Asylum was founded in 1971 by David Geffen, and operated as a rock label. In 1972, it was acquired by Warner Communications and merged with Elektra Records to become "Elektra/Asylum Records." David Geffen remained in charge of the company until 1975, when he resigned and retired, due to health problems.

Elekta/Asylum Records was renamed Elektra Entertainment in 1989, while 'Asylum Records' broke off into a subsidiary label underneath. In 1992, Asylum was reformatted into a semi-successful country music label based out of Nashville, still operated by Elektra. As the 1990s progressed, the company was placed on hold and did little or nothing.

After several years, it was revived again in 2004. The "NEW" Asylum Records is an urban music-based label that is independently managed through Warner Music Group, with some of its acts released in conjuction with Warner Brothers Records and others through Atlantic Records.

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We are always working to get YOU a complete list of ASYLUM RECORDS

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This list is incomplete:

NEED PHOTO SD 5050 Judee Sill - Judee Sill [1972]

Abracadabra/Archetypal Man/Crayon Angel/Enchanted Sky Machines/Jesus Was A Cross-Maker/Lady-O/ Lamb Ran Away With The Crown/Lopin' Along Thru' The Cosmos/My Man On Love/Phantom Cowboy/Ridge River

NEED PHOTO SD 5051 Jackson Browne - Saturate before using [1972] (3-72, #53)

Jamaica Say You Will/A Child In These Hills/Song For Adam/Doctor My Eyes/From Silver Lake//
Something Fine/Under The Falling Sky/Look Into You/Rock Me On The Water/My Opening Farewell

NEED PHOTO SD 5052 David Blue - Stories [1972]

Abracadabra/Archetypal Man/Crayon Angel/Enchanted Sky Machines/Jesus Was A Cross-Maker/Lady-O/ Lamb Ran Away With The Crown/Lopin' Along Thru' The Cosmos/My Man On Love/Phantom Cowboy/Ridge River

NEED PHOTO SD 5053 Jo Jo Gunne - Jo Jo Gunne [1972] (2-72, #57)

California band included Jay Ferguson (former lead singer with Spirit) and brothers Mark (also from Spirit) and Matthew Andes. Run Run Run/Shake That Fat/Babylon/I Make Love/Barstow Blue Eyes//99 Days/Academy Award/Take It Easy/ Flying Home

NEED PHOTO SD 5054 Eagles - Eagles [1972] (6-72, #22)

Take It Easy/Witchy Woman/Chug All Night/Most Of Us Are Sad/Nightingale//
Train Leaves Here This Morning/Take The Devil/Earlybird/Peaceful Easy Feeling/Tryin'

NEED PHOTO SD 5055 John David Souther - John David Souther [1972]

The Fast One/Run Like A Thief/Jesus In Time/Kite Woman/Some People Call It Music//
White Wing/It's The Same/How Long/Out To Sea/Lullaby

NEED PHOTO SD 5056 Batdorf & Rodney - Batdorf & Rodney [1972] (10-72, #185)

Poor Man's Dream/Oh, Can You Tell Me/Between The Ages/Home Again//
By Today/Happy Town/All I Need/Under Five/Let Me Live The Life

NEED PHOTO SD 5057 Joni Mitchell - For The Roses [1972] (12-72, #11)

Banquet/Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire/Barangrill/Lesson In Survival/Let The Wind Carry Me/For The Roses//
See You Sometime/Electricity/You Turn Me On I'm A Radio/Blonde In The Bleachers/Woman Of Heart And Mind/ Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune)

NEED PHOTO SD 5058 Gene Clark, Chis Hillman, David Crosby, Roger Mcguinn & Michael Clarke - The Byrds [1973] (3-73, #20) Reunion album of all five original members
Full Circle/Sweet Mary/Changing Heart/For Free/Born To Rock 'N Roll//
Things Will Be Better/Cowgirl In The Sand/Long Live The King/Borrowing Time/Laughing/(See The Sky) About To Rain

NEED PHOTO SD 5059 Ned Doheny - Ned Doheny [1973]

Fineline/I Know Sorrow/Trust Me/On And On/Lashambeaux//
I Can Dream/Postcards From Hollywood/Take Me Faraway/It Calls For You/Standfast

NEED PHOTO SD 5060 Steve Ferguson - Steve Ferguson [1973]

NEED PHOTO SD 5061 Tom Waits - Closing Time [1973]

Ol' '55/I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You/Virginia Avenue/Old Shoes (And Picture Postcards)/Midnight Lullaby/ Martha//
Rosie/Lonely/Ice Cream Man/Little Trip A Heaven (On The Wings Of Your Love)/Grapefruit Moon/Closing Time

NEED PHOTO SD 5062 Rod Taylor - Rod Taylor [9/73]

Double Life/Making a Way/Something Old/The Last Song/others

NEED PHOTO SD 5063 Judee Sill - Heartfood [1973]

NEED PHOTO SD 5064 Linda Ronstadt - Don't Cry Now [9/73] (10-73, #45)

I Can Almost See It/Love Has No Pride/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/Desperado/Don't Cry Now//
Sail Away/Colorado/The Fast One/Everybody Loves A Winner/I Believe In You

NEED PHOTO SD 5065 Jo Jo Gunne - Bite Down Hard [1973] (3-73, #75)

Ready Freddy/Roll Over Me/60 Minutes To Go/Rock Around The Symbol/Broken Down Man//
Special Situations/Take Me Down Easy/Wait A Lifetime/Rhoda

NEED PHOTO SD 5066 David Blue - The Nice Baby and the Angel [1973]

NEED PHOTO SD 5067 Jackson Browne - For Everyman [9/73] (11-73, #43)

Take It Easy/Our Lady Of The Well/Colors Of The Sun/I Thought I Was A Child/These Days//
Red Neck Friend/The Times You've Come/Ready Or Not/Sing My Songs To Me/For Everyman

NEED PHOTO SD 5068 Eagles - Desperado [1973] (5-73, #41)

Doolin-Dalton/Twenty-One/Out Of Control/TEQuila Sunrise/Desperado//
Certain Kind Of Fool/Doolin-Dalton (Instrumental)/Outlaw Man/Saturday Night/Bitter Creek/ Doolin-Dalton (Reprise) - Desperado (Reprise)

NEED PHOTO SD 5069 Chris Jagger - Chris Jagger [9/73] (11-73, #186)

Handful Of Dust/My Friend John/Let Me Down Easy/Going Nowhere/Something New//
Riddle Song/All Souls/King Of The Fishes/Hold On/Joy Of The Ride

NEED PHOTO SD 5070 Jimmy Webb - Land's End [1974]

Ocean Of His Eyes/Feet In The Sunshine/Cloudman/Lady Fits Her Blue Jeans/Just This One Time//
Crying In My Sleep/It's A Sin/Alyce Blue Gown/Land's End - Asleep On The Wind

NEED PHOTO SD 5071 Jo Jo Gunne - Jumpin' The Gunne [1973] (12-73, #169)

I Wanna Love You/To The Island/Red Meat/Getaway/Before You Get Your Breakfast//
At The Spa/Monkey Music/Couldn't Love You Better/High School Drool/Neon City/Turn The Boy Loose

AB 200 Series (2-LP sets):

NEED PHOTO AB 201 Bob Dylan & The Band - Before The Flood [7/74] (7-74, #3) (2 LPs)

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)/Lay, Lady, Lay/Rainy Day Women #2 And 35/Knockin' On Heaven's Door/ It Ain't Me, Babe/Ballad Of A Thin Man//Up On Cripple Creek/I Shall Be Released/Endless Highway/ The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/Stage Fright//Don't Think Twice, It All Right/Just Like A Woman/ It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)/The Shape I'm In/When You Awake/The Weight//Along Along The Watchtower/ Highway 61 Revisited/Like A Rolling Stone/Blowin' In The Wind

NEED PHOTO AB 202 Joni Mitchell & The L.A. Express - Miles Of Aisles [1/75] (12-74, #2) (2 LPs)

You Turn Me On I'm A Radio/Big Yellow Taxi/Rainy Night House/Woodstock//
Cactus Tree/Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire/Woman Of Heart And Mind/A Case Of You/Blue//
The Circle Game/Peoples' Parties/All I Want/He Played Real Good For Free/Both Sides Now//
Carey/The Last Time I Saw Richard/Jericho/For Love Or Money

NEED PHOTO X5E 510 Linda Ronstadt - Mad Love

NEED PHOTO X5E 524 David Lindley - El Rayo X

NEED PHOTO 60178 David Lindley - Win This Record

NEED PHOTO 60185 Linda Ronstadt - Get Closer

NEED PHOTO 60474 Linda Ronstadt - For Sentimental Reasons

NEED PHOTO 5E 510 Linda Ronstadt - Mad Love [1980]

NEED PHOTO 5E 511 Jackson Browne - Hold Out

NEED PHOTO 5E 523 Joe Walsh - There goes the neighborhood

NEED PHOTO 6E 101-B Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams

NEED PHOTO 6E 106 Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits

NEED PHOTO 6E-107-A Jackson Browne - The Pretender

NEED PHOTO 6E 113 Jackson Browne - Running on Empty

NEED PHOTO 6E 141 Joe Walsh - But Seriously Folks..

NEED PHOTO 6E 155 Linda Ronstadt - Living in the USA

Bob Dylan - Planet Waves 7E 1003 Bob Dylan - Planet Waves [01/17/74]

On a Night Like This/Going, Going, Gone/Tough Mama/Hazel/Something There is About You/Forever Young//
Forever Young/Dirge/You Angel You/Never Say Goodbye/Wedding Song

NEED PHOTO 7E 1045 Linda Ronstadt - Prisoner in Disguise

NEED PHOTO 7E 1079 Jackson Browne - The Pretender

NEED PHOTO 7E 1092 Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits

Artists on Asylum

* Batdorf & Rodney * David Blue * Lil Boosie * Steve Ferguson * Frayser Boy * Geto Boys * Jackson Browne * Bun B * The Byrds * Cam'Ron * D4L *
* Ned Doheny * DukeDaGod * Bob Dylan *Eagles * Jo Jo Gunne * Chris Jagger * Mike Jones * Juvenille *Kiotti * KLC * The L.A. Express *
* David Lindley * Joni Mitchell * Oowee * Partners-N-Crime * Pimp C * Potzee * Linda Ronstadt * Scarface * Judee Sill * John David Souther *
* Rod Taylor * Trae * UGK * Tom Waits * Paul Wall * Joe Walsh *Jimmy Webb * Webbie * Hot Wright * Lil Wyte * Z-Ro
This list is incomplete

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