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Continental Tangos

Marek Weber and His Orchestra

Marek Weber and His Orchestra - Continental Tangos Marek Weber and His Orchestra - Continental Tangos
33IMarek Weber1

Columbia Records...CL-6006...[LP383...LP384]...10"...33 1/3 LP...Mono

Side 1
1) La Cumparsita - Radriguez...NTG
2) Tango Du Reve (Dream Tango) - Malderen...NTG
3) Jalousie (Jealousy) - Bloom/Gade...NTG
4) A Media Luz - Donato...NTG

Side 2
1) Caminito - Filiberto...NTG
2) Chitarra Romana (Roman Guitar) - Di Lazzaro...NTG
3) La Paloma (The Dove) - Yradier...NTG
4) Tango Of Rosea - Shreier/Bottero...NTG

Marek Weber and His Orchestra - Continental Tangos Marek Weber and His Orchestra - Continental Tangos


Continental Tangos
Marek Weber and His Orchestra

One of the most graceful of all dances is the tango. Curiously, its background is somewhat obscure. Some authorities believe that the tango rhytm originated in Africa, becoming popular in a modified form in America about 1911. Subsequently, the dance was supposed tohave gone back across the ocean to Europe.

Many people consider the tango to be a Spanish dance; certainly it is true that Spanish composers have been responsible for many beautiful melodies in the tango rhythm. And there is no doubt that the tango is the Argentine national dance. But the customary and almost inevitable association of the tango with the Argentine gaucho is generally thought by dance experts to be incorrect. Far from being an outgrowth of Argentine folk lore, the tango in their estimation is of urban origin, springing from a multiude of rhythms in the great cities of the Argentine. Visiting Europeans were enchanted with the alternately vigorous and languorous measures, and took it back with them to the Continent, where its exotic flavor was refined and reshaped into the lovely, swaying dance we know today.

The tangos in this collection were selected for their Continental touch by Marek Weber, who adds much to their style with his knowing and expert arrangements. Mr.Weber is one of the leading exponents of Eontinental styles in dance music, and has a brillian reputation as a conductor and arranger. His flair for music in this manner is based on his experience as one of Europe´s most popular orchestra leaders, and the rhythm and harmonies of his arrangements have been popular with both dancers and listeners of two continents. Marek Weber was born in Austria, and was sent to Berlin and Vienna as a child to study the fiolin. In these great music conters, with irresistible melodies bubbling through the air, he became a fine musician and made such great progress that at seventeen he was engaged to conduct his own orchestra at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin. His music enchanted the cosmopolitan crowds that collected at the hotel, and his fame soon spread to america. Arriving in this country a few years before the war, Marek Weber was immediately engaged to conduct his arrangements on his own radio program, and made a series of records for Columbia that delightfully demonstrate his zestful orchestrations. These tangos are eight of Merak Weber´s favorites; their familiar melodies and sharp, incisive rhythms have made them universal favorites as well.

Whether one prefers to listen or to dance to these infectious tunes, one knows immediately that this is music in the Continental manner, conducted by a master of that engagin style with matchless zest and flavor.

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