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My Prayer For You

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You

House Top Records...HTR 703...[1976]...(2) 33 1/3 LP...Stereo

Side One: Being "Born Again"
Side Two: The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Side One: Healing
Side Two: The Authority of the Believer

Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You
Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You


"Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo,I am with you always, even unto the end of the world."
St. Matthew 28 V 19-20

Being "Born Again"
Jesus said "Ye must be forn again". Pat goes over God´s perfect plan for salvation, step by step, that you might be able to understand how you can personally experience the new life in Christ.

The Baptism in The Holy Spirit
From the Book of Acts and I Corinthians, pat discusses The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, an endowment of power for service which opens the door into a miraculous life in which Jesus becomes real and precious as never before.

Healing and miracles go hand in hand. Pat discusses Christ´s healing power in your life and how you can claim healing for others in the name of Jesus according to the Word of God.

The Authority of the Believer
An in-depth study of the authority God has given you as a Christian. How to live as a child of God, free from evil and Satan´s grasp.

Produced by Bill Brock
Recorded Live in CBN Studio B
Design by Victor King Assciates
A Complete CBN Production
Pembroke Four,
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463

Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You Pat Robertson - My Prayer For You


this album was record especially for you, as a member of "The 700 Club."

even though we have the opportunity to visit together through the miracle of television, we´re really confined by time. The necessity of ministering to million of people, who represent every level of Christian maturity, during the course of one program, prevents me from a more personal ministry to your needs.

This recording, my first, is the result of a strong leading of the Lord to share more deeply with established "700 Club" members four vital Bible concepts. My prayer is the you, in turn, will minister to others. Together, we can reach across this nation to others and around the world for Jesus.

In the past 15 years I have rejoined as God has used the "700 Club" and the following testimonies are not as exceptional as they are typical of the beautiful testimonies we receive by mail and phone evert day.

In Huntington Beach, California, Mrs. Terri Jobst faithfully watched "The 700 Club" each morning as her three youngsters waited for their friends to join them to walk to school. Gradually the din of activity begab to quiiet down. The childern began to watch the "The 700 Club" and eagerly ask Mrs. Jobst questions about Jesus. Before long there were about 25 precious young evangelists between 8 and 9 years of age gathering for prayer and Bible study and witnessing to friends, family and teachers in a revival that touched an entire community.

In Linden, Michigan, faith partner, Mrs. Louise Bachmann, prayed a 700 Club counselor for the salvation of her son, Loren, who was serving a 50-70 year sentence in the Jackson State Prison. The Judge who presided in Loren´s trial had branded him beyond any hope of rehabilitation. Today, Loren serves out his term, secure in his salvation through Jesus Christ. He is a faithful 700 Club viewer, witnessing to fellow inmates and praying for revival behind prison walls.

And from Pennsylvania, the touching testimony of a young black, radical, lesbian woman who dealt in the occult. In her own words, "One night as you prayed ... I cried out for Jesus." The blessing was incredible. Salvation, baptism in the Spirit, deliverance from the occult and homosexuality. A matter of seconds in total submission and now sharing and witnessing to others. "This is a true liberation. I love Jesus and now I love life."

A jubilant wife writes from Wakefield, Virginia, "My husband was in the hospital suffering from a malignant prostrate gland, kidney failure and several other diseases. His pain was so severe he was taking narcotics. After requesting prayer, he came home. He has gained 15 pounds and does not need anything for pain.

And Mrs. A. L.. of Vista, California, shares the following testimony. "On October 12, Pat Robertson prayed, and I put my hands on the TV to pray with him. After he prayed, he said, ´Someone has had heart surgery. You have a heart murmur, and you are being healed now.´ And I haven´t had the heart murmur since. I had heart surgery and I had a fluttering heart so bad i almost died the first month. Praise God I don´t have that anymore. I was 70 years old yesterday. God bless you."

Many of our "700 Club" members first came to know Jesus through "The 700 Club". Many others have been Christian for years and have joined us to support the ministry financially and to share in fellowship and the enjoyment of Christian programming. Who we are and how we came to "The 700 Club" isn´t important. What matters is how we serve one another and glorify the Lord.

This album is for you as a 700 Club member, so that you may enter with me into deepeer personal experience with Jesus Christ and a greater share of His minstry to others than you have ever known before.

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson

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