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With Love From London

101 Strings

With Love From London With Love From London
33I101Strings 13

Somerset Records...SF-16500...A/B...33 1/3 LP...Stereo-Fidelity

Side 1
1) A Foggy Day In London...Not Given...NTG
2) Mayfair Walk...Not Given...NTG
3) Fish And Chips...Not Given...NTG
4) Gilbert And Sullivan Medley...Not Given...NTG
5) Drink To Me Only...Not Given...NTG

Side 2
1) Londonderry Air...Not Given...NTG
2) Piccadilly Promenade...Not Given...NTG
3) Believe Me If All Those Endearing Charms...Not Given...NTG
4) Limehouse Blues...Not Given...NTG
5) Long Long Ago...Not Given...NTG
6) Auld Lang Syne...Not Given...NTG

With Love From London With Love From London


101 Strings

With Love From London

London is usually portrayed as a very staid metropolis and the heart of the british empire. However true, it is also parliamentary known as a fun-fill international city with many gay and romantic sides. From the eternal dignity of WEST MINISTER ABBY to the gaudy abandon of SOHO, London is a city of life and pulse. For, as Dr. Samuel Johnson once said, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Our album portrays the fun and romance of London.

"101" STRINGS send you "LOVE FROM LONDON" D. L. Miller

The lush magnificence and stereo depth of "101 Strings" is due to a combination of factors. First in importance, is the concept of scoring for the strings. The necessity of using 101 strings instruments is to utilize various harmonies and voicings and not weaken the dynamic of quality of any one line when playing counter lines. This is particularly importance with the violins and violas, and creates a wonderful rich channel separation for stereo recording. The listener will note that a times the melody line is in full presence and possibly a full and lovely conter line is being played without sacrificing the full dynamic value of either. Secondly, the original performances have been records under the most exacting audio engineering standards with specially designed microphones with characteristics to compensate for any possible distortion from the tremendous bass frequency response in cello and string bass. Third, and of extreme importance, are the players themselves. They represent the finest musicians in Europe today. There are, in fact, eleven concertmeisters in the first chairs.

This album was recorded under direction of D. L. Miller.

Stereo-Fidelity Records are Manufactured By Miller International Co., Runnemede, N. J.

This stereophonic 33 1/3 R. P. M. long playing record has been mastered employing the Westrex cutter head system driven by a Sculley lathe. We don not claim full fidelity when played on a monaural phonograph. This is a stereo recording manufactured to the highest sterepphonice audio standards.

(NTG - No Time Given)

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