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Sergio Franchi - Volare Sergio Franchi - Volare

RCA Records...APL-2132...APL1-2132A-1/APL1-2132B-2...[1977]...33 1/3 LP...Stereo

Side 1
1) Volare - Parish/Modugno/Migliacci...2:47
2) More (Theme from "Mondo Cane") - Newell/Oliviero/Ortolani...3:00
3) Mala Femmena - Toto...2:42
4) Caio Caio Bambina - Parish/Modugno/Verde...2:36
5) Al Di La - Mogo/Donida...2:32
6) A Man Without Love - Quando M´Innamoro...3:38

Side 2
1) My Heart Reminds Me - Syillmsn/Dirhrl/Dampa Bargoni...3:32
2) Time Along Will Till - Newell/Testa/Sciorilli...3:00
3) No Arms Could Ever Hold You - Crafer/Nebb...2:50
4) C´est Magnifique - Porter...2:46
5) Tenderly - Lawrence/Gross...3:13
6) Strangers in the Night - Kaempfert/Singleton/Snyder...3:04

Sergio Franchi - Volare Sergio Franchi - Volare


Sergio Franchi *** Volare

Sergio Franchi - Volare Reissue produced by Ethel Gabriel
As America moves forward from her Bicentennial there are certain truths we have come to under-
stand about the ingredients that combine to ascribe to her greatness. We accept that America is a
hybrid, a cross-pollination, a choice combination of the world´s most desirable ethnic delights. We
are chopped liver and chow mein, roast beef and pizza, tocos and apple pie. We are that super
blend, a whole enhanced and enriched by its many parts. The American musical scene, not unlike
the mother, is a child of these interesting differences. When, 15 years ago, a young Italian singer
named Sergio Franchi crossed our shores he found instant success; not only for a wealth of talent
and richness of voice but because he fit. He fit our remarkable pattern of life that accepts a different
tongue, a different inflection or a different rhythm as its very own. And so it is, 15 years later, that
Sergio Franchi has become a familiar face, an instantly recognizable giant in the American enter-
tainment industry, having longsince burrowed his way into our affections with that lush lyric tenor
voice, handsome face and warm personality. He had won us...and we were the winners.

Now RCA Records has sought to reminisce over Sergio´s winning of America with a
potpourri of the finest Franchi, a montage of his most memorable recorded moments.
His native Italian is well represented by the likes of Ciao ciao bambina, his
passionate Al di la, the vibrant Volare and his dramatic rendition of A Man
Without Love
. There´s a soupcon of Cole Porter (C´est magnifique), a touch of
the American standard (Tenderly), a pinch of the classics (My Heart
Reminds Me
) and some memories from the movies (Strangers in the
and More.)

And more than all this choice material is the abundant
quality of Sergio Franchi´s romantic voice. A voice that
propelled him to the top in this remarkable melting pot.

-Julian Ross

Side A
Volare* (ASCAP 2:47)
More (Theme from "Mondo Cane")** (BMI 3:00)
Mala Femmena ** (BMI 2:42)
Ciao ciao bambina* (ASCAP 2:36)
Al di al (ASCAP 2:32)
A Man Without Love (Quando m´innamoroit (ASCAP 3:38)

Side B
My Heart Reminds Me* (ASCAP/BIEM 3:32)
Time Alone Will Tell (Non pensare a me) (ASCAP 3:00)
No Arms Can Ever Hold You** (BMI 2:50)
C'est magnifique+ (ASCAP 2:46)
(from the production "Can-Can")
Tenderly * * (ASCAP 3:13)
Strangers in the Night (BMI 3:04)

Original recordings produced by Jim Foglesong
*Arranged and Conducted by Frank Hunter
**Arranged and Conducted by Stan Applebaum
+Arranged and Conducted by Eric Knight
++Arranged and Conducted by Marty Gold
Remastered by: Ed Begley
Art Director: Dick Smith

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