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A Night In The Tropics

101 Strings

A Night In The Tropics SomersetSF-4400 A Night In The Tropics SomersetSF-4400
33I101Strings 10

SOMERSET RECORDS...SF-4400...A/B...33 1/3 LP...Stereo-Fidelity

Side 1
1) La Paloma...Not Given (Sebastián Iradier (Yradier) 1861)...NTG (4:07)
BMI: 1887205
2) Lady In Lace...Edmund De Luca...NTG (4:07)
BMI: 826743
3) Avalita...Bernie Wayne...NTG (4:16)
BMI: 66832
4) Samba For Sophia...Bernie Wayne...NTG (5:13)
BMI: 1285763

Side 2
1) Exotic Night...Edmund De Luca...NTG (4:36)
BMI: 394846
2) The Moon Was Yellow...Not Given (Fred E. Ahlert - Edgar Leslie)...NTG (3:40)
ASCAP: 430086552 - ISWC: T0701099800
3) The Lady And The Matador...Bernie Wayne...NTG (2:54)
BMI: 826179
4) You My Love...Edmund De Luca...NTG
BMI: 1725137
5) The Magic Island...Bernie Wayne...NTG (3:07)
BMI: 942954

A Night In The Tropics Somerset SF-4400a A Night In The Tropics Somerset SF-4400b

This same title is issued by Trans-World** (P-4400) also in 1957, however the playlist is different:
Side 1:
La Paloma
Lady In Lace
Samba For Sophia

Side 2:
Exotic Night
The Moon Was Yellow
You My Love
The Magic Island

A Night In The Tropics (LP) Trans-World P-4400 US 1957
A Night In The Tropics (LP) Stereo-Fidelity SF-4400 US 1957
A Night In The Tropics (LP) Somerset P-4400 US 1957
A Night In The Tropics (LP) Somerset SF 44 Canada 1957
A Night In The Tropics (LP) Somerset S-44 Canada 1957
A Night In The Tropics (LP) Pye Golden Guinea Records GGGL 10115 UK 1961
Cruise To Romance (LP) Marble Arch Records MAL 711 UK 1967
Impressions Tropicales (LP) MD. 90649529 France Unknown


101 Strings

A NIGHT IN THE TROPICS is a musical experience in which the listener can fell the warmth of latin climates in rich melodic settings with sensuous rhythm.

The arrangements in this album were scored by Joseph Kuhn and orchestra is conducted by Wilhelm Stephan.
The recording was made in October 1957 at Musikhalle in Hamburg, Germany under the direction of D. L. Miller.

The lush magnificence and stereo depth of "101 Strings" is due to a combination of factors. First in importance, is the concept of scoring for the strings. The necessity of using 101 strings instruments is to utilize various harmonies and voicings and not weaken the dynamic of quality of any one line when playing counter lines. This is particularly importance with the violins and violas, and creates a wonderful rich channel separation for stereo recording. The listener will note that a times the melody line is in full presence and possibly a full and lovely conter line is being played without sacrificing the full dynamic value of either. Secondly, the original performances have been records under the most exacting audio engineering standards with specially designed microphones with characteristics to compensate for any possible distortion from the tremendous bass frequency response in cello and string bass. Third, and of extreme importance, are the players themselves. They represent the finest musicians in Europe today. There are, in fact, eleven concertmeisters in the first chairs.

This album was recorded under direction of D. L. Miller.

Stereo-Fidelity Records are Manufactured By Miller International Co., Runnemede, N. J.
(NTG - No Time Given)

** Trans-World was part of Miller International Company of Media, Pennsylvania, which was run by David L. Miller.
The label started in 1956 and lasted to about 1958.

The Trans-World label was started after the Essex Records label. Many of the Essex 12 inch LP's were reissued on Trans-World. When Trans-World failed, it was followed by the Somerset / Stereo-Fidelity budget labels.

The first Trans-World label was dark red with silver print. This was used for the reissue of the Essex albums in t he TWLP/TWS-200 series. The later series, which was numbered like the Somerset label (each number was an even in the hundreds) used the same graphics on a yellow label with black print.

Don't confuse Trans-World with the Quebec label: Les Disques Trans-World, or Transworld, A Division of Tandem Recording Studio, Bristol, VA

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