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Spanish Eyes

101 Strings

Spanish Eyes    Spanish Eyes
33I101Strings 25

Alshire Records...S 5051...A/B...33 1/3 LP...1967...Stereo

Side 1
1) Spanish Eyes - Bert Kaempfert - Charles F. Singleton - Eddie Snyder...NTG (3:32)
BMI Work # 1392966 - ISWC # T-904193696-3
2) Maria Elena - Barcelata- S K "Bob" Russell...NTG (4:38)
BMI Work # 959397 - ISWC # Not Given
3) Mandolinos Español - Monty Kelly...NTG (3:11)
ASCAP: 430190635 - ISWC: T-0701126386
4) Duerme (Time Was) - Miguel Prado - Gabriel Luna - S K "Bob" Russell...NTG (3:06)
BMI Work # 348818 - ISWC: Not Given

Side 2
1) Always In My Heart - Ernesto Lecuona - Kim Gannon...NTG (2:43)
ASCAP: 310036458 - ISWC: T0700010270
2) Noche En Malaga - Monty Kelly...NTG (3:16)
ASCAP: 440082386 - ISWC: T0701540171
3) Cu cu rru cu cú paloma - Tomás Méndez - Caetano Veloso - Ronnie Carson...NTG (3:00)
BMI Work # 263392 - ISWC # T-035004998-7
4) Spanish Candle - Monty Kelly - Wendy Miller...NTG (2:02)
BMI Work # 1392911 - ISWC # T-904193658-7
5) Adios - Enric Madrguera - Eddie Woods...NTG (3:01)
BMI Work # 6900 - ISWC # Not Given

Spanish Eyes    Spanish Eyes


In The Sound of Magnificence

Spanish Eyes
and other romantic songs

Spanish Eyes
Bert Kaempfert-Singleton-Snyder
Maria Elena
Always In My Heart
Ernesto Lecuona - Kim Gannon
Enric Madrguera - Eddie Woods
Mandolinos Español
Monty Kelly
Cu Cu Rru Cu Cú Paloma
Noche En Malaga
Spanish Candle

Spanish eyes speak with a warmth that is the special language of love. They have a deep haunting beauty, with an invitation to romance that is also so much a part of Spanish music. In this album the world's largest recording orchestr creates a "romnce by candlelight" mood. For each song has a Latin flavor that is enhanced by these rich warm arrangements scored by master orchestrator, Monty Kelly.

Truly an album with a mood that is gentle and "simpático."

There is then a panel of eleven colums and five rows of listings albums of the 101 Strings

MANUFACTURED BY RECORD CLUB of AMERICA under Special License From Alshire International


The caption below the "THE WORLD'S FIRST STEREO..."
The lush magnificence and stereo depth of "101" Strings is due to a combination of factors.   First in importance, is the concept of scoring for the strings.   The necessity of using 101 strings instruments is to utilize various harmonies and voicings and not weaken the dynamic of quality of any one line when playing counter lines.   This is particularly importance with the violins and violas, and creates a wonderful rich channel separation for stereo recording.   The listener will note that a times the melody line is in full presence and possibly a full and lovely conter line is being played without sacrificing the full dynamic value of either.   Secondly, the original performances have been records under the most exacting audio engineering standards with specially designed microphones with characteristics to compensate for any possible distortion from the tremendous bass frequency response in cello and string bass.   Third, and of extreme importance, are the players themselves.   They represent the finest musicians in Europe today.   There are, in fact, eleven concertmeisters in the first chairs.

(NTG - No Time Given) iBid: Do to space and fonts this is not a true renendering of the back of the jacker, but gives you a idea of how it appears.

Versions of this Album

Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
Spanish Eyes And Other Romantic Songs (LP) Alshire SF-8003 Canada 1967
Spanish Eyes And Other Romantic Songs (LP) Somerset 656 Germany 1967
Spanish Eyes And Other Romantic Songs (LP) Alshire S-5051 US 1967

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