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The Girl From Montmartre

Colette Renard

Colette Renard - The Girl From Montmartre Colette Renard - The Girl From Montmartre
33FRenard C1

Coral Records...CRL 57215...33 1/3 LP...High Fidelity

Side 1
CA C'EST PARIS - Padilla/Boyer/Charies; MON PARIS - Boyer/Scotto/Boyer; A PARIS DANS CHAQUE FAUBOURG - N. Jaubert/Clair; A PARIS - Lemarque; PIGALLE - Georges Ulmer/George Koger; MENILMONTANT - Trenet; OU EST-IL DONC - Scotto/Decaye/Carol; LA BELOTTE - Yvain/Willemetz/Carpentier; PROSPER YOP LA BOUM - Scotto/Telli; MON HOMME - Yvain/Willemetz/Charles; LA VIE EN ROSE - louiguy/Piaf; PARIS CANAILLE - Ferre

Side 2
EN DOUCE - Yvain/Willemetz; NINI PEAU DE CHIEN - Bruand; SOUS LES TOITS DE PARIS - R. Moretti/Nazl; LA SEINE - Guy LaFarge/Flavian Monod; SOUS LES PONTS DE PARIS - Scotto/Decaye/Carol; LES FEUILIES MORTES - Kosmo/Prevert; MA MIE - Herpin/Jamblan; PARLEZ MOI D'AMOUR - Jean Lenoir; JE SUIS NE DANS LE FAUBOURG ST. DENIS, ("GOSSE DE PARIS") - Sylviano/Lelievre/Delina; MONT' LA DESSUS, TU VERRAS MONTMARTRE - Clerc/Boyer; ON M' SUIT - Pearly/Chagnon/Mlstlnguelt/Lelievre; I LOVE PARIS - Porter/Larue

Colette Renard - The Girl From Montmartre Colette Renard - The Girl From Montmartre


Colette Renard

The Girl From Montmartre

Orchestra Conducted By Raymond Legrand
Recorded in France: Available only for U.S A, Canada and certain addtional specified territories under certain conditions.

This collection spotlights France´s newest singing star.
A Parisian by birth, Colette Renard grew up in the Montmartre section of the city. First an artist´s model, then a singer in various cabarets in North Africa; a secretary in a music publishing house then a band vocalist; fame came with the starring role in Paris´ most popular, long-run musical, Irma-la-Douce.
As noted in Time Magazine, "Colette´s equipment as a singer includes a resonant, dark-hued voice, meticulous diction, and a direct, snub-nosed charm that audiences find a welcome relief from the involuted agonizings of the Juliette Greco school."
Taking a leave of absence from the show, Miss Renard recently appeared at the Olympia Music Hall in Paris to fantastic reception. One critic was moved to write: "She has lovely broad shoulders and fine big arms, well made for singing of love, joy and sadness . . . She brings with her the lights of springtime and winter, and sun and rain."
Tours have been set for the major cities of Europe on the strength of her success in Paris. Movie moguls have approached her to appear in pictures. CORAL Records followed suit with this album. The charm of this young Parisian should and will be shared by larger and larger audiences.

B. K.


PROPER CARE OF THIS RECORD will prolong its life and increase your listing enjoyment: Keep in special protective polyflex envelope when not in use; avoid handling playing surface; wipe with soft, slightly damp cloth; set phono for proper needle and turntable speed; check needle frequently for wear if defective it can permanently damage record. Printed in U.S.A.

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