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The Exciting Eloise Trio

Eloise Trio

The Exciting Eloise Trio The Exciting Eloise Trio

Decca...DL 4077...33 1/3 LP...Mono

Side 1
1) Man Piaba - Harry Belafonte - Jack K. Rollins...3:33
2) Time But No Honey - Alice Simms...3:53
3) Jamaica Farewell Song - Irving Gurgie...3:18
4) La Chita - Eloise Lewis...3:22
5) Don't Tell On Me - Alice Simms...4:24
6) Marianne - Richard Dehr - Frank Miller - Terry Gilkyson...2:00

Side 2
1) Yellow Bird - Norman Lufoof - Marilyn Keith - Alan Bergman...4:28
2) Jack And Jill Galypso - Eloise Lewis...4:53
3) Pretty Boy (Pretty Girl) - Blake Alohonso Higgs (Blind Blake) - Roy Ilene...4:30
4) Three Blice Mice Cha Cha - Eloise Lewis...4:00
5) The Jackass Song (Donkey Bray) - Irving Burgie - William Attaway...2:45

The Exciting Eloise Trio The Exciting Eloise Trio


Creating excitement in a world that is sitting ginerly on a podwe keg of atomic energy, a world that is reaching for, and in all probability will conquer, still other worlds, is no simple task. Creating excitement in that unique world known as show business is the closest thing to the impossible. It takes the sort of entertainment that will stifle the yawns on the millions of faces of the millions of people who are convinced they have already seen everything. It takes the sort of dynamic showmanship, the ingenious versatility, and the fiery vocal harmony that is dished out with such disarming candor by the Eloise Trio

Eloise Trio - Eloise, Bucky and Bert - have created almost as much excitement as the first knee - length skirt iwth one of their first widely distributed recordings - The Chi Chi Merengue. The trio, which makes its headquarters in the Caribbean area, consistently draws capacity audiences to the Islands´ hottest, most popular night spots - among the, Captain Kidd´s Inn, The Nassau Beach Lodge and the celebrated Emerald Beach Hotel.

Eloise Lewis, the featured singer of the group, made her vocal debut at the age of eleven. At twelve, she was singing to the accompaniement of an orchestra. Miss Lewis, who doubles in brass as a composer, wrote the hit, Chi Chi Merengue (heard in the Trio´s previous Decca album), and is auther of two of the songs in the present album.

Here are Elosie, Bucky and Bert, with their unusual interpretations of a captivating potpourrie of calypso, groombay and Latin-American rhythms...

The Exciting Eloise Trio

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