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Arista Records was founded in 1974 by Clive Davis, who after being fired from CBS Records, was hired by Columbia Pictures to be a consultant for the company’s record and music operations. Assuming the presidency of this division in late 1974, Davis would fold the various Columbia legacy labels (Colpix Records, Colgems Records, and Bell Records) into a new entity named Arista Records, ultimately buying a percentage of the company from Columbia. The label was named Arista after New York City's secondary school honor society (of which Davis was a member at Erasmus Hall High School).

In early 1975, most of the artists who had been signed to Bell were let go, including Tony Orlando and Dawn and the Fifth Dimension. Others, such as Suzi Quatro and Hot Chocolate, were farmed out to the Bell/Arista-distributed label, Big Tree. Several acts, such as Barry Manilow, the Bay City Rollers, and Melissa Manchester moved to Arista.

The British Bell label kept that name for a couple of years before changing its name to Arista.

Arista was called Bell Records until 1975. It was acquired by Ariola Records at the end of the 1970s and is now part of the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG)


We have no association with Arista Records or any one in the recording industry. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed here (all of which are out of print), we suggest you go back to our Label page and see what we have now, (remember we up date all the time so the list will change.)

We are always working to get YOU a complete list of ARISTA RECORDS

Label Number - Artist - Album Title [Issue Date when known][Billboard listing when known]
/ Between songs // Other side [when known]

This list is incomplete

Horses 0698 Patti Smith - Horses [1975]

Gloria/Redondo Beach/Birdland/Free Money//
Kimberly/Break It Up/Land/Elegie/My Generation

Vulture Culture 18263 Alan Parsons Project - Vulture Culture [1984]

Let's Talk About Me/Separate Lives/Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)/Sooner or Later//
Vulture Culture/Hawkeye/Somebody Out There/The Same Old Sun

Now and Forever 18292 Air Supply - Now and Forever [1982]

Now and Forever/Even the Nights Are Better/Young Love/Two Less Lonely People in the World/Taking the Chance/
Come What May/One Step Closer/Don't Be Afraid/She Never Heard Me Call/What Kind of Girl

Need Photo 18495 Billy Ocean - Tear Down The Walls [1988]

Tear Down These Walls/Gun for Hire/Stand and Deliver/The Colour of Love/Calypso Crazy/Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car/
Soon as You're Ready/Pleasure/Because of You/Here's to You

Give The People What They Want 19567 The Kinks - Give The People What They Want [1981]

Around the Dial/Give the People What They Want/Killer's Eyes/Predictable/Add It Up/Destroyer/Yo-Yo/Back to Front/
Art Lover/A Little Bit of Abuse/Better Things

If I Should Love Again 19573 Barry Manilow - If I Should Love Again

The Old Songs/Let's Hang On/If I Should Love Again/Don't Fall In Love With Me/Break Down The Door/
Somewhere Down The Road/No Other Love/Fools Get Lucky/I Haven't Changed The Room/Let's Take All Night/
You're Runnin' Too Hard

Another Grey Area 19589 Graham Parker - Another Grey Area

Temporary Beauty/Another Grey Area/Big Fat Zero/No More Excurses/Dark Side of the Bright Lights/Can't Waste a Minute//
You Hit the Spot/It's All Worth Nothing Alone/Crying for Attention/Thankless Task/Fear Not/Mercury Poisoning

Too Tough 19616 Angela Bofill - Too Tough [1983]

Too Tough/Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing/Tonight I Give In/You Could Come Take Me Home/Love You Too Much//
Is This a Dream/Song for a Rainy Day/I Can See It in Your Eyes/Accept Me (I'm Not a Girl Anymore)/Rainbow Inside My Heart

Girl You Know It's True 19780 Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True [1989]

Girl You Know It's True/Baby Don't Forget My Number/More Than You'll Ever Know/Blame It On The Rain/Take It As It Comes
It's Your Thing/Dreams To Remember/All Or Nothing/I'm Gonna Miss You/Girl You Know It's True

Hotcakes 7E-1002 Carly Simon - Hotcakes [1974]

Safe and Sound/Mind On My Man/Think I'm Gonna Have a Baby/Older Sister/Just Not True/Hotcakes//
Misfit/Forever My Love/Mockingbird/Grownup/Haven't Got Time for the Pain

Barry Manilow - Greatest Hits A2l8601 Barry Manilow - Greatest Hits [1978](2 Lps)

Mandy/New York City Rhythm/Ready To Take A Chance Again/Looks Like We Made It/Daybreak/Can't Smile Without You/
It's A Miracle/Even Now/Bandstand Boogie/Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again/Could It Be Magic/Somewhere In The Night/
Jump Shout Boogie/Weekend In New England/All The Time/This One's For You/Copacabana/Beautiful Music/I Write The Songs

Need Photo AB 4138S Stomu Yamashta - Go Too [1977]

Prelude/Seen You Before/Madness/Mysteries of Love//
Wheels of Fortune/Beauty/You and Me/Ecliptic

Twilley Don't Mind AB 4140 Dwight Twilley Band - Twilley Don't Mind [1977]

Twilley Don't Mind/Looking for the Magic/That I Remember/Rock & Roll 47/Trying to Find My Baby/Here She Comes/
Sleeping/Chance to Get Away/Invasion/Fallin' in Love/Invasion/Rock & Roll 47/Twilley Don't Mind

Even Now AB 4164 Barry Manilow - Even Now [1978]

Copacabana (At the Copa)/Somewhere in the Night/A Linda Song/Can't Smile Without You/Leavin' in the Morning/
Where Do I Go from Here/Even Now/I Was a Fool (To Let You Go)/Losing Touch/I Just Want to Be the One in Your Life/
Starting Again/Sunrise/No Love for Jenny

Striker AB 4165 Striker - Striker [1978]

Think About It/Midnight Flyer/Wish/More Than Enough/On My Way/Hard On Me/Somebody Help Me/By Your Side/
Running In The Wrong Lane/We Got The Power

Need Photo AB 4172 Strawbs - Deadlines [1978]

No Return/Joey and Me/Sealed With a Traitor's Kiss/I Don't Want to Talk About It/The Last Resort/
Time and Life/New Beginnings/Deadly Nightshade/Words of Wisdom

Flying Dreams AB 4183 Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen - Flying Dreams

Thank You, Lone Ranger/Cry Baby Cry/He's in Love [He's in Trouble]/Life is a Carnival/Talent Night at the Nashville Inn//
Flying Dreams/Dreams of Barbarella/Vampira/Take the Fifth Amendment/Stranger in a Strange Land/My Day

Time Passages AB 4190 Al Stewart - Time Passages [1977]

Time Passages/Valentina Way/Life In Dark Water/A Man For All Seasons/Almost Lucy/The Palace Of Versailles/
Timeless Skies/Song On The Radio/End Of The Day

Squeezing Out Sparks AB 4223 Graham Parker - Squeezing Out Sparks [1979]

Discovering Japan/Local Girls/Nobody Hurts You/You Can't Be Too Strong/Passion Is No Ordinary Word//
Saturday Nite Is Dead/Love Gets You Twisted/Protection/Waiting for the UFOs/Don't Get Excited

Dionne AB 4230 Dionne Warwick - Dionne [1979]

I'll Never Love This Way Again/After You/Feeling Old Feelings/Deja Vu/The Letter/In Your Eyes/All The Time/
My Everlasting Love/Out Of My Hands/Who, What, When, Where, Why

Low Budget AB 4240 The Kinks - Low Budget [1979]

Attitude/Catch Me Now I'm Falling/Pressure/National Health/(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman/Low Budget/
In a Space/Little Bit of Emotion/A Gallon of Gas/Misery/Moving Pictures/A Gallon of Gas/Catch Me Now I'm Falling/
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

Need Photo AL 4031 Melissa Manchester - Melissa

Need Photo AL 4045 Tony Orlando and Dawn - Greatest Hits

Need Photo AL 4049 Bay City Rollers - Bay City Rollers

Monty Python and the Holy Grail AL 4050 Soundtrack - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Congratulations/Welcome To The Cinema; Opening/Coconuts; Bring Out Your Dead; King Arthur Meets Dennis/
Class Struggle; Witch Test; Professional Logician; Camelot/The Quest; The Silbury Hill Car Park; Frenchmen Of The Castle;
Bomb Threat/Executive Announcement // Story Of The Film So Far; The Tale Of Sir Robin; The Knights Of Ni; Interview/
Director Carl French; Swamp Castle/The Guards/Tim; The Enchanter; Great Performances/Angry Crowd; Holy Hand Grenade;
Announcement--Sir Kenneth Clark; French Castle Again; Close

Need Photo AL 4060 Barry Manilow - Trying to Get the Feeling

Need Photo AL 4067 Melissa Manchester - Better Days & Happy Endings

Need Photo AL 4089 The Monkees - The Monkees Greatest Hits

Need Photo AL 4090 Barry Manilow - This One's For You

Need Photo AL 4095 Melissa Manchester - Help Is On The Way

Need Photo AL 4106 The Kinks - Sleepwalker

Need Photo AL 8443 Carly Simon - Coming Around Again

Need Photo AL 8500 Barry Manilow - Live

Beatlemania AL 8501 Original Broadway Cast - Beatlemania [1978]

Need Information

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind AL 9500 Original Sound Track - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Need Information

Need Photo AL 9505 Barry Manilow - One Voice

Need Photo AL 9517 Graham Parker - The Up Escalator

Need Photo AL 9537 Barry Manilow - Barry

Need Photo AL 9574 Melissa Manchester - Hey Ricky

Need Photo AL 9589 Graham Parker - Another Grey Area

Need Photo AL 9599 Alan Parsons - Eye In The Sky

Need Photo AL 19612 Ray Parker, Jr. - Greatest Hits

Need Photo AL 6-5013 The Kinks - Sleepwalker [re-issue]

Need Photo AL 8-8023 Graham Parker - The Real Macaw

Need Photo AL 8-8040 Alan Parsons Project - I Robot

Need Photo AL 8-8194 Manfred Mann - Somewhere in Afrika

Need Photo AL 8-8212 Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston

Need Photo AL 8-8264 The Kinks - Word of Mouth

Need Photo AL 13-8041 The Kinks - One For The Road [1983]

Need Photo ADI-9547 Aretha Franklin - Jimmy Lee

Need Photo ADI-9780 Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True

Need Photo ADI-9833 Milli Vanilli - Baby Don't Forget My Number

Need Photo ADP-9313 Krocus - S-12 Ballroom Blitz

Need Photo ARDP 3953 Promotional Babyface - There She Goes

Need Photo ASSX-0730 Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator

Need Photo JL 8213 Billy Ocean - Suddenly

Need Photo SP 101 Monty Python - Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Sampler [1980]

I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio/I like Chinese/Farewell to John Denver/Rock Notes/Decomposing Composers/
Sit on my Face // Henry Kissinger/Never Be Rude to an Arab/Medical Love Song/All Things Dull and Ugly/Crocodile

Arista Performers
This is a partial listing

* Air Supply * Al Stewart * Alan Parsons Project * Angela Bofill * Aretha Franklin * Avril Lavigne * Barry Manilow *
* Bay City Rollers * Billy Ocean * Toni Braxton * Carly Simon * Commander Cody * Dwight Twilley Band * Exposé * Graham Parker *
* Grateful Dead * Kenny G * Whitney Houston * The Kinks * Krocus * Annie Lennox * Manfred Mann * Sarah McLachlan * Milli Vanilli *
* Melissa Manchester * Monica * The Monkees * Pink * Prince * Puffy Combs * Ray Parker, Jr. * Pete Shelley * Patti Smith *
* Strawbs * Striker * Tha' Rayne * Thompson Twins * Tony Orlando and Dawn * Carrie Underwood * Dionne Warwick * Stomu Yamashta *