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Speak To Me Of Love

Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza - Speak To Me of Love Mario Lanza - Speak To Me of Love
33MLanza M1

RCA Records Red Seal...LSC 3103(e)...[1969]...33 1/3 LP

Side 1
1) Parlami d´amore, Mariu...2:35
2) Wanting You...2:25
3) My Destiny...2:30
4) Ay-Ay-Ay...2:44
5) Serenade...1:53

Side 2
1) Roses of Picardy...4:35
2) Love in a Home...2:24
3) Softly As in a Morning Sunrise...3:22
4) I Know, I Know, I Know...3:59
5) Earthbound...3:13

RCA-LSC-3103a label Mario Lanza - Speak To Me of Love RCA-LSC-3103b label Mario Lanza - Speak To Me of Love


(e) Stereo Effect Reprocessed from Monphonic

RCA STEREO RECORDS may be played on any modern phonograph with a lightweight tone arm.
You will hear excellent sound reproduction on a mono player and full stereo sound on a stereo player.

Speak To Me Of Love
Mario Lanza

Side 1
Parlami d´amore, Mariù1 (Neri-Bixio) (ASCAP 2:35)

Wanting You (from "The Moon") (Hammerstein-Romberg) (ASCAP 2:30)

My Destiny (from "Serenade") (Cahn-Brodszky) (ASCAP 2:30)

When You´re in Love1 (Laine-Fischer) (ASCAP 3:10)

Ay-Ay-Ay1 (Perez Freire) (P.D. 2:44)

Serenade2 (from "Serenade") (Cahn-Brodszky) (ASCAP 1:53)
Side 2
Roses of Picardy´ (Weatherly-Wood) (ASCAP 4:36)

Softly As in a Morning Sunrise1 (from "The New Moon")
(Hammerstein-Romberg) (ASCAP 3:22)

Love in a Home´ (from "Li´l Abner") (Mercer-DePaul) (ASCAP 2:24)

I Know, I Know, I Know" (from "That Midnight Kiss")
(Kaper-Russell) (ASCAP 3:59)

Earthbound3 (Taylor-Richardson-Musel) (BMI 3:13)
1 with Orchestra, Ray Sinatra, Conductor
2 with Ray Heindorf and His Orchestra
3 with Henri Rene´s Orchestra

Mario Lanza sat calmly on a spindly gold chair
sipping ginger ale in a Pittsburgh hotel suite.
Several publicity men hovered over several mem-
bers of the local press in the standard interview
pattern that would result in feature stories in the
evening and morning papers headlined, "Crowds
Besiege Lanza Hotel" and "The Great Mario Here
to Promote 'The Great Caruso.'" That same
morning a frenzied crowd had actually crashed
through a department store window as thou-
sands strained to glimpse Mario arriving to auto-
graph copies of his latest album.
xxAt the end of the interview one newspaperman
was heard to say, "I'm really amazed. He answered
all my questions-and even when I brought up
this bit about being controversial, he just laughed.
Nice plain guy."
xxNice plain guy was one of the things Mario
Lanza wanted to be. And he wanted to bring music
-and all the dreams and romance of music-into
the lives of the many millions. There were hot-eyed
promoters and musical purists who heard in that
golden voice the chance to set new landmarks in
serious music history-possibly to satisfy ambi-
tions of their own. But Mario was moved by a
different impulse. He wanted to reach and enrich
the lives of the many. How well did he succeed ? To
this day, many sad years after his untimely death,
letters continue to pour into his parental home-
passionate letters, love for a man and a voice that
touched the hearts of people the world over.
xxPhiladelphia-South Philadelphia´s Italian
neighborhood-is where it all started. Mario was
born January 31, 1921, of an Italian father and a
Spanish mother. His boyhood: baseball, football,
boxing-but over it all, the recorded voice of
Enrico Caruso. Teen-age brought serious music
study. Then that all-important first break: Help-
ing to move a piano into a rehearsal room at
Philadelphia´s Academy of Music, Mario was
heard singing by the renowned conductor Serge
Koussevitzky. An invitation to study and to sing
at the world-famous Berkshire Music Center at
Tanglewood followed. In The New York Times,
critic Noel Straus reviewed Mario´s performance
there in The Merry Wives of Windsor: "Honors
went to the 'Fenton' of the cast, 21-year-old Mario
Lanza, whose superb natural voice has few equals
among tenors of the day. . . ." While in the Air-
Force, Mario made Broadway in the service spec- tacular Winged Victory.
xxThen the turning point: an exclusive recording
contract with RCA-and the release of Be My
. With that one mighty recorded performance
Mario Lanza reached the ears and hearts of mil-
lions-and the decision was made for him: Hence-
forth his art would be dedicated to the many. The
movies-The Toast of New Orleans, That Mid- night Kiss, The Great Caruso, Serenade and others
-broke box-office records. On radio Mario´s Coca-
Cola shows were the high points of the week´s
listening. On records an avalanche of hits kept
pressing plants working three shifts around
the clock.
xxThat life and that career-what did it all add
up to? A young girl in Chicago pours out her heart
in a letter to "Dear Mario." In San Diego a house-
wife treasures a scrapbook of yellowing clippings.
In Boston a shirt-sleeved shipping clerk listens to
a well-worn record album and remembers. These
are the people-the little ones, the lonely ones-by
the millions that Mario Lanza reached out to. Let
somebody else charm the audience at the Met.
Mario´s voice and heart poured out to the multi-
tudes who needed him.
xxIn this album, songs of love-a memento of the
great years and the dream of Mario Lanza, who
spoke of love.

The Mario Lanza Institute awards voice scholarships to young, promising singers,
while the Memorial Society coordinates all the activities of the many Lanza fan clubs throughout the world.

The Mario Lanza Memorial Society
Lanza House
108 East 41st Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19802
The Mario Lanza Institute
1414 Snyder Avenue
South Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania 19145

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library of Congress Card Number 74-760213 applies to this recording.

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© 1969, RCA Records, New York, N.Y. * Printed in U.S.A.

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