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1967 Perkiomen School

The Yeomen

1967 Perkiomen School 1967 Perkiomen School

AU...4829...33 1/3 LP...High Fidelity [1967] Mono

Side 1
1) Hey Look Me Over
2) The Impossible Dream
3) Mame
4) There Is Nothing Like a Dame
5) De Animals A-Comin
6) What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor//

Side 2
1) Coffee Grows On White Oak Trees
2) Shenandoah
3) Ballad For Americans
4) Alma Matter

1967 Perkiomen School 1967 Perkiomen School


The Yeomen - 1967 Perkiomen School

"Besides the need for a good choral group, we needed a group which could serve the school and also prove rewarding for ourselves. The Yeomen is undoubtedly this organization." These words from a recent Perkiomen alumnus express the purposes of one of Perkiomen´s finest organizations. The Yeomen, the glee club of Perkiomen School, came into being to fill a need that many students felt existed at the school -a need that could best be met through a song, a bouncy rhythm, and a mass of smiling faces.

First of all, there was a dream. In November of 1964, two Perkiomen students had an idea that they could form a singing group, for the fun of it, and yet, also for the hard work of practice and the reward of accomplishment. These two masters of the soft soap persuaded a faculty member that he should advise the group—the group that would be created the following day. The "not-too-convinced" advisor breathed a sigh of relief, since it was quite certain that such organizations do not come into existence overnight. It did!

Several weeks of hard practicing was spent before the Christmas recess. With the vacation of three weeks, thought the new club advisor, surely the enthusiasm of the group would dwindle. It did not!

There was still the little problem of the administration of the school, before which the group had to perform. Of course, the night of audition would prove fatal to the singers. The administration would never support this endeavor. They did!

And finally, on February 24, 1965, even the doubting advisor was convinced that the Yeomen of Perkiomen School had only begun and that they would go far. The Reciprocity Club of Allentown became hushed when the first soft strains of "We´re poor little lambs who have lost our way" floated through the hall. And when the reverberations of "There´s nothin´ like a dame" joined the applause, the happy singers and a beaming advisor knew that the dream had come true.

Since that initial performance over two years ago, the Yeomen have performed at more than thirty occasions, including alumni association meetings, civic organization meetings, and campus functions. Many miles have been traveled, evenings of missed study halls have been made up, sore throats and tired bodies have been plentiful on the "mornings after," but still the smiling faces remain, eager for the next invitation.

These "Ambassadors in Song" have added success after success to their achievements during the past two years. "The Alma Mater never sounded so good!" has echoed from alumni meetings from New York City to Washington, D. C. "That´s my son singing that solo!" whispered a proud mother during a Parents Day program. "Aren´t they gorgeous?" sighed a young co-ed from a neighboring girls´ school.

But the greatest success, the highest achievement that has been obtained has been within the group itself. There can be no musical group that lacks harmony. The world´s greatest melodies would sound distorted, if they were performed by artists who wanted to be doing something else. In addition to the service given to the school, the Yeomen have stood for two things: dedication to their work and comradeship within the group.

The spirit of the singers is explained by the words of a Yeoman from the Class of ´66. "The group was fun and hard work, but it also created companionship. Everybody was working for one goal and that was to please our audience. The fact that we reached our goal was the greatest reward the group gave me."


First Tenor
Robert Timmons, ´68 (Soloist, Coffee Grows)

Second Tenors
Charles Clapham, ´69
James Cotner, ´67 (Soloist, Ballad for Americans)
William Pfeiffer, ´69
Peter Wolbach, ´69

First Basses
Arthur Bridenstine, ´68 (Soloist, Shenandoah)
Paul Pickard, ´67 (Soloist, Mame)
Douglas Spiotta, ´67

Second Basses
Arlen Marks, ´68
Shawn Mason, ´67
George Selby, ´67 (President)

Ted Nesbitt


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