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Goin' For It

Stella Lawson

Goin' For It
33FLawson S1

SL Record...SL-7820...©1982...33 1/3 LP

Side 1
1) Somebody Loves Me - ASCAP...3:07
2) Try A Little Tenderness - ASCAP...5:00
3) This Will Be My Shining Hour - ASCAP...3:02
4) I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good - ASCAP...4:12
5) Gone With The Wind - ASCAP...4:27

Side 2
1) Here's That Rainy Day - ASCAP...4:18
2) Don't Blame Me - ASCAP...4:15
3) Like Someone In Love - ASCAP...3:35
4) Crazy He Call Me - ASCAP...4:21
5) Falling In Love With Love - ASCAP...4:10


When we started to formulate the concept for this album, I had a specific idea in mind. It was based on Stella not being just "another singer" but something more, out of the tradition of greats, like Sarah Vaughn amd Billy Holiday, singers who, in my opinion, are also "musicians" and have the ability to be part of the band itself, like another horn. I think that Stella, with her phrasing and quality of sound, achieves a blend and interplay with the other instruments that seems to be almost extinct today.

I must say that it was quite impressive to observe Stella in the studio on her very first recording, with the poise of a seasoned pro who had been recording for twenty years. These tunes were done in one or two takes and all of us were quite amazed.

As for as the music goes, I think it speaks for itself. It covers a wide range of moods and includes some of the finest songs ever written.

I would like to personally acknowledge the musicians on this record for their contribution. They are all stars in their own right and made it easy to do this album, both artistically and personally. I would like to give special thanks to my friend, Harold Danko, who worked closely with me to make it success.

In closing, I would like to say that I am proud to have taken part in Stella Lawson's Debut Album and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it.
Glenn Zottola, Producer

Glenn Zottola came to me about a year ago and said, "I keep hearing wonderful things about your singing. Have you ever thought doing an album?"
When my husband, Herb Lawson, heard Glenn's proposal, he began to persuade me to "go for it" and I must say publicly that without his constant support and encouragement, this album would never have materialized.
Glenn, Harold, Rick and Butch gave me everything they had to give in the way of their outstanding musicanship and musicality and it was a wonderful experience to record with them.
I hope you enjoy listening.
Stella Lawson

Glenn Zottola - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax
Harold Danko - Piano
Rick Laird - Bass
Butch Miles - Drums

Produce by Glenn Zottola
Arrangements by Glenn Zottola and Harold Danko
Musical Coordinator: Harold Danko
Mixed by Bob Cubbage
Cover Design/Illustration by Lynn Peterson
Photos by Steve Mosca/Chester Freeman

SL Records is Distributed by Stella Lawson, Ltd.

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