My One and Only Love/Riverbed/Sharon's Waltz

Need Photo SD 1695 Joachim Kuhn - Springfever [1976]
Lady Amber/Sunshine/Two Whips/Spring Fever/Morning/Mushroom/Equal Evil/California Woman

Need Photo SD 1696 McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Hancock - McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Hancock [1977]

Need Photo SD 1697 - (?)

Need Photo SD 1698 Eddie Harris - How Can You Live Like That [1977]
How Can I Find Some Way To Tell You/Love Is Too Much To Touch/How Can You Live Like That/Get Down With It/I'd Love To Take You Home/Come Dance With Me/Bird of Stone/Ambidextrous/Nothing Else To Do

Need Photo SD 1699 Don Pullen - Tomorrow's Promises [1977]
Big Alice/Autumn Song/Poodle Pie/Kadji/Last Year's Lies and Tomorrow's Promises/Let's Be Friends

Need Photo SD 1700 Charles Mingus - Three or Four Shades of Blues [10/77]
Better Get Hit In Your Soul/Goodbye Porkpie Hat/Noddin' Ya Head Blues/3 or 4 Shades of Blues/Nobody Knows

Need Photo SD 5209 Sister Sledge - We are Family

Need Photo SD 7202 Stephen Stills - Stephen Stills

All In The Family SD 7210 Music from the TV series - All In The Family

Those Were The Days-Theme/Why God Made Hands/Sweety Pie Rogers/Transplants/A Station Wagon Filled With Nuns/No Ribs?//
Do You Love Me?/God Is Black/VD Day/Archie's Hangup/Bacon Souffle & Women's Lib/Jury Duty/Shove Yours

Need Photo SD 7229 Graham Nash - David Crosby - Graham Nash David Crosby

Need Photo SD 7241 J. Geils Band - FULL HOUSE 'LIVE'

Need Photo SD 7270 Bette Midler - Bette Midler

Need Photo SD 7296 The Spinners - Mighty Love

Need Photo 8001 Various Artists - The Greatest Rock & Roll [4/57]
Hallelujah, I Love Her So - Ray Charles/Jim Dandy - La Vern Baker/From The Bottom Of My Heart - Clovers/Seven Days - Clyde McPhatter/I Want To Do More - Ruth Brown/It's Too Late - Chuck Willis/The Chicken And The Hawk - Joe Turner//
Corrine Corrina - Joe Turner/Smooth Operator - Ruth Brown/Steamboat - Drifters/ Treasure Of Love - Clyde McPhatter/I Can't Love You Enough - La Vern Baker/ Since I Met You Baby - Ivory Joe Hunter/Mary Ann - Ray Charles

Need Photo 8002 La Vern Baker - La Vern [1956]
Lots And Lots Of Love/Of Course I Do/You'll Be Crying/Miracles/I'm In A Crying Mood/Mine All Mine//
Harbor Lights/I'll Never Be Free/Romance In The Dark/Everybody Is Somebody's Fool/How Long Will It Be/Fool That I Am

Need Photo 8003 Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Rock and Roll [1956]
Without Love (There Is Nothing)/Someday You'll Want Me To Want You/Treasure Of Love/ I'm Not Worthy Of You/Bells Of St. Mary's/White Christmas/I Make Believe//
Seven Days/Warm Your Heart/Money Honey/Whatcha Gonna Do/Such A Night/Honey Love/Thirty Days

8004 Ruth Brown - Rock and Roll [1957]
Lucky Lips/As Long As I'm Moving/Wild Wild Young Men/Daddy Daddy/Mambo Baby/ Teardrops From My Eyes/Hello Little Boy//
Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean/5-10-15 Hours/It's Love Baby/Sentimental Journey/ Old Man River/So Long/Oh What A Dream

Need Photo 8005 Joe Turner - Rock and Roll [1957]
Shake, Rattle And Roll/Flip, Flop And Fly/Feeling Happy/Well All Right/The Chicken And The Hawk/Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Honey Hush//
Corrine Corrina/Midnight Special Train/Hide And Seek/Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop/Crawdad Hole/ Sweet Sixteen/Chains Of Love

Need Photo 8006 Ray Charles - Rock and Roll [1957]
Reissued in 1962 with a new cover and title, as Hallelujah I Love Her So. Ain't That Love/ Drown In My Own Tears/Come Back Baby/Sinner's Prayer/Funny (But I Still Love You)/ Losing Hand/A Fool For You//
Hallelujah I Love Her So/Mess Around/This Little Girl Of Mine/Mary Ann/Greenbacks/ Don't You Know/I Got A Woman

Need Photo 8007 La Vern Baker - Rock and Roll [1957]
Jim Dandy/Tra La La/I Can't Love You Enough/Get Up, Get Up (You Sleepy Head)/ That's All I Need/Bop-Ting-A-Ling/Tweedlee Dee//
Still/Play It Fair/Tomorrow Night/That Lucky Old Sun/Soul On Fire/My Happiness Forever/ How Can You Leave A Man Like This?

Need Photo 8008 Ivory Joe Hunter - Ivory Joe Hunter [1957]
Since I Met You Baby/I Need You By My Side/I Want Somebody/I Got To Learn To Do the Mambo/ I'll Never Leave You Baby/That's Why I Dream/A Tear Fell//
Heaven Came Down To Earth/I Need You/That's Why/You Mean Everything To Me/You Can't Stop This Rocking And Rolling/It's a Doggone Crying Shame/It May Sound Silly

Need Photo 8009 The Clovers - The Clovers [1957]
Reissue of Atlantic 1248. Love Love Love/Lovey Dovey/Yes It's You/Ting-A-Ling/ I Played The Fool/Hey Miss Fanny/Don't You Know I Love You//
Middle Of The Night/Blue Velvet/Little Mama/Crawlin'/Here Goes A Fool/I Got My Eyes On You/ Devil Or Angel

Need Photo 8010 Various Artists - Rock and Roll Forever [1957]
Reissue of Atlantic 1239. Shake, Rattle & Roll - Joe Turner/Tweedlee Dee - La Vern Baker/ One Mint Julep - Clovers/Money Honey - Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter/It Should've Been Me - Ray Charles/5-10-15 Hours - Ruth Brown/T- Bone Shuffle - T-Bone Walker//
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Ruth Brown/I've Got A Woman - Ray Charles/Good Lovin' - The Clovers /Hide & Seek - Joe Turner/Bop-Ting-A-Ling - La Vern Baker/Honey Love - The Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter/Flip, Flop & Fly - Joe Turner

Need Photo 8011 Ray Ventura & His Orchestra - Ray Ventura and Orchestra [1957]
Chanson Pour L'auvergnat/Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit/Les Croquants/Marinette/La Marine/ La Premiere Fille/La Cane De Jeanne//
La Chasse Aux Papillons/La Priere/Une Lolie Fluer/Colombine/Les Sabots D'Helene/ Le Parapluie

Need Photo 8012 Mac Kac - French Rock and Roll [1957]
J'vais M'en J'ter Derriere/T'es Pas Tombe Sur La Tete/Qu'est-Ce Que T'as Mon Vieux?/ Le Rouquin Rale/J'en Ai Assez/T'es Partie En Socquettes//
Moi J'suis Dans Le Coup/Great Big Bulging Eyes/J'ai Jete Ma Clef/J'tuerai L'voyou Qui a Bu Tout Mon Vin De Messe/El La-Bas/Rock Rock

Need Photo 8013 Various Artists - Dance the Rock & Roll [1958]
Gater's Groove - Willis Jackson & His Orchestra/Hey Tiger - Chuck Calhoun & His Atlantic All-Stars/Jam Up - Tommy Ridgley & His Band/Flying Home Mambo - Arnett Cobb & His Orchestra/ Wow! Joe Morris & His Orchestra/Mr. Pogo - Arnett Cobb & His Band/Gone After Hours - Frank Culley & His Orchestra//
Light Like That - Arnett Cobb & His Orchestra/Weasel Walk - Joe Morris & His Orchestra/ Culley-Flower - Frank Culley & His Orchestra/Rock! Rock! Rock! - Willis Jackson & His Orchestra/Hop 'N' Twist - Frank Culley & His Band/Barrel House - Chuck Calhoun & His Atlantic All-Stars/Midnight Special - Tiny Grimes' Quintet

Need Photo 8014 Chris Connor - I Miss You So [1/58]
I Miss You So/Go 'Way From My Window/Trust In Me/Past The Age Of Innocence/Time Out For Tears/I Love You Yes I Do//
My Heart Is So Full Of You/My Ideal/Mixed Emotions/They All Laughed/Speak Low/Radar Blues

Need Photo 8015 Ivory Joe Hunter - Ivory Joe Sings the Old and New [1958]
Where Are You/I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen/I Could Fall In Love With You/One More Memory/I'll Be Faithful/Worried Mind//
All My Life/Moonlight And Roses/There Goes My Heart/To Lose You/Someone/I Didn't Mean To Be Mean To You

Need Photo 8016 Cy Walter - Cy Walter Plays Gershwin Classics [1958]
Love is Sweeping the Country/Because Because/Hello, Good Morning/Who Cares?/I Got Rhythm/ Mine/Of Thee I Sing//
Let's Kiss and Make Up/What Am I Gonna Do?/Clap Yo Hands/He Loves and She Loves/S' Wonderful/ How Long Has This Been Going On?/Funny Face

Need Photo 8017 Betty Johnson - Betty Johnson [1958]
I Dreamed/The Touch/I'm Beginning to Wonder/I Gave My Love a Cherry/For Sentimental Reasons/ Little White Lies//
1492/Please Tell Me Why/Grandfather's Clock/I Get the Blues When It Rains/ My Jack of Diamonds/I'll Wait

Need Photo 8018 Chuck Willis - King of the Stroll [1958]
Betty and Dupree/That Train is Gone/Love Me Cherry/Juanita/It's Too Late/C.C. Rider//
My Life/What'cha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You/Kansas City Woman/There's Got To Be a Way/Ease the Pain/Thunder and Lightning/My Crying Eyes

Need Photo 8019 Jack Dupree - Blues From the Gutter [4/59]
Strollin'/T.B. Blues/Can't Kick the Habit/Evil Woman/Nasty Boogie//
Junker's Blues/Bad Blood/Goin' Down Slow/Frankie and Johnny/Stack-O-Lee

Need Photo 8020 T-Bone Walker - T-Bone's Blues [1959]
Two Bones and a Pick/Mean Old World/T-Bone Shuffle/Stormy Monday Blues/Blues For Marili/ T-Bone Blues/Shufflin' the Blues/Evenin'/Play on Little Girl/Blues Rock/Papa Ain't Salty

Need Photo 8021 Various Artists - Rock & Roll Forever, Volume 2 [1959]
C.C. Rider - Chuck Willis/Swanee River Rock (Talkin' 'Bout That River) - Ray Charles/ Mr. Lee - Bobbettes/Wee Baby Blues - Joe Turner/Substitute - La Vern Baker/Come What May - Clyde McPhatter/Lucky Lips - Ruth Brown//Empty Arms - Ivory Joe Hunter/Wishing For Your Love - Clovers/Learning to Love - La Vern Baker/Moonlight Bay - Drifters/Going to the River - Jayne Sisters/Yes Indeed - Ray Charles/What Am I Living For - Chuck Willis

Need Photo 8022 The Drifters - Rockin' and Driftin' [10/58]
Moonlight Bay/Ruby Baby/Drip Drop/I Gotta Get Myself a Woman/Fools Fall in Love/Hypnotized/ Yodee Yakee//
I Know/Soldier of Fortune/Drifting Away From You/Your Promise to Be Mine/It Was a Tear/ Adorable/Steamboat

Need Photo 8023 Joe Turner - Rockin' the Blues [12/58]
We're Gonna Jump For Joy/Teen Age Letter/Love Roller Coaster/Lipstick Powder and Paint/ Morning Noon and Night/I Need a Girl/Red Sails in the Sunset//
Blues in the Night/After a while/World of Trouble/Trouble in Mind/TV Mama/ You Know I Love You/Still in Love

Need Photo 8024 Clyde McPhatter - Love Ballads [10/58]
Heartaches/Come What May/Rock and Cry/That's Enough For Me/I Gotta Have You/Bip Bam/ Just to Hold My Hand//
Lucille/Long Lonely Nights/When You're Sincere/No Matter What/No Love Like Her Love/ You'll Be There/Love Has Joined Us Together

Need Photo 8025 Ray Charles - Yes Indeed [1959]
What Would I Do Without You/It's All Right/I Want to Know/Yes Indeed!/Get on the Right Track Baby/Talkin' 'Bout You/Swanee River Rock//
Lonely Avenue/Blackjack/The Sun's Gonna Shine Again/I Had a Dream/I Want a Little Girl/ Heartbreaker/Leave My Woman Alone

Need Photo 8026 Ruth Brown - Miss Rhythm [1959]
This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'/Just Too Much/I Hope We Meet (On the Road Some Day)/Why Me/ Somebody Touched Me/When I Get You Baby//
Jack O' Diamonds/I Can't Hear a Word You Say/One More Time/Book of Lies/I Can See Everybody's Baby/Show Me

Need Photo 8027/SD-8027 Betty Johnson - The Song You Heard When You Fell In Love [1959]
The Song You Heard When You Fell In Love/Red Sails in the Sunset/Once in a While/I'll Follow You/Dancing in the Dark/Together//
I Don't Know Why/For You/Dream/The Very Thought of You/Always/Goodnight Sweetheart

Need Photo 8028/SD-8028 Luiz Bonfa - Amor [1959]
Brasilia/I'll Remember April/Lonely Lament/Carnival/George Back in Town/Blue Madrid/ Island of Trinidad//
Old Times/Marajo/Indian Dance/Nelly/Preludio/Yesterdays/Bagpipes/Arabesque

Need Photo 8029 Ray Charles - What'd I Say [1959] (8-61, #20)
What'd I Say/Jumpin' in the Mornin'/You Be My Baby/Tell Me How Do You Feel/What Kind of Man Are You//
Rockhouse/Roll With My Baby/Tell All the World About You/My Bonnie/That's Enough

Need Photo 8030 La Vern Baker - Blues Ballads [1959]
I Cried a Tear/If You Love Me/You're Teasing Me/Love Me Right/Dix-A-Billy/So High So Low//
I Waited Too Long/Why Baby Why/Humpty Dumpty Heart/It's So Fine/Whipper Snapper/ St. Louis Blues

Need Photo 8031 Clyde McPhatter - Clyde [9/59]
Since You've Been Gone/Lovey Dovey/I'm Lonely Tonight/Let Me Know/The Way I Feel/ My Island of Dreams//
A Lover's Question/Hot Ziggity/Try Try Baby/Gone/Everyone's Laughing/I Can't Stand Up Alone

Need Photo 8032/SD-8032 Chris Connor - Witchcraft [1959]
Witchcraft/I'll Never Be Free/The Lady Sings the Blues/Come Rain or Come Shine/ When Sunny Gets Blue/How Little We Know//
I Hear the Music Now/Baltimore Oriole/Just in Time/Like a Woman/Skyscraper Blues/ You Don't Know What Love Is

Need Photo 8033 Joe Turner - Big Joe Is Here [11/59]
Wee Baby Blues/Rock a While/Baby I Still Want You/The Chill Is On/Poor Lover's Blues/ Don't You Cry//
Ti-Ri-Lee/Married Woman/Midnight Cannonball/I'll Never Stop Loving You/ After My Laughter Came Tears/Bump Miss Susie

Need Photo 8034 The Clovers - Dance Party [1959]
Love Bug/All About You/If I Could Be Loved By You/So Young/Down in the Alley/Nip Sip//
I I I Love You/In the Morning Time/Your Tender Lips/Fool, Fool, Fool/Wishing For You Love/ There's No Tomorrow

Need Photo 8035/SD-8035 Mickey Baker - The Wildest Guitar [1959]
Third Man Theme/Whistle Stop/Night and Day/Midnight Midnight/Autumn Leaves/Bala//
Milk Train/Old Devil Moon/Chloe/Baker's Dozen/Lullaby of the Leaves/Gloomy Sunday

Need Photo 8036/SD-8036 La Vern Baker - Precious Memories La Vern Baker Sings Gospel [11/59]
Precious Memories/Carrying the Cross For My Boss/Just a Closer Walk With Thee/Touch Me, Lord Jesus/Didn't It Rain/Precious Lord//
Somebody Touched Me/In the Upper Room/Journey to the Sky/Everytime I Feel the Spirit/ Too Close/Without a God

Need Photo 8037 Various Artists - The Rockin' Fifties [1960]
Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown/Chains of Love - Joe Turner/One Mint Julep - The Clovers/ Money Honey - Clyde McPhatter/Shake, Rattle and Roll - Joe Turner/Tweedlee Dee - La Vern Baker//
I've Got a Woman - Ray Charles/Since I Met You Baby - Ivory Joe Hunter/Mr. Lee - Bobbettes/ What Am I Living For - Chuck Willis/What'd I Say - Ray Charles/There Goes My Baby - The Drifters

Need Photo 8038/SD-8038 Lonnie Donegan - Skiffle Folk Music [1960]
The Gold Rush is Over/The House of the Rising Sun/John Hardy/Talking Guitar Blues/ You Pass Me By/San Miguel//
Take This Hammer/Fancy Talking Tinker/Gloryland/Miss Otis Regrets/Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy/ Mr. Froggy

8039 Ray Charles - Ray Charles In Person [1960] (7-60, #13)
The Right Time/What'd I Say/Yes Indeed!/The Spirit-Feel//
Frenesi/Drown in My Own Tears/Tell the Truth

Need Photo 8040/SD-8040 Chris Connor - Chris In Person [1959]
Introduction/Strike Up the Band/Misty/Senor Blues/Lover Come Back To Me/Angel Eyes/ Hallelujah, I Love Him So//
Poor Little Rich Girl/'Round Midnight/All About Ronnie/Fine and Dandy/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/ It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)/Chinatown My Chinatown

Need Photo 8041 The Drifters - The Drifters Greatest Hits [9/60] * This was the last release to use the black Atlantic label.
There Goes My Baby/Dance With Me/Baltimore/Sadie My Lady/Honky Tonky/Lonely Winds//
This Magic Moment/Hey Senorita/Oh My Love/Suddenly There's a Valley/Souvenirs/True Love, True Love

Need Photo 8042/SD-8042 Tarriers - Tell the World [1960]
You Can Tell the World/Bald-Headed woman/Red Apple Juice/Seven Daffodils/Take This Hammer/ Bile Them Cabbage Down/This Train//
Lonesome Traveler/All the Good Times/Little Maggie/Angels Watching Over Me/John Hardy/ Dark as a Dungeon/Jordan's River

Need Photo 8043/SD-8043 Zeniths - Makin' the Scene [1961]
Sugar Plum/You Took Advantage of Me/Medley: You Do Something to Me, It's All Right With Me, From This Moment On/Little Girl Blue/St. Louis Blues//
Smack Dab in the Middle/I See Your Face Before Me/Mack the Knife/Roll 'Em Pete/My Funny Valentine

Need Photo 8044/SD-8044 Raymond Le Fevre and His Continental Dance Orchestra - Romantica [1961]
The Cricket Serenade/Romantica/Come Softly To Me/Gouli-Gouli Dou/If I Cared a Little Less/ Spring in Seville//
Love in Portofino/Millions of Teardrops/Too Much Tequila/The Right Girl on the Left Bank/ Le Monde a Change/Hava Naguila

Need Photo 8045/SD-8045 Jack Dupree - Natural & Soulful Blues [1961]
Seafood Blues/Death of Big Bill Broonzy/Don't Leave Me, Mary/Rampart Street Special/How Long Blues//
Bad Life/Mother-In-Law Blues/Slow Drag/Dennis Rag/Bad Luck Bound to Change

Need Photo 8046/SD-8046 Chris Connor - Portrait of Chris [1961]
Follow Me/Alone Together/All Too Soon/Love/Where Flamingos Fly/Here's That Rainy Day//
Day In, Day Out/If I Should Lose You/I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues/Harlequin/I'm Glad There is You/Sweet William

Need Photo 8047/SD-8047 Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller - Big Band [1961]
Yakety Yak/Loving You/Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots/Bazoom/Poison Ivy/Kansas City//
Jailhouse Rock/Smokey Joe's Caf‚/Don't/Charlie Brown/Hound Dog

Need Photo 8048/SD-8048 Dianann Carroll - Fun Life [1961]
Let's Face the Music and Dance/Runnin Wild/Once is Enough For Me/Falling in Love Again, Can't Help It/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/I'm Not at All in Love//
The Boys in the Back Room/Fun Life/Do What You Wanna Do/There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Blah Blah Blah/I Don't Care

Need Photo 8049/SD-8049 Chris Connor and Maynard Ferguson - Chris Connor and Maynard Ferguson [1961]
Summertime/I Only Have Eyes For You/It Never Entered My Mind/Two Ladies in De Shade of De Banana Tree/Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most//
The Lonesome Road/All the Things You Are/Black Coffee/Happy New Year/That's How It Went All Right

Need Photo 8050/SD-8050 La Vern Baker - Saved [1961]
Saved/For Love of You/Manana/My Time Will Come/Shadows of Love/Must I Cry Again//
Bumble Bee/Shake a Hand/Don Juan/Wheel of Fortune/Senor Big and Fine/Eternally

Need Photo Will Holt & Dolly Jonah - On the Brink 8051/SD-8051 Will Holt & Dolly Jonah - On the Brink [1961]
You Know Everybody/Princeton Pastoral/The Political Scene/Lemon Tree/The Croquet Game//
Bertha in the Rectory/The Pergola/Movieville

Need Photo 8052 Ray Charles - The Genius Sings the Blues [1961] (11-61, #73)
Early In the Mornin'/Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)/The Midnight Hour/ The Right Time/Feelin' Sad/Ray's Blues//
I'm Movin' On/I Believe to My Soul/Nobody Cares/Mr. Charles' Blues/Some Day Baby/ I Wonder Who

Need Photo 8053/SD-8053 Robert Clary - Robert Clary At the Playboy Club [1961]
Lucky Pierre/Love is a Simple Thing/He and She/Let Me Love You/Autumn Leaves/ Lullaby of Birdland/Alouette/I Love Paris/Gigi/I'm in Love With Miss Logan/ When the World Was Young/C'est Si Bon

Need Photo 8054 Ray Charles - Do the Twist [1961] (12-61, #11)
Retitled The Greatest Ray Charles after the twist craze died down. Even though the cover showed the new title, the label still gave the old album title.
Tell Me How Do You Feel/I Got a Woman/Heartbreaker/Tell the Truth//
What'd I Say/Talkin' 'Bout You/You Be My Baby/Leave My Woman Alone/I'm Movin' On

Need Photo 8055 The Mar-Keys - Last Night [1961]
Morning After/Diana/Alright O.K. You Win/Sticks and Stones/Misty/Night Before//
About Noon/One Degree North/Sack O Woe/Hold It/Ebb Tide/Last Night

Need Photo 8056 Jack Dupree - Champion of the Blues [1961]
I Had a Dream/Roll Me Over Roll Me Slow/Reminiscin' With Champion Jack/That's All Right/ Daybreak Stomp/House Rent Party//
Snaps Drinking Woman/One Sweet Letter From You/New Vicksburg Blues/When Things Go Wrong/ Johnson Street Boogie Woogie/Misery Blues

Need Photo 8057 Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz [1961]
Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/Dance With Me/A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/Your Love/ Fools Fall In Love/To the Aisle//
The Masquerade Is Over/A Love of My Own/Promises/It Ain't Me/For You/The Love We Shared

Need Photo 8058 Various Artists - The Greatest Twist Hits [1962]
The Bootie Green - Clovers/Jam Up Twist - Tommy Ridgely/Rock & Roll Machine - Tee Tucker/ Mess Around - Ray Charles/Mr. Lee - Bobbettes/Honey Hush - Joe Turner/I Want To Know - Lloyd Sims/Twist And Shout - Top Notes//
How Many Times - Solomon Burke/We're Gonna Jump For Joy - Joe Turner/Last Night - The Mar-Keys/ Come What May - Clyde McPhatter/Jim Dandy - La Vern Baker/Boogie Woogie Country Girl - Joe Turner/Do The Hully Gully - King Coleman/Honey Dripper - King Curtis

Need Photo 8059/SD-8059 The Drifters - Save the Last Dance for Me [2/62]
Save the Last Dance For Me/I Count The Tears/Somebody New Dancin' With You/Jackpot/No Sweet Lovin'/Sweets For My Sweet//
Mexican Divorce/When My Little Girl is Smiling/Some Kind of Wonderful/Please Stay/Nobody But Me/Room Full of Tears

Need Photo 8060/SD-8060 Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Twist Party At Roundtable [1962]
Mashed Potatoes/Ain't Got No Money/Stand By Me/New Orleans/Good Good Lovin'//
I Can't Sit Down/Lonely Winds/Twist It Baby/Roundtable Twist/Shout

Need Photo 8061/SD-8061 Chris Connor - Free Spirits [1962]
Jump For Joy/Night Bird/Milano/Opportunity, Please Knock/Day Dream/Things Are Swingin'//
Kansas City/Lonely Woman/I'm Gonna Go Fishin'/God Bless the Child/Free Spirits

Need Photo 8062 The Mar-Keys - Do the Pop-Eye with the Mar-Keys [1962]
Pop-Eye Stroll/Wimp- Burger/Straight From the Can/Cause I Love You/Squint-Eye/Pop-Eye Rider//
Gonna Work Out Fine/Sit Still/Too Pooped To Pop-Eye/Sweet-P Crawl/Muscles A-Comin' Home/ Sailor Man Waltz

Need Photo 8063 Ray Charles - The Ray Charles Story, Volume 1 [1962]
The Sun's Gonna Shine Again/Losing Hand/Mess Around/It Should've Been Me/Don't You Know/ Come Back Baby/I've Got a Woman/A Fool For You//
This Little Girl of Mine/Mary Ann/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Lonely Avenue/Doodlin'/ Sweet Sixteen Bars/Ain't That Love

Need Photo 8064 Ray Charles - The Ray Charles Story, Volume 2 [1962]
Rockhouse/Swanee River Rock (Talkin' 'Bout That River/Talkin' 'Bout You/ What Kind of Man Are You/Yes Indeed/My Bonnie/Tell All the World About You/ The Right Time//
What'd I Say/Just For a Thrill/Come Rain or Come Shine/Drown in My Own Tears/ Let the Good Times Roll/I'm Movin' On

Need Photo 8065 Various Artists - The Solid Gold Groups [1962]
Chordcats - Sh-Boom/Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters - Treasure of Love/The Cardinals - Off Shore/Clovers - Blue Velvet/Diamonds - Beggar for Your Kisses/Cardinals - Come Back My Love/Ben E. King and The Drifters - There Goes My Baby//
Cookies - In Paradise/Clovers - Devil or Angel/Cardinals - The Door is Still Open/ Penguins - Pledge of Love/The Clovers - Don't You Know I Love You/Diamonds - Two Loves Have I/Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters - Honey Love

Need Photo 8066/SD-8066 Mel Torme - Mel Torme At the Red Hill [1962]
Shakin' the Blues Away/I'm Beginning to See the Light/In Other Words/Medley: A Foggy Day, a Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square/Love For Sale/It's Delovely//
Mountain Greenery/Neverless/Early Autumn/Anything Goes/(Ah, the Apple Trees) When the World Was Young/Love is Just Around the Corner

Need Photo 8067 Solomon Burke - Solomon Burke's Greatest Hits [1962]
Down in the Valley/Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)/How Many Times/Baby (I Wanna Be Loved)/Gotta Travel On/Looking For My Baby//
I'm Hanging Up My Heart for You/Cry to Me/I Almost Lost My Mind/A Tear Fell/Be Bop Grandma/ Keep the Magic Working

Need Photo 8068 Various Artists - Hound Dog's Old Gold [1962]
Willie Mae Thorton - Hound Dog/Mello-Kings - Tonight, Tonight/Coasters - Searchin'/ Jack Scott - My True Love/Chuck Willis - C.C. Rider/Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City//
Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Spaniels - Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight/ Chuck Berry - Wee Wee Hours/Fiestas - So Fine/The MadisonA - l Brown and the Toppers/ Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters - Treasure of love

Need Photo 8069/SD-8069 Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby [1962]
Comin' Home Baby/Dat Dere/The Lady's In Love With You/Hi-Fly/Puttin' on the Ritz/Walkin'//
Moanin'/Sing You Sinners/Whisper Not/On Green Dolphin Street/Sidney's Soliloquy/Right Now

Need Photo 8070/SD-8070 Joao Gilberto - The Boss of the Bossa Nova [1963]
Bolinha De Papel/Samba Da Minha Terra/Saudade Da Bahia/Barquinho/A Primeira Vez/Amor Em Paz//
Voce E Eu/Insensatez/Trenzinho (Trem De Ferro)/Presente de Natal/Coisa Mais Linda/Este Seu Olhar

Need Photo 8071/SD-8071 La Vern Baker - See See Rider [1963]
See See Rider/You Better Stop/He's a Real Gone Guy/Story of My Love/You Said/I'm Leavin'You//
Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes/Trying/Half of Your Love/A Little Bird Told Me So/ Endless Love/All the Time

Need Photo 8072/SD-8072 Shel Silverstein - Inside Folk Songs [1963]
Bury Me in My Shades/Have Another Espresso/Bananas/Liz/You're Always Welcome at Our House/ Civil War Song/Boa Constrictor/25 Minutes to Go//
Folk Singer's Blues/Beans Taste Fine/The Slitheree-Dee/It Does Not Pay to be Hip/Blue Eyes/ Standing on the Outside of Your Shelter/Wreck of the Old '49/Never Bite a Married Woman on the Thigh/The Unicorn

8073/SD-8073 The Drifters - Up on the Roof [2/63] (6-63, #110)
Up on the Roof/There Goes My Baby/Sweets For My Sweet/This Magic Moment/Mexican Divorce/ Stranger on the Shore/What To Do//
Save the Last Dance for Me/Loneliness or Happiness/Another Night With the Boys/(If You Cry) True Love, True Love/Room Full of Tears/when My Little Girl is Smiling/Ruby Baby

Need Photo 8074 Martin Willson - He's In Charge Here [1963]
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions/Pot Pourri/The State of the Union/The Slight Interruption/ Cabinet Cabals//
The Loyal Opposition/The Dictator/Secret Services/The Fireside Chat

Need Photo 8075/SD-8075 Nancy Harrow - You Never Know [1963]
You Never Know/Confessin' the Blues/Song For the Dreamer/Autumn/No One Knows Me/Just For a Thrill//
Lover Come Back to Me/My Last Man/No One Knows Just What Love Holds/Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do/Why Are You Blue/If I Were Eve

Need Photo 8076 Joao Gilberto - The Warm World of Joao Gilberto [1963]
Desafinado/Rosa Morena/Morena Boca De Ouro/Bim Bom/Aos Pes Da Cruz/E Luxo So//
Saudade Fes Um Samba/Chega De Saudade/Lobo Bobo/Brigas, Nuca Mais/Ho-Ba-La-La/Maria Ninguem

Need Photo 8077 Clyde McPhatter - Best of Clyde McPhatter [6/63]
A Lover's Question/Treasure of Love/Without Love (There is Nothing)/Just to Hold My Hand/ Long Lonely Nights/Seven Days/Lovey Dovey//
Money Honey/Honey Love/Someday You'll Want Me to Want You/Warm Your Heart/Such a Night/What'cha Gonna Do/White Christmas

Need Photo 8078 La Vern Baker - Best of La Vern Baker [1963]
Jim Dandy/Tweedlee Dee/I Cried a Tear/Trouble in Mind/Soul on Fire/Romance in the Dark/ Tomorrow Night//
See See Rider/Saved/Manana/harbor Lights/Shake a Hand/Fool That I Am/I Can't Love You Enough

Need Photo 8079/SD-8079 Chuck Willis - I Remember Chuck Willis [1963]
What Am I Living For/Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes/Stop and Think/From the Bottom of My Heart/Just One Kiss/You'll Be My Love/Keep a Drivin'//
C.C. Rider/Betty and Dupree/I'll Be So Glad When Your Heart is Mine/Big Drops of Rain/ Sugar Sugar/Love of Loves/My Baby

Need Photo 8080 Ruth Brown - Best of Ruth Brown [1963]
Teardrops From My Eyes/Shine On/5-10-15 Hours/Daddy Daddy/Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ Love Contest/Please Don't Freeze//
Oh What a Dream/Somebody Touched Me/mambo Baby/Bye Bye Young Men/Lucky Lips/I Don't Know/Taking Care of Business

Need Photo 8081 Joe Turner - Best of Joe Turner [8/63]
Shake, Rattle and Roll/Chains of Love/Honey Hush/Flip, Flop and Fly/The Chicken and the Hawk/ Midnight Special Train/One-She-Moke- She-Pop//
Corrine Corrina/Cherry Red/St. Louis Blues/Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Crawdad Hole/ Tr-Ri- Lee/TV Mama

Need Photo 8082 Chris Connor [unreleased?]
This number was assigned to a Chris Connor album with matrix numbers 11981/11982 for the monaural release according to the Atlantic mastering files, no title is listed. Whether this album was actually released is unknown. There are no stereo (SD) matrix numbers listed.

Need Photo 8083 Ray Charles - Ray Charles Story, Volume 3 [1962]
Sinner's Prayer/Funny (But I Still Love You)/Feelin' Sad/Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)/What Would I Do Without You/I Want to Know/Leave My Woman Alone//
It's All Right/Get on the Right Track Baby/That's Enough/I Want a Little Girl/You Be My Baby/I Had a Dream/Tell the Truth

Need Photo 8084 The Shadows - Out of the Shadows [1962]
The matrix numbers on this are 11985/11986 for monaural only, there are no stereo matrix numbers listed in the Atlantic mastering files. This may have been released in Canada only.

From this point until 1968 when monaural albums were discontinued, albums were in monaural with no prefix and stereo with the SD prefix.

Need Photo SD-8085 Solomon Burke - If You Need Me [1963]
If You Need Me/Words/Stupidity/Go on Back To Him/I Said I Was Sorry/It's All Right//
Home In Your Heart/I Really Don't Want to Know/You Can Make It If You Try/Send Me Some Loving/This Little Ring/Tonight My Heart She is Crying

Need Photo SD-8086 Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger [1963]
Hello Stranger/Puppy Love/On Bended Knees/My Heart Went Do Dat Da/My Mamma Told Me/ Gonna Love You Till the End of Time//
Would You Love Me/Longest Night of the Year/Does Anyone Want a Lover/ We're Too Young to Marry/Love is a Castle/Think a Little Sugar

Need Photo SD-8087 New World Singers - The New World Singers [1963]
Bob Dylan wrote the liner notes for this album. Black-eyed Suzie/I Ain't Got No Home/ Katusha/San Francisco Bay Blues/Cotton Needs a Pickin'/A New Day//
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/The Cumberland Crew/Here's to Cheshire-Here's to Cheese/ Stealin'/African Medley/Keep Your Hands Off Her

Need Photo SD-8088 Doris Troy - Just One Look [1963]
What'cha Gonna Do About It/Bossa Nova Blues/Just One Look/Trust In Me/Lazy Days (When Are You Coming Home)/Somewhere Along the Way//
Draw Me Closer/A School For Fools/Be Sure/Someone Ain't Right/Stormy Weather/Time

Need Photo SD-8089 The Shadows - Surfin' With the Shadows [1963]
Dance On/The Stranger/Man of Mystery/Kinda Cool/Bo Diddley/The Rumble//
Kon Tiki/The Frightened City/F.B.I./1861/Are They All Like You/Atlantis

Need Photo SD-8090 Barbara Lewis - Snap Your Fingers [1964]
Snap Your Fingers/Please, Please, Please/Frisco Blues/I'll Bring It Back Home to You/ Just a Matter of Time/Twist and Shout/I Don't Want to Cry//
Turn on Your Love Light/Stand By Me/If You Need Me/What'd I Say/Baby, Workout/ Shame, Shame, Shame

Need Photo SD-8091 Mel Torme - Sunday In New York [1964]
Sunday in New York/Autumn in New York/Lullaby of Birdland/Broadway/The Brooklyn Bridge/ Let Me Off Uptown//
Forty second Street/Sidewalks of New York/Harlem Nocturne/New York, New York/ There's a Broken Heart for Every Light on Broadway/Manhattan/My Time of Day

Need Photo SD-8092 Anamari - Anamari [1964]
Blue City/Alone Together/Ballad of the Sad Young Men/He Was Too Good To Me/Blame It on My Youth//
The Nothing Song/Don't Explain/The More I See You/It Was Love (Wasn't It?)/Love Look Away

Need Photo SD-8093 The Drifters - Our Biggest Hits [1964]
This album was discontinued after a very short time in favor of 8099. It is notable for the true stereo alternate take of "Drip Drop" which has not appeared elsewhere until it appeared on a Collector's Choice CD in the mid-1990s.
One Way Love (S)/On Broadway (S)/Didn't It (S)/I Feel Good All Over (S)/Drip Drop (S, alternate take)/Vaya Con Dios (S)//
Up on the Roof (S)/Rat Race (S)/In the Land of Make Believe (S)/If You Don't Come Back (S) Let the Music Play (S)/I'll Take You Home (S)

Need Photo SD-8094 Ray Charles - The Ray Charles Story, Volume 4 [1964]
Blackjack/Alexander's Ragtime Band/I Believe to My Soul/A Bit of Soul/Greenbacks/Undecided/ When Your Lover Has Gone//
It Had to Be You/Early in the Mornin'/Heartbreaker/Music, Music, Music/ Tell Me How Do You Feel/In a Little Spanish Town/You Won't Let Me Go

Need Photo 8095 Douglas MacArthur - The Life of General Douglas MacArthur [1964] Issued in monaural only.
The speeches of General Douglas MacArthur.

Need Photo SD-8096 Solomon Burke - Rock 'N' Soul [1966]
Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)/Cry to Me/Won't You Give Him (One More Chance) If You Need Me/ Hard Ain't It Hard/Can't Nobody Love You//
Just Out of Reach/You're Good For Me/You Can't Love Them All/Someone to Love Me/Beautiful Brown Eyes/He'll Have to Go

Need Photo SD-8097 The Shadows - The Shadows Know [1964]
The Rise and Fall of Flingle Blunt/That's the Way It Goes/Dakota/Tonight/French Dressing/ Temptation//
In the Mood/Theme For Young Lovers/Chattanooga Choo-Choo/The Lonely Bull/ Don't It Make You feel Good/Zambesi

Need Photo SD-8098 Various Artists - The Jamaica Ska [1964]
Bryon Lee and the Ska Kings - Jamaica Ska/Bryon Lee and the Ska Kings - Watermelon Man Ska/ Charmers - Try Me One More Time/Blues Busters - Behold/Bryon Lee and the Ska Kings - Last Night Ska/Stranger and Ken - Susie//
Bryon Lee and the Ska Kings - Oil in My Lamp/Maytals - If You Act This Way/Blues Busters - Soon You Will be Gone/Stranger, Ken and Patsy - What a Day/Maytals - You Make Me Feel the Way I Do/Blues Busters - Donna

Need Photo SD-8099 The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk [8/64] (8-64, #40)
There are two covers for this album, the first is almost the same as Atlantic 8093 with a white cover and the same picture of the group. The song lineup is also almost identical to 8093 with "Under the Boardwalk" added to the first side and "Drip Drop" taken off. The second cover has a different picture of the group with 4 vertical bars of pink, orange, green and blue over the picture.
Under the Boardwalk/One Way Love/On Broadway/Didn't It/I Feel Good All Over/Vaya Con Dios//
Up on the Roof/Rat Race/In the Land of Make Believe/If You Don't Come Back/ Let the Music Play/I'll Take You Home

Need Photo 8100 Various Artists - Porky's Golden Dusties [1964] Monaural only
Robins - Smokey Joe's Cafe/Penguins - Pledge of Love/Falcons - I Found a Love/ Nite Caps - Wine-Wine-Wine/Aladdins - Please Love Me/Avalons - Malanese/ Superiors - Lost Love/Jimmy McHugh - I Don't Want Everything/ Tony March - Five Minutes to Love Me/Coasters - Idol With Golden Head//
Swingin' Hearts - Please say It Isn't So/Larry Dale - Drinking Wine/Caps - Red-Headed Flea/ Versatones - Bila/ Clovers- Blue Velvet/Royaltones - See-Saw/ Clyde McPhatter - Treasure of Love/Ronnie Jones and the Classmates - Teenage Rock/ Dubs - Is There a Love For Me/Blonde Bomber - Strollie Bun/Aladdins - Munch

Need Photo SD-8101 Various Artists - Saturday Night At the Uptown [1964] (11-64, #95)
Jimmy Bishop - Introduction/Drifters - Under the Boardwalk/Drifters - On Broadway/ Drifters - There Goes My Baby/Patty and the Emblems - Mixed Up, Shook Up, Girl/ Vibrations - My Girl Sloopy/Vibrations - The Watusi//
Jimmy Bishop - Introduction/Wilson Pickett - If You Need Me/Wilson Pickett - I'm Gonna Cry/ Patti La Belle and Her Bluebells - Down the Aisle/Carltons - Can't You Hear the Beat/ Barbara Lynn - (O Baby) We Got a Good Thing Goin'

Need Photo SD-8102 Esther Phillips - And I Love Him Esther Phillips Sings Great Love Songs [1965]
There are two covers for this album, one has a picture of Esther Phillips, the other has a drawing of cupid.
And I Love Him/'Tis Autumn/Shangri-La/Moonglow and Theme From Picnic/Out of the Blue/People//
Makin' Whoopee/Girl From Ipanema/I Wish You Love/If You Love Me, Really Love Me/ Too Soon To Know/Make Believe Dreams

Need Photo SD-8103 Drifters - The Good Life [1965] (2-65, #103)
Quando Quando Quando/On the Street Where You Live/I Wish You Love/Tonight/More/What Kind of Fool Am I//
The Good Life/As Long As She Needs Me/Desafinado/Who Can I Turn To/Saturday Night at the Movies/Temptation

Need Photo SD-8104 Don Covay - Mercy! [1965]
Mercy, Mercy/I'll Be Satisfied/Come on In/Can't Stay Away/Can't Fight It Baby/You're Good For Me//
Take This Hurt Off Me/Daddy Loves Baby/Come see About Me/You Must Believe in Me/Please Don't Let Me Know/Just Because

Need Photo SD-8105 Herbie Mann and Joao Gilberto with Antonio Carlos Jobim - Herbie Mann and Joao Gilberto [1965]
Amor Em Paz/Desafinado/Bolinha De Papel/Insensatez/Maria Ninguem/O Barquinho//
Samba Da Minha Terra/Rosa Morena/Consolacao/One Note Samba/Bim Bom/Deve Ser Amor

Need Photo SD-8106 Joe Tex - Hold on To What You've Got [1965] (2-65, #124)
This album was issued in the Dial Record Series
You Got What It Takes/Tell Me Right Now/One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/Hold What You've Got/ I'm Not Going to Work Today/Are We Ready//
You Better Get It/Heep See Few Know/Fresh Out of Tears/You Can Stay/There is a Girl/ Together We Stand

Need Photo SD-8107 Austin Cromer - Austin Cromer Sings For Her [1965]
As Long As She Needs Me/This Love of Mine/A Tree in the Meadow/Laura//
Once in a While/The More I See You/There is No Greater Love/I Wish I Knew

Need Photo SD-8108 Killer Joe - International Discotheque [1965]
Killer Joe/The Monkey Time/C'mon and Swim/Discotheque Softly/The Girl From Ipanema/ La Negra Del Solar/The Jerk//
My Girl Sloopy/Hully Gully Baby/The Mlle/Twist and Shout/Shake/What'd I Say/La Bostella

Need Photo SD-8109 Solomon Burke - The Best of Solomon Burke [1965] (7-65, #141)
Got to Get You Off My Mind/The Price/Down in the Valley/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/ If You Need Me/Just Out of Reach//
Cry to Me/Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/Home In Your Heart/Tonight's the Night/ I Really Don't Want to Know/Words

Need Photo SD-8110 Barbara Lewis - Baby, I'm Yours [1965] (9-65, #118)
Baby, I'm Yours/My Heart Went Do Da Dat/Come Home/Think a Little Sugar/If You Love Her/ Stop That Girl//
Puppy Love/Hello Stranger/Someday We're Gonna Love Again/Snap Your Fingers/ How Can I Say Goodbye/Straighten Up Your Heart

Need Photo SD-8111 Chiles and Pettiford - Live At Jilly's [1965]
The Joker/Around the World in 80 Days and Bill Bailey/School Days/ Blue Skies and Happy Days Are Here Again/C.C. Rider//
I Believe in You/The Longest Walk/Love/Everytime We Say Goodbye/All Gone Over You/ This Is the Life

Need Photo SD-8112 Sergio Mendes & Brazil '65 - In Person At El Matador [1965]
Reza/O Morro/Samba Do Astronauta/Tem do De Mim/Jodel/Samba De Jose//
Noa Noa/Black Orpheus Medley: Manha De Carnaval, Batuque De Orfeu, Samba De Orfeu, A Felicidade/Arrastao/Vai De Vez/Caminho De Casa

Need Photo SD-8113 The Drifters - Where the Music's Playing [7/66]
I'll Take You Where the Music's Playing/I've Got Sand In My Shoes/At the Club/ I Don't Want to Go on Without You/Answer the Phone/He's Just a Playboy//
Follow Me/Spanish Lace/Chains of Love/Far From the Maddening Crown/The Outside World/ Come on Over to My Place

Need Photo SD-8114 Wilson Pickett - In the Midnight Hour [1965] (10-65, #107)
In the Midnight Hour/Teardrops Will Fall/Take a Little Love/For Better or Worse/ I Found a Love/That's a Man's Way//
I'm Gonna Cry/Don't Fight It/Take This Love I've Got/Come Home Baby/I'm Not Tired/ Let's Kiss and Make Up

Need Photo SD-8115 Joe Tex - The New Boss [1966] (11-65, #142)
This album was issued in the Dial Record Series
C.C. Rider/Stop Look and Listen/For Your Love/A Woman (Can Change a Man)/What In the World/ You've Got What It Takes//
Don't Make Your Children Pay/King of the Road/Detroit City/Any Little Bit/ Hold What You've Got/I Want to (Do Everything For You)

Need Photo SD-8116 Various Artists - Solid Gold Soul [1966] (3-66, #107)
Solomon Burke - Got To Get You Off My Mind(S)/ Wilson Pickett- Don't Fight It(E)/ Joe Tex - I Want To (Do Everything For You)(E)/Don Covay - See-Saw(S)/ Ben E. King - Don't Play That Song(S)/Otis Redding - Mr. Pitiful (E)//
Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour(E)/Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got (E)/ Don Covay - Mercy, Mercy(S)/Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long (S)/ Solomon Burke - Just Out Of Reach (S)/Ben E. King - Stand By Me(S)

Need Photo SD-8117 Chris Kenner - Land of 1000 Dances [1966]
Land of 1000 Dances/Come Back and See/How Far/Time/Come and See About Me/Packing Up//
Something You Got/I Like It Like That Part 1 and 2/Go Thru Life/A Very True Story/ That's My Girl

Need Photo SD-8118 Barbara Lewis - It's Magic [1966]
It's Magic/The Shadow of Your Smile/Let It Be Me/Quiet Nights/Since I Fell For You/ Don't Forget About Me//
I Only Miss Him When I Think of Him/Yesterday/He's So Bad/A Taste of Honey/Sorrow/ Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)

Need Photo SD-8119 Patti Labelle & The Bluebells - Over the Rainbow [1966]
Over the Rainbow/More/Groovy Kind of Love/Ebb Tide/All or Nothing/People//
Unchained Melody/Patti's Prayer/He/Yesterday/Who Can I Turn to (When Nobody Needs Me)/ Try to Remember

Need Photo SD-8120 Don Covay - See Saw [1966]
See-Saw/The Boomerang/Everything Gonna Be Everything/Fat Man/Precious You/Iron Out the Rough Spots//
Please Do something/I Never Get Enough of Your Love/The Usual Place/A Woman's Love/Sookie Sookie/Mercy, Mercy

Need Photo SD-8121 Bobby Darin - The Shadow of Your Smile [1966]
The Shadow of Your Smile/The Sweetheart Tree/I Will Wait For You/The Ballad of Cat Ballou/ What's New Pussycat?//
Rainin'/Lover Come Back to Me/Cute/After You've Gone/It's Only a Paper Moon/Liza

Need Photo SD-8122 Esther Phillips - Esther Phillips Sings [1966]
It's All Right With Me/The Shadow of Your Smile/Crazy He Calls Me/He Touched Me/ A Taste of Honey/Let There Be Love//
You Can't Go Home Again/Just Say Goodbye/I Could Have Told You So/Every Time We Say Goodbye/ As Tears Go By/The Party's Over

Need Photo SD-8123 The Young Rascals - The Young Rascals [3/66] (5-66, #15)
Slow Down/Baby Let's Wait/Just a Little/I Believe/Do You Feel It//
Good Lovin'/Like a Rolling Stone/Mustang Sally/I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/ In the Midnight Hour

Need Photo SD-8124 Joe Tex - The Love You Save [1966] (5-66, #108)
This album was issued in the Dial Record Series. The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)/ Live For Yourself/Build Your Love (On a Solid Foundation)I Don't Trust Myself Around You/ Funny Bone/A Sweet Woman Like You//
I'm a Man/You Better Believe It, Baby/Close the Door/If Sugar Was as Sweet as You/ Heartbreak Hotel/Don't Let Your Left Hand Know (What Your Right Hand is Doing)

Need Photo SD-8125 Percy Sledge - When a Man Loves a Woman [1966] (6-66, #37)
When a Man Loves a Woman/My Adorable One/Put a Little Lovin' on Me/Love Me All the Way/ When she Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)/You're Pouring Water on a Drowning Man//
Thief in the Night/You Fooled Me/Love Makes the World Go Round/Success/ Love Me Like You Mean It

Need Photo At this point, the label changes to the "logo box" design, but old "black fan" style labels were used until they were depleted. Albums as late as 8191 are known to have used the black fan label, at least as deejay versions. It was fairly common to find both styles used for the same album, either mono/stereo differences or pressing run differences.

Need Photo SD-8126 Bobby Darin - In a Broadway Bag [1966]
Mame/I Believe in You/It's Today/Everybody Has the Right to Be Wrong/Feeling Good/ Don't Rain on My Parade//
The Other Half of Me/Once Upon a Time/Try to Remember/I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her/ Night Song

SD-8127 Mireille Mathieu - Fabulous New French Singing Star [1966]
Mon Credo/Le Funambule/C'est Ton Nom/Ne Parlez Plus/Quelque Chose De Merveilleux/ Messieurs Les Musiciens//
Pourquoi Mon Amour/Qu'elle Est Belle/Je Suis La/Il S'embrassaient/Mr. Jack Hobson/Je Veux

Need Photo SD-8128 Leslie Uggams - A Time To Love [1966]
If My Friends Could See Me Now/We Can Work It Out/Inka Dinka Doo/A Lover's Concerto/ Don't Take Your Love From Me/Call Me//
I Want You To be My Baby/A Time to Love (A Time to Cry).Make the World Go Away/ How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You/I Hear a Symphony/Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Need Photo SD-8129 Wilson Pickett - The Exciting Wilson Pickett [1966] (8-66, #21)
Land of 1000 Dances/Something You Got/634-5789/Barefootin'/Mercy, Mercy/You're So Fine//
In the Midnight Hour/Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)/Danger Zone/I'm Drifting/It's All Over/She's So Good To Me

Need Photo SD-8130 Esther Phillips - Country Side [1966]
I Really Don't Want to Know/Just Out of Reach/I Can't Help It/Be Honest With Me/ I've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know About Him/Release Me//
I'd Fight the World/Am I That Easy to Forget/After Loving You/No Headstone on My Grave/ Why Should We Try Anymore

Need Photo SD-8131 (?)

Need Photo SD-8132 Percy Sledge - Warm and Tender Soul [1966] (11-66, #136)
It Tears Me Up/I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You/You've Really Got a Hold on Me/ That's How Strong My Love Is/A Sweet Woman Like You/Love Me Tender//
Warm and Tender Love/Try a Little Tenderness/So Much Love/I Stand Accused/ Heart of a Child/Oh How Happy

Need Photo SD-8133 Joe Tex - I've Got To Do a Little Better [1966]
This record was issued in the Dial Record Series
Papa Was, Too/What Me and My Baby Ain't Got/A Woman sees a Hard Time (When Her Man is Gone)/ Watch the One (That Brings the Bad News)/Taking Care of a Woman (Is a Full Time Job)/ Lying's Just a Habit John//
I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better/The Truest Woman in the World/ I Believe I'm Gonna Make It/Got You on My Mind/Half a Mind/S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)

Need Photo SD-8134 Young Rascals - Collection [1/67] (1-67, #14)
What is the Reason/Since I Fell For You/Lonely Too Long/No Love to Give/Mickey's Monkey/ Love Lights//
Come on Up/Too Many Fish in the Sea/More/Nineteen Fifty-Six/Love is a Beautiful Thing/ Land of 1000 Dances

Need Photo SD-8135 Bobby Darin - If I Were a Carpenter [1966] (2-67, #142)
If I Were a Carpenter/Reason to Believe/Sittin' Here Lovin' You/Misty Roses/ Until It's Time For You To Go/For Baby//
The Girl That Stood Beside Me/Red Balloon/Amy/Don't Make Promises/Day Dream

Need Photo SD-8136 Eddie Higgins With Richard Evans Orchestra - The Piano of Eddie Higgins [1966]
Alfie/I Live to Love/Michelle/What is a Woman/The Shadow of Your Smile/What Now My Love/ Lara's Theme: Somewhere My Love/A Time For Love/Miko-San/Sunny/ You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te)/A Taste of Honey

Need Photo SD-8137 Various Artists - Solid Gold Soul, Volume 2 [1966]
Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman(E)/Solomon Burke - - Down In The Valley(S)/ Wilson Pickett - 634-5789(E)/Joe Tex - You Got What It Takes(S)/ Ray Charles - Drown In My Own Tears(E, live)/Chris Kenner - Something You Got(E)//
Ray Charles - Let The Good Times Roll(S)/Solomon Burke - Cry To Me (S)/ Wilson Pickett - Danger Zone(E)/Joe Tex - A Sweet Woman Like You (E)/ Chris Kenner - I Like It Like That, Parts 1 & 2 (E)

Need Photo SD-8138 Wilson Pickett - The Wicket Pickett [1/67] (1-67, #42)
Mustang Sally/New Orleans/Sunny/Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/Ooh Poo Pah Doo/ She Ain't Gonna Do Right//
Knock on Wood/Time is on My Side/Up Tight Good Woman/You Left the Water Running/ Three Time Loser/Nothing You Can Do

Need Photo SD-8139 Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You [1967] (4-67, #2)
Respect/Drown in My Own Tears/I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)/Soul Serenade/ Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/Baby, Baby, Baby//
Dr. Feelgood/Good Times/Do Right Woman-Do Right Man/Save Me/A Change is Gonna Come

Need Photo SD-8140 Various Artists - Beach Beat [1967]
One Mint Julep - Clovers/Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart - Coasters/ Think a Little Sugar - Barbara Lewis/C.C. Rider - Chuck Willis/ Money Honey - Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter/Walking Up a One Way Street - Willie Tee//
There Goes My Baby - Drifters/Just One Look - Doris Troy/Searchin' - Coasters/ Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Stick McGhee/Thank You John - Willie Tee/ Honey Love -Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter

Need Photo SD-8141 Herbie Mann and Tamiko Jones - A Mann and a Woman [1967]
A Man and a Woman/Day Tripper/Come Back to Me/Little Boat/It's Time That You Settled Down/ A Good Thing (Is Hard to Come By)//
1-2-3/Only Yesterday/Sunny/How Insensitive/Sidewinder

Need Photo SD-8142 Bobby Darin - Inside Out [1967]
The Lady Came From Baltimore/Darling Be Home Soon/Bes' Friends/I Am/About You/ I Think It's Gonna Rain Today//
What Ever Happened to Happy/Black Sheep Boy/Hello Sunshine/Lady Fingers/Back Street Girl

Need Photo SD-8143 Carmen McRae - For Once In My Life [1967]
For Once in My Life/Don't Talk/Until It's Time For You To Go/Got to Get You Into My Life/ Our Song/Come Live With Me//
The Look of Love/It's Not Going That Way/I Just Wasn't Made For These Times/Worlds of Time/Flying

Need Photo SD-8144 Joe Tex - The Best of Joe Tex [1967] (9-67, #168)
This record was issued in the Dial Record series
Hold What You've Got/You Got What It Takes/A Woman (Can Change a Man)/ I Want to (Do Everything For You)/I Believe I'm Gonna Make It/ I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better//
S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)/Papa Was Too/Show Me/A Sweet Woman Like You/ The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)/You Better Git It

Need Photo SD-8145 Wilson Pickett - The Sound of Wilson Pickett [1967] (8-67, #54)
Soul Dance Number Three/Funky Broadway/I Need a Lot of Loving Every Day/ I Found a Love Part 1 and 2/You Can't Stand Alone//
Mojo Mamma/I Found the One/Something Within Me/I'm Sorry About That/ Love Is a Beautiful Thing

Need Photo SD-8146 Percy Sledge - The Percy Sledge Way [1967] (8-67, #178)
The Dark End of the Street/You Send Me/I Had a Talk With My Woman/What Am I Living For/ I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)/Tell It Like It Is//
My Special Prayer/Drown In My Own Tears/Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)/ Pledging My Love/You Don't Miss Your Water

Need Photo SD-8147 Patti Labelle & The Bluebells - Dreamer [1967]
Dreamer/Always Something There to Remind Me/I'm Still waiting/Take Me For a Little While/ I Don't Want to Go on Without You/Tender Words//
Danny Boy/That's How Heartaches Are Made/One Phone Call/Down the Aisle/Where Are You

Need Photo SD-8148 The Young Rascals - Groovin' [1967] (8-67, #5)
A Girl Like You/Find Somebody/I'm So Happy Now/Sueno/How Can I Be Sure//
Groovin'/If You Knew/I Don't Love You Anymore/You Better Run/A Place in the Sun/It's Love

Need Photo SD-8149 Flip Wilson - Cowboys and Colored People [1967] (8-67, #34)
Cowboys and Colored People/Midget/Riot Suit/David and Goliath/Ugly People/ Staying on Too Long//
Christopher Columbus/Kids/Cheap Hotel/Church on Sunday/Big Hand/Confidential Survey

Need Photo SD-8150 Aretha Franklin - Aretha Arrives [1967] (8-67, #5)
Satisfaction/You Are My Sunshine/Never Let Me Go/96 Tears/Prove It/Night Life//
That's Life/I Wonder/Ain't Nobody (Gonna Turn Me Around)/Going Down Slow/Baby, I Love You

SD-8151 Wilson Pickett - The Best of Wilson Pickett [1967] (11-67, #35)

Need Photo In the Midnight Hour/I Found a Love/634-5789/If You Need Me/Mustang Sally/Don't Fight It//
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/It's Too Late/Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)/ Funky Broadway/Soul Dance Number Three/Land of 1000 Dances

Need Photo SD-8152 John Hammond - I Can Tell [1967]
I Wish You World/I'm in the Mood/I Can Tell/Spoonful/Coming Home/My Baby is Sweeter//
Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Smokestack Lightning/Five Long Years/You're So Fine/ Going to New York/Forty Days and Forty Nights

Need Photo SD-8153 The Drifters - The Drifters' Golden Hits [1968] (3-68, #122)
There Goes My Baby/(If You Cry) True Love, True Love/Dance With Me/This Magic Moment/ Save the Last Dance For Me/I Count the Tears//
Some Kind of Wonderful/Up on the Roof/On Broadway/Under the Boardwalk/ I've Got Sand in My Shoes/Saturday Night at the Movies

Need Photo SD-8154 Bobby Darin - Bobby Darin Sings Dr. Doolittle [1967]
At the Crossroads/When I Look In Your Eyes/I Think I Like You/Where Are the Words/ Something In Your Smile//
Fabulous Places/My Friend, the Doctor/Beautiful Things/After Today/Talk to the Animals

Need Photo SD-8155 Sweet Inspirations - Sweet Inspirations [1967] (4-68, #90)
Oh! What a Fool I've Been/Blues Stay Away From Me/Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/ Knock on Wood/Do Right Woman- Do Right Man/Don't Fight It//
Sweet Inspiration/Let It Be Me/I'm Blue/Reach Out For Me/Here I Am (Take Me)/ Why (Am I Treated So Bad)

Need Photo SD-8156 Joe Tex - Live and Lively [1968] (2-68, #84)
This record was issued in the Dial Record series
Show Me/Do Right Woman-Do Right Man/Get Out of My Life, Woman/Wooden Spoon/That's Life//
Love is a Hurtin' Thing/Don't Give Up/A Woman's Hands/You're Gonna Thank Me, Woman/ Papa Was, Too/Skinny Legs and All

Need Photo SD-8157 Shelly Manne - Daktari [1968]
Daktari/Out on a Limb/Clarence/Africa/Stay With Me/Elephantime//
Wameru/Toto/Galloping Giraffes/Judy Judy/Ivan/Rhino Trot

Need Photo SD-8158 Solomon Burke - King Solomon [1968]
It's Been a Change/Take Me (Just As I Am)/Time is a Thief/Keep a Light in the Window/ Baby, Come on Home/Detroit City//
Someone is Watching/Party People/When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)/ Woman, How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do/It's Just a Matter of Time/ Presents for Christmas

Need Photo SD-8159 Solms and Parent - Here Comes the Bird [1967]
The Decision/The Bridge Game/The Last Phone Call/The Agent/The Press Conference/ The In-Laws//
The Plans/The Stag Party/The Parents of the Bride/The Bridal Room/The Wedding/ The Honeymoon

Need Photo SD-8160 Mireille Mathieu - Made In France [1968]
La Derniere Valse/La Vieille Barque/Quand Fera-T-Il Jour Camarade/ En Ecoutant Mon Coeur Chanter/Ponts De Paris/Un Moonde Avec Toi//
Les Yeux De L'Amour/La Chanson De Notre Amour/Chant Olympique/Seuls Au Monde/ Quelqu'un Pour Toi/L'amour

Need Photo SD-8161 Various Artists - History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 1: The Roots 1947-52 [1968] (4-68, #187)
Ravens - Ol' Man River(E)/Orioles - It's Too Soon To Know(E)/ "Stick" McGhee & His Buddies - Drinkin' Wind Spo- Dee-O-Dee(E)/ Frank Cully - Cole Slaw (E)/Delta Rhythm Boys - If You See The Tears In My Eyes(E)/ Laurie Tate & Joe Morris Orchestra - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere(E)/ Leadbelly - Goodnight Irene(E)//
Clovers - Don't You Know I Love You (E)/Cardinals - Shouldn't I Know (E)/ Joe Turner - Chains Of Love(E)/Edna McGriff - Heavenly Father (E)/ Cardinals - Wheel Of Fortune (E)/Ruth Brown - 5-10-15 Hours (E)/ The Clovers - One Mint Julep (E)

Need Photo SD-8162 Various Artists - History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 2: The Golden Years 1953-55 [1968] (3-68, #173)
Diamonds - A Beggar For Your Kisses (E)/Ruth Brown - Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean (E)/ The Clovers - Yes It's You (E)/Clyde McPhatter & Drifters - Money Honey (E)/ The Chords - Sh-Boom(E)/Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle And Roll(E)/ Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - Honey Love(E)//
Tommy Ridgeley - Jam Up (E)/La Vern Baker - Tweedle Dee(E)/ I've Got A Woman - Ray Charles (E)/Clovers - Blue Velvet (E)/ Five Keys - Close Your Eyes (E)/Drifters - Adorable (E)/Ray Charles - Greenbacks(E)

Need Photo SD-8163 Various Artists - History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 3: Rock & Roll 1956-57 [1968] (4-68, #189)
Robins - Smokey Joe's Caf&eaccent;(E)/Clovers - Devil Or Angel(E)/ Joe Turner - Corrine, Corrina(E)/Drifters - Ruby Baby(E)/ Clyde McPhatter - Treasure Of Love(E)/Ivory Joe Hunter - Since I Met You Baby(E)/ La Vern Baker - Jim Dandy(E)//
Drifters - Fools Fall In Love(E)/Coasters - Searchin'(E)/ The Coasters - Young Blood(E)/Chuck Willis - C.C. Rider(E)/ Clyde McPhatter - Just To Hold My Hand(E)/Clyde McPhatter - Long Lonely Nights(E)/ The Clovers - Down In The Alley(E)

Need Photo SD-8164 Various Artists - History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 4: The Big Beat 1958-60 [1968] (4-68, #180)
Coasters - Yakety Yak (S)/Bobby Darin - Splish Splash (S)/ Clyde McPhatter - A Lover's Question (S)/La Vern Baker - I Cried A Tear (S)/ The Coasters - Charlie Brown (S, alternate take)/Drifters - There Goes My Baby (E)/ Ray Charles - What'd I Say (S)//
Coasters - Poison Ivy (S)/Drifters - (If You Cry) True Love, True Love (S)/ The Drifters - Dance With Me (S)/Drifters - This Magic Moment (S)/ The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me (S)/Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem (S)/ Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz(E)/Drifters - I Count The Tears(S)

Need Photo SD-8165 Carmen McRae - Portrait of Carmen - [1968]
I'm Always Drunk in San Francisco/Elusive Butterfly/Day By Day/When You Get Around to Me/ Walking Happy/My Very Own Person//
Ask Any Woman/Boy, Do I Have a Surprise For You/Loads of Love/ I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do/Wonder Why

Need Photo SD-8166 Charlie Palmieri - Latin Bugalu [1968]
Mambo Show/Uptight (Everything's Alright)/Bugalu/Bitter Sweet//
Cote Pa La Cola/Panama's Boogaloo/Clusters/A Night to Remember

Need Photo SD-8167 Various Artists - Brazil's Super Hits [1968]
Joao Gilberto - Desafinado/Sergio Mendes - Corcovado/ Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida - One Note Samba/Luiz Bonfa - Brasilia/ Herbie Mann and Baden Powell - Consolacao//
Joao Gilberto - Voce E Eu/Sergio Mendes and Brazil '65 - Black Orpheus Medley/ Herbie Mann - Amor Em Paz/ Sergio Mendes with Antonio Carlos Jobim and Art Farmer - The Girl From Ipanema/ Joao Gilberto - Chega De Saudade/Sergio Mendes - Nana

Need Photo SD-8168 Harvey Averne Dozen - Viva Soul [1968]
You're No Good/Think It Over/Monday Monday/My Dream/Wishing and Hoping/The Micro Mini//
Shake Your Money Maker/You Mess My Mind Up/The Think Drink Theme/Make Out/The Word/ Free Advice

Need Photo SD-8169 Rascals - Once Upon a Dream [1/68] (3-68, #9)
Note: This is the first album where the group's name changes from "The Young Rascals" to " The Rascals"
Easy Rollin'/Rainy Day/Please Love Me/It's Wonderful/I'm Gonna Love You/My Hawaii//
My World/Silly Girl/Singin' the Blues Too Long/Sattva/Finale: Once Upon a Dream

Need Photo SD-8170 Various Artists - This Is Soul [1968] (3-68, #146)
Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)(S)/ Wilson Pickett - Land of 1000 Dances(E)/Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got(E)/ Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music(E)/Esther Phillips - Release Me(S)/Capitols - Cool Jerk(S)//
Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman(E)/Solomon Burke - If You Need Me(S)/ Ray Charles - What'd I Say(S)/Don Covay - Mercy, Mercy(S)/Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem(S)/ Drifters - On Broadway(S)

Need Photo SD-8171 Barbara Lynn - Here Is Barbara Lynn [1968]
You'll Lose a Good Thing/Take Your Love and Run/Maybe We Can Slip Away/Sure is Worth It/ Only You Know How to Love Me/I'll Suffer//
You're Losing Me/Sufferin' City/Multiplying Pain/Why Can't You Love Me/Mix It Up Baby/ This is the Thanks I Get

Need Photo SD-8172 Earl Coleman - Love Songs [1968]
People/There's No You/A Day in the Life of a Fool (Manha de Carnaval)/ I've Got You Under My Skin/I Wish I Knew//
I Won't Tell a Soul (I Love You)/The Work Song/Manhattan Serenade/Charade/ When Did You Leave Heaven

Need Photo SD-8173 Barbara Lewis - Workin' on a Groovy Thing [1968]
I'll Keep Believin'/Workin' on a Groovy Thing/Make Me Your Baby/Girls Need Loving Care/ I Remember the Feeling/Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do//
Make Me Belong to You/Love Makes the World Go 'Round/I'll Make Him Love Me/Only All the Time/ Sho-Nuff/Thankful

Need Photo SD-8174 Billy Vera and Judy Clay - Storybook Children [1968]
Storybook Children/Just Across the Line/Let It Be Me/Soul Man/Good Morning Blues/ We're In Love//
When Do We Go/Bring It on Home to Me/Do Right Woman-Do Right Man/Really Together/ Ever Since/So Good (To Be Together)

Need Photo SD-8175 Wilson Pickett - I'm In Love [1968] (2-68, #70)
Jealous Love/Stagger Lee/That Kind of Love/I'm In Love/Hello Sunshine//
Don't Cry No More/We've Got to Have Love/Bring It on Home to Me/She's Lookin' Good/ I've come a Long Way

Need Photo SD-8176 Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul [1968] (2-68, #2)
Chain of Fools/Money Won't Change You/People Get Ready/Niki Hoeky/ (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman//
Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)/Good To Me As I Am to You/ Come Back Baby/Groovin'/Ain't No Way

Need Photo SD-8177 Sergio Mendes - Sergio Mendes' Favorite Things [1968] (6-68, #197)
My Favorite Things/Tempo Feliz/Ponteio/Veleiro/A Banda//
I Say a Little Prayer/Comin' Home Baby/Boa Palavra/O Mar E Meu Chao/So What's New

Need Photo SD-8178 Booker and Foster - The Writing on the Wall [1968]
The Sounds of Graffiti/The Hippies/Sex/Advertising/Homosexuals/Religion/Underneaths//
Politics/Personalities/Civil Rights/More Underneaths/War/Bumper Stickers/Whimsy

From this point, albums are issued in stereo only

Need Photo SD-8179 Flip Wilson - You Devil You [1968] (6-68, #147)
Twenty Minutes of Silence/Herman's Berry/I Wanted to Be a Singer/The Millionaire/ The Joey Bishop Show/Ugly Baby/Days of the Knights/The Gardener//
I'm Not Flip Wilson/Lulu/The Shadow/Dr. Freddie/Trala/Land of Opportunity/Paid to Die/ Ugly Girl/The Bat

Need Photo SD-8180 Percy Sledge - Take Time To Know Her [1968] (5-68, #148)
Take Time to Know Her/Feed the Flame/Sudden Stop/Come Softly to Me/Spooky/Out of Left Field//
Cover Me/Baby Help Me/It's All Wrong But It's Alright/High Cost of Leaving/ Between These Arms/I Love Everything About You

Need Photo SD-8181 Archie Bell and the Drells - Tighten Up [1968] (5-68, #142)
Tighten Up Part 1 and 2/I Don't Wanna Be a Playboy/You're Mine/Knock on Wood//
Give Me Time/In the Midnight Hour/When You Left Heartache Began/A Thousand Wonders/ A Soldier's Prayer, 1967

Need Photo SD-8182 Cissy Drinkard and The Sweet Inspirations - Songs of Faith and Inspiration [1968]
What a Friend/I Shall Know Him/Swing Low/Guide Me/Looking on the Bright Side//
He'll Fight/Without a Doubt/The 23rd Psalm/Down by the River Side/Pilgrims of Sorrow

Need Photo SD-8183 Wilson Pickett - Midnight Mover [1968] (7-68, #91)
I'm a Midnight Mover/It's a Groove/Remember, I Been Good To You/I'm Gonna Cry/Deborah//
I Found a True Love/Down By the Sea/Trust Me/Let's Get An Understanding/For Better or Worse

Need Photo SD-8184 Mandala - Soul Crusade [1968]
World of Love/One Short Year/Love- Itis/Come on Home/Every Single Day//
Mellow Carmello Palumbo/Can't Hold Out/Don't Make Me Cry/Stop Cryin' on My Shoulder/Faith

Need Photo SD-8185 Solomon Burke - I Wish I Knew [1968]
I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free)/Get Out of My Life Woman/Meet Me In Church/ By the Time I Get to Phoenix/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye//
What'd I Say/Since I Met You Baby/Save It/Shame on Me/Why, Why, Why

Need Photo SD-8186 Aretha Franklin - Aretha Now [1968] (7-68, #3)
Think/I Say a Little Prayer/See Saw/Night Time is the Right Time/You Send Me//
You're a Sweet Sweet Man/I Take What I Want/Hello Sunshine/A Change/ I Can't See Myself Leaving You

Need Photo SD-8187 Joe Tex - Soul Country [1968] (7-68, #154)
This record was issued in the Dial Record series.
I'll Never Do You Wrong/Ode to Billie Joe/The Dark End of the Street/ Funny How Time Slips Away/Engine, Engine Number Nine//
Skip a Rope/Green Green Grass of Home/Set Me Free/By the Time I Get to Phoenix/Honey

Need Photo SD-8188 Various Artists - The Super Hits, Volume 2 [1968] (7-68, #76)
Wilson Pickett - Funky Broadway(S)/Aretha Franklin - Baby, I Love You(S)/ Rascals - Groovin'(S)/Soul Man - Sam & Dave(S)/Bar-Kays - Soul Finger(S)/ Joe Tex - Skinny Legs And All(S)//
Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools(S)/Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay(S)/ Sonny & Cher - The Beat Goes On(S)/Bee Gees - To Love Somebody(S)/ Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth(S)/ Fireballs featuring Jimmy Gilmer - Bottle Of Wine(S)

Need Photo SD-8189 The Apple Pie Motherhood Band - The Apple Pie Motherhood Band [1968]
Born Under a Bad Sign/I'd Like to Know/Ice/Yesterday's New song/Barnaby's Madness//
The Ultimate/Contact/The Way It Feels/Bread and Jam/Apple Pie/Variations on a Fingernail

Need Photo SD-8190 The Rascals - Time Peace: The Rascals' Greatest Hits [1968] (7-68, #1)
This LP is known to have used the Atco/Atlantic purple and gold label on some pressings.
I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/Good Lovin'/You Better Run/Come On Up/Mustang Sally/ Love is a Beautiful Thing/In the Midnight Hour//
Lonely Too Long/Groovin'/A Girl Like You/How Can I Be Sure/It's Wonderful/Easy Rollin'/ A Beautiful Morning

Need Photo SD-8191 Various Artists - Beach Beat, Volume 2 [1968]
Bobby Moore & Rhythm Aces - Searching For My Love(E)/Willie Tee - Teasin' You(S)/ Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger(S)/Billy Stewart - Fat Boy(E)/ King Curtis & Kingpins - Memphis Soul Stew(S)/Maurice Williams & Zodiacs - May I(E)//
Lenny O'Henry - Across the Street(E)/Clyde McPhatter - Without Love (There Is Nothing)(E)/ Coasters - Idol With The Golden Head(E)/Tony Clarke - The Entertainer(S)/ Clovers - Nip Sip(E)/Ben E. King - I (Who Have Nothing )(E)

Need Photo SD-8192 Clarence Carter - This Is Clarence Carter [1968] (12-68, #200)
Do What You Gotta Do/Looking For a Fox/Slippin' Around/I'm Qualified/I Can't See Myself/ Wind It Up//
Part Time Love/Thread the Needle/Slip Away/Funky Fever/She Ain't Gonna Do Right/set Me Free

Need Photo SD-8193 Various Artists- History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 5: The Beat Goes On 1961-62 [1968]
Ray Charles - Early In The Mornin'(S)/Coasters - Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)(S, alternate take)/ Ben E King - Stand By Me(S)/Mar-Keys - Last Night(E)/ Solomon Burke - Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)(S)/ Ikettes - I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)(E)/William Bell - You Don't Miss Your Water(E)//
Solomon Burke - Cry To Me(S)/Falcons - I Found A Love(E)/Booker T. & MG's - Green Onions(E)/ The Drifters - Up On The Roof(S, LP version)/La Vern Baker - See See Rider(S)/ Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine(E)/Rufus Thomas - The Dog(E)

Need Photo SD-8194 Various Artists- History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 6: On Broadway 1963-64 [1968]
Drifters - On Broadway(S)/Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger(S)/ Solomon Burke - If You Need Me(S)/Doris Troy - Just One Look(E)/ Chris Kenner - Land Of 1000 Dances(E)/ Nat Kendrick & Swans - (Do The) Mashed Potatoes, Part 1(E)/ Ben E. King - I (Who Have Nothing)(E)//
Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog(E)/Coasters - T'Ain't Nothin' To Me(S)/ Wilson Pickett - I'm Gonna Cry(S)/Carla Thomas - I've Got No Time To Lose(E)/ Don Covay - Mercy, Mercy(S)/Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got(E)/ Otis Redding - Mr. Pitiful(E)

Need Photo SD-8195 Robert Stigwood Orchestra - Robert Stigwood Orchestra Plays the Bee Gees' Hits [1968]
Massachusetts/Birdie Told Me/Words/To Love Somebody/Sinking Ships//
New York Mining Disaster 1941/I Can't See Nobody/Holiday/World/Swan Song

Need Photo SD-8196 Leslie Uggams- What Is An Uggams? [1968]
What the World Needs Now is Love/Any Old Time of the Day/In the Land of Make Believe/ Let the Music Play/River Deep, Mountain High//
Is That All There Is/Flying/Some Cats Know/The Wrong Man/Just for Today

Need Photo SD-8197 Billy Vera - With Pen In Hand [1968]
With Pen in Hand/(You Keep Me) Hangin' On/Headin' Down Home/ The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp/I'm Leavin' Here Tomorrow, Mama/ Gee You Look So Pretty//
I've Been Loving You Too Long/I Can Remember/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/ To Love Somebody/Good Morning Blues/Are You Coming to My Party

Need Photo SD-8198 Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown [1968] (9-68, #7)

There are two versions of this album, one has the new Atlantic label and logos on the cover, the other has Track record and logos on the cover, both were distributed by Atlantic, the release number SD-8198 is the same on both
Prelude-Nightmare/Fanfare-Fire Poem and Fire/Come And Buy/Confusion//
I Put A Spell On You/Spontaneous Apple Creation/Rest Cure/Money/Child Of My Kingdom

Need Photo SD-8199 Clarence Carter - The Dynamic Clarence Carter [1969] (4-69, #169)

I'd Rather Go Blind/Think About It/The Road of Love/You've Been a Long Time Comin'/ Light My Fire/That Old Time Feeling//
Steal Away/Let Me Comfort You/Look What I Got/Too Weak to Fight/Harper Valley P.T.A./ Weekend Love

Need Photo SD-8200 Carmen McRae - The Sound of Silence [1968]

The Sound of Silence/I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good/MacArthur Park/Watch What Happens/ Stardust/Don't Go Away//
Gloomy Sunday/I Sold My Heart to the Junkman/Poor Butterfly/My Heart Reminds Me/ The Folks Who Live on the Hill/Can You Tell

Need Photo SD-8201 Sweet Inspirations- What the World Needs Now [11/68]

Alfie/What the World Needs Now is Love/To Love Somebody/ Watch the One Who Brings You the News/Am I Ever Gonna See My Baby Again/Unchained Melody//
You Really Didn't Mean It/Walk in My Shoes/Where Did It Go/I Could Leave You Alone/ That's How Strong My Love Is/I Don't Want to Go on Without You

Need Photo SD-8202 Booker T. and the MG's - The Best of Booker T. and the MG's [1968] (11-68, #167)

Hip Hug-Her/Slim Jenkins' Place/Green Onions/Soul Dressing/Jellybread/Groovin'//
Mo' Onions/Summertime/Boot-Leg/Can't Be Still/Tic-Tac-Toe/Red Beans and Rice

Need Photo SD-8203 Various Artists- The Super Hits, Volume 3 [1968] (11-68, #68)

Archie Bell & Drells - Tighten Up (S)/ Aretha Franklin - Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)(S)/ Sam & Dave - I Thank You(S)/Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love(S, LP length)/ Arthur Conley - Funky Street(S)/Wilson Pickett - I'm a Midnight Mover (S)//
Rascals - A Beautiful Morning (S)/Sweet Inspirations - Sweet Inspiration (S)/ Aretha Franklin - Think (S)/Percy Sledge - Take Time to Know Her(S)/ Booker T. & MG's - Groovin' (S)/Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On (E)

Need Photo SD-8204 Archie Bell and the Drells - I Can't Stop Dancing [1968]

I Can't Stop Dancing/(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay/Do the Choo Choo/ You're Such a Beautiful Child/Monkey Time//
Do You Feel It?/I've Been Trying/Jammin' In Houston/Love Will Rain on You/ Sometimes I Wonder

Need Photo SD-8205 Sam and Dave - I Thank You [11/68]

I Thank You/Everybody Got to Believe in Somebody/These Arms of Mine/Wrap It Up/ If I Didn't Have a Girl Like You/You Don't Know What You Mean to Me//
Don't Turn Your Heater on/Talk to the Man/Love is After Me/Ain't That a Lot of Love/ Don't Waste That Love/That Lucky Old Sun

Need Photo SD-8206 John Hammond - Sooner Or Later [1968]

Crosscut Saw/Now Many More Years/Sooner or Later/Shake Your Money Maker/Sugar Mama//
Nine Below Zero/Dust My Broom/Evil Is Going On/That's Alright/Don't Start Me Talking

Need Photo SD-8207 Aretha Franklin - Aretha Franklin In Paris [1968] (11-68, #13)

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Don't Le Me Lose This Dream/Soul Serenade/Night Life/ Baby, I Love You/Groovin'/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman//
Come Back Baby/Dr. Feelgood (Love is a Serious Business)/ Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)/I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)/ Chain of Fools/Respect

Need Photo SD-8208 Various Artists - History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 7: The Sound of Soul 1965-66 [1969]

Willie Tee - Teasin' You(S)/Solomon Burke - Got To Get You Off My Mind(S)/ Barbara Lewis - Baby, I'm Yours(S)/Otis Redding - I've Been Loving You Too Long(S)/ Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour(E)/Otis Redding - Respect(S)/ Don Covay & Goodtimers - Seesaw(S)//
Sam & Dave - You Don't Know Like I Know(S)/Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman(E)/ Sam & Dave - Hold On, I'm Comin'(S)/Capitols - Cool Jerk(S)/ Percy Sledge - Warm And Tender Love(E)/Wilson Pickett - Land Of A Thousand Dances(E)/ Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood(S)

Need Photo SD-8209 Various Artists - History of Rhythm & Blues, Volume 8: The Memphis Sound 1967 [1969]

Sam & Dave - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby(S)/Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music (E)/ Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (S)/ Booker T. & MG's - Hip Hug-Her (S)/Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - Tramp (S)/ Bar-Kays - Soul Finger (S)/Otis Redding - Shake (S)//
Wilson Pickett - Funky Broadway (S)/King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew (S)/ Just Out of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms) (S)/Sam & Dave - Soul Man (S)/ Joe Tex - Skinny Legs And All (S)/Wilson Pickett - I'm In Love (S)/ Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools (S)

Need Photo SD-8210 Percy Sledge - The Best of Percy Sledge [1969] (3-69, #133)

When A Man Loves A Woman/Out Of Left Field/Take Time To Know Her/Warm And Tender Love/ Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)/The Dark End Of The Street//
Cover Me/Sudden Stop/Baby Help Me/It Tears Me Up/My Special Prayer/You're All Around Me

Need Photo SD-8211 Joe Tex - Happy Soul [1969]

Go Home and Do It/That's Your Baby/Baby, Be Good/You Need Me Baby/Chicken Crazy//
You've Come a Long Way/Sweet Sweet Woman/You Can Tell/Take the Fifth Amendment/ Keep the One You've Got

Need Photo SD-8212 Aretha Franklin - Soul 69 [1969] (2-69, #15)

Ramblin'/Today I Sing the Blues/River's Invitation/Pitiful/Crazy He Calls Me/ Bring It on Home to Me//
Tracks of My Tears/If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody/Gentle on My Mind/So Long/ I'll Never Be Free/Elusive Butterfly

Need Photo SD-8213 Albert King - King of the Blues Guitar [1969] (3-69, #194)

Cold Feet/You're Gonna Need Me/Born Under a Bad Sign/I Love Lucy/Crosscut Saw/ You Sure Drive a Hard Bargain//
Oh Pretty Woman/Overall Junction/Funk-Shun/Laundromat Blues/Personal Manager

Need Photo SD-8214 Dusty Springfield - Dusty In Memphis [1969] (3-69, #99)

Just a Little Lovin'/So Much Love/Son of a Preacher Man/I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore/ Don't Forget About Me/Breakfast in Bed//
Just One Smile/The Windmills of Your Mind/In the Land of Make Believe/No Easy Way Down/ I Can't Make It Alone

Need Photo SD-8215 Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude [1969] (3-69, #97)

Save Me/Hey Jude/Back In Your Arms/Toe Hold/Night Owl/My Own Style of Loving//
A Man and a Half/Sit Down and Talk This Over/Search Your Heart/Born to Be Wild/ People Make the World

Need Photo SD-8216 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin [1969] (2-69, #10)

Some copies of this album were pressed with the old purple and gold Atco label blank - This was probably an error by a record club
Good Time Bad Times/Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/You Shook Me/Dazed and Confused//
Your Time is Gonna Come/Black Mountain Side/Communication Breakdown/I Can't Quit You Baby/How Many More Times

Need Photo SD-8217 Magic Lanterns - Shame Shame [1969]

Impressions of Linda/Shame Shame/Brunette Lady/Never Gonna Trust My Heart Again/ Sarah Wear a Smile/Give Me Love//
Highway of Dreams/Feelings/Missing Out on You/Out in the Cold Again/Pussy Willow Dragon/ When the Music Stops

Need Photo SD-8218 Sam & Dave - The Best of Sam & Dave [1969] (2-69, #87)

Hold on I'm Comin'/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/You Don't Know Like I Know/ May I Baby/Soul Man/Soothe Me/I Thank You//
I Take What I Want/Wrap It Up/You Don't Know What You Mean To Me/Small Portion of Your Love/ You Got Me Hummin'/Can't You Find Another Way (Of Doing It)/Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody

Need Photo SD-8219 Cartoone - Cartoone with guest artist Jimmy Page [1969]

Knick Knack Man/Withering Wood/The Sadness of Toby Jugg/A Penny For the Sun/I'll Stay/ Girl of Yesterday//
I Can't Walk Back/Let Me Reassure You/Mr. Poor Man/Ice Cream Dreams/Doing What Mamma Said/See Me

Need Photo SD-8220 Black Pearl - Black Pearl [1969] (5-69, #130)

Crazy Chicken/Thinkin' 'Bout the Good Times/White Devil/Mr. Soul Satisfaction//
Forget It/Climbing Up the Walls/Bent Over/Endless Journey/Reach Up

Need Photo SD-8221 Ars Nova - Sunshine and Shadows [1969]

Sunshine and Shadows/I Was Once/Temporary Serenade/She Promises Everything/ Well, Well, Well/You Had Better Listen//
Round Ounce Again/Walk on the Sand/Rubbish/Please don't Go Now

Need Photo SD-8222 Arif Mardin - Glass Onion [1969]

Glass Onion/Proud Mary/Sympathy for the Devil/Walk on By/Strange Brew//
How Can I Be Sure/(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay/Listen Here/Mary Ann/Ain't No Way/ Midnight Walk

Need Photo SD-8223 Lotti Golden - Motor Cycle [1969]

Also released with a Special Advance copy cover that was completely different than the regular cover
Motor-Cycle Michael/Gonna Fay's/A Lot Like Lucifer (Celia Said Long Time Loser)//
The Space Queens (Silky is Sad)/Who Are Your Friends/Get Together (With Yourself)/ You Can Find Him

Need Photo SD-8224 Various Artists - The Super Hits, Volume 4 [1969] (7-69, #164)

Aretha Franklin - See Saw (S)/Rascals - People Got To Be Free (S)/ Clarence Carter - Slip Away (S)/Archie Bell & Drells - I Can't Stop Dancing (S)/ Tyrone Davis - Can I Change My Mind (S)/Arthur Brown - Fire (S)//
Clarence Carter - Too Weak To Fight (S)/Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer (S)/ Cream - White Room (S)/Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man (S)/ Bee Gees - I Started A Joke (S)/Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude (S)

Need Photo SD-8225 Sweet Inspirations - Sweets For My Sweet [1969]

But You Know I Love You/Chained/It's Not Easy/Get a Little Order/Don't Go/It's Worth It All//
Sweets For My Sweet/Every Day Will be Like a Holiday/Let Me be Lonely/Crying in the Rain/Always David

Need Photo SD-8226 Archie Bell and the Drells - There's Gonna Be a Showdown [1969] (8-69, #163)

I Love My Baby/Houston, Texas/(There's Gonna Be A) Showdown/Giving Up Dancing/Girl You're Too Young/Mama Didn't Teach Me That Way//
Do the Hand Jive/My Balloon's Going Up/Here I Go Again/Go For What You Know/Green Power/Just a Little Closer

Need Photo SD-8227 Aretha Franklin - Aretha's Gold [1969] (7-69, #18)

I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)/Do Right Woman-Do Right Man/Respect/Dr. Feelgood/ Baby, I Love You/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman/Chain of Fools//
Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)/Ain't No Way/Think/You Send Me/ The House That Jack Built/I Say a Little Prayer/See Saw

Need Photo SD-8228 Marion Williams - New Message [1969]

I Shall Be Released/Around God's Throne/People Got to be Free/ I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Song/The Great Speckled Bird//
I Have a Friend Above All Others/Will the Circle Be Unbroken/Milky White Way/ How I Got Over/I Pity the Poor Immigrant

Crosby, Stills and Nash SD-8229 Crosby, Stills and Nash - Crosby, Stills and Nash [1969] (6-69, #6)

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes/Marrakesh Express/Guinnevere/You Don't Have to Cry/Pre-Road Downs//
Wooden Ships/Lady of the Island/Helplessly Hoping/Long Time Gone/49 Bye-Byes

Need Photo SD-8230 Roberta Flack - First Take [6/69] (1-70, #1)

Compared to What/Angelitos Negros/Our Ages or Our Hearts/I Told Jesus//
Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Tryin' Times/ Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Need Photo SD-8231 Joe Tex - Buying a Book [1969] (7-69, #190)

We Can't Sit Down Now/Sure is Good/That's the Way/Anything You Wanna Know/It Ain't Sanitary//
The Only Way/Grandma Mary/Get Your Lies Together/The Same Things You Did To Get Me/ Buying a Book

Need Photo SD-8232 Carla Thomas - The Best of Carla Thomas [1969] (7-69, #190)

Gee Whiz/Bring It on Home To Me/Oh! What a Fool I've Been/No Time To Lose/A Woman's Love/ Comfort Me/Tramp [with Otis Redding]//
B-A-B-Y/Stop! Look What You're Doing/Let Me Be Good To You/Stop Thief/Pick Up The Pieces/ A Dime a Dozen/Lovey Dovey [with Otis Redding]

Need Photo SD-8233 The Apple Pie Motherhood Band - Apple Pie [1969]

Orangutan/I Just Want to Make Love to You/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Grandmother Hooker//
Get Ready/Super Music Man/Gypsy/He Turned You On

Need Photo SD-8234 Rune Gustafsson - Rune Gustafsson At the Top [1969]

California Soul/Wichita Lineman/The Fool on the Hill/The Look of Love/Me on the See-Saw//
Son of a Preacher Man/California Dreaming/Waltz-A-Nova/By the Time I Get To Phoenix /Up-Up and Away

Need Photo SD-8235 Barney Kessel - Hair Is Beautiful [1969]

Need Photo SD-8236 Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II [8/69] (11-69, #1)

Whole Lotta Love/What Is and What Should Never Be/The Lemon Song/Thank You//
Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)/Ramble On/Moby Dick/Bring It on Home

Need Photo SD-8237 Don Covay and The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band - The House of Blue Lights [1969]

Key to the Highway/Mad Dog Blues/The Blues Don't Knock/ Blues Ain't Nothin' But a Good Woman on Your Mind/The House of Blue Lights Part 1//
Four Women/Steady Roller/Homemade Love/But I Forgive You Blues/Shut Your Mouth/ The House of Blue Lights Part 2

Need Photo SD-8238 Clarence Carter - Testifin' [1969] (5-69, #138)

Bad News/Snatching It Back/Soul Deep/I Smell a Rat/Doin' Our Thing/ You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure//
Instant Reaction/Making Love (At the Dark end of the Street)/The Feeling is Right/ Back Door Santa/I Can't Do Without You

Need Photo SD-8239 Boz Scaggs - Boz Scaggs [9/69] (7-74, #171)

Original issue 1969; reissued in 1974 after Scaggs was successful on the Columbia label
I'm Easy/I'll Be Long Gone/Another Day (Another Letter)/Now You're Gone/Finding Her/ Look What I Got//
Waiting For a Train/Loan Me a Dime/Sweet Release

Need Photo SD-8240 Banchee - Banchee [1969]

The Night is Calling/Train of Life/As Me Thinks/Follow a Dream/Beautifully Day//
Evolmia/I Just Don't Know/Hands of a Clock/Tom's Island

Need Photo SD-8241 Leslie Uggams - Just To Satisfy You [1969]

Time to Get It Together/Fly Me to the Moon/Just to Satisfy You/Popi/ Someone is Standing Outside//
In the Ghetto/That Old Sweet Roll (Hi- De-Ho)/She'll Have to Go/ Put a Little Love in Your Heart/He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Need Photo SD-8242 Jimmy Scott - The Source [1969]

Exodus/On Broadway/Our Day Will Come/I Wish I Knew//
Unchained Melody/Day By Day/Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child/This Love of Mine

Need Photo SD-8243 Yes - Yes [10/69]

Beyond and Before/I See You/Yesterday and Today/Looking Around//
Harold Land/Every Little Thing/Sweetness/Survival

Need Photo SD-8244 Golden Earring - Eight Miles High [1969]

Landing/Song of a Devil's Servant/One Huge Road/Everyday's Torture//
Eight Miles High

Need Photo SD-8245 King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King [10/69] (12-69, #28)

21st Century Schizoid Man (Including Mirrors)/I Talk to the Wind/ Epitath (Including March For No Reason & Tomorrow And Tomorrow)//
Moonchild (Including The Dream & The Illusion)/ The Court Of The Crimson King (Including The Return Of The Fire Witch & The Dance Of The Puppets)

Need Photo SD-8246 The Rascals - See [1969] (1-70, #45)

See/I'd Like to Take You Home/Remember Me/I'm Blue/Stop and Think/ Temptation's 'Bout to get Me//
Nubia/Carry Me Back/Away Away/Real Thing/Death's Reply/Hold On

Need Photo SD-8247 MC 5 - Back In the U.S.A. [1970] (2-70, #137)

Tutti-Frutti/Tonight/Teenage Lust/Let Me Try/Looking At You//
High School/Call Me Animal/The American Ruse/Shakin' Street/The Human Being Lawnmower/ Back in the USA

Need Photo SD-8248 Aretha Franklin - This Girl's In Love With You [1970] (2-70, #17)

Son of a Preacher Man/Share Your Love With Me/Dark End of the Street/Let It Be/ Eleanor Rigby//
This Girl's In Love With You/It Ain't Fair/The Weight/Call Me/Sit Down and Cry

Need Photo SD-8249 Dusty Springfield - A Brand New Me [1970] (2-70, #107)

Lost/Bad Case of the Blues/Never Love Again/Let Me In Your Way/Let's Get Together Soon//
Brand New Me/Joe/Silly, Silly, Fool/The Star of My Show/Let's Talk It Over

Need Photo SD-8250 Wilson Pickett - Right On [3/70] (4-70, #197)

Groovy Little Woman/Funky Way/Sugar Sugar/Sweet Inspiration/This Old Town/You Keep Me Hangin' On//
Lord Pity Us All/It's Still Good/Woman Likes to Hear That/She Said Yes/Hey Joe/Steal Away

Need Photo SD-8251 John Hammond Jr. - Southern Fried [1970]

Shake For Me/Cryin' For My Baby/I'm Tore Down/Don't Go No Further/I'm Leavin' You/It's Too Late//
Nadine/Mystery Train/My Time After a While/I Can't Be Satisfied/You'll Be Mine/Riding in the Moonlight

Need Photo SD-8252 Mongo Santamaria - Feelin' Alright [1970] (4-70, #171)

Feelin' Alright/Fever/Hip-Hug-Her/Hold On, I'm Comin'/I Can't Get Next to You/ Sunshine of Your Love//
Heighty- Hi/In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida/On Broadway/Tracks of My Tears/By the Time I Get To Phoenix

Need Photo SD-8253 Sweet Inspirations - Sweet, Sweet Soul [1970]

Shut-Up!!!/Give My Love to Somebody/Two Can Play the Game/ (Gotta Find) A Brand New Lover Parts 1 and 2//
Ain't Nothin' In the World/Them Boys/Flash in the Pan/At Last I've Found a Love/ That's the Way My Baby Is

Need Photo SD-8254 Joe Tex - Joe Tex With Strings and Things [1970] This record was issued in the Dial Record series

Everything Happens on Time/The Same Old Soup/I Love You and I Thank You/ A Little Friendly Advice/Take My Baby a Little Love//
You're Right, Ray Charles/She Might Need Me/Daddy's Got a Bad Back/My Wife My Woman/ (When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again) I Can't See You No More

Need Photo SD-8255 Champion Jack Dupree - Blues From the Gutter [1970]

Reissue of Atlantic SD-8019
Strollin'/T.B. Blues/Can't Kick the Habit/Evil Woman/Nasty Boogie//
Junker's Blues/Bad Blood/Goin' Down Slow/Frankie and Johnny/Stack-O-Lee

Need Photo SD-8256 T-Bone Walker - T-Bone Blues [1970]

Electronic stereo reissue of 8020
Two Bones and a Pick/Mean Old World/T-Bone Shuffle/Stormy Monday Blues/Blues For Marili/ T-Bone Blues/Shufflin' the Blues/Evenin'/Play on Little Girl/Blues Rock/Papa Ain't Salty

Need Photo SD-8257 Shel Silverstein - Inside Shel Silverstein [1970]

Reissue of Atlantic SD-8072
Bury Me in My Shades/Have Another Espresso/Bananas/Liz/You're Always Welcome at Our House/ Civil War Song/Boa Constrictor/25 Minutes to Go//
Folk Singer's Blues/Beans Taste Fine/The Slitheree-Dee/It Does Not Pay to be Hip/Blue Eyes/ Standing on the Outside of Your Shelter/Wreck of the Old '49/ Never Bite a Married Woman on the Thigh/The Unicorn

Need Photo SD-8258 Mott The Hoople - Mott Tthe Hoople [5/70] (7-70, #185)

You Really Got Me/At the Crossroads/Laugh at Me/Backsliding Fearlessly//
Rock and Roll Queen/Rabbit Foot and Toby Time/Half Moon Bay/Wrath and Wroll

Need Photo SD-8259 Eugene McDaniels - Outlaw [1970]

Outlaw/Sagittarius Red/Welfare City/Silent Majority/Love Letter to America//
Unspoken Dreams of Light/Cherry Stones/Reverend Lee/Black Boy

Need Photo SD-8260 Loudon Wainwright III - Album 1 [1970]

School Days/Hospital Lady/Ode to Pittsburgh/Glad to See You've Got Religion/Uptown//
Black Uncle Remus/Four is a Magic Number/I Don't Care/Central Square Song/Movies are a Mother to Me/Bruno's Place

Need Photo SD-8261 Side Show - Side Show [1970]

Cold Coffee/Carolyn/The Duel/The Pill/Ah!//

Need Photo SD-8262 The Assembled Multitude - Assembled Multitude [1970]

Overture from Tommy/Woodstock/Where the Woodbine Twineth/Ohio/Singalong Junk/MacArthur Park//
The Princess and the Soldier/Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa/While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Mr. Peppercorn/I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Need Photo SD-8263 Tamalpais Exchange - Tamalpais Exchange [1970]

Anthem/If I Had the Answers/Here We Are/Never Ever Land/King/Flying Somehow/ L.A. Incident//
World/Balnesmoor Lane/Pied Piper/Maybe Tomorrow/Understand It/Why Don't You Believe Me?/Wish

Need Photo SD-8264 Thundercap Newman - Hollywood Dream [1970] (10-70, #161)

The label on this album is Track Records
Hollywood #1/The Reason/Open the Door Homer/Look Around/Accidents//
Wild Country/When I Think/The Old Cornmill/Hollywood Dream/Hollywood #2

Need Photo SD-8265 Aretha Franklin - Spirit In the Dark [1970] (9-70, #25)

Don't Play That Song/The Thrill Is Gone )From Yesterday's Kiss)/Pullin'/You and Me/ Honest I Do/Spirit in the Dark//
When the Battle is Over/One Way Ticket/Try Matty's/That's All I Want From You/ Oh No Not My Baby/Why I Sing the Blues

Need Photo SD-8266 King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon [1970] (9-70, #31)

Peace-A Beginning/Pictures of a City/Cadence and Cascade/In the Wake of Poseidon//
Peace-A Theme/Cat Food/The Devil's Triangle: Merday Morn, Hand of Sceiron/Garden of Worm/ Peace-An End

Need Photo SD-8267 Clarence Carter - Patches [1970] (9-70, #44)

Willie and Laura Mae Jones/Say Man/I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')/Let It Be/I Can't Leave Your Love Alone/Your Love Lifted Me//
Till I Can't Take It Anymore/Patches/It's All in Your Mind/Changes/C.C. Blues/Getting the Bills (But No Merchandise)

Need Photo SD-8268 Dick Holler - Someday Soon [1970]

Little Joe (They're Out to Get You)/Walk With Me, My Friend/Mother, Where's Your Daughter/ Where Will the Love Come From/Hey-Hey- Ho/Abraham, Martin and John//
Alice/My Friend Joe/Fat Daddy/Standin' on an Iceberg/Christmas Time in Alabam'

Need Photo SD-8269 Jo Jama - Jo Mama [12/70]

Machine Gun Kelly/Midnight Rider/Searching High, Searching Low/Lighten Up, Tighten Up/Venga Venga/Sailing//
Great Balls of Fire/The Sky is Falling/The Word is Goodbye/Check Out This Gorilla/Cotton Eyed Joe/Love'll Get You High

Need Photo SD-8270 Wilson Pickett - Wilson Pickett In Philadelphia [1970] (10-70, #64)

Run Joey Run/Help the Needy/Come Right Here/Bumble Bee (Sting Me)/Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You//
Get Me Back on Time, Engine Number 9 Part 1 and 2/Days Go by/International Playboy/Ain't no Doubt About It

Need Photo SD-8271 Sam Samudio - Sam, Hard and Heavy [1971]

Homework/Relativity/Lonely Avenue/I Know It's Too Late/Starchild/Let's Burn Down the Cornfield//
Sweet Release/Key to the Highway/Don't Put Me On/15 Degrees Capricorn Asc./Goin' Upstairs

Need Photo SD-8272 Mott the Hoople - Mad Shadows [11/70]

Thunderbuck Ram/No Wheels to Ride/You Are One of Us/Walkin' With a Mountain//
I Can Feel/Threads of Iron/When My Minds Gone

Need Photo SD-8273 Yes - Time and a Word [11/70]

No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed/Then Everydays/Sweet Dreams//
The Prophet/Clear Days/Astral Traveler/Time and a Word

Need Photo SD-8274 Various Artists - The Super Hits, Volume 5 [1970]

R.B. Greaves - Take A Letter Maria(S)/Aretha Franklin - Call Me(S)/Tyrone Davis - Turn Back The Hands of Time(S)/
Lulu - Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)(S)/Wilson Pickett - Sugar Sugar(S)/Brook Benton - Rainy Night In Georgia(S)//
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio(S)/Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride(S, LP length)/ Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love(S, 45 edit, 3:11)/ Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air (S)/Rascals - See(S)/Nazz - Hello It's Me(S)

Need Photo SD-8275 J. Geils Band - The J. Geils Band [1970] (1-71, #195)

Wait/Ice Breaker/Cruisin' For a Love/Hard Drivin' Man/Serves You Right to Suffer//
Homework/First I Look At the Purse/What's Your Hurry/On Borrowed Time/Pack Fair and Square/Sno-Cone

Need Photo SD-8276 Rascals - Search and Nearness [1971] (3-71, #198)

Right On/I Believe/Thank You Baby/You Don't Know/Nama//
Almost Home/The Letter/Ready For Love/Fortunes/Glory Glory

Need Photo SD-8277 Mitch Miller and The Gang - Peace Sing a Long [1971]

What the World Needs Now is Love/Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream/Where Have All the Flowers Gone?/
This Land Is Your Land/We Shall Overcome/Give Peace a Chance/Blowin' In the Wind/If We Only Have Love/
If I Had a Hammer/Turn Turn Turn/Carry It On

Need Photo SD-8278 King Crimson - Lizard [1971] (3-71, #113)

Cirkus (Including Entry Of The Chameleons)/Indoor Games/Happy Family/ Lady Of The Dancing Water//
Prince Rupert Awakes/Bolero- The Peacock's Tale/The Battle Of Glass Tears (Including Dawn Song, Last Skirmish & Prince Ruper's Lament)/Big Top

Need Photo SD-8279 Alamo - Alamo [1971]

Got to Find Another Way/Soft and Gentle/The World We Seek/Question Raised//
Bensome Changes/All New People/Get the Feelin'/Happiness is Free

Need Photo SD-8280 Papa Nebo - Papa Nebo [1971]

Lazy Day/Live in Missouri/Smile in the Sky/On the Bus to Meet Brenden: But He Wasn't There/ Judson Queen//
Feel It Inside/Smooth Pat/I Can't Make It Today/Louisiana Woman/Makes Me Feel Fine/Buford Claxton

Need Photo SD-8281 Eugene McDaniels - Headless Heroes [1971]

Need Photo SD-8282 Clarence Carter - The Best of Clarence Carter [1971] (5-71, #103)

Slip Away/I Smell a Rat/Too Week to Fight/Making Love (At the Dark End of the Street)/ Snatching It Back/Patches//
I Can't Leave Your Love Alone/Funky Fever/Doin' Our Thing/The Feeling Is Right/ Take It Off Him and Put It on Me/You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure

Need Photo SD-8283 Yes - The Yes Album [1971] (5-71, #40)

Yours is No Disgrace/The Clap/Starship Trooper: Life Seeker, Disillusion, Wurm//
I've Seen All Good People: Your Move, All Good People/A Venture/Perpetual Change

Need Photo SD-8284 Mott the Hoople - Wildlife [4/71]

Whisky Women/Angel of Eighth Avenue/Wrong Side of the River/Waterlow/Lay Down//
It Must Be Love/Original Mixed-Up Kid/Home is Where I Want to Be/Keep A' Knockin'

Need Photo SD-8285 MC 5 - High Time [1971]

Sister Anne/Baby Won't Ya/Miss X/Gotta Keep Movin'//
Future, Now/Poison/Over and Over/Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)

Need Photo SD-8286 Barbara Lewis - The Best of Barbara Lewis [1971]

Baby, I'm Yours/Hello Stranger/Make Me Your Baby/Don't Forget About Me/ I Remember the Feeling/Make Me Belong To You//
Baby, What Do You Want Me to Do/Puppy Love/Stop That Girl/Come Home/Stand By Me/It's Magic

Need Photo SD-8287 Esther Phillips [Unissued]

These tracks later surfaced as extra tracks on the CD issue of Confessin' The Blues.

Need Photo SD-8288 Jo Mama - J Is For Jump [9/71]

Keep on Truckin'/Back on the Street Again/Smack Water Jack/If I Had a Billion Dollars/ My Long Time/When the Lights Are Way Down Low//
Love is Blind/3 A.M. in L.A./Sweet and Slow/Have You Ever Been to Pittsburgh/ Sho 'Bout to Drive Me Wild

Need Photo SD-8289 Marion Williams - Standing Here Wondering Which Way [1971]

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/Standing Here Wondering Which Way to Go/ Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)/This Generation Shall Not Pass/ My Sweet Lord//
Heaven Help Us All/Make Peace With Yourself/Wicked Messenger/Put Your Hand in the Hand/ Danger Zone/Hare Krishna

SD-8290 Wilson Pickett - The Best of Wilson Pickett, Volume 2 [1971] (5-71, #73)

Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You/Sugar Sugar/Get Me Back on Time, Engine Number 9/ I'm a Midnight Mover/A Man and a Half/Born to Be Wild/She's Lookin' Good/I'm in Love/ Hey Joe/Cole, Cooke and Redding/Hey Jude/You Keep Me Hangin' On/I Found a True Love

Need Photo SD-8291 Loudon Wainwright III - Album II [1971]

Me and My Friend the Cat/Motel Blues/Nice Jewish Girls/ Be careful, There's a Baby in the House/I Know I'm Unhappy/Suicide song/Glenville Reel/ Saw Your Name in the Paper//
Samson and the Warden/Plane Too/Cook That Dinner, Dora/Old Friend/Old Paint/Winter Song

Need Photo SD-8292 Joe Tex - From the Roots Came the Rapper [1972]

This record was issued in the Dial Record series
Lovin' Man/The Only Way I Know How to Love You/I Can Do It Better/Chained in the Mind/ I'll Never Fall in Love Again//
Oh Me Oh My (I'm a Fool For You Baby)There's No Business Like Love/The Baby is Mine/ Something's In Life Are Worth Dying For/Hate Yourself in the Morning

Need Photo SD-8293 Judee Sill [Unissued]

Not issued on Atlantic but as the kickoff Asylum label that was distributed by Atlantic.

Need Photo SD-8294 Charles John Quarto - Charles John Quarto [1971]

Poem For Black Angels/The Woman Came to Me As News/The Nun/Poem to C.L. Taylor/ Admitting in in the Vanderbilt Museum/Old New York (A Painting)/Christmas Song/ Poem Toward Some Hard Yardbulls/Hoboes/Washing Hands of the War/What in the World/ A Bird's-Eye View of the Earth/Owls Minus One//
Coming and Going/If Black is Not Mortal/Detroit With Willy/ And You Couldn't Sing a Single Thing/Planting in the Kingdom/Racing in Rooms/ The Day of the Dust and the Dirt/Lines Over My Father

Need Photo SD-8295 Aretha Franklin - Aretha's Greatest Hits [1971] (9-71, #19)

Spanish Harlem/Chain of Fools/Don't Play That Song/I Say a Little Prayer/Dr. Feelgood/ Let It Be/Do Right Woman-Do Right Man//
Bridge Over Troubled Water/Respect/Baby I Love You/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman/ I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)/You're All I Need to Get By/Call Me

Need Photo SD-8296 John Prine - John Prine [10/71] (2-72, #154)

Illegal Smile/Spanish Pipedream/Hello in There/Sam Stone/Paradise/Pretty Good//
Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore/Far From Me/Angel From Montgomery/ Quiet Man/Donald and Lydia/Six O'clock News/Flashback Blues

Need Photo SD-8297 J. Geils Band - The Morning After [10/71] (11-71, #64)

I Don't Need You No More/Whammer Jammer/So Sharp/The Usual Place/Gotta Have Your Love//
Looking For a Love/Gonna Find Me a New Love/Cry One More Time/Floyd's Hotel/ It Ain't What You Do (Its How You Do It!)

Need Photo SD-8298 Batdorf and Rodney - Off the Shelf [1971]

Oh My Surprise/Me and My Guitar/Can You See Me/Workin' Man, Blind Man/You Are the One//
Don't You Hear Me Callin'/Where Were You and I/Never See His Face Again/One Day/Farm/Let Me Go

Need Photo SD-8299 James Luther Dickinson - Dixie Fried [1972]

Wine/The Strength of Love/Louise/John Brown//
Dixie Fried/The Judgment/O How She Dances/Wild Bill Jones/Casey Jones (On the Road Again)

Need Photo SD-8300 Wilson Pickett - Don't Knock My Love [1971] (12-71, #132)

Fire and Water/(Your Love Has Brought Me) A Mighty Long Way/Covering the Same Old Ground/ Don't Knock My Love Parts 1 and 2/Call My Name, I'll Be There//
Hot Love/Not Enough Love to Satisfy/You Can't Judge a Book by It's Cover/Pledging My Love/ Mama Told Me Not To Come/Woman Let Me Be Down Home

Need Photo SD-8301 Jimmy and Vella - Jimmy and Vella [1972]

The Door Is Open/Old Men/Do You Really Know How I Feel/To the Master of Every King/ Then I Woke Up//
Chica Boom/Rain/Just Hasn't Been the Same/Lord Abide With Me

Need Photo SD-8302 Shanti - Shanti [1971]

We Want to Be Free/Innocence/Out of Nowhere/Lore I'm Comin' Round//
Good Inside/Shanti/I Do Believe

Need Photo SD-8303 Howard Tate - Howard Tate [1972]

She's a Burglar/8 Days on the Road/You Don't Know Nothing About Love/When I Was a Young Man/ Girl of the North Country/Where Did My Baby Go//
Keep Cool (Don't Be a Fool)/Jemina Surrender/Strugglin'/It's Heavy/It's Your Move/ The Bitter End

Need Photo SD-8304 Mott the Hoople - Brain Capers [2/72]

Death May Be Your Santa Claus/Your Own Backyard/Darkness Darkness/The Journey//
Sweet Angeline/Second Love/The Moon Upstairs/The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception

Need Photo QD-8305 Aretha Franklin - The Best of Aretha Franklin [1972] Quadraphonic issue only.

8000 series ends - Pop issues continue in the 7200 series

Need Photo SD 8800 Jay McShann - Last of the Blue Devils [3/78]

Need Photo SD 8801 Charles Mingus - Cumbia and Jazz Fusion [7/78]

Need Photo SD 8802 Don Pullen - Montreux Concert [9/78]

Need Photo SD 8803 Charles Mingus - Me, Myself, and Eye [3/79]

Need Photo SD 8804 Jay McShann - Big Apple Bash [5/79]

Need Photo SD 8805 Charles Mingus - Something Like a Bird [12/80]

Need Photo SD 8806 Modern Jazz Quartet - More From the Last Concert [5/81]

Need Photo SD 8807 Eddie Harris - The Versatile Eddie Harris [2/82]

Need Photo SD 8808 Keith Jarrett - Somewhere Before [2/82]

Need Photo SD 8809 Charles Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus [2/82]

Need Photo SD 8810 Ornette Coleman - Twins [2/82]

Need Photo SD 8811 Milt Jackson - Big Mouth [2/82]

Need Photo SD 8812 Joe Turner - Boss of the Blues [2/82] Reissue of Atlantic 1234

Cherry Red/Roll 'Em Pete/I Want a Little Girl/Low Down Dog/Wee Baby Blues//
You're Driving Me Crazy/How Long Blues/Morning Glories/St. Louis Blues/Piney Brown Blues

Need Photo SD 8813 Hubert Laws - The Laws of Jazz [2/82]

Need Photo SD 16022 Bette Midler - Divine Madness

Need Photo SD 16023 Abba - Super Trouper [1980]

Need Photo SD 18110 King Crimsom - Red

Need Photo SD 18147 J. Geils Band - Hotline

Need Photo SD 18159 Chris Squire - Fish out of Water

Need Photo SD 18202 John Prine - Prime Prine

Need Photo SD 19110 Jean-Luc Ponty - Enigmatic Ocean

Need Photo SD 19217 Blues Brothers - Briefcase full of Blues

Need Photo SD 19289 Laura Branigan - Branigan

Need Photo SD 19319 Manhattan Transfer - The best of Manhattan Transfer

Need Photo SD 19360 Crosby, Stills & Nash - Daylight Again

Need Photo SD 66003 Environments - totally new concepts in stereo sound disc 3

Need Photo SD 68002 Environments - new concepts in stereo sound disc 2

Need Photo SGC 5001 Nazz - Nazz

Need Photo DBD 917 Ray Parker, Jr. and Helen Terry - One Sunny Day / Dueling Bikes 12" single

Need Photo Atlantic 0-86415 Donna Summer - This time I know it's for real

Need Photo Atlantic 0-89863 Sparks - Cool Places

Need Photo Atlantic 19104 Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN

Need Photo Atlantic 19119 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - So Far [1977]

Need Photo Atlantic 19344 Carole King - One to One

Need Photo Atlantic 80015-1 Mike Rutherford - Acting Very Strange

Need Photo Atlantic 80071 - Tony Banks - The Fugitive

Need Photo Atlantic 80147 Laura Branigan - Self Control

Need Photo Atlantic 80184 Julian Lennon - Valotte

Need Photo Atlantic 81240 Phil Collins - No Jacket Required

Atlantic A1 81283 Wilson Pickett - The Best Of Wilson Pickett [1984]

Need Photo Atlantic 90050 Lee Konitz - Lee Konitz with Warne Marsh

Need Photo EP 1800 Genesis - Spot The Pigeon

Need Photo HS-1 Various Artists - Southern Folk Heritage [1960]

Need Photo KCA 25001 Streetheart - Under Heaven Over Hell


Need Photo KSD 19228 Streetheart - Under Heaven Over Hell

Need Photo PR 803 promotional Kix - Midnite Dynamite

Need Photo SCHS-1 Various Artists - Southern Folk Heritage [1960]

Need Photo Slide HAMPTON Octet - Somethin' Sanctified


Need Photo XSD 16018 AC/DC - BACK IN BLACK



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