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Dick Schory

Dick Schory - ON TOUR Dick Schory - ON TOUR
33MSchory D1

R C A...LSP 2806...1964...33 1/3 LP...Stereo

Side 1
1) Baby Elephant Walk - Henry Mancini...2:05
2) William Told - Traditional...2:25
3) The Wanderin´ Fifer - Schory...2:11
4) Charade - Henry Mancini...2:45
5) Sing, Sing, Sing - Prima...2:58
6) St. Louis Blues - Handy...3:08

Side 2
1) Old Top of Old Smokey - Traditional...2:15
2) Bidin´ My Time Ira/George Gershwin...2:29
3) South Rampart Street Parade - Bauduc/Haggart...3:26
4) Bleep, Blop, Bloop - Schory...2:28
5) Londonderry Air - Traditional/Arr. Schory...2:54
6) Orinoco - Schory...4:19

RCA%20LSP-2806a label Dick Schory - ON TOUR RCA%20LSP-2806b label Dick Schory - ON TOUR


Dick Schory

On Tour
With His Percussion Pops Orchestra
Produced by Jack Somer

Recorded Live
in Orchestra Hall - Chicago!

RCA-LSP-2806 Dick Schory - ON TOUR

The success of the "Schory Sound" on records is being duplicated in concert halls across the U.S. In four short seasons, Dick Schory has developed his Percussion Pops Orchestra into one of the country's most popular "pop concert" attractions.

Touring from coast to coast, the Schory crew has been presenting its unique program to capacity audiences at leading colleges and universities, on community and civic concert series, and in special shows. Featuring an orchestra of over twenty musicians performing on over 200 different brass, woodwind, string and percussion instruments, Schory presents the music of Broadway and Hollywood, "pop" standards and original works, traditional and modem jazz, folk music, and even favorite light classics - all in the sometimes lighthearted, sometimes dazzling, Schory treatment.

With famed drummer Joe Morello as special guest artist, here is the spectacular "live" concert recording by the Percussion Pops Orchestra as it actually took place in Chicago's world famous Orhestra Hall.



Baby Elephant Walk: A rockin´, stompin´ rendition of a Henry Mancini original. French horns squeal out the elephant cries while saxes and trombones provide a solid rhythmic bass line. Trombone solo by Herb Wise. (ASCAP 2:05)

William Told: A take-off on the classic William Tell Overture with over fifty-five different percussion instruments weaving their patterns around the full orchestra! (P.D. 2:25)

The Wanderin´ Fifer: A Bobby Christian-Sehory original featuring Bobby on snare drum teaming up with a pair of lightly swinging piccolos. (ASCAP 2:11)

Charade: The haunting melody of this Mancini film theme features lush marimba and handbells staling the theme against woodwinds and French horns. (ASCAP 2:45)

Sing, Sing, Sing: Features an explosive solo by drummer-extra-ordinary Morello. (ASCAP 2:58)

St. Louis Blues: The old standard in modern jazz-waltz style. Percussionists Duane Thamm and Gary Burton trade a few licks on xylophone, vibes and marimba before blues trumpet man Bobby Ballard winds things up. (ASCAP 3:08)


On Top of Old Smokey: A big band rocker. Morello sets the pace with a stompin´ "teen beat." (P.D. 2:15)

Bidin´ My Time: The lightly swinging side of Schory—features contra-bass, clarinet and flute. Gary Burton on vibes. (ASCAP 2:29)

South Rampart Street Parade: A "Dixieland Spectacular" with trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax and trombone over a framework of classical phrases by the full band. (ASCAP 3:26)

Bleep, Blop, BIoop: Bobby Christian starts things off with novel fingerwork on timpani, followed by Gary Burton playing temple blocks, finger cymbals and sand blocks. Duane Thamm raps out a few hot licks on Boo-Bam! (ASCAP 2:28)

Londonderry Air: Change of pace—a warm rendition of the favorite traditional folk song. (ASCAP 2:54)

Orinoco: Soft, primitive rhythms in an original by Bobby Christian that builds to an exciting climax. Features jungle drums, rhythm logs, clackers, and other primitive instruments. (ASCAP 4:19)

Orchestra Personnel

Guest Artist: Joe Morello - Drums
* Edward Oliver - Piano * Robert Fahsbender - Bass * Remo Biondi - Guitars * Dick Bordon - Drums
* Tom Moses, Kenny Labahn, Hobart Grimes, Mike Simpson - Woodwinds * John Pyszka - Tuba *
* Bill Hanley, Ed Shedosky, Robert Ballard - Trumpets *
* Mark McDunn Robert Rudolph, Bill Corti, Herb Wise - Trombones *
* Bobby Christian, Gary Burton, Duane Thamm, Roger Petersen - Percussion *
* Marvin McCoy, Leo Sacchi - French Horns *

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