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This Is Petula Clark

Petula Clark

This Is Petula Clark This Is Petula Clark
33FClark P1

Sunset...SUS-5101...[1965]...33 1/3 LP...
Sunset Records - A Product of Liberty Records

Side 1
1) Day In Day Out - Bloom/Mercer...2:35
2) Darn That Dream - DeLange/Van Heusen...3:10
3) There's A Small Hotel - Rogers/Hart...2:36
4) (Where Are You?) Now That I Need You - F.Loesser...2:52
5) I Love A Violin - Kay Thompson...2:08

Side 2
1) Too Darn Hot - Cole Porter...1:50
2) Mama's Talkin' Soft - Styne/Sondheim...2:10
3) For The Very First Time - Irving Berlin...2:40
4) That's How It Feels - B. Dunn/M. Dunn...2:28
5) I'm In Love Again - Cole Porter...2:32

This Is Petula Clark This Is Petula Clark


The first British invasion took place over 300 years ago. While it may have passed fairly unnotice then, it must be admitted that its impact is still being felt today. That´s the way the British do things.

Another invasion took place recently. Probably this one was scheduled better, surely more comfortably, and this time it definitely didn´t pass unnoticed.

The main emmisary was a petite, grey-eyed blonde known to millions of Britons as PETULA CLARK, star of motion pictures, her own TV series and a long and successful list of phonograph hits. Miss Clark also brought her voice.

In discussing the repertoire for her first Imperial record album, Miss Clark made little use of the latter. In her company were two of Britain´s most charming, angry young men, beset by the one desire that nothing but the best was to be provided for their protege. It was.

With the assistance of Billy May, Pete King and Don Ralke, musicians were engaged, orchestrations prepared, recording facilities tuned-up, and general nuisance and melee reigned for a full week at Universal Recording Studios. The only one unaffected by all this confusion was Miss Clark. With a stubbornness becoming a Disraeli or Richard, the Lion-heart, she pursued and accomplished her one objective - to put every ounce of her ninety-five pounds into her songs. Admittedly, she lost a few in the transfer.

Well - it all ended as it began. Suddenly the trio of tea-drinking colonists had sailed away. The studio is dark again. But something indelible is forever caught in the nooks and crannies of the hall on Sunset Boulevard: the charm, the grace, the wonderful artistry and emotion of Miss Pet Clark.

Maybe it will take another 300 years for another British invasion. If my name were Methuselah, I´d be around. Unfortunately, it isn´t. It´s Henry Rene.

A & R Coordinator: Ed Barsky
Art Direction: Woody Woodward

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