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Anchor (1974 to 1978) was a U.K. based label that had a mutual distribution agreement with ABC in the United States. ABC distributed with a notice of "ABC Records Marketed by Anchor Records".
Anchor had no commercial success in the US with any artist other than Ace, which placed three albums on the charts.
In 1976 Ace moved to Los Angeles, hoping for better success in the U. S. In 1977 Ace released its final album, No Strings.

AnchorLogo The Anchor label was black with silver print. The logo, at the top of the label, was a British sailor with an anchor behind him and the words "ANCHOR RECORDS LIMITED" above the sailor's hat and the word ANCHOR below the sailor, all enclosed in a rectangular frame. At the bottom of the label it read, "ANCHOR RECORDS, INC., MARKETED BY ABC RECORDS, INC., L.A., CALIF. 90048, N.Y., N.Y. 10019. PRINTED IN U.S.A."

The numbering system included issues that were either issued US-only or UK-only, or in both. An example, ANCL-2011 was Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare, which was issued on Anchor in the UK, but on Atlantic in the US. Anchor was by far more active in the UK than in the US. Many of the missing numbers below are UK-only releases.

We are always working to get YOU a complete list of ANCHOR RECORDS

Label Number - Artist - Album title [Issue Date when known]
/ Between songs // other side (when known)

(e) behind the number means is was electrically produce to sound like a Hi-Fi or Stereo recording

This list is incomplete:

NEED PHOTO NEED PHOTO ANCL-2001 Ace - Five-A-Side/An Ace Album [1975] (3-75, #11)

Sniffin' About/Rock And Roll Runaway/How Long/The Real Feeling/24Hours//
Why/Time Ain't Long/Know How It Feels/Satellite/So Sorry Baby
Issued as Five-A-Side in the UK with a cover (right) showing a scene from a football (soccer) stadium. US cover just had a drawing of boys playing soccer with the jacket title An Ace Album. Copyright on this album is 1974/1975.

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2002 Sam Leno - Ordinary Man [1975]

Ordinary Man/Secrets That We Share/Something About You/Let It Rain/What Am I Doing Here?/Please Don't Say You Love Me/
Oh Joanna/Everything You Do/Bring It Back/Annie/You Know What I Mean/Beautiful Morning

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2003 Phillip & Vanessa - Two Sleepy People [4/75] Canadian pop duo

Love/Love Is The Answer/If I Fell/Not Looking Back/Best Thing/You Know/Baby I Love You/It Ain't Easy/Ventura Highway/
Our House/Lady May/Dancing Jones/Two Sleepy People


NEED PHOTO ANCL-2005 Blue Goose - Blue Goose [1975]

Struttin' Stuff/The Chorus/Call OnMe/Loretta//
Snowman/Over The Top/Let Me Know/Inside Yourself

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2006 Susan Webb - Bye-Bye Pretty Baby [8/75]

Helplessly Hoping/Tragedy/Isn't That So?/A Case Of You/Fingers/Tommy And The Rah Rahs//
Same Old Man/For You/Dance To The Radio/If I Were A Sailor/Bye-Bye Pretty Baby

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2007 Aj Webber - Aj Webber (Folk Girl) [5/76]

Rhythm & Time/Here Comes That Feeling/The Gardener/That's Life/Witchi-Tai-To/The Moon's A Harsh Mistress//
Broken Pieces/Jam Jars/Movie Queen/The Carpenter/Power Of Prayer
Aj Webber was a female vocalist who backed up on many artists' albums

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2008 Cole Younger - Cole Younger [1975]

With Doris Troy. Idaho/Lorelei/Drive On/Glory Be/Love-Light//
Mackie Saw Your Light On/See You In The Morning/Call Me/Beautiful Dream/Don't Stop


NEED PHOTO ANCL-2010 Moonrider - Moonrider [1975]

Angel Of Mercy/Having Someone/Our Day's Gonna Come/Good Things/Livin' On Main Street//
Too Early In The Morning/Golddigger/Danger In The Night/Ridin' For A Fall/As Long As It Takes
Group included Keith West (previously with omorrow), John Weider (Eric Burdon's Animals) & Bruce Thomas (later with Elvis Costello's Attractions)

Stretch - Elastique ANCL-2011 Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare [1975] U.K. only. Issued in the US as Atlantic 18130
Welcome to My Nightmare/Devil's Food/The Black Widow/Some Folks/Only Women Bleed/Department of Youth/Cold Ethyl/
Years Ago/Steven/The Awakening/Escape

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2012 Paxton Brothers - The Paxton Brothers [1975]
The First Time Is Always the Hardest/Blues Is O.K./May You Never/Without You/Do You Believe in Magic//
Keep On Moving/Happy Valley Song/Comin' Into Tucson/Mr. Grasshopper/It's Whatcha Do With Whatcha Got
The Paxton Brothers were James and Frank Paxton, backed by an all-star cast of studio musicians and singers, including John Sebastian, Jim Gordon, Renee Armand, David Lindley, Wilton Felder, Pete Jolly, Clarence McDonald, Jerry Scheff, Henry Lewy, Chesley Milikin, Morgan Ames, Vincent Charles, Victor Feldman, Anne Goodman, Bart Hall, Carmen Twillie

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2013 Ace - Time For Another [1975] (12-75, #153)

I Think It's Gonna Last/I'm A Man/Tongue Tied/Does It Hurt You/Message To You//
No Future In Your Eyes/This Is What You Find/You Can't Lose/Sail On My Brother/Ain't Gonna Stand For This No More

Stretch - Elastique ANCL-2014 Stretch - Elastique [1976]

Miss Jones/Why Did You Do It?/Miss Dizzy/Snakes Alive/Write Me A Note//
Tomorrow's Another Day/Down Home/Navy Blues/Buzz Fly/Slip Away

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2015 Cado Belle - Cado Belle [1976]

All Too Familiar/Infamous Mister/Rocked To Stony Silence/I Named This Ship Survival/Paper In The Rain//
That Kind Of Fool/Airport Shutdown/Rough Diamonds/Got To Love/Stones Throw From Nowhere
Scottish rock band featuring vocals by Maggie Reilly

Stretch - You Can't Beat Your Brain For Entertainment ANCL-2016 Stretch - You Can't Beat Your Brain For Entertainment [1977]

Fixin' To Die/If The Cap Fits/The Way Life Is/That's The Way The Wind Blows/Hold Up The Night//
Can't Get Enough/Hold On/Put Your Hands Up/Love's Got A Hold On Me/Feelin' Sad

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2017 Patti Boulaye - Patti Boulaye [11/76] [Patti is Patricia Ngozi Ebigwei]

Red Alert/Without My Man Inside/Funky Love/The People Some People Chose To Love/Don't Get Hooked On Me/
Stop It I Like It/I'm Not Gonna Put My Shirt On You/I Should Have Told Me/Anytime Anywhere/Kiss And Make Up/
I'm Hooked On You

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2018 John Weider - John Weider [1976]

Promises/Distance/Don't Give Up On Me/Say No/Prelude II//
Ambush Alice/What You Want/I Found Love/Never Give Up On Love/Poor Boy

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2019 Sioux - Sioux [1/77]

So You Say You Lost Your Baby/Here Without You/Ooh Las Vegas/Hickory Wind/Renaissance Fair/In My Hour Of Darkness//
Amarillo/Colorado/Feel A Whole Lot Better/God's Own Singer/Time Between

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2020 Ace - No Strings [1977] (2-77, #170)

Rock And Roll Singer/You're All That I Need/Crazy World/I'm Not Takin' It Out On You/Movin'//
Gleaming In The Gloom/Let's Hang On/Why Did You Leave Me/Found Out The Hard Way/C'est La Vie

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2021 Scrounger - Snap [1976]

Parisian Cafe Blue/Telephone Song/Our Love/So Here I Stay/Me, I'm Pretending (Jimmy Dean)//
Platform 9/Lady Fame/Smile/Magical/Other Girls Don't Feel The Way You Do
Group: Paul Lewis (vocals), Ray Russell (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Frank McDonald (bass), Ian Curnow (keyboards, vocals), Pete Van Hooke (drums), and Mike Nicholls (drums)

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2022 George Hamilton IV - Fine Lace and Homespun Cloth [3/77]

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2023 Stretch - Lifeblood [1977]

End Up Crying/Knives In Their Backs/Rock 'N' Roll Hoochie-Coo/Right Or Wrong/Showbiz Blues//
Can't Beat Your Brain For Entertainment/Jonah And The Whale/Living On The Highway/Take You Down/ Let's Spend The Night Together



NEED PHOTO ANCL-2026 George Hamilton IV - Feel Like a Million [1977]

Why Should I Cry Over You/All I Want (Is An Old Fashioned Girl)/Only The Best/Take This Heart/Some Day My Ship Will Sail/
(Who Are You Mocking) Mocking Bird//Before I'm Fool Enough (To Give It One More Try)/One Day At A Time/It Amazes Me/
Oh So Many Years/You Ain't My Kind Of Country Woman/Feel Like A Million

NEED PHOTO ANCL-2027 Donna McGhee - Make It Last Forever[1978]

It Ain't No Big Thing/Blind Man/Love Bug/Do As I Do/Make It Last Forever

Anchor (UK):
This series was for UK issues of US ABC albums. This listing is incomplete.

NEED PHOTO Anchor ABCL-5019 Ralph Burns - Cabaret (Soundtrack) [1975] Issued in 1972 in the US as ABCX-752

Cabaret/Finale/Heiraten (Married)/If You Could See Her/Maybe This Time/Mein Herr/Money, Money/Sitting Pretty/ Tiller Girls/
Tomorrow Belongs To Me/Two Ladies/Willkommen

NEED PHOTO Anchor ABCL-5073 Soundtrack - Paint Your Wagon [1969]
Reissue of the 1969 LP originally on Paramount PMS-1001 with Nelson Riddle
I'm On My Way (Main Title)/Best Things - Clint Eastwood/The First Thing You Know/Gold Fever/Gospel Of No Name City/ Hand Me Down That Can 'O Beans/I Still See Elisa/I Talk To The Trees/A Million Miles Away Behind The Door/ There's A Coach Comin' In/They Call The Wind Maria/Wand'rin Star - Lee Marvin/Whoop-Ti-Ay! (Shivaree)/Finale

NEED PHOTO Anchor ABCL-5146 B. J. Thomas - Help Me Make It (To My Rockin' Chair) [1975] Issued in the US as ABC ABDP-912

Help Me Make It (To My Rockin' Chair)/Ballyhoo Days/What A Way To Go/Why Don't Go Somewhere And Love/ Today I Started Lovin' You Again//Late Late Dominos/Lyin' Again/Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues/ We Are Happy Together/Let It Be Me

NEED PHOTO Anchor ABCL-5156 Joe Walsh - You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind [1976] Issued in the US as ABC ABCD-932

Walk Away/Meadows/Rocky Mountain Way//
Time Out/Help Me Thru The Night/Turn To Stone

NEED PHOTO Anchor ABCL-5160 Amazing Rhythm Aces - Too Stuffed to Jump [1976] Issued in the US as ABC ABCD-940

Typical American Boy/If I Just Knew What To Say/The End Is Not In Sight (The Cowboy Tune)/Same Ol' Me/ These Dreams Of Losing You//I'll Be Gone/Out Of The Snow/Fool For The Woman/A Little Italy Rag/Dancing The Night Away

NEED PHOTO Anchor ABCL-5240 Joe Walsh - So Far So Good [1978]

Rocky Mountain Way/Welcome To The Club/Book Ends/Walk Away (live)/Mother Says/Turn To Stone /Here We Go/Pavane/ Time Out/Meadows (live)

12 Inch EP Series (Primarily UK):

NEED PHOTO 12001 Alice Cooper - Four Tracks from Alice Cooper [1977]

Welcome To My Nightmare/Department Of Youth//Black Widow/Only Women Bleed


NEED PHOTO 12003 Steely Dan - Plus Four [1977]

Do It Again/Dallas//
Haitian Divorce/Sail The Waterway


NEED PHOTO 12005 Ace - Plus Four [1977]

How Long/Sniffin' About/No Future in Your Eyes/You're All That I Need


NEED PHOTO 12007 Charlie & The Wide Boys - Charlie & The Wide Boys [1977]



NEED PHOTO 12010 James Gang - The James Gang [1977]

Bomber/Closet Queen/Caste Your Fate to the Wind/Woman/Funk No. 49

NEED PHOTO 12011 Poco - Plus Four [1977]

Rose of Cimarron/Keep on Tryin'/Indian Summer/Staring at the Sky

NEED PHOTO 12012 Joe Walsh - Plus Four [1977]

Rocky Mountain Way/Turn to Stone//
Meadows/Walk Away


Ace, Aj Webber, Alice Cooper, B. J. Thomas, Blue Goose, Cado Belle, Charlie & The Wide Boys, Cole Younger,
Donna McGhee, James Gang, Joe Walsh, John Weider, George Hamilton IV, Moonrider, Patti Boulaye, Paxton Brothers,
Phillip & Vanessa, Poco, Sam Leno, Scrounger, Sioux, Steely Dan, Stretch, Susan Webb

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